3 Steps to Internet Marketing – Free Internet Marketing Strategy

3 Steps to Internet Marketing – Free Internet Marketing Strategy


In this article we are going to cover three basic ideas on how to get your feet wet with internet marketing. I'm going to share some VERY powerful strategies that have worked for me, and the best part they are all free!

Finding A Product

1. Finding a product to sell as an affiliate marketer could not be easier! Starting out I would suggest getting accounts at clickbank and commission junction.

Get into a niche that you are familiar with. For example, if your passion or hobby is golf, start by selling
golf related items. Make sure the "sales" page of the product your going to be promoting looks professional.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

2. Setting a goal strategy is critical. Do not be jumping around all over the place buying guides on "how to make money online", you will end up broke and not making any money. Start with promoting your product for free, be patient, and stay focused on one strategy!

I'm sure most of you have heard of "make money with google" products, I would not even attempt getting into the right off the bat, it's way to risky as a new internet marketer.

Free Traffic

3. There are tons of ways you can promote the product that you have chosen! Here are some ideas that
you can try.

EzineArticles – A very good place to start writing articles on your favorite subject, and you can include links to your product.

Yahoo! Answers – You can get a free account, and start answering questions for people, its easy. All you have to do is look up the question their asking and provide it to them. Make sure to answer 5-6 questions before sharing your affiliate link.

Google Groups – Get a free account there, another easy method. Join a group that is relative to the product you have chosen. Again, make sure to participate in the groups discussion before putting your link out for your affiliate product.
Do Something


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