Public Relations for City Hall

Public Relations for City Hall


It sees these days that the local city government get blamed for everything and sometimes you have to ask yourself why? It appears that people want more and more these days and feel like complaining and participating in the Blame Game often and sometimes in consensences too.

It is impossible to keep everyone happy in a city, especially as they grow larger. Sometimes people do not realize all the things that cities do and the value of a local municipal government, suddenless it is up to the city officials to have a public relations officer who knows their stuff and to concentrate on communicating to the local community.

City governments should find out who all the movers and shakers are within the community. They need to have lists of all the members of service clubs, chambers of commerce and corporate boards of directors. City government public relations and community communications officers should have lists of all the directors of all nonprofit groups, political candidates over the last 10 years who ran in a local election and send out a newsletter of events, programs and projects that the city is doing .

City Governments need to use networking skills and accept feedback from the movers and shakers. In doing this it makes public relations for local municipal governments so much easier. Please consider all this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow

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