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How To Recognize A Reliable Insurance Company

How To Recognize A Reliable Insurance Company

How To Recognize A Reliable Insurance Company

Finding and recognize a reliable insurance firm can be a daunting task in today’s world. This is because of the many unreliable players in the industry. However, there are ways to help you recognize a trustworthy one. Insurance is an essential intangible asset; so, it is crucial to be careful when looking for an insurance company. This post aims to help you discover how to spot reliable insurance companies.

How To Recognize A Reliable Insurance Company

Do Your Research

Before deciding on an insurance firm, you must first do a detailed study on the company. You need to know how long they have been in the business because that could indicate that the firm has been running well to have lasted that long. Browse their website and search for insurance and insurance companies’ reviews to know the one you can trust. Part of your findings is to check the company’s reputation online, its standards, achievements, and accomplishments over the years. You can easily find these details by reading online reviews.

Make Sure It Is A Government-approved Firm

It is important to determine the credibility of an insurance company; this will go a long way in building trust. The insurance firm you are deciding on must be government-approved or accredited. An approved insurance company is regulated and will abide by other rules and guidelines as it carries out its responsibilities. Part of the accreditation ensures that an insurance firm has the license to insure.

Check Out The Company’s Financial Strength

You should obtain sufficient information about an insurance company’s financial stability. You should put this into consideration in looking for trustworthy companies. When an insurance company has poor financial records or capacity, it will be difficult for them to make claim payments. Many times, insurance companies post their financial records on their website or quarterly bulletins. At the same time, you can find similar information in government regulatory agencies’ publications.

Find Out And Recognize About Their Customer Care Services

It is also essential to do a background check on how you can interact with any insurance company and how they respond to clients. You need to know about their response and response time. You need to know if they can solve issues fast or how they pay their claims and check if they operate an online and offline interaction for clients. Check if they have platforms where they can send information to you regarding policy changes. And if their customer care services are reliable.

Ensure they have a Full Disclosure of their company’s policy

It is necessary to settle for companies with full disclosure of its policy. This is because most brokerage firms can pose as insurance companies. Hence, you can not trust Insurance companies that don’t allow full disclosure of policies. When you lay a claim, they could deny or decline it, stating that it was never part of the agreement or might refer you to a third party. This might result in a lot of stress in processing your claim, appeal, or legal actions.

Conclusively, reliable insurance firms are hard to come by. This is due to the many cases of fraud, non-payment of claims, etc. that have characterized many firms’ operations. This is why it is crucial to be thorough in your search for an insurance company. Good luck in your search for a reliable firm to help minimize the risk we take in our businesses, investments, and homes.

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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs – Home Based Success

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs – Home Based Success


Where can you find a successful legitimate work from home job?

No job will be successful unless you like it and want to work at it. If you are a hard working and disciplined person you probably will succeed at a job that pays you what you are worth. A job that pays based on how hard you work is appealing to some and not to others. Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate work from home job.

What’s the difference between a job and an opportunity?

A J-O-B stands for Just-Over-Broke. That’s what happens with most traditional jobs. When you are working for someone else, you are probably not getting paid what you are worth. You may make good money but there is someone else that is getting paid more. When you have a business opportunity, you have the chance to make unlimited income depending on how hard you work and how you learn and adapt to obstacles.

Benefits of working for yourself.

When you have a legitimate work from home job or opportunity, you are your own boss. You set your schedule and determine how much you will work. How much you will work is dependent on how much income you want to make. You can decide if you want to make $2,000 a month or $2,000 a day. It is possible. There are many people who are making millions online and you can be one of them. You can also be one of the many thousands who are making a very decent part time income if that’s what you want.

The biggest work from home mistake.

The beauty of legitimate work from home jobs is that you determine how high you want your business to go. But don’t think it can happen overnight. The mistake that many people who have work from home jobs make is that they are suckered in by the promises of overnight riches. When it doesn’t happen, they label the opportunity as a scam. Even though working from home has huge potential, you do have to put work into it. Nobody makes money without working. Having a legitimate work from home job is not really a job it’s an opportunity to make your financial dreams come true.

If you are a good independent worker who loves to get paid based on how hard you work, you should seriously consider a legitimate work from home job. You will be able to set your own hours AND your income.


Source by Lynne Jones

Internet Market Research – The Difference Between Success and Failure When it Comes to Making Money

Internet Market Research – The Difference Between Success and Failure When it Comes to Making Money


One very big misconception that many new internet marketing entrepreneurs share is thinking that the world wide web means everyone is your market. However nothing could be further from the truth. Without conducting any degree of internet market research, selling anything online will be difficult to say the least.

For a moment we can examine one of the easiest ways to start making money online, affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer you do not have to create products, deal with customer service or do market research … or do you?

While it's true that you do not have to create a product in order to sell one online as an affiliate or concern yourself with customer service issues, you still have to do market research if you want to make sales.

The great thing about working with ClickBank products is that its free to join and easy to set up your affiliate link. All you have to do is find a reasonably popular product to promote and away you go.

However that's not the end of it, not if you expect to see that product generate any revenue for you. Although it may be popular and you've received countless emails about it from every big and little name marketer in the business, that does not need to mean that it will be right for your audience.

A super easy way to promote ClickBank products is with a blog, especially a self hosted WP blog. All you have to do is copy and paste the code for a banner onto your site and wait for the sales to come in. But if the product you're promoting does not match your audience you will probably end up waiting a long time.

If you want to avoid the sight of many marketers who struggle to sell even popular products online from the ClickBank marketplace conduct internet market research.

Once you can pinpoint who the market is that the product was purposely created for, then you can position your offer appropriately within the market place for greater effect.


Source by Fernando Morales

Why Are Affiliate Marketing Partnerships So Popular For Making Money Online?

Why Are Affiliate Marketing Partnerships So Popular For Making Money Online?


Did you know that there is an easy way that anyone can start making money online with your own home based business? It is called affiliate marketing partnerships and in this article we want to take a closer look at these.

There are many people that get online and start their home based business with affiliate marketing partnerships. There are a couple of different reasons why it is so popular to make money this way.

One: You can sign up with the affiliate marketing partners program for free. This is a big benefit when you compare that to home businesses and franchising.

Two: You do not have to buy any products, so you will not have any inventory to stock. Letting the merchant handle all of the products saves you money on warehouse space.

Three: Most of the work is already done for you with affiliate marketing partnerships. You only have to refer people to your affiliate site.

You do not have to try and close the sale on your own because your website will do that for you. You just wait until someone clicks on your affiliate link to buy the product then you will be sent money from the affiliate program for the sale.

Four: When you sign up with affiliate programs you will be given tools that will help you promote the program. This can include your own website, banner ads, text ads, emails to use and others. If you have ever checked into the development costs of marketing materials you can see what a great savings this is.

Five: It is easy to learn how to promote your new home based business. There are guides, forums, blogs, eBooks and many other tools that you can use to learn how to advertise the affiliate marketing partners products.

Your ability to put that to use will make or break your success once you have the knowledge. Having people to partner with can really help you in your learning curve and putting everything into practical use.

Six: There is so many different affiliate marketing partnerships that you can choose from. You can promote any affiliate program that you choose to, and you can even promote more than one at a time, which is what most people do.

This is 6 reasons affiliate marketing partnerships are so popular when it comes to making money online. You should be able to use some of these to make more money yourself.


Source by William Hutchinson

How to Become a Digital Marketing Consultant in 2018

How to Become a Digital Marketing Consultant in 2018


How computers have changed our lives: today we cannot do without computers. Computers are used for a variety of chores. Perhaps one cannot come to the end of a list when it comes to the computers influencing a man’s life. Computers are able to perform a task far quicker than an average person can perform. Computers help us by saving data in the form of a soft copy thus giving us relief from handling heavy files with loads and loads of information. Computers are great multi-taskers carrying out a multitude of tasks in various forms. Over the internet, people from various parts of the world meet and exchange their viewpoints over a common platform.

