What Is Text Message Marketing?

What Is Text Message Marketing?


Text message marketing, also known as SMS (for short messaging service), is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. Text messaging is not only one of the most popular forms of communication, with the number of text messages being sent and received far surpassing the number of cell phone calls placed, it is also one of the few forms of advertising that people are sure to actually look at. This is because people actually open and read the text messages they receive – usually within one hour of receiving them. A text message advertisement can offer a special price, a free item, or any other kind of attention-grabbing message that establishes a call to action for a potential client.

There are a few different ways that a business can reach cell phone numbers to which a text message advertisement can be sent. Target customers can be reached on a strictly outgoing basis based on when a cell phone owner is immediately in the area of ​​a business. Although this method is effective, it does not provide you with a list of cell phone numbers for the future – it is a one and done method. A more effective and long-lasting method, which establishes a relationship with the potential client, is to establish a specific code for your business, much like a vanity-tag on a car license plate that the customer registers with your site. By placing an ad in a place that can be seen, soliciting your audience to text to your code so that you can add their cell phone number to their database, you are able to capture that information long-term and send out ads to a growing number of clients.

A good example of how this can work is an ad flown behind a plane over a beach telling sunbathers to text a specific word into their phone in order to get a pizza delivered to the beach with no delivery charge. Not only has the pizza parlor reached customers with the original ad, driving up their delivery business for that day, but they have also collected a list of cell phone numbers of potential clients to whom they can text discount promotions all summer long. As long as you are offering something that is worth to the audience the first time around, it is likely that they will text their number willingly; from that point on you have a loyal, growing customer base.


Source by Josh Spaulding

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