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Multi Level Marketing – What It Is, How It Works and Why You Should Join

Multi Level Marketing – What It Is, How It Works and Why You Should Join


Multilevel marketing (also known as Network Marketing) is people to people business which will consider broadly your group of associates. It is a business which takes advantage of networking ideas. It is the complete opposite of conventional principles of how capitalism, enterprise and merchandise distribution function. Multilevel marketing is an extremely powerful business structure especially for anyone aiming to start up a business with minimal funds.

It is a great business design when you treat it like a REAL business. This is the ONLY business structure that provides real leveraging for business people. This is a completely genuine method of conducting business the same as traditional retail marketing. It really is a business of designers creating enterprises and enterprise-builders. It is a business that welcomes everyone from all walks of life.

Multilevel marketing is a great business structure mainly because it benefits high performance even greater than a direct selling occupation. It is actually building business relationships for reasons beyond the motive of the original contact. It is being trained in more than 200 institutions including Harvard Business School. It has also been belittled for several of the unsuccessful marketing strategies and techniques which are taught to distributors. It is among the most skilled techniques in trading a products or service.

It has an exceptional product and service. It is simply affiliate marketing which has a multilevel commission framework. It is based mostly on internal consumption, and not retail selling. It is determined by the method of duplication, and not personal performance. Multilevel marketing is unduly a well-known strategy in today's market place.

It is not a pyramid system, a get-rich-quick scheme. It is just a means of shifting products or services that the majority of people confuse with direct selling. It will become the most effective method to distribute goods and services and definitely will dominate the playing field of distribution.

Multilevel marketing is definitely not my only stream of revenue, but it definitely is my preferred. It is definitely an exceptional income alternative for those who are seriously aiming to manage their financial future. It is really a method for businesses to influence the effectiveness of "word-of-mouth" marketing. It really is an effective tool for anyone that really wants to achieve success.

This is an industry packed with hype and success tales when you never ever really know the real truth. It is a market which is very questionable in the observation of others. It is the business of tomorrow and the opportunity of the time. It is often applauded as an awesome potential for the masses, and their followers can occasionally edge on obsessed. Multilevel marketing is unquestionably a trade that will not discriminate towards women.


Source by Kenneth Nairne

What Are the Options of Internet Marketing Success?

What Are the Options of Internet Marketing Success?


If you are just starting in the world of internet marketing there are lots of options for you to choose from to be able to achieve the internet marketing success that you may have dreamed of. You may even have noticed that every site that you may have clicked on offers the best and latest deal just for you to make it online. However, such act may just cause you to feel like you’re sinking in a flood of data.

Though there may be times that you’ll be able to encounter certain complications in your venture to achieve your internet marketing success, internet marketing is not really that complicated once you get the hang out of it. There are just 3 simple things that you have to consider, things such as:

Traffic, this is one of the big three’s that you have to think about for you to be able to make it through. If you want to generate sales on your site then you need the essential source of it and that is your clients. Traffic is the number among the three vital aspects that you need to focus into.

Then there is conversion, now that you have generated certain traffic. This should be the next step that is essential, converting your site’s views into sales. To be able to achieve this you must have an informative site as well that offers an enticing promotion to your prospects. Be aware however that on the net it is an accepted fact that the conversion rate in percentage to your traffic is low. Therefore when monitoring your traffic stats do not be discourage when you’re not getting your expected high conversion rates. It basically takes time.

The last and the most important factor to achieve internet marketing success is MONEY. This is the very end result that every business minded person wish to achieve in every endeavor that he gets into. Once your traffic is converted into a sale it will be creating the end result that you’ve been yearning- making money online.


Source by Wen Qiang Lee

A Simple Marketing Plan is the Dynamite For Your Business

A Simple Marketing Plan is the Dynamite For Your Business


Home business marketing can be a great success using a simple marketing plan. Ezine advertising is one of the most effective ways of promoting your business if done in the proper fashion. In the beginning of online marketing, ezine advertising was frequently used to effectively promote one’s home business. But since the dot com market crashed and all the spam emails being sent, the performance of ezine advertising became less effective. The situation became so critical that if ten thousand email advertisements were sent, they would only generate around five to ten percent click throughs.