A digital marketing company creates a topic of discussion about your company and its products and services on the various social media websites. The online marketing company increases direct sales after helping to generate internet among the masses. A strong online presence guarantees sales and returns on revenues. These days owning a website and leaving it at that is just not the correct thing to do. There has to be taken appropriate and conscious measures to get the town talking about your product. Basically, internet marketing means the canvassing of your company’s goods and services through the various electronic media. The use of social media is a whole lot different from the traditional mode of marketing. There are various modes of digital marketing like wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards etc.

Digital marketing is such a sort of marketing which is possible even when you are on the move. Today online web marketing is all about communication with your clients. Letting your clients know that their opinion rule in the making of any future policies is the top priority of any company. Previously, the companies used to let out that bit of information about their products to their customers, which they deemed as important. Today the customer is king. They discuss a particular product on the social media platforms and study the net for gaining valuable information on it. They are more prone to depend on the opinion of their relatives, friends, and peers than the opinion expressed by the company.

How is digital marketing faring: it can be said that competition is stiff for the digital internet marketers. What with the availability of the different channels of marketing within easy reach, it is tough for the digital marketers to grab the attention of the audience away from that of his rivals. Moreover, it is quite a tough job to correlate the vast amount of data, which is left behind by the consumers. It is always difficult to arrive at correct marketing strategies derived from the studies of exploding data volumes. With an average of thirty to thirty percent of a company’s budget allotted to digital marketing, it is a very important part of the marketing game. Digital marketing applies the trick to reach across the correct message to the correct person at the correct time. And, to top it all the google analytics supplies the solution to providing valuable information insight into the winning marketing strategies. Get trained as a digital e-commerce marketing expert from any digital marketing training institutes.


Source by Bidyut Bikash Dhar

Website Promotion Using Article Marketing

Website Promotion Using Article Marketing


I see one common theme on the online webmaster forums repeatedly, everyone wants to know what method of website promotion is the one that will get their website noticed. It seems that every person who is looking to make money online has one thing in common. They are looking for something that is right in front of their face, or more commonly they are looking for something that just is not there. The fact is that you should take one or two of these forms of website promotion and learn to do it properly.

My favorite by far is article marketing, this is the single most in-expensive yet powerful method of website promotion anyone can do. That is if you advertise with articles properly. There is a basic simple science behind article marketing.

The biggest mistake I see with website promoters is that they write one or two articles, targeting the exact same keywords as their website. What sense does this make? NONE! If your website is not ranking your keywords, than what makes these people think that a article will? Simple, they were told to write some articles, and it will work.

If you are going to do website promotion using article marketing or any form of advertisement, do the proper research and learn exactly how it works. If not just hire someone to do it for you, there are freelancers all over the Internet who would be happy to do this for you. How can you be sure they know what they are doing? Bizreef.com offers a service that is much like ebay, its just services instead of products. If someone does not provide the service they promised, than you do not pay.

If you do want to learn the simple science of website promotion using article marketing, than read on. Lets say your website, or affiliate link is targeting the keyword "find a job." This is a very popular keyword that you will not even come close to ranking for with a new website. So here is where the articles come in to play.

You will first need to do some keyword research, AdWords.Google.com has a free tool that will work best for this. All you have to do is type in your main keyword, and it will give you a number of related key phrases. Copy and paste this list into a file with notepad or word pad. Take each of these keywords or key phrases and type them into the tool to get more related key terms. Then all you need to do is select the keywords with the most amount of average searches, and least amount of competition (it will show you this side each key term) you will need the best 200-300.

Now that you have the best keywords and key phrases, you can start writing or hiring writers for your articles. Target 3 to 4 keywords / key phrases with every article, including your main key phrase "find a job" with with every article as well. Now you are creating catching a traffic with a filtered funnel.

What does "filtered" mean? This means that the surfers who are just surfing from site to site will keep going, and the people who are in need of what your site has to offer, will follow through to your website.

Why do not you want the surfers? Google ranks mostly on popularity, but also ranks based on relevancy of your content to the keyword that is searched. They base your relevancy on the average time a user stays on your site, if your average user is only on your site for 30 seconds than obviously its not very relevant.

When you are submitting your articles, you will be allowed to place links in the author resource box. Normally I will post about three links here. Three? I thought we were trying to get traffic to my site, or affiliate link? Remember I said Google based rankings primarily on popularity? They base popularity on the amount of incoming links for a particular page, so place links to two of your other articles on top, and a link to your site on the bottom in a different color, or larger size if its allowed. Let them surf around for a while, they are still in your network so do not worry. After they read a couple of articles they will notice the same link, and curiosity will bring them to your site, or your affiliate link.

Tip: When creating links, put your keyword in the link ~ ex. "find a job in Chicago Illinois" that will obviously be pointing one of your other articles which targets that key term.

Tip: An example of a link to your site would be: Find a job today, we will …

Defining Your Market

Defining Your Market


Defining your target market is critical if you plan on any measure of success in your business. A solid foundation for your business requires that one of the first things – if not THE first thing you need to do is to – DEFINE YOUR TARGET MARKET! In laymen’s terms, that means you need to figure out who your typical customer is, and design your marketing to reach those people. If you fail to do so, you’re marketing efforts will be like tumbleweeds – rolling around aimlessly in whatever direction the wind blows them.

Defining Means Being More Specific

There was a time when business owners would say things like “I’m marketing our products/services to people between the ages of 21 and 59.” That’s great if you think every 21 – 59 year old out there will buy from you, but that’s just not reality. These days, age doesn’t mean what it used to. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “60 is the new 40” (or some variation of that). That’s very true today. Generational marketing, defines consumers not just by their ages, but also uses social, economic, demographic and psychological factors, that give marketers a more accurate picture of that target consumer. Generational marketing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to defining your target market.

6 Other Ways To Define Your Target Market

  1. Look At Your Current Customers: Which one(s) bring in the most business? Why do they buy from you? It’s highly likely that others like them would also benefit from your product/service.
  2. Choose specific demographics: Who has a need for your product/service and who would most likely purchase it. Consider; age, gender, occupation, location, income/educational level, or marital status just to name a few.
  3. Check out your competitors: Who are they marketing to? See if there’s a niche they’ve missed, and target that group.
  4. Check out characteristics: This is also known as “psychographics” in the marketing world. This covers things like; personality, attitudes, interests/hobbies, lifestyles, etc. How will your product/service fit in?
  5. Analyze your product/service: Make a list of every feature of your product/service. Next to each feature, write down the benefit(s) each feature will provide. Once you’ve completed that, make a list of the people/businesses that need what your benefit will fulfill.
  6. Assess your decision: When you’ve defined your target market, ask yourself these questions; Is there a large enough market for my product/service? Will they benefit from and/or see a need for my product/service? Can they afford it? Are they easily accessible? Will I be able to reach them with my message?

Defining your target market is the hard part, but you don’t need to go crazy doing it. Once you have your target market defined, it will be easy to determine what marketing message will resonate with them and what media to use to reach them. Defining your target market will also save you big on marketing dollars while giving you a much better return on those marketing dollars at the same time.


Source by Roy Shipley

Facebook: A Cost Effective Way of Advertising

Facebook: A Cost Effective Way of Advertising


Today, social networking sites are used by everyone from teenagers to grandparents. The reason behind the success of social networking site is their popularity and convenience, especially Facebook. About 100 million people in the United States are a part of Facebook. And if Facebook can connect thousands of people around the world for socializing, why not benefit by using it to advertise your product or service? Imagine how far your advertisement will reach when you post it on Facebook. It is naturally more advantageous and economical than expensive pay-per-click ads appearing elsewhere on the internet.

One simple rule about the mindset of Facebook users do not want to leave the page they are on and go to another page less interesting. Simply placing ads which will take them directly to the advertiser’s website is not a good idea. Instead, try focusing on creating a Facebook page for your particular product/service so the user doesn’t feel he is being taken away from Facebook for something of no interest to him.

