Ezine Advertizing: A Good Alternative When Buying Online Ads

Ezine Advertizing: A Good Alternative When Buying Online Ads


To make money – online or offline – you have to get the word out about your business opportunity. To succeed online you have to do some form of advertising, and a very cost-effective way to reach potential customers, is ezine advertizing. If you didn’t know, ezines are online newsletters, used by website owners to announce updates, share news, and generally to keep in touch and build a relationship with their visitors.

Many ezine owners let other people place ads on their newsletters that they email to their subscribers. Some of them have thousands of subscribers, so these ads have huge exposure potential and can be a good alternative to PPC ads and other forms of buying traffic.

Targeted ezine advertizing is still one of the most effective ways of online marketing. Done correctly lots of people will see your ad, and many of them will click on the link to your site. Ezines that are closest to your business will provide the best result, so obviously you should aim at placing your ads in ezines that are narrowly targeted toward your specific niche.

Ezine ads can have different placement in the newsletter, like

  • Top
  • Middle, or
  • Bottom

They often have different pricing according to the placement. They can also be of different sizes (counted by number of lines), and the price varies accordingly. Then there are Solo Ads, which is the most expensive type of ezine advertizing. As the name implies, this is an ad that is sent out “all alone” to the subscribers of the ezine. It’s a stand-alone ad, with no other content, so it’s like a special issue of an ezine highlighting your offer or promotion.

Before placing your ad in a specific ezine, it’s a good idea to subscribe to that ezine to see how it looks like. Read through a few issues to get the feel of its style to make sure it is targeted to your audience, and see how other people’s ads look like. To find ezines in your niche in which to advertise, do a Google search for your ‘keyword + ezine’, or ‘keyword + ezine advertising’ or something like that. There are lots of ezine owners selling ad space, so you shouldn’t have problems finding some.

Also, there are several ezine advertizing directories, which makes it easy for anybody to use this advertising strategy. Here are a few other points to consider when buying ezine ads:

  • The topic of the ezine must be closely related to your business
  • Use strong ad copy with a catchy headline; avoid hype
  • Weigh cost against exposure
  • Take advice from the ezine owner (who knows the audience)
  • Subscribe to the ezine to see your ad “live”
  • Shop around (or use ezine directories) to find good, relevant ezines
  • Test ads if possible (send to only a small part of the subscribers)
  • Send several ads with same offer to the same audience (follow-up ads)

It’s a well-known fact that most people need to be exposed several times to a message before they take action. An alternative to sending follow-up ezine ads to the same audience, is to create your own email list. Many readers of your ezine ad will click through to your website without buying anything. If you can get these on your email list, you can follow them up later.

To succeed in business you have to get your message out, and ezine advertizing is definitely a good alternative to other forms of advertising.


Source by Kanute Fleming

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