Case Study; Public Relations for Oil Change Companies

Case Study; Public Relations for Oil Change Companies


Public Relations is a lot about creativity and notability. Yet many industries have a tough time figuring out ways to promote and position their companies through smart public relations programs. Let me tell you about a case study I worked on with an Independent Oil Change Chain.

They had contracted with me to do some co-branding with out mobile oil change company and wanted us to go out and do some fleet business that they could not due because they were stuck in a location without mobile equipment. We split the contract monies and everyone won and then we got to talking about public relations.

They had always agreed our ability to stay in the news and maintain our position as a community based friendly business. We thanked them for the compliment and they asked them wished they could do the same thing, but did not have the opportunities that we did. I politely disagreed and we got to talking about what they could do.

I assisted them in creating a plan to accept oil from Do-It-Yourselfers who changed their own oil and discard it in an environmentally friendly way. The program over a six month period nearly doubled their customer base, because it was then learned that even the DIY crowd did not really wish to change their own oil or transport the used oil to them. Instead they bought their cars into their business for oil changes. Consider all this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow

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