3 Strategies To Help Boost The Conversion Rates Of Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

3 Strategies To Help Boost The Conversion Rates Of Your Facebook Ad Campaigns


As far as social networking sites are concerned, there are no other social networking sites on the Internet that have as many active users as compared to Facebook. For your information, there are currently more than 500 million active users (and counting) on ​​Facebook worldwide!

Most people (both young and old) make use of Facebook to find old friends and gain new ones, connect with family members and like-minded people (who share the same hobbies and interests as them), share information, photos and videos, as well as links to interesting sites.

Marketers and businesses have also tap on the fast-moving Facebook bandwagon as a means of expanding their businesses and profits by connecting and marketing with prospective customers here in Facebook.

One of the most effective tools in Facebook that marketers and businesses can make use of to generate massive profits fast is the use of Facebook ads, where you create demographic-targeted ad campaigns.

Facebook advertising is getting increasingly popular with marketers and businesses primarily due to the fact that they can drive massive volumes of traffic to their sites, as well as generate sales, paying only pennies per click.

In this article, I am going to share with you a total of 3 strategies that you can use to boost the conversion rates of your Facebook ad campaigns, all of which are capable of generating you even more cash that ever before.

1. Make Sure Your Ad Is Eye Catchy

Before your targeted audiences can even click on your ad, they must take notice of it.

Therefore, you need to make sure your ad contains catchy words and some graphic (that relates to the ad text), since this combination has turned out to be more appealing to users than an ad consisting of just text or just a photo.

2. Make Sure You Deliver Your Promise In The Destination Website

If, in your ad text, for example, you tell them that they will discover a proven secret that will allow them to drop 30 lbs in weight within the next 24 hours, make sure that you have this piece of information available in your destination website . Otherwise, you risk your intended audience reporting to Facebook's ad editorial team that your ad is appropriate.

Therefore, when crafting your ad text, you must always make sure that, in the destination website (where you lead your targeted audience to after they click on it), it contains the information that you have "promised" them in the ad text.

3. Targeting The Right Group Of People

As Facebook advertising displays ads based on demographics (of their users which you want your ad to appear) instead of keyword phrases, you must make sure that, before you create your ad campaign, you have already done a thorough research to find out the demographics of your intended audiences.

Targeting the wrong demographics will result in you not seeing any kind of results in your Facebook advertising campaigns.


Source by Jun Yuan Lim

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