When advertising with Facebook, make sure the user’s needs have been kept in mind. Images attract people to read or learn more about that particular product. Any advertisement with more text and fewer images generally won’t attract people. Humans tend toward checking out images rather than reading text.

For this reason Facebook advertisements must have an attractive, but short tag line connected to an image. It is then necessary for the ad to be regularly updated, as stale ads do not entertain users because the ad offers nothing unique to look at.

Here are a few points about how Facebook advertising works:

1. Choosing a target – Facebook users provide detailed information about themselves such as their likes, hobbies, education, and so on. When advertising with Facebook, companies can make use of this information and target groups most likely to be interested in their particular product/service.

2. Tracking users – Facebook keeps a tab of how many times a user has clicked on a particular advertisement, but doesn’t track what happens after that click. It is the company responsibility to track what or if a particular user clicked and purchased anything, or just browsed and moved on.

3. Pop ups – Facebook advertisers knew traditional ads won’t be noticed. Instead they offer ads which have around 135 characters and an attractive image. Normally around 3 to 4 ads run at a time in the vertical column at the side of a Facebook page.

4. Be aware that Facebook rejects any ad that is dangerous or has lewd content which doesn’t suit certain age groups. It is a part of their advertising policy.

In conclusion, advertising on Facebook is different from advertising on Google. People turn to Google to find information, not look at advertising. Therefore ads are best placed on Facebook where the user doesn’t mind spending a minute or two more reading your advertisement. Who knows, it just might appeal him.


Source by Lizette Pellazar

Different Uses of Internet Marketing Reports

Different Uses of Internet Marketing Reports


You will get a lot of information about how to use ebooks and articles for making the customers visit your website and make a purchase from you. You can also go for the e-courses that will help you understand the different techniques through which you can attract the potential customers to your website. However, there are no much available information about the creation and use of the internet marketing report.

Internet marketing reports can be defined as a great tool, which can be used in a number of ways. This report is search engine optimized one on the target market. The most important benefit of these reports is that it is not as lengthy as the ebooks. However, it will contain all the required information about the target market and it will be written more formally than the articles.

An average length of an internet marketing report is 5 to 30 pages whereas the average length of an eBook is more than 40 pages. The ebooks will have many features that are not offered in reports including graphics and worksheets. Reports are informative and simple and are normally offered for free.

You can make a report by simply writing a report on any topic in the target market and formatting it in the same way as you format a normal report. You must then save the file in PDF format. This is the ultimate form of your report. The use of this report can be done in many different ways.

One among the best ways to use this report is by offering it to the buyers of your products or services as a bonus. This can also add to the value of your product or service. If you are offering this report in the form of a bonus along with an ebook, the information in the report should not be same as that of the ebook. The reports having information that is complementary to the information offered in the book is normally used as a bonus for ebooks. These are the different ways in which an internet marketing report can be used.


Source by Randy Itc Smith

Direct Mail Makes A Comeback

Direct Mail Makes A Comeback


Companies and organizations have spent many billions on e-mail and other Internet message delivery mechanisms over the past decade, often at the expense of more traditional marketing methods, like direct mail. But in some respects e-mail has failed to live up to its initial promise. And marketers who are turning back to tried-and-true methods like “snail mail” report excellent results, often better than e-mail.

According to a 2005 Direct Marketing Association (DMA) comprehensive study of marketing tools, e-mail produces the best return on investment and is the cheapest and fastest direct marketing tool. But only a fraction of the average company’s prospective customers opt in to most rentable lists. And it can be against federal law to send commercial e-mails to people who have asked not to receive them. It’s spam. If companies play by the new rules, they cannot get their marketing messages to the vast majority of their prospective customers using e-mail.

So marketers are going “back to the future” by reinvigorating their marketing campaigns with renewed investments in printed and mailed materials to complement or substitute for e-marketing methods.

Why Direct Mail Works

In a recent article in B2B Marketing Newsletter, a publication of the Business Marketing Association, consultant Eric Gagnon described direct mail as the “workhorse” of every business-to-business marketing program. “While the buzz these days is all about Internet-based marketing–Google AdWords and e-mail marketing programs–direct mail is still the mainstay of most business-to-business marketing and lead-generation programs: where there’s a readily-identifiable mailing list of plausible prospects, and a mailing piece to send to them, there’s a profitable marketing project waiting to happen.”

Direct mail is effective at focusing marketing strategies on vertical markets that can be reached by renting targeted mailing lists. Says Gagnon, “The most important element of any direct mail project is the mailing list.”

Increasingly, marketers are finding that postal-mailed printed materials are better for prospecting new business because marketers can have access to entire lists, such as subscribers to a trade magazine or members of an association. Rarely more than a fraction of publication subscribers or association members opt in to a permission-based e-mail list. And the more “selects” required, such as job function, industry or number of employees, to carve out the best segment of the list to reach a particular target, the fewer names remain. Marketers who want to reach almost everyone who can be a customer must use direct mail in their multimedia mix.

For instance, only 31% of the subscribers to InformationWeek magazine agreed to receive e-mail, only 55% of Chain Store Age, and 65% of Sales & Marketing Management Magazine. To reach all of the subscribers of these influential industry publications, you must rent these lists and send them a direct-mail piece.

E-mail’s second major limitation as a cold-call leads-generator is deliverability. Spam filters, frequently changed e-mail addresses, multiple e-mail addresses for the same person, list churning and unreliability in e-mail dissemination mean that a substantial minority of e-mails that are sent don’t get delivered.

In an environment where success or failure is measured in tenths of a percentage point, every e-mail message that fails to get through to its intended recipient is a lost opportunity. Industry estimates indicate that the proliferation of spam filters has created a virtual spam filter minefield, which traps as much as 14-25% of e-mail messages broadcast for legitimate marketing purposes. And marketers rarely know who didn’t get their message.

Messages trapped by spam filters are shown as delivered on e-mail transmission reports. That is, recipient e-mail servers do not reply back to the senders to notify them that the message was trapped by the spam filter. There are tactics that can be used to substantially increase the likelihood that the e-mail will avoid spam filters, but there is no guarantee.

Not every printed piece gets to a prospective customer either. Many direct marketing professionals acknowledge that direct mail can’t reach everyone on a list. But there is no such thing as a spam filter in the direct-mail universe and at least there are postal mechanisms for reporting which pieces cannot be delivered.

Ninety percent is the standard guaranteed delivery rate of a direct-mail list, but e-mail delivery rates are usually high, too, and you only pay for the quantity delivered. The problem is that you don’t know how many are trapped by spam filters.

Rich Carango, vice president of marketing agency Schubert Communications in Downington, PA, was quoted recently by DM News as saying flatly, “There is a souring about the feeling of how well e-mailing is working, mostly because of spam filters.” His agency also guides their clients more toward direct-mail tools like newsletters and postcards.

Direct mail “is kicking butt,” Laurie Beasley, president of Beasley Direct, recently told a Silicon Valley audience of mostly technology marketers. She …

Internet Based Jobs – Find a Top Job on the Internet Today!

Internet Based Jobs – Find a Top Job on the Internet Today!


Everywhere you turn on the internet there are job offers for internet based jobs. Now, are internet jobs better than jobs where you have to travel and work for a large corporation at a specific location? Well, from home internet job legitimate work is REAL and not a scam if you find the right company to work for. I learned how to use the internet to find a job and it landed me one of the top internet based jobs around. I was an affiliate marketer for many huge companies promoting their products for profit.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend trying affiliate marketing. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that there are no start-up costs and in less than 24 hours you can start making TONS of sales. Internet based affiliate marketing requires only a website that can be very basic and a know how to get people to come to the website and buy whatever product you are promoting. Being an affiliate marketer is the ultimate internet job because you have 100% job security because you are working for yourself. If you want an honest work at home job I suggest you stick with affiliate based marketing. I started out with internet marketing for online business, but that quickly changed to promoting my own products and having other promote my own products through affiliate marketing. The worst thing you could ever do is NOT try affiliate marketing at all and simply give up. It takes on aver 5 websites failing over and over again before some people even see a profit online. Internet based marketing is hard, challenging, but rewarding at the same time. You can earn well over 100K a year in no time with affiliate marketing. 10K a month is not hard, especially if you have the right tools to make you an expert niche affiliate marketer.