Today the situation has made a complete turn around and ezine advertising is back in force as a simple marketing plan for home business marketers. To get maximum results from ezine advertising you need to follow the rules set before you below.

1. The content of your home business marketing campaign should be strong enough to attract people from all over the world. You should always test your marketing campaign before launching it globally by presenting it to a small group of people and watching the response. You should use different tracking methods to track results.

2. Never use promotional words in your home business marketing that might create a wrong impression on the reader, making them feel you are trying to force them into purchasing your product or your customer will simply ignore your ad and possibly send you spam email through your marketing efforts.

3. Instead of buying a mailing list from some source on the internet or through the mail, it is by far the best to build your own custom list which will be exclusively yours and you will be able to send them other offers over time. You should also have an effective ad. If you do not know how to do this yourself you should use a professional who has experience in creating effective ads that will pull in profits for your business.

4. Format your ads in an effective manner and use what ever creativity you possess to design your ad campaign. Another good way is to design html ads with some graphics because pictures speak louder than words, and images seem to have more of a lasting effect than just words.

5. It is important to have a carefully designed landing page so you can track your visitors. Also the use of an autoresponder is VERY important because that is how you stay in touch and communicate with your customers in your marketing efforts.

6. Give your readers a good reason to click on the link in your advertisement and then when they get to your website make sure they will find what they were expecting and your clicks will convert to revenue.

7. Try not to approach the same reader more than one time for something they are not interested in. If you send the same ad to the same person over and over then you are likely to ruin your image which may result in your ad being spammed.

If you properly follow the guidelines above you can achieve the most out of your home business marketing and your ezine advertising campaign without the fear of being spammed. Always try to think of new and unique ways to design your ads rather than always using the same one too many times. If you do not have the experience or knowledge to create ezine ads then it is better to use the services of professionals rather than using automated ad generators which are not very effective. Home business marketing using ezine advertising can drive loads of traffic to your website when done properly with a simple marketing plan.


Source by Clara Nolt

Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices

Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices


Marketing a medical practice is incomplete with an advertisement or two. Announcing yourself in the healthcare industry with just local media advertising will not help you achieve practice success. And marketing without networking will not only fail, but also give you sleepless nights. In such case, a methodical and tactical approach is required. Structuring a carefully thought marketing plan is good to start with. Market analysis, market strategy, implementation and follow-up should make it to the priority list of your marketing campaign. Deliverability of the plan will depend on how well you engage in acquiring background information. We look at some of the avenues that you can explore in order to generate more patients.

Before stepping on the gas, consider the availability of the funds. How much are you comfortable spending? Does your budget allow you to cross the limits? Such calculations will help you determine what tactics are useful for your practice. An appropriate mix of networking, advertising/promotion and community outreach would do wonders for you.

Building a relationship with the local physicians is necessary in order to be considered for referrals. Make sure the bonding between you and the local doctors is based on respect and mutual benefit. For that to happen, you need to discover new physicians in town or hospitals. Rendezvous them in conferences, events and community meetings. Arranging a friendly lunch or dinner might not be a bad idea. Keep a database of physicians you have met.

Invite local papers and indulge in press conferences to call you as an expert. To make sure that everything falls into place, have a portfolio that includes your photo, CV, specialties, and a list of lectures and articles you are willing to prepare. Plus, you can use the power of press releases.

Create a user-friendly website that will clear patient queries and lure them to your clinic. Focus on the content part more than anything else. Your website should contain vital information, which includes medical philosophy, the services offered, health plans you honor, information about your physicians, directions and maps. Mention upcoming seminars and workshops, if you offer any. Post newsletters on the website along with FAQs.

Stay in touch with your patients even after they have received treatment. Send out practice newsletters full of practical health tips and issues on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Send thank you cards and contact them on a regular basis to ask about if they need information on any particular issue.

To get the most out of your medical marketing plan, you need your staff support. Without their contribution, you stand nowhere. Set the record straight and ask your supporting team to be involving.


Source by Larry Holman

Niche Marketing Explained – How To Find A Profitable Niche Online!

Niche Marketing Explained – How To Find A Profitable Niche Online!


