Article Marketing Strategy That Can Lead You to Success

Article Marketing Strategy That Can Lead You to Success


Almost 90% of courses and e-books I have bought online consider article marketing as one of the most effective method of traffic generation.

But when I first started online, I have no idea what to write and how to write good articles that can bring me traffic and I believe this problem also exist for other marketers as well.

After written over hundreds of articles, I have learned how to write an article that can bring huge traffic to my website. Here are some of the Article Marketing Strategy I have used

Article Marketing Strategy # 1) A Killer Title: You need a qualifying title to attract the attention of people who are browsing the article directories. There are so many new articles being submitted and approved everyday, therefore you need to have an attention grabbing title to lead your prospect to click on your article.

Article Marketing Strategy # 2) Quality of Articles: For your article marketing to take effect, you need to provide useful information that are of use for those people who read your article.

Article Marketing Strategy # 3) Quantity of Articles: Besides having quality for your article, you also need enough quantity of them to be effective. Your article marketing effectiveness is a lot on the number of articles you are submitting. You will not be able to have much traffic simply from submitting 2 to 3 articles every month. You need a minimum of 15 articles every week to show result.

Article Marketing Strategy # 4) A Killer Resource Box: At the end of every article, you will see a resource box that allows you to place your website link. This is where you are inviting your readers to your website. Therefore it is very important to have a killer resource box that can make your reader click on it.

Article Marketing Strategy # 5) Article Directories: Submitting your article to the various article directories will be your next step once you got your article ready. Personally, 90% of all my traffic comes from the top 5 article directories while the other 10% comes from the hundreds of other smaller article directories.

Just to share with you, the top 5 article directories I find useful are EzineArticles, ArticleDashboard, ArticlesBase, GoArticle and ArticleAlley. If you do not have time to submit to hundreds of directories, you can just concentrate on these 5 directories.

These are some of the proven Article Marketing Strategy I use for my articles that have created good result for me. Therefore I hope you can use this as a reference when you are doing your own article marketing.


Source by Kelvin Lee

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