Direct Marketing VS Word of Mouth

Direct Marketing VS Word of Mouth


Which is a better way to do marketing? Using direct-mail advertising or concentrating on word-of-mouth advertising to spread the word? Well, for word-of-mouth advertising to truly work you must first have customers who are completely satisfied with the product or service and believe they were given excellent customer service in the process of their purchasing. Then those happy customers will go tell other people about your great business and service creating the word-of-mouth advertising.

With direct-mail marketing advertising you concentrate on those customers who have not heard about your services or products yet. You send them something in the mail enticing them and propelling them to come in to your store and make a purchase.

You can see before see that you need to do first things first. First you need to get customers in the door using direct-mail advertising and then you need to treat them very well so they come back and they go home and tell all their friends. Once you get the ball rolling you can cut back on your direct marketing a little bit and enjoy the word-of-mouth advertising provided you continue to give excellent service.

When entrepreneurs ask what is more important word-of-mouth advertising or direct marketing the answer is typically; Both. First you must get the customers and then you must treat them well if you expect to get word-of-mouth advertising going for you. Please consider all this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow

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