Niche marketing is often misunderstood by beginners. A niche market is nothing else than a segment of a larger market.

Let's take the "health" niche for example. This is a really big market, and when you think about it, there are many other sub markets (or sub niches) within the huge "health" market.

Why do you need to understand niche marketing as a marketer?

It is really important for your online success because the more you narrow your focus, the more money you will earn.

It seems contradictory, but I am going to demonstrate how it works.

Instead of creating a website in the broad health niche (Like I did when I got started), you need to dig in the niche. What are the specific problems that people face?

You could target women in that niche for example. See how it works? Now, you need to focus on health and women. Your website will not target men at all.

I know what you think right now. You may be asking yourself: "Why would I exclude men from my website? I will lose money whenever a man comes on my site?"

No. It does not work like this. In fact, you will end up making more money because women will feel that this website was made exclusively for them.

This is powerful.

However, this niche "women's health" is still too broad. You need to go deeper in the niche. You can use a keyword tool for this, but you do not really need to.

You can browse magazines at Barnes and Nobles for example, or just read some online forums and find the popular threads.

At the end, you may end up with a market like this one: "women's health" to "women between 18 and 24" to "pregnant women between 18 and 24".

Now, you found a good niche. Whenever a women between 18 and 24 years come to your site, she will feel concerned.

You do not really care if you excluded all the others. You want to "talk" to a specific category of people. If you want to market to other women or even men is the big health market, just build another site and repeat the process.


Source by Franck Silvestre

Music Publicity – Why and When to Hire a Music Publicist

Music Publicity – Why and When to Hire a Music Publicist


As every independent unsigned artist or band knows, it's difficult to market and promote your project and get the awareness you need with little promotional experience and when you're on a shoe-string budget. Inexpensive or free self-promotion techniques can be effective to a degree but most times it's just not enough to bring the awareness to your project that you need, or to lift your independent music career to the next level.

To some degree, there are many methods of doing your own music publicity that can be effective.

On your own you can do things like solicit feature articles, CD reviews, and interviews. To do this on your own, you need to create a database of all your related web web ports, and music media outlets that feature artists in your niche and music market. Contact each one, preferably by email, or by physically mailing out your press kit or online link to request a feature article, interview and review of your record. You must be extremely patient. The process can take many months. These outlets receive hundreds of submission a week. They will not accept all submissions or review everything but if your promotional package, music, and image, stand out you have a good chance of being selected. Check out each media outlet or website submission policy prior to submitting. This is important. If you do not follow their guidelines, this can cause them to reject your submission. Your chances then can be slim to none. If guidelines allow, follow up in about a month.

Doing your own publicity can be an extremely time consuming endeavor for sure. But if you do it systematically, a little each day, you can get the job done. However, there may come a time when you have done all that you can do and the time is right to hand off some of the promotional publicity work to a seasoned professional, a music publicist, with major industry contacts. But you may ask – How do I I accord this?

Well I have some good news for you.

Fortunately, there are a few good music publicists out there that work specifically for unsigned and independent artists and they do not charge an arm and a leg to do publicity for you or your band. When you've reached a point in your music career when you believe you've done all you can do, it may be time to consider getting a little help from a well connected music publicist.

A lot of very serious independent artists who are lucky enough to have a few dollars to spend on promotion, marketing, and music publicity have found that hiring a music publicist to do all this can alleviate a lot of frustration. Not only can they spend their time on the all important creative end of their career … writing, touring, and development, a good music publicist has a lot of music media connections right at their finger tips and can assure far more features, quotes , and reviews. In essence they get your material in the right hands.

Finding the right music publicist for your particular project may however, not be as simple as you may think. Be sure that the music publicist specializes in your genre of music and they have a proven track record of success. Do not just pick one out of the blue. A good music business or independent artist consultant should be able to recommend the right one for your particular scenario. Artist managers and consultants work with music publicists on a daily basis and they know the ones that are effective. Be cautious, get a word of mouth recommendation and make sure you are not just throwing your money away.

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Source by Ken Cavalier

Video Making and Marketing

Video Making and Marketing


Three Steps To Add the Power of Video to Your Website  

1. Shoot Your Video

2. Upload It To YouTube

3. Link or Embed Your Video Broadcast

What should your first video message be?

