Email Marketing – How to Gain Subscribers' Trust So They Buy More

Email Marketing – How to Gain Subscribers' Trust So They Buy More


Email marketing is an incredibly profitable internet exercise, as can be seen by the number of emails that arrive in my email box everyday. But that can not really be all of it. Why not? Because although I receive nearly 500 emails a day, I only open about 10 of them.

The funny thing is, the 10 I open are from the same people every day! Why? Because I trust the people who send me those emails. The other 490 emails do not get opened, get deleted, get sent to a swipe file, etc.

So why do I trust those people over the others? It's not like my grandmother is emailing me! I have never met these people in person. So why?

Why do I open some emails and not others?

1) I consistently receive quality content from the people whose emails I open. Note here: I used to open a particular person's email regularly, I had purchased a product from him, and then he sent me an email that was very much off-niche and a complete waste of my time. I rarely open his emails now. I no longer trust him.

2) The headline is consistent with the email is consistent with link in the email. If I open an email that advertises a free tool, and then the email tells me it is $ 5 and then the web site tells me it is $ 100, but I can get $ 95 back if I do not like it – I feel scared and probably will not continue to open that person's email. Always be consistent.

3) Some people send me free stuff that is really free. I never know when I am getting a gift from them, so I open their emails.


Source by Sean Mize

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