The best thing to do to become a successful entrepreneur is to study affiliate marketing reviews and come up with the best product to promote. You can go to clickbank and see all the products that are selling and the niches they are in. In no time you can develop your own product and start selling it for huge profits. In no time at all if you work hard at it you can hit the 100 dollar a day mark, 200 dollar a day, 500 a day, 1k a day. Eventually, you will be able to quit your day job and pursue your internet marketing career full time. Becoming an affiliate marketer will be the best decision you have ever made in your life. Trust me, it works! Home internet jobs are here to stay, especially since a gallon of gas is over 4 dollars! Many people and companies are resorting to running their businesses from home. It is everyone’s dream to work at home and you can with affiliate marketing! I wish you the best of luck finding that amazing job.


Source by Michael Goudelock

Business-To-Business Marketing Research

Business-To-Business Marketing Research


Prior to the advent of advanced market research techniques, most companies were essentially product-focused. They employed scores of sales personnel to push their products or services into the market. Modern marketing methods are influenced by the social sciences, particularly psychology, sociology and economics. The market-focused businesses first try to determine what their potential customers desire and then proceed to build the product or service. The marketing theory and practice is justified in believing that individuals or businesses use a product or service, either because they have a need or the product or service has a perceived benefit.

The related tasks undertaken by the Business to Business or B2B marketing research agencies include, compilation of formats collecting information requested by the business clients and co-ordination of a variety of data collection vehicles. After all the necessary data is collected and compiled, a detailed report is prepared with the information. The report is submitted to the business client along with the conclusions and recommended actions. The company then takes it from there and works on a suitable strategy.

Market research firms usually collect the required information through a market survey. The parameters and areas of research are usually, defined by the customers. The business may be interested in finding out their market reputation. The research helps the client businesses to discover the real present market value of the firm. Often, they decide to redefine or refine their products and services to benefit from the new data and knowledge acquired. In order to maintain or grow in standard, it is important that the business communicates a consistent set of impressions to demonstrate their commitment. The research conducted enables the company to identify and target the market, with respect to demand. It ensures that their customers are retained and satisfied with the efforts made.


Source by Thomas Morva

Affiliate Marketing Income Streams – How Many Do You Want?

Affiliate Marketing Income Streams – How Many Do You Want?


Step 1: First, Get Your Products! All you have to do is find a Reputable Affiliate Program and resell other people's products for a profit. As an affiliate you can make money on line every time someone visits your website and clicks on a link to buy one of your products.

Step 2: Next Get Your Domain Name! For you to have your own website, you must register a domain name and get hosting for that domain. They will show you exactly how to do these setups in about 15 minutes or so. It's very easy.

Step 3: Submit Your Application! As soon as you get your affiliate ID's and your domain name and hosting account you'll be in business.

To be skeptical is healthy and encouraged because there are some dishonest people and scams going around the internet. Fortunately these are the exception, not the rule. It's important for you to feel 100% confident about using this service to help you make money online before you sign up.

I do not believe in using the telephone to call you family and friends to ask them to sign up for your affiliate programs. There are better ways that you can learn to attract people to get them involved in your programs.

There are some excellent Affiliate Programs out there that will take you by the hand, so to speak, and teach you and show you exactly what you have to do. It is very important that you become interested in these affiliate programs and really take notice and give it everything you have to make the programs a success so you can make the most money.

You need to be patient and read, reread, reread and study everything the program is teaching you. You MUST hang in there, and there's no reason why you can not be successful at Affiliate Marketing. Go Get 'em!


Source by Daniel Hug

The Base Elements That Are the Essence of Digital Marketing Today

The Base Elements That Are the Essence of Digital Marketing Today


Digital Marketing can mean different things to different people as it comprises a host of different aspects. Everything from the inbound methodology to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are components of this marketing methodology. However, all these functions have the same goal – making sure that your website or brand is easily visible online and also ranks high on the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). While it may seem simple, it is anything but. And this is the case due to many factors of which some are listed below.

Here’s a list of factors that can affect your presence in the market:

• You have to pick the right keywords

• You need to have the right content strategy

• You need to make sure that your website loads quickly

• You need to perform both on-page and off-page SEO

• You must have relevant and good quality content

• And most of your competitors are also doing the same thing

This puts digital marketing firms in a unique place where the quality of their work plays a vital role in determining the status of their clients’ business and online presence. While many such firms opt for the brute force technique of generating subpar but high volume of content, the best in the business will have a steady and stable content strategy with adequate emphasis on quality while at the same time delivering content via the most optimum means and at the right intervals.

Do They See You? Are The Reacting To You?

All this has an impact on the common goal that has been mentioned above – online visibility and SERP ranking. Thus, it is safe to say that performing the key functions of this kind of marketing is in itself the essence of efficient and consumer-oriented marketing. With the Inbound methodology being all the new rage in this spectrum, the way businesses approach and interact with their customers has changed and is continuing to change quite dynamically. The focus of this approach hinges on the amount you know about your target audience or your buyer persona. This could be all you need to come up with content, SEM, SEO and overall online marketing strategies as a whole using a simple measure of trial and error to get answers and results.

Criteria On Which To Judge For The Best DM Company

As a business looking for the right online marketing agency, it is best to hire one that performs all of the following functions:

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

• SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

• Social Media Marketing

• Marketing Automation

• CRM Solutions


Source by A Shantha Kumar

The Advantages Of Targeted Email Lists

The Advantages Of Targeted Email Lists


There are numerous ways that a modern company can attract the attention of potential new customers, from online marketing and SEO through to face to face promotions. Using targeted email lists however to carry out email marketing activities has and still remains a cost-effective and successful way to extend a business's reach and draw in new customers. For the vast majority of companies and organizations, simply having an email database and starting some targeted email marketing activities can lead to an increase not just in a client database but also in profitability.

A Targeted Email Database leads to Good Interaction

If you are combining email marketing with other activities, such as drawing new visitors to your site, you'll be interested to know that possessing a targeted email database that you will get to know your audience members and vice versa. It does of course start with having the right names and addresses in your email lists, but provided you do so you can really start to understand what your ideal customers need and want from your business as well as introduce those elements of your company that they may not necessarily see just by visiting your site.

Using a Business Email List is Quick and Easy

Although creating a campaign to send to the recipients on your business email list takes careful thinking and planning, making use of that targeted email database is actually something that is very quick and easy to do. Thanks to the vast availability of email marketing software, you can deliver campaigns to the recipients of your email lists in a matter of minutes, something that is particularly important when it comes to contacting individuals on a business email list who expect information to be rapid and relevant. This also applies to an email database of consumers; you can instantly start to open a dialogue with your customers that would take weeks or even months through more traditional marketing methods like advertising and direct mail.

Targeted Emails are Measureable

As a business owner you know just how important it is to be able to track measure and evaluate any type of promotional campaign that you undertake. That's another reason why sending out targeted campaigns to email lists is so valuable, not only are they easy to do they are also easy to measure. Since you know exactly who you are contacting on your email database, the method that you've contacted them and the offer that you've given them you can see just how effective that has been tracked by the number of responses that you get back ( even the negative ones can provide valuable insight into your campaigns and the needs of the individuals on your email lists).


Source by Joseph Daniel Edwards

Market Theories

Market Theories


When an unsettling news comes down the pike, traders tighten his mind, his soul and his entire being to make profits and take money out of the market. So, there is a theory pointing out that market prices reflect all available market information. It is called the efficient market theory.

In the efficient market theory, people buy and sell on the basis of their knowledge, so the latest price represents everything known about the market. Since everyone has the same information about market, the price should reflect the knowledge and expectations of everyone. Therefore no one should be able to beat the market since there is no way to know something about market that is not already reflected in the market’s price.

Because markets know everything and no one can beat them, trading is like playing chess against someone who knows more than you. Hence, do not waste your time and money, just trade simply by indexing your portfolio and selecting securities based on volatility.

