Why You Need an Email Organizer – Autoresponder

Why You Need an Email Organizer – Autoresponder


To be able to send emails to a list of customers and contacts, you need an email organizer, also known as autoresponder. If you plan to promote or market via email to a list of subscribers, an autoresponder is a must if you don’t want your email marketing to turn into a complete nightmare.

An autoresponder is a unique tool that helps you with everything concerning email marketing. It helps you create a list of subscribers, gather email addresses, organize your subscribers, and send emails to the list. When the system is set up you can send email automatically to groups or categories, or to the whole list.

Automatic Emailing

An email organizer, or autoresponder, is kind of automatic email service with which you can organize and schedule all of your email correspondence and marketing. You can organize the persons on your list into categories so they fit into different niches that you might have.

A list of customers and prospects is a very important part of your business. An autoresponder in a nutshell is a list manager and automatic email submitter. You can pre-load it with a series of email and set the date for each email to be sent, and to what part of the list to send it.

For example, if you load your autoresponder tool with 50 email letters and schedule them to be sent once a week, your subscribers will hear from you every week for almost a whole year. It’s really a ‘set it and forget it’ system that will save you a lot of work and time and hassles.

Single Messages

Of course you can send single messages at any time also with an email organizer. In that case you type or paste in your message, select the persons you want to send to, and click the submit button. It’s really as easy as that; hundreds or even thousands of people can be contacted at the push of a button.

You may now ask how to get those subscribers onto your list. Your autoresponder service will help you with that too, in fact you can set up an automated process to ‘capture’ subscribers.

Choosing Autoresponder

There are many autoresponders (software) and autoresponder services available. You could purchase your own autoresponder software and then use your computer and your email account to send your messages. However, I do not recommend this option.

Firstly, because it will take your computer and your email service a very long time to send out a high number of emails. Secondly, when your email provider sees the large amount of emails going out from your account they will assume you are spamming, and maybe take measures against you.

The other, much better, option is to utilize a professional autoresponder service. You can even find free emailing services, which I don’t recommend because they are less reliable, and because they will include their own advertising when sending out your emails.

So, I recommend you choose one of the leading and best autoresponders on the market – AWeber or GetResponse. For a relatively small monthly fee those autoresponder services handle everything concerning email list building, scheduling and sending out emails.

Web Forms

With any of them you can have as many lists as you like. They will create the web form that you install on your web pages to capture subscribers. The web forms are based on templates that you can customize to your liking. Then you copy/paste a snippet of code which you add to your web pages.

The result is an opt-in form displaying on your web pages, where visitors enter their name and email address and to join your email list. If you use a double opt-in system (which you should), they must confirm their subscription before they are added to the list.

Double Opt-in

A double opt-in just requires an additional step for the persons signing up to your newsletter or e-zine before they are actually becoming subscribers. When submitting the opt-in form they will receive an email from you asking them to click a link in that email to confirm their subscription.

Both the two autoresponder services mentioned above offer lots of different tools and features to help you make the most out of your email marketing efforts. They also have tutorials and knowledge bases in addition to helpful support.

A list of subscribers you can email news, updates and offers to, is a big asset for your online business, so you absolutely need to build one. To manage your list and email submission you ‘must’ have an email organizer (auto-responder) service. It’s well worth your money!


Source by Kanute Fleming

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