If a visitor stopped by your show room you’d take the opportunity to show them around. Do the same thing on your website or blog. When a visitor arrives, welcome them to your site with your instruction video. In essence, you want to show them around your “virtual Internet showroom.”

Tell them how you’re different and the benefits you or your products offer. If your site has links, then tell your visitor what information they will find if they follow those links.

I offer lessons and instructions online. I play the piano and offer certain music resources to take your piano playing to the next level.

Step 1: Shoot Your Video

Set up your camera and position yourself about two or three feet in front of it and start talking. In the beginning, I used a digital camera and set it on a tripod. Then I set the camera on video and sat down and started talking.

Don’t worry about what you will say, just start talking and recording. If you were a first time visitor to your website what would you be looking for and what would you want to know?

Don’t worry about scripting out what you will say. Just talk off the top of your mind and don’t be afraid to record several takes. The delete button is powerful and allows you to re-take the shot many times over.

Then watch them back and pick the best one. The exercise of being in front of the camera and just talking will help you perfect what you say. It will also help you get past your fear of being in front of the camera. By recording several takes, it will help you to look, sound and feel natural. And that’s important! Remember to smile and just be yourself.

One of the greatest powers of using video in your marketing is that it gives your customers and prospects the opportunity to meet you face to face. Once you are happy with the take, put it up on YouTube.

Step 2: Upload to YouTube

If you do not yet have an account go to and sign up for a free account. Once you have it set up, which will take a few minutes, connect your video camera to your computer and upload your video to YouTube. Most video cameras come with software that may require you to transfer the video to your computer before you can move it to YouTube.

The hardest part of the whole process is often getting the video off your camera. If you have trouble then you might want to consider investing in a video camera that is made specifically for putting video onto computer or uploading it to the Internet.

Step 3: Link or Embed Your video for broadcast.

Once you have your video on YouTube you will find two different sets of Internet coding to the right of your video. The URL code lets you link people to your YouTube video and the Embedded code lets you place that video directly onto your Website.

I recommend you place your videos on your Website. Keep your visitors on your site rather than sending them away to another site. If you maintain your own Website then simply copy and paste this code onto your Web page. If you have someone who maintains it for you, then send the code to them. It can save you hundreds of dollars in getting video on your Website. The key is to just do it.

As a music teacher, I enjoy recording students playing their favorite songs and then sharing the link with family members and friends. I also have enjoyed making a video of pirate images and children’s books with background music on one of my blogs.

Once you have put a welcome video on your website, there is a lot more you can do. Most importantly, put your website or blog URL in the Description Box. That way you will be directing more traffic to your site and increase effective newsletter sign ups.

Indeed there is power in adding video to your website.


Source by Diana Rogers

Small Business Marketing – The Power of Web and Print

Small Business Marketing – The Power of Web and Print


Small Business Marketing is a foundational aspect of business success. Even if you employ a professional to market your products, you can still do a lot yourself. Anything you do to get the word out about your business and its services or products could be the one thing that brings the perfect buyer. With so many options, which are the best small business marketing methods?

Here are a couple to consider:


The majority of businesses today do not have a website. This is amazing to me because having a website is vital to today's business. It is no longer an added benefit; it's necessary. The good news is it's not hard to get one made and make it good. But you should employ an experienced web designer to do it without you being skilled in web design and could do it on your own.

I repeat, SKILLED. Just because you can put a few words and pictures together for a page and make it live is not good enough. It needs to shine. In today's business world, most people's first contact with you will come through your website.

Think about it. If you want to learn about a company, where do you go? The county records office? No, you go online and type the name in. It's that simple. And believe it or not, the first time you see their name and the opening page of their site you are making multiple assumptions and conclusions about that person or business. Do they appear professional, or do they appear amateurish? Are they artistic, or are they dull? Is there a sense of organization here, or is it so confusing you have a hard time deciphering up from down and left from right?

The website must be clear, artistically designed, and comprehensive. The extra time and money put into this will make a difference. I have worked with one person in particular who has a great business website. Dozens of people have told him that they absolutely love the website and it was one of the ruling factors that led them to do business with his company. And these are people investing many thousands of dollars, involving high levels of trust. His experience with his website is a good illustration of the power of a professional, well designed site.