However, there is ample evidence to dispute the basic claims of this theory since there are traders who constantly and eventually make money, what about them?

The efficient market theorists say that winners are plain lucky. Most people make money at some point, before bleeding it back into the markets.

This is obviously incorrect. Because there are people who keep outperforming markets year after year. One of them is Warren Buffet, brilliant traders, says that investing in a market in which people believe in efficiency is like playing poker against those who believe it does not pay to look at cards.

Besides the efficient market theory, there is one of the largest pieces of theoretical garbage. The theory correctly observes that markets reflect the intelligence of all crowd members.

Most traders can be rational when the markets are closed. They calmly study their charts and decide what to buy and sell, where to take profits, and when to cut losses. However, when the markets open, they don’t trade their plans.

Trading is partly rational and partly emotional. To be a successful trader you must keep your cool at all times and take money from aroused amateurs. People are more likely to be rational when alone, and grow more impulsive when they join crowds.

All the while, the intelligent trader follows his rules. He may use a mechanical system or act as a discretionary trader, reading his markets and putting on trades. Either way, he follows his rules rather than his gut. That is his great advantage.


Source by Hideyoshi Taro

Getting The Most From Google AdWords

Getting The Most From Google AdWords


For years, two questions have nagged me: Why would anyone want to buy a pair of corduroy pants? And how can Google's AdWords technology effectively be used to generate more business for my company? Thank God I had the opportunity to speak to Chris Lindland.

Lindland is the founder of Betabrand, an online retailer that specializes in clothes such as corduroy pants, reversible smoking jackets and disco pants. Lindland uses Google's AdWords technology to help bring the joy and happiness of his fashions to the masses. AdWords is helping him generate lots of new orders a week.

How has Lindland had so much success with AdWords when many other small businesses, including mine, have not?

For starters, and contrary to what most marketing pundits may say, Lindland views AdWords technology as a short-term rather than a long-term marketing tool. "Look," he says, "I'm not using AdWords to nurture my customers or build a long-term brand. "

Chris does not look at AdWords technology as a way to sell more products. He considers it a way to bring in customers and build a community. Once people find his site, they tend to come back. Many became fans of his Facebook site too. "For anyone looking to play with AdWords technology, it's important that you first have a database to capture your customers that come to your site."

Getting names, and more important, e-mail addresses can allow you to build up a database of prospects for future products and special promotions. Lindland says that his e-mail newsletter brings in more sales than AdWords. You can continue to communicate with these people, whether they are initially bought from you or not.

AdWords is getting Lindland three to five new orders a day, so it continues to do traditional public relations and marketing, like e-mail and some direct mail. He also gets a lot of sales form word of mouth, referrals and from people who read about his company somewhere else online or in a magazine. So, AdWords should be part of any good marketing plan, but not the entire thing.

Of course, keywords are critical, but smart users of AdWords technology keep them to a minimum. Lindland tested and played with different keywords, but now he's limiting himself to just a few short phrases, like "corduroy pants" and "smoking jacket." Lindland suggests that small-business owners keep trying, testing and changing keywords. AdWords even gives you a tool to see how popular certain keywords are. The more general your keywords are, the more page views without clicks you'll experience and the faster your budget will dry up. So, be as specific as possible.

Lindland also pays a lot of attention to when his AdWords are running. Google lets users suspend their campaigns and then restart them as needed. He found that Sundays during the winter had been the best days for online sales. "That's because people are sitting around with nothing better to do, and there's no better time to buy a pair of Karate Casual pants," Lindland says.

Every good marketer will tell you that metrics are key, and Lindland is no different. He's a heavy user of Google Analytics. This tool shows him where his customers are coming from, what keywords they're using to get to him, and how many hits and page views his site gets each day. Google Analytics pulls together activities from all over the Web, including social community sites like Facebook. He can see every website that's sending him visitors and then target advertising on those websites if he chooses.

Lindland spends a few hours a week looking at these numbers. The most important metric? "Bounce rate," he says. "That metric tells me how long visitors are staying on my site." Also, people looking for disco pants tend to stay on his site longer than others, and they buy more stuff.

Lindland says he sees between $ 100 to $ 300 per day on AdWords. But for me, spending $ 3,000- $ 6,000 per month is no small amount. But Lindland did not start that way. He kept his budget very low at the beginning until he was comfortable that his efforts were producing some results. He told me to do the same.

Finally, know that using AdWords technology is a complete waste of time if your website is not ready. "You need to have a decent landing page, preferably something with a big BUY button on it," Lindland says. Even for a company like mine that does not sell products online, Lindland advises a landing page should have a big CALL US button on it with an 800 number. He found out the hard way that when visitors were directed to his home page, people would start losing interest if they had to click through a …

Getting Started With Internet Marketing For Businesses

Getting Started With Internet Marketing For Businesses


Internet marketing for businesses is somewhere between an extremely convenient experience or a terribly arduous ordeal. The basic element of success in this regard is practice and then perfection will emerge as a natural consequence. There are many business owners who are not very familiar with the very concept, however having heard the benefits that others have enjoyed from the application of the idea, they desire to pursue it themselves.

However they tend to go to extremes in terms of their mindset regarding this notion. Some of them assume it to be a piece of cake and that is how they treat it, assuming success will automatically knock on their doors without bothering to make any serious effort. On the other hand, there are people who desire to apply this philosophy for the benefit of their businesses. However, they are so scared about the apparently harsh challenges that lie ahead that they refrain from the actual execution phase and simply sit back and revel in the success stories they hear around them, never actually getting started or planning their first steps.

Both situations signify polarized attitudes that are not healthy at all. The first step in the process of implementing internet marketing for businesses is to learn the basic principles surrounding the very concept. This will give the prospective entrepreneur an idea as to what techniques they can incorporate that will suit the niche of their business and will generate optimal results.

In the case of learning more about this field, there is no dearth of websites and books and other forms of learning resources that are convenient guides on this subject and are easily accessible for the masses. Studying the successfully launched campaigns in this scenario can also be very helpful in terms of establishing a plan of action for future success. It is not difficult to come in contact with such success stories since the World Wide Web is full of such successful launches.

However, there is one stipulation that one should always keep in mind. In this age of information overload, coming in contact with market scams is not a strange happening. As a matter of fact, there are more scams than genuine entities and therefore one should be very careful of their sources of information and the authenticity of the informer before actually applying that knowledge to their own business.

Having established this reality, it is prudent to seek confirmation from multiple sources about the product or service before actually implementing it. After all is said and done, internet marketing for businesses requires effort on a consistent level for attaining success. Nevertheless one should be very careful of getting robbed of their resources by market scams.


Source by Jeremy Winters

Executive Summary of Your Marketing Plan – How to Write One! Do You Have an Online Element?

Executive Summary of Your Marketing Plan – How to Write One! Do You Have an Online Element?


The executive summary of your marketing plan is important. The summary is the first thing the reader sees, but it should be the last thing you write, which is not hard because it is a summary.

The purpose of the summary is to give your reader an overview of what your business is all about, and how you will succeed in your niche, or market. The executive summary of your marketing plan will include summaries of:

1. Your situation analysis: where are you now and where are you going?
2. Your market summary: where is the market now and where is it going?
3. Your target markets: your niche.
4. Your market analysis: break the niche down into groups.
5. What are your market demographics: Geographic: where? Demographic: who?

6. What are your behavior factors: why your costumers need you?
7. What are your market needs: problems to be solved, and how you will solve them.
8. What are your market trends: the movement of the market over time.
9. What is your market growth: is it growing or declining?
10.What is your target market growth: where is it growing?
11.SWOT Analysis includes: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and competition.
12. Your service offering: what is so unique about you? How does your business differentiate from your competition?

How to write an executive summary.

To write the executive summary of your marketing plan, start by following the list above and writing just one or two sentences about each topic. Keep it short, show graphs, and make it colorful.

If you have trouble writing, and distilling the pure essence of your summary just copy sentences from your plan to get going.

