There Are No Losers In Affiliate Marketing

There Are No Losers In Affiliate Marketing


Let’s be clear from the start, affiliate marketing is not a get rich overnight, easy money-making hobby as some would suggest. The fact of the matter is that affiliate marketing is a burgeoning industry for online profits and, when engaged properly, produces only winners for all involved. Below we’ll breakdown how all four affiliate marketing players profit when there is a commitment, knowledge and visibility.

The Merchant Wins

With traditional marketing such as television, radio and print advertising, businesses invest upfront with the hope of converting their marketing dollars into customers. Even with the best planning, there are no measures to ensure their campaigns will pay off. However, with affiliate marketing, that same business can engage the services of hundreds of affiliates and only pay a commission if the affiliate performs the pre-defined action of producing leads and/or sales for the business.

Like any good stock, the more affiliates the merchant attracts will increase its sales and leads-generation potential. With the ability to expand its brand that the internet offers, online businesses are able to garner business from customers they would not normally be able to tap.

The Affiliate Wins

The cost of entry to become an affiliate is relatively low, which eliminates the risk that can be posed when investing in other types of business ventures. With more and more people choosing to dump the daily grind office commute, affiliate marketing is an attractive option. Whether working from home or adding affiliate marketing to an existing online platform, affiliates can significantly increase their income.

Affiliates get to review and promote merchant programs that yield the highest return and bring the greatest value to their target market. Because of the low financial risk, an affiliate can test the waters to determine if affiliate marketing is a good fit. With any business, their commitment, experience and online traffic are key in determining their level of success.

The Customer Wins

Typically unbeknownst to them, customers complete the online affiliate transition with the merchant and affiliate by conveniently clicking on a banner ad or text link placed on the affiliate’s website, blog or email correspondence. At his fingertips, the customer gets to complete a questionnaire, survey, form, make a sale or phone call if the banner ad or text link is of interest to him.

The Network Wins

When a network figures into the equation, it provides the most critical role of bridging the gap between all of the other parties. For its part in building strong relationships with merchants, attracting successful affiliates, providing the platform technology and other resources, the network receives an access and small transaction fee from the merchant. Affiliates join the network at no charge.

As the network increases its number of partnerships with quality merchants and successful affiliates, the profit potential for each grows exponentially. As a consequence, the greater the shopping experience for customers.

That’s a win for all parties involved.


Source by Rebecca McClain

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