Your website is a platform to show people who you are, a short history how you came to be in the business, some photos of your work, possibly a story of a thrilled customer, and ways for customers to reach you. In addition, you can include a blog page on your site because fresh content, added to your blog as often as possible, will bring lots of traffic to your site. As a general rule, the more you add fresh, keyword-focused material to your blog, the more the search engines will like you up and send viewers to your site.

For your blog, you can add all sorts of product or service related things beneficial to your readers, which you hope are potential buyers of your products or services. You add a benefit to them by writing material that they will find informative and useful – they provide a benefit to you as potential customers and clients.

Print Media

While some people claim print media is headed into oblivion, some of the top marketers in the nation think just the opposite. In fact, many of them consider print media to still be the most effective way to market a product. They refer to this as direct marketing; sending something to a select group of people with the hopes that they will want to purchase their product. Obviously, since you can not know if an individual you send a card or brochure to could even afford or want what you sell, direct marketing must be done in a specific way.

In most print marketing of your product, you do not go try to find the buyer … you let the buyer come to you. How to do this? Here are a few ideas:

1. Create postcards or fliers. On a card or trifold paper, write a captivating description of what you have to sell and add a photo or two. Make it really sing, and include all the benefits to entice potential readers to call you or come by your store.

Distribute these cards where you can, in places like laundromats, at apartment buildings, on car windows – only be careful not to break any soliciting or marketing laws. I have done this kind of marketing door to door in neighborhoods with great effect. You never know who may read it and discover your product is just what they were looking for. And even if the marketing does not sell that particular …

CRM Software – Real Time Access and Decision Making for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

CRM Software – Real Time Access and Decision Making for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service


A flexible CRM software solution will help you track valuable information about your customers. Having real time access to detailed reporting and dashboards will allow you to optimise many of your business processes. Whether you are a decision maker for marketing, sales or customer service, having the right information at the right time will help you make the right decisions for your business.

Real time customer information can be leveraged to construct powerful KPIs such as business process profitability and so account for the opportunity revenue as well as service costs of customers. Such KPIs can enable your management to implement strategies to attain more profitable customers while reducing unprofitable customers and increase customer satisfaction driving up the overall profitability of the business.

As a marketing decision maker you are always looking to drive the marketing return on investment. Having a real time dashboard for your customer relationship management system will help you to demonstrate the impact your marketing efforts are having by tracking the performance of the entire Target-to-Revenue process. As such you can closely monitor marketing investments in aggregate and individually to understand actual versus expected results.

Having customer data available to you at all times has a number of major benefits such as:

• Your marketing management will be faster and more effective

• You will measure your marketing spend, plan more efficiently and course-correct underperforming campaigns while still active

• You can adjust and align your strategy with resources to drive toward your marketing goals.

• You can reduce wasted expenditure by identifying underperforming investments.

• Gain and share insight about your marketing strategy’s impact on revenue and projected revenue.

• You can segment customer data to make better customer target decisions.

• Workflow-driven processes increase reach and relevancy

• Seamless tracking of cross-channel communications saves time and money

As a sales decision maker driving revenue is your primary goal. To do this effectively, accurate forecasts are essential. These will mitigate the risk of poor sales performance by gaining insight into projected sales performance. Moreover, a CRM software dashboard will help you monitor the ongoing health of sales performance with dynamic snapshots of metrics such as actual versus planned sales results, pipeline performance, and win/loss ratios. You will then be in a position to address sales and marketing issues sooner and more quickly. For example, if you can implement repeatable sales processes sooner and adjust sales strategies as obstacles are identified your closure rates are likely to increase. From a sales management perspective, access to real time CRM data will:

• Allow you to define KPIs that cascade and roll up across your sales organisation and provide views that support easy browsing such as by time or location.

• Give you scorecards to display KPIs showing status and trend on key sales metrics.

• Show you customer profitability and allow you to monitor and improve long term business profitability.

• Provide visual dashboard reports such as opportunities, top 5 sales people, estimated vs actual value of opportunities and revenue across product types.