Important is to finish the executive summary of your marketing plan with an intriguing closing sentence that tells the reader why this is a winning business?

Now in this day and age your plan should include an Internet marketing strategy. Why? The Internet is a profitable opportunity for almost any business these days. The Internet has severely been hit by the recession. More and more costumers and companies are turning to it to find solutions to their problems, and for your business this is a win, win situation. I think this is an essential part of any executive summary of your marketing plan.


Source by Michael Hills

Barriers to Do Market Research in Small Business

Barriers to Do Market Research in Small Business


Any business is in search of growth opportunity to earn more profits and expand more. Market research is one of the ways to find more business opportunities. Collection of data regarding niche condition, customer preferences etc. benefits business get to know about market statistics, competitive strategies, and selling opportunities.

Companies have launched R and D department especially for performing market research work. Whether a business is small or large it needs to know latest market statistics for deciding future business strategies. To gain competitive advantage, search out for hidden places to sale of products and retain customers is also important. There are some companies who have not gained success after research. The reason behind it can be improper way to do research. Following are common barriers for small businesses.

Low financial capability:

Small business owners always find it difficult to invest in research activity. Although they are well know the advantages of market research reports, they can not spend more on research work. In depth analysis of market requires to pay high and it is found to be taxing for business owners. Due to this common barrier, they divert to poor research reports prepared by them; so that they can not get global perspective while taking decision.

Relying on only secondary research:

Market research can be of two types as primary and secondary. Primary research requires data to be collected by market survey, observation, market analysis etc. whereas secondary research can be done by reading and analyzing previously collected data. Secondary data has a time limitation but it can be used to start your business. After a period you need to shift towards primary research as it gives current and direct knowledge about rapidly changing market trends. You may not remain informed about current and future trends of marketplace by relying on secondary data for more time.

Exploring on internet:

One of most cost-effective way to get information about anything is exploring information on internet. Although searching on Google is economic, it gives just an overview. It digs out only a part of information, which may be ambiguous, and presents it to you. But to get more and exact information, you will have to pay for it. There are various searching hubs, research report providing portals which offer you valuable search data given by market intelligence. The problem is that business owners are either unaware of such portals or not able to pay for it.

Influence of obsolete thinking:

Friends and family members always give obsolese suggestions without knowing market trends. Industry analysis gives you a real insight into industrial policies and plans for increasing sales in market. But differences in marketing strategies are neglected by these people and they try to convince you not to go for any consumer survey.

By knowing all these barriers a new-age executive must try to over them. Any kind of product to be launched in market, supported by thorough market research, certainly uplifts its sales in unknown niches too. Along with that any business with higher sales margin can sustain in global competition only if it use market research reports.


Source by Sachin Manohar Kompeli

The Basics Of Affiliate Network Marketing

The Basics Of Affiliate Network Marketing


"Getting started with affiliate marketing" 5 secrets you must know

By now most of us have heard of network marketing and most of us have heard of affiliate programs. The major understanding network marketing basics much better than affiliate programs. So let's cover a few basics so that you can determine whether network affiliate marketing is of interest to you.

"Getting started with affiliate marketing" secret # 1

Affiliate programs also go by a host of other programs names, all meaning the exact same thing. Whether you find them under affiliate programs, profit sharing programs, referral programs, associate or reseller programs, they are all based on the exact same principle. When you join one of these programs, you receive a special web site link form the company that identifies that web site as yours. It is your job to market the site. When you refer people to your site and they make a purchase, you receive a commission for that sale.

Affiliate programs allow people to create online businesses with little effort. There is no need to worry about warehousing, inventory, employees, insurance or licensing. You are in effect "borrowing" the site for your own profit, since the term, profit sharing programs. These are ground floor opportunities with noticeable potential for profit. Your job is to simply direct the traffic to your site. There is no need for you to ever place a phone call, close a sale, or chase down your friends and family. You receive a commission from any purchase made on your affiliate website.

"Getting started with affiliate marketing" secret # 2

Some affiliate programs will allow you to create your own domain name for the website and use that web address for the site link. This often looks a little more professional and is also easier to use. Affiliate links are easy to recognize, Affiliate website followed by your id "hopefully they should be short links". This is a simple web address followed by a user name. I have seen some affiliate links that are near a mile long, too long to remember and too long for the potential client to rety into their browser should the link fail. Using your own domain name looks more professional and is easier to use.

Now that you are all set up, it's time to start getting traffic to your site. Some people try buying traffic, but pre purchased traffic has its downside. The idea is that a marketing company will guarantee that you will receive a specified amount of traffic to your site within a specified time frame. Enough traffic should play the percentages right and you should end up with sales.

The downfall to pre paid traffic is that most companies pay individuals to click on the web links provided to them. Very few paid traffic companies really do any marketing on your behalf. You might get lucky and someone might actually actually look at your website while they are there, but chances are you'll be paying for a lot of uninterested people to click on your link without any intention of reading the content on the site.

OPT-IN MARKETING "Getting started with affiliate marketing" secret # 3

Now you need to explore marketing methods. We will cover a few methods of affiliate marketing, but there are many more out there. E-mail marketing is popular, but you have pay close attention to the very strict spam laws. Not only will spamming decrease your chances of success and make the entire company look bad, but most affiliate marketing programs will terminate your account and even fine you if you are spamming.

Opt-in e-mail lists are specifically designed to reach a market of your choice. People have to agree to receive the e-mails so there is no chance of being accused of spam. Using e-mail lists can be successful, and wonderfully free, if you can be creative enough to not only get your e-mail opened but to convince the prospect that you have something better than they are probably working on themselves. Using false promises may be attention grabbing, but it is certainly not a recommended method of advertising. Remember that you are in effect a subcontractor for a bigger company. What makes you look bad also makes the entire company look bad, so be careful about the content of your e-mails.

If you really have a good and solid opportunity, and most affiliate programs do, you should be able to have some success with opt-in e-mails. Remember these are people who are looking for the exact same thing you are, success in internet marketing. Not all programs are quality programs, so those that are becoming much easier to market even to those who are already doing their own marketing for something else. Solid companies with marketable products …

10 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies

10 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies


It is prudent that any organization, regardless of type or size need to continue adapting the best marketing strategies for them to have any relevance in this ever dynamic market. In other words, the organizations need to ensure that they recognize the online nature of modern customers henceby introducing and then establishing a formidable Digital Marketing strategy.

Without the best Digital Marketing Strategy, your business may end up missing some very potential and essential sales as well as online sales opportunities. This is a significant problem especially bearing in mind that the highest number of vital customers in the modern world will start their search for a product on the internet.

Below are ten top Digital Marketing Strategies that need to be followed by all the serious entrepreneurs and they will remain relevant in the market today.

1. Make Your Homepage Visual

Studies have shown that most web users will determine whether to stay or to leave a web page within just 10 seconds after the page has opened. Today, web users no longer go through paragraph to paragraph in search for a text. This implications that if you were so much focused on communicating your message only through linguistic prowess, then you may have no chance of showing your skills.

To combat such problems, it is paramount that you follow what other web users are doing to retain customers what they have really struggled to attract through Optimization of their websites. The use of images together with videos is today essential for effective website communication. More can be communicated through the visual communications and within just a short space of time. This is in fact very essential especially in retention of the very impatient users who have visited your site for the first time.

Remember that 90% of all the information that is transmitted to the brain is normally visual. In the brain, the same visual messages are always processed sixty thousand times faster than texts. Decrease the website bounce rates as you increase search engine rankings by posting visual centric homepages.

2. Make Your Message Mobile Friendly

The number of persons accessing the internet has consistently been on an increase in the last few years stretching back to a decade. Those accessing the internet via their smart phones have also been on a constant increase especially in the last five years or so. This increase will keep on being on the rise because the need for businesses to factor the mobile devices in their strategies. In a nutshell, to remain relevant, you must have a mobile responsive website.

