Marketing to Your Market – 3 Simple Steps

Marketing to Your Market – 3 Simple Steps


So you have a product and you want to market it, and make sales. Sounds simple does not it. Well there are people making millions telling people just like you how to market to your market. More often then not people tend to over think how to market products. Here are the 5 simple steps to marketing to your market.

1.) Eat drink and sleep like the people in your market, get inside their head, how they think, walk, talk, anything and everything you need to know. Once you know these things you can relate to them.

2.) Now that you "know" your consumers try and think of something you can give them for free. Everyone loves free stuff, and if you are able to provide value to the consumer, and build a relationship you are looking at a repeat customer.

3.) Over freaking deliver, once you have a relationship with the consumer and if you have done it right they are already looking to buy whatever you have, make sure you over deliver. For example if they are looking for X make sure to give them X and Y and Z.

If you do these things you can more then easily sell anything to anyone. The main point is to build a relationship or trust with the consumer. Once they trust you, and you provide exceptional value they will buy. You will stop asking how I get them to buy; you'll start asking what I can give them next. Then once your business is at that point you'll want to help other do the same.


Source by Ben Levanger

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