As a customer service decision maker a primary objective is to ensure and increase customer satisfaction. Real time customer data will give you a simple scorecard view to monitor customer service and support processes against customer experience metrics. You can then mitigate potential threats to customer satisfaction and your brand image by addressing issues with products, agents or contact centres proactively. Additionally, a detailed CRM software solution will help you:

• Reduce your customer service costs. You can identify, prioritise, and address the most costly aspects of your service process. For example if you have contact centres or agents, you can quickly identify better processes and so cutting training costs and develop a rewards program for efficient work practices.

• Improve your service metrics by reviewing a real time dashboard. Monitoring the performance of service processes, centres, and agents will allow you to adjust resources and processes to address the most important issues.

CRM software solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, whether you choose an in house solution that integrates to your other business systems or a web based CRM software solution will help you monitor, measure, manage and drive your business. CRM can give you access to real time customer information in a simple drill down dashboard view. As such it is an essential management tool that allows you to analyse customer information and make more effective business decisions at the right time.


Source by Antony Dutton

Twitter Marketing Tips – What is Working For Me

Twitter Marketing Tips – What is Working For Me


The absolute # 1 best Twitter marketing tip I can give someone who wants to build or expand their online or offline business with Twitter is to be persistent. Persistence pays off on Twitter just as it does with blogging and other social sites. If people do not see and hear you they will lose interest fast, just ask a movie star. Just post regularly, a few times a day. Follow as many people as you can and engage in discussions often. Respond to what other people have to say. Post about whatever interests you, because it WILL interest someone. You will attract people like yourself and those will be the people who are easiest and best to work with most times. Sometimes post what interests you even if you do not think anyone else will find it interesting. Experiment and have fun with this.

There is no right and wrong way to use Twitter!

This is not sales, where we've had thousands of years of experience to build on. Twitter was only invented a couple years ago. Sometimes you try something on Twitter and people will react negatively, but those people are full of baloney. Do not worry about the negative people out their own, just keep following your path. Find out what works for you, and go with it. The only way to be wrong on Twitter is to be annoying and self serving.

Britney Spears has a social media director to update her social media accounts, with input from Britney herself, of course, and her assistant, her publicist, and the rest of her huge entourage. At first I thought it was crazy and wrong. The essence of Twitter is that you update it yourself, even if you're a celebrity, and be transparent. Let people see exactly who you are. Hiring someone to use Twitter for you seemed wrong, kind of like hiring someone to go play poker for you. But, her approach seems to work for her and her fans on Twitter love it. Now other stars are jumping on the band wagon with Twitter. They realize what a great marketing medium it is. It lets your personality shine through and builds relationships / fans.

If you just keep tweeting, and participating in the conversation, you'll find a voice that works for you. Remember, there are people out there who will bond with you. You just have to help them find you. You have to keep yourself in the Twitter arena as much as possible so they see you.

I invest time every day on Twitter. I try to talk to people one-on-one, not just broadcast. The one-on-one conversations are the ones people will remember and they'll want to know more about you if they resonate with you and your personality. And I always try to be either entertaining or informative, or both, even when I'm just twisting about what I had for lunch. They have to have a reason to want to come back and read more of your Tweets.

The # 2 Twitter marketing tip I have to do not worry about who you follow or who is following you. The good ones who are interested in you and what you have to say will stick. The others will fade away and drop off to find what works for them, and that's a good thing. Only certain people will be the ones you want to work and play with anyhow. It's a natural law. Accumulating large numbers of followers is a worthy pursuit in that large numbers impress people. Up front this is good, because more people will stop to take a look at what you're all about. People follow leaders. This just adds up to expose you to more people. It puts you out in a viral way. Do not forget the important things though, in your passion to get 100,000 followers. The real value that you get from Twitter, or any social media site, comes from the personal and professional connections you make. And you make those connections one at a time!

It's kind of like face-to-face networking. The best connections I've ever made at conferences and seminars are not at the big networking events with hundreds of people in attendance. My best friends and business deals were made by going out to a bar for a drink or having lunch with a few people I met in a hallway or even in the bathroom. But, the huge gathering of people is what exposed me to them. Think of Twitter as your way to find lots of people to sort through, to find the good ones that will enrich your life.