3. Focus on Content

It is worth announcing that or rather marketing through the traditional methods such as magazines, newspapers, TV among others is becoming irrelevant. It is therefore important that you divert a great deal of your resources to ensure that your websites give the customers and potential customers the very best. Ensure that you give the desired content to the latter. There is some specific information that customers will always either need or be attracted to. Ensure that you capitalize on that. It is also worth mentioning that content is one of the features that are used in SEO. For your website to be highly optimized, it has to the right content organized in the right way.

4. Harness Online Video Power

Videos are among the top most marketing tools the modern marketer has at his disposal. Online videos have been used in the last few years and they have become a must have for any serious websites. In case you have not still employed the use of these videos, then probably you may be lagging behind in this stiff competition.

5. Multi Channel

It is no longer prudent to spend all your time only in one channel, however perfect you may do it. Today, you have to express your ideas in several channels. Ensure that you advertise your ideas and products through the websites that your potential customers visit the most such as numerous social media websites. From here, you can direct them to your site.

6. Get Social

As mentioned above, you have to get in to the social media marketing so as to get the best out of your Digital Marketing Strategy. Create a page on the website, Twitter amongst other social media and have a link that will direct the users to your website. There are so many people visiting the social websites today. It is there easiest to create a network and direct it to your website through the social media than by any other means.

7. Add Some Rich Snippets to the Google Search Results

Rich snipes are credited for giving standout results with a great percentage of audiences having a likelihood of clicking the site. The use of a professional …

Make Your Marketing Global With Oracle Database Users Email Lists

Make Your Marketing Global With Oracle Database Users Email Lists


Oracle Database Users Email Lists – Marketing activities will be successful when it spreads the right message to the target customers. The technology-based marketing requires additional emphasis as the marketers will be targeting a niche customer base. It makes lead generation and customer engagement a difficult task to achieve. So, if a business is trying to expand its wings in the global markets, then it needs to plan and strategize the marketing activities way ahead to generate the desired results.

Here are some of the best practices which a technology-based business should keep in mind for marketing certain solutions to the Oracle Database users. Following these tips, marketers can plan better ways for business expansion in the international market using an Oracle Database Users Email Database.

International Marketing

When a business plans to expand its reach in the global market, it needs to focus a lot on the set of rules that are applied in the target market. Many businesses find this task highly daunting. What the marketers need to do is understand the privacy regulations, language preferences, and ISP rules of the country. Accordingly, formulate an interesting marketing campaign. Also, they need to connect with the customers at the right time. Hence, being aware of the customers’ time zones will be rewarding.

Opt-outs from the Global Market

Like the CAN-SPAM Act in the US, businesses trying to connect with the companies outside the nation need to understand the similar rules followed in every country they are planning to target. Read and understand the anti-spam legislation of the target country. Doing a thorough research before sending the emails and newsletter will help in reducing the opt-outs. Remember that if a prospect requests for an opt-out, it should be handled immediately. If not, it can hamper the business reputation in the global market.


To maintain the effectiveness of the marketing collateral it is necessary that a business conducts proper testing. It helps to understand the right time to execute the marketing campaign. Continuous testing will help you to understand the demographics of the interested customers, the way the contents are taken by the target audience, and the required changes to be made to make it more presentable.

Double Opt-In of the Oracle Database Users Email Lists

Email best practices state that it is better to perform double opt-ins if you are marketing technology-based products and services. It mainly improves the deliverance rate of marketing activities. Following the social media feeds and newsletters of certain organizations that focus towards the best practices of email marketing across the globe will be helpful.

Follow the above-discussed tips to meet the audiences’ expectations in the international market while planning an international email marketing strategy.


Source by James Oliver

The Stages of a Market Mania

The Stages of a Market Mania


What is a mania? It is defined as mental illness characterized by great excitement, euphoria, delusions and overactivity. In investing, this translates into investment decisions being driven by fear and greed without being tempered with analysis, reason or balance of risk and reward outcomes. The mania is usually running parallel with the business development of the product, but timing can sometimes run askew.

The late 90’s technology.com boom and today’s cryptocurrency boom are two examples of how a mania operates in real time. These two events will be highlighted with each stage in this article.

The Idea Stage

The first stage of a mania starts out with a great idea. The idea is not known to many people yet, but the potential for profits are huge. This is usually translated as unlimited profit, since “something like this has never been done before”. The internet was one such case. People using the paper systems of the time were skeptical as “how can the internet replace such a familiar and entrenched system?” The backbone of the idea begins to get built. This translated into the modems, servers, software and web sites needed to get the idea into something tangible. Investments in the idea stage start off lackluster and made by people “in the know”. In the case, it may be the visionaries and people working on the project.

In the cryptocurrency world, the same question is being asked: How can a piece of crypto code replace our monetary system, contract system and payment systems?

The Possibilities

The first web sites were crude, limited, slow and annoying. The skeptics would look at the words “information superhighway” that the visionaries were spouting and saying “how can this really be that useful?” The forgotten element here is that ideas start out at their worst, and then evolve into something better and better. This sometimes happens due to better technology, more scale and cheaper costs, better applications for the product in question, or more familiarity with the product combined with great marketing. On the investment side, the early adopters are getting in, but there is no euphoria and astronomical returns yet. In some cases, investments have made decent returns, but not enough to sway the masses into jumping in. This is analogous to the slow internet connections of the 1990’s, internet sites crashing or information being incorrect on search engines. In the cryptocurrency world, it is being witnessed by high mining costs for coins, slow transaction times and hacking or theft of accounts.

The Acceleration

Word starts to get out that this internet and “.com” is the hot new thing. The products and tangibility is being constructed, but due to the massive scale involved, the cost and time expended would be massive before everyone is using it. The investment aspect of the equation starts to get ahead of the business development since markets discount the potential of a business with the price of the investment. The euphoria is starting to materialize, but only among the early adopters. This is happening in the cryptocurrency world with the explosion of new “altcoins”, and the large media press that the space is getting.

The Euphoria

This stage is dominated by the parabolic returns and potential that the internet offers. Not much thought is given to the implementation or problems because “the returns are huge and I don’t want to miss out”. The words “irrational exuberance” and “mania” begin to become common as people are buying due to sheer greed. Downside risks and negativity and largely ignored. Symptoms of the mania include: Any company having.com in its name is red hot, analysis is thrown out the window in favour of optics, the investment knowledge is getting less and less apparent among new entrants, expectations for 10 or 100 bagger returns are common and few people actually know how the product works or does not work. This has played out in the cryptocurrency world with the stellar returns of late 2017 and the incidents of company shares popping hundreds of percentage points by using “blockchain” in their name. There are also “reverse takeover offers” where shell companies that are listed on an exchange but are dormant have their names changed to something involving blockchain, and the shares are suddenly actively traded.

The Crash and Burn

The business scene for the new product is changing, but not nearly as quickly as the investment scene is changing. Eventually, a switch in mindset appears and a huge selling spree begins. Volatility is massive, and many “weak hands” and wiped out of the market. Suddenly, analysis is being used again to justify that these companies have no value or are “overvalued”. The fear spreads and prices accelerate downward. Companies who do not have earnings and who are surviving on hype and future prospects are …

Utilize Google AdWords To Send Visitors To Your Internet Sites

Utilize Google AdWords To Send Visitors To Your Internet Sites


Google AdWords is the most used advertising technique on earth in regard to volume. If you desire to send traffic to your blog, this is a strategy users should use. If users do not how this works, it is very easy. Any time a person enters a query on Google, they use certain keywords in that query. This tells Google's query engine marketing application to search for specific websites associated to these phrases. At the same time, it also uncovers commercials directly correlated to these phrases. After all, the majority of individuals searching on Google are aiming to resolve a problem. If a targeted ad purported to resolve this obstacle, would not you click on the link to examine the site? Of course users would, and millions of people around the globe do as well.

