Popular Advertising Slogans – 3 Steps To Creating Awesome Advertising Slogans

Popular Advertising Slogans – 3 Steps To Creating Awesome Advertising Slogans


What Determines A Popular Advertising Slogan?

Firstly, let us study a little closer to this question as above before we dive into the details. The answer to the above is simply to be able to grab the readers or prospects attention in 3 seconds to read on.

Notice that the whole purpose is to help the prospect to be intrigued enough to read on the rest of the sales letter. If you can get this then we are already 50% there.

Step 1: Appeal To Only One

The most common mistake for most businesses in their attempts to write advertising headlines is to write about themselves or to many. You must remember that each prospect reads a sentence to themselves.

So, you could do better by thinking that you are communicating only to one person in your mind . Keep this steadfast in your thoughts as you begin to craft your headline. It will give a more appealing feel to it in terms of a 'personal touch'.

Step 2: Triggering Pain Or Pleasure

There are two extreme ways to draw attention in your headline and that is by either emphasizing towards your prospects pain or pleasure. Simple copy writing will do you much good so remember this is a powerful tool.

You're not going to manipulate them psychologically, just enough to stop them dead in their tracks. A strike to the heart or feeling will more than conquer their minds in the next choice they make.

Step 3: Copy The Masters

Not literally that but what I mean is you can observe some other popular advertising slogans that have been used over and over again. You can learn this all over the place for no cost.

Watch the headlines in your local classified ads in your newspaper of magazine center pullouts. You will be sure to find some common patterns in the words for advertising.

Getting It All Down

Once you have determined more than a few popular advertising slogans of choice then its time to test them. Now, do not get me wrong although you can certainly depend on some master headlines sometimes its best to keep testing till you reach your sales target with just advertising slogans.


Source by Vern How Chan

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