Harness the Power of Direct Response Marketing

Harness the Power of Direct Response Marketing


It's all in the delivery. The power of direct response marketing lies in the relationship between the advertiser and the audience. A direct response campaign allows the advertiser to use some kind of broadcast media to get customers to contact them directly.

A memorable call to action
Direct Response marketing focuses on eliciting a desired action from a viewer. An infomercial that includes actors just rambling on and on with no call to action will not bring in results. Likewise, a radio spot that does not repeatedly state a company's vanity or toll free number will not help listeners remember it.

How you communicate your phone number in advertising is important. Creating a melody to go along with an 800-number brings in results. It's the ideal way to get clients to remember your contact info. Think of the catchy 1-800-SAFEAUTO, encouraging listeners to hum along while they dial.

All in all you want to encourage viewers or listeners to remember you and then perform some sort of action, from a phone call to clicking on a website.

Track and measure your results
Some companies rely on multiple advertising outlets. To get the best use out of them, do some testing. You can use a unique vanity or numeric number for each ad or publication to see which one was most effective. It's always a good idea to analyze your data. This way you can decipher how much you're getting out of your direct response campaigns.

Toll free numbers can enable many opportunities for testing and measuring your marketing efforts. You can harness the power of direct response marketing by taking the time to get a toll free number package that comes with a special function.

Get direct feedback
Get as much feedback from a potential customer as you can. A call is an opportunity to sell your product, answer questions and offer advice.

This is the best part of direct response marketing. You have immediate interaction with a potential client, rather than sending out a mailer and waiting to see if anyone calls. Sometimes it's even questionable if customers get direct mail or read it all.

Use highly competitive tactics
Direct response marketing is highly powerful as well as competitive. It is an effective tool to get your company name and contact info out to the public. Businesses can target their specific audiences through television, radio, web advertising all boldly displaying, or delivering, phone numbers .

Consumers who could benefit from a new product are more likely to call for more information if you have a toll free number. Whatever they might want, there is to be an effective way for them to contact you when they are ready to buy.

Along with the typical direct response marketing strategies think outside the box. Focus some attention on your website in the area of ​​increasing traffic. Search engine and viral marketing can prove quite successful.

Connect with the leaders in your industry
Join one of the direct response marketing associations to help you keep abreast of the latest issues impacting this field. Whatever your industry, become a part of its professional association. Such organizations provide one-of-kind opportunities for networking, education and growing your business.


Source by Christy Brugger

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