Why Do Internet Marketers Bend The Truth?

Why Do Internet Marketers Bend The Truth?


Every time you open a sales pitch from another internet marketer you have to be on your guard because the chances are that the absolute truth about the product is not being told. Of course not. If it was, the chances are that nobody would buy the product.

And that is where the internet succeeds where other media, s fail. There is a distinct lack of control over internet advert content. But certainly there is another important aspect here. Ethics.

Do we as internet marketers, want to run the risk that one day ALL internet content with have to be screened before being uploaded? And restored time and time again for being unethical or unsubstantiated.

The way many products are being described and sold online is concerned. You are not protected. Even those products with an "Iron Clad Guarantee" are not that safe.

Ever tried calling on one of these guarantees for a refund?

As creatures we are sometimes naive in as much as we tend to keep pushing the boundaries as far as we can until the day arrives when action is taken.

My message to all internet marketers is clear. Let us strive to be honest and describe what we are selling by focusing on the real features and benefits of the product.

This will lead eventually to more transferred sales and guarantee the long term buying relationship with our customers and avoid the possibility of strict regulation in the future.

The "tell em anything" mentality to make fast money has no future. We all know of some internet marketers that are forced to market themselves using false names because they previously previously sold to their customers.

Lets clean this up. We can all make a good clean living on the internet.


Source by Nicholas Parr

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