Basic Strategy For Article Marketing – Do What Your Teacher Taught You

Basic Strategy For Article Marketing – Do What Your Teacher Taught You


Article marketing is an extremely popular way for affiliate marketers to gain, free organic traffic to their website (s). But it also entitles writing, which can scare many budding affiliate marketers. Remember what your teach you about writing five paragraph essays? Well, that is also a great basic strategy for article marketing. If you can write an introductory paragraph, explaining about what you will write, three paragraphs highlighting the meat of the article, and an article concluding what you wrote, you will be on your way to writing great affiliate articles!

It is a great basic strategy for article marketing because it is simple. You want to be able to write about a topic, and give at least three sub-topics about which to write. You do not always have to write very long and verbose articles, but it is nice to have a few thoughts to really give your audience something to crew and digest.

You also want three body articles to give you article content. You, of course, do not want to write articles so long that they are hard to follow – break them up in that case. But you also do not want a few sentence-long articles. In that case, try to combine a couple sentence-long paragraphs into one paragraph. It will look like better writing practice. Take your time while thinking about what to write, so you can create smooth transitioning sentences and paragraphs. No, you will not be graduated by your least favorite English teacher, but it will look better if you write an article online, you use proper English. Do you look for proper English when reading articles online?

Try to keep from writing too many articles that include too many bullet point paragraphs. At times, they are appropriate, but they should not substitute for actual paragraphs. If you are able to write about articles correctly, you should be able to construct paragraphs without having to resort to create excess bullet points.

This article exemplified why writing five paragraph articles can be easy to create. Without spending too much time, I was able to create an article of five paragraphs, covering several different topic about which I wanted to discuss. With practice, this method will become easy. If you have a formula you use, it will become more easy for your when you sit down and write an article. Practice makes perfect. I have written more during the past month than anytime in college. And I graduate with two liberal arts majors (OK, I wrote longer papers in college, but that was once or twice per quarter – nothing of the frequency with which I write today). Try this technique for your next few articles and see if this basic strategy for article marketing works as well now as it did your teachers taught it to you.


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