To begin utilizing Google AdWords is simple. You can simply just enter that phrase into Google, and then navigate over. Register for an account in about five minutes and you are good to go. Each AdWords account is subject to permission, so it may take a day or two before your account is approved. Now before users go sending large quantities of ads all over the net, users should really concentrate on your central customer. Think of the phrases that would choose if they were seeking for your product. This is often the exact thing done when working on search engine optimization for a web site, but utilizing it for advertising. users want to break down your advertising into groups, with each group of ads targeted at a particular niche of client that you need to visit your website. Once users have them up and running, users can examine the click through, conversion and various other analytics and create adjustments to perfect the ads over time.


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Internet Marketing Traffic Secrets

Internet Marketing Traffic Secrets


Gone are the days when promoting your products and services online means breaking your pockets. Today, you can easily promote product awareness and you can popularize your website even if you do not have a single dime to spare for your advertising cost. As long as you know how to use various internet marketing tools, it is highly possible that you will thrive in the online arena in no time.

Here are the 3 great steps to increase your internet marketing:

1. Go with article marketing. This amazing marketing tool can truly bring wonders to your ebusiness. It can help you increase your page ranking, drive more interested people to your website, help you position yourself as a key person in your chosen industry, and it can help you boost your sales and revenue by up to a hundredfold. Best of all, you can use this tool for free. All you have to do is distribute keyword-focused and quality articles to various publishing sites. By doing so, you can attract more people by giving them what they really need – valuable information. In return, you'll be able to obtain inbound links for each of your submission that can help in making your website more valuable to the eyes of various search engines.

2. Forum posting. If you love socializing with your potential clients and if you want to earn their trust in a heart beat, you better join them on relevant forums. Offer answers to their most frequent questions and help them resolve their pressing issues. By doing so, they will know that you are really good on what you do and they will like you or even trust you in the long run. It will then become much easier for you to pitch in your products. Ensure that you visit the forums on a regular basis as long absences will make your potential clients forget about you.

3. Ezine publishing. This is another way to strengthen your expert status online. This internet tool will allow you to send your potential clients with valuable and informative newsletters through the help of your autoresponders. Just like article marketing and forum posting, this will give you a chance to prove to your target market that you are very competent so you can easily convince them to trust you. Do not forget to insert your site's URL on every newsletter you send so you can easily drive your recipients to your website.


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The UK's Most Popular Phone Number for Successful Marketing

The UK's Most Popular Phone Number for Successful Marketing


It's very easy to fall into the trap of believing that what works in one country will work in another especially when both countries share the same language.

A case in point is toll free phone numbers. In the USA almost every business uses a toll free number. And the reason is not hard to fathom. In such a large country most calls are long distance. For instance, it's nearly twice as far from New York to San Francisco as it is from London to Moscow. So if you want customers to call you, making it easy with a toll free number is not just a good idea but pretty well essential.

An American setting up business in the United Kingdom might think that a toll free phone number is just as essential as it is at home. Yet this is not necessarily the case. For one thing, the UK is only a small country. From the south west tip at Land's End to the north west tip at John O'Groats is just 868 miles. That's not very big when you think that some Australians live 200 miles from their nearest neighbor. In fact, you could drop the UK into the Hudson Bay and lose it.

Yet one of the noticeable encounters of UK inmates is how parochial they are. Traditionally they avoid doing business with companies at the other end of the country. That makes a free phone number a good option since it hides the geographical location of the user. But even though UK free phone numbers have been available for decades, there are many situations when bearing the cost of a large number of free phone calls is not viable. In the mid-nineties, British Telecom came up with a new solution.

BT declined to tackle this problem by introducing the 0990 number prefix that, unlike normal phone numbers, was not related to any particular place so callers would not know to where they were calling. Callers were, and still are, charged at BT's National Rate – the rate you pay for making a call outside your local area, which is 8p / minute daytime, 4p / minute evenings and 2p / minute weeks.

To test if the public would respond to this idea, BT arranged for Tango to use one of these new numbers for a competition advertised on TV. Later when the regulator Oftel (whose role has now been absorbed into Ofcom) changed phone numbers to eleven digits and rated prefixes, the Non-Geographic National Rate was assigned the prefix 0870.

The popularity of using 0870 numbers quickly accelerated with lots of national companies meant to use them especially because they have the added incentive of paying the user a royalty if they generate a high number of call minutes. Typically, royalty rebates are available from about 1p to 3p per minute dependent on call volumes. And the incentive to use these numbers is further increased by the fact that 0870 numbers are generally provided free of charge by telephone companies, although memorable numbers attract a premium.

A glance through any newspaper will reveal just how many UK companies use 0870 numbers and, conversely, how few rely on 0800 free phone numbers.

There have been problems with some large national companies apparently prepared to annoy their customers by not answering calls promptly and dealing inefficiently with inquiries. This has prompted several Ofcom investigations into misuse. Neverheless, businesses both large and small have taken to 0870 numbers in a big way and, for the foreseeable future, they seem here to stay.


Source by Michael Soliatis

Career in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising

Career in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising


It is very important for any designer product to intrigue customers. It should fulfill fantasies and not just a basic need. Today, consumers are more interested in projecting a particular image that will make them feel young and sophisticated – and this is what the fashion marketers take advantage of. Fashion marketers create a fantasy for selling those products to customers, through visual marketing campaigns, savvy advertising ideas or just by picking clothes from the designers, which they feel will be very popular among customers.

Another major responsibility of fashion marketers and merchandisers is to move trendy clothes into stores when those items are in fashion. Not performing this task can result in a loss for the designer. A good fashion marketer and merchandiser can also create trends by promoting a certain look when the time is right. To do this, they need to have a proper understanding of the social trends and psychology of the consumers.

Job Opportunities

Fashion merchandising and marketing is composed of various jobs. Fashion marketers are responsible for increasing the customer's interest in fashion trends, and a fashion merchandiser works to present the apparel in stores. People who are in this profession can also work in retail and wholesale outlets as well. Some can work as merchandising managers, buyers or purchasing agents, manufacturing or wholesaling for retail sale or purchasing the accessories and apparel from the designers. Still others choose to work as fashion coordinators, who are into the creation of a special look in retail stores, designing a fashion or house magazine; or visual merchandisers, who design store displays to attract customers. After getting a degree in fashion marketing and merchandising you can also become the manager of a retail store or start your own boutique where you can serve a certain clientele and promote your style. You can even become a fashion forecaster or fashion consultant.

For a skilled in fashion merchandising you need to have a certificate from any good postsecondary design school that offers degrees in business administration. Fashion merchandisers need to have talent, style and marketing skills for success. As a fashion merchandiser, you can begin as a management trainee at small sores and move up from assistant buyer to head buyer or assistant store manager to store manager. You can move on to bigger and more prestigious firms with experience where you can ever even become a manager.


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Marketing Research Using Eye Tracking

Marketing Research Using Eye Tracking


Market research is a very involved field. It requires a lot of expertise to get the information you are looking for. If you are trying to get an edge in the market research field, you may want to consider video eye tracking evaluation. Marketing research using eye tracking is a great way to improve your research techniques and expand your clientele.

Marketing research using eye tracking takes advertising research to whole new level. Not sure if you can use this type of technology? That depends on what kind of market research you are involved in and the types of in-depth research you need to do. If you are doing basic telephone or internet research, this product isn’t really for you. But if you do in-person commercial and television series screenings, hands-on product testing, or print advertisement research, then this technology will go a long way for your business.

Whether or not your research firm can expand to include marketing research using eye tracking depends a lot on your budget. The cost of a large video eye tracking system depends on the technological aspects of the equipment, but you can expect to spend thousands of dollars and up. You can purchase a smaller system for less, however, if that is all you need. This is especially true for firms who do a lot of one-on-one or hands-on product testing.

Just in case we’ve scared you off with the cost of marketing research using eye tracking, let’s wrap it up with the benefits of using video eye tracking in your advertising research firm. The minimal start-up cost to acquiring a system like this is nothing compared to the long-term payoff. When you are able to tell clients you use this technology, you are much more likely to land research jobs. And you can essentially charge more for your work because it is more complete and cutting-edge than any other methods. If this is something you are interested in, then you should invest in eye tracking technology today.


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