One thing I try not to do is ask my followers to RT (retweet) my personal Tweets. It just seems a …

Direct Mail Marketing: How Can You Reach New Customers?

Direct Mail Marketing: How Can You Reach New Customers?


Recent credit card companies discovered that direct mail marketing will work for their advantage. They also found out that the best way to be able to reach new customers is by direct mailing. According to a recent survey, 77% of consumers who were not customers before were already driven online. Before, credit card companies spent a lot of money for their massive marketing through TV and radio advertisements. But now they turn their heads to direct mailing campaign.

With direct mail campaign, credit card companies know that they can reach every place in the globe with less cost. They are now targeting new high school graduates or college freshmen. They know that a college student is very much eager to have a credit card in their wallets and the response rate from a college student is very high. As soon as they have graduated high school, college students are now receiving credit card offers through mails. And in most cases almost all college students what they offered credit cards applied within months of mailing.

For smaller business, this is how direct mail marketing works for them. Let's say that your products are golf gadgets:

Step 1: You should determine who purchases golf gadgets

Your product costs so much and mostly only men purchase golf gadgets. Clients aging between 30 to 45 years old with an annual net salary of $ 80,000 or more are the only ones who will most likely buy your products.

Step 2: You should determine the locations of your clients.

Your target clients should probably live in nice exclusive subdivisions or villages or have houses with values ​​greater than $ 200,000. You can get your list if you will go to directories and gather contact information of those people who live in places like this or those people who live near golf courses.

Step 3: You should determine how many mailings

You should always plan ahead on how many mails you are going to send and when will you send them. Your golf gadgets are expensive items and usually if you are selling expensive items, it needs longer time for you to generate sales. This only means that you have to send more mails in order to be notified by your targeted clients. The secret to generating more sales is that you should let your clients see your advertisements often. The more they see your advertisements the higher the possibilities that they will purchase your products.

Step 4: Consider your Design and Printing

Almost all of the printing houses have in-house designers that will assist you in designing your mailing piece for your targeted clients. When the design is already done the printing house will now print your mail piece. But, before you proceed in printing your mail piece, you should review and be sure that all texts are printed correctly. Check the grammar, the spelling and check if the design is pleasing to the eye.

Step 5: Start Mailing your Mail Piece

After printing your mail piece you are now ready to start sending your mails to your targeted clients. Let the mailing house do the job. A mailing house is a service provider who handles the addressing and the sending of the actual mails. They can deliver your mail piece in volume in a certain area by just giving them one address and the mailing house will deliver all the mails surrounding the area.

Using the services of a mail house is a much cheaper choice compared to sending mails individually through a post office. There are a lot of mail houses that can help you send your mail piece. Choose what is best for you.


Source by Nitesh Patel

How Content Marketing Can Help Build Your Business

How Content Marketing Can Help Build Your Business


It’s no secret that the internet has become the #1 source for information. The Web is the largest market for seekers of information and providers of information. No matter what your business, everyone must have a website. If you don’t, you can be assured that you are a step behind your competition.

What should be included on your site? At a minimum, you must state who you are (About Us Page) and what you do (Home & Product/Services Page). This is all fine and dandy. But how do potential customers find you?

Two simple words can answer this question: “Content Marketing”. The second word is easy to describe. Marketing is simply promoting/advertising your product or service. However, the traditional methods (brochures, TV ads, fliers) are being replaced by more cost effective methods. That leads us to the first word: content. Many of us have heard the term before. But what exactly does it mean?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is defined as “a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant, consistent, and valuable information to a defined audience.” The key word here is valuable, meaning it is something the end user wants and would pay for. Compare that to and advertisement or junk mail (spam) that someone either turns off immediately or throws in the garbage because they find no value in it. Content marketing doesn’t explicitly promote a brand like a commercial for Nike or Coke does. The information is targeted to a specific group who wants it or seeks it out. Thus you are building a long term, personal relationship with your (potential) customers versus treating them like a sale. No one likes to feel like they are being sold to. They want to feel like they are part of a story, and people love stories.

The next question is why would a business create content in the first place? The main answer is to build their BRAND. Your brand is your #1 asset. It can take years to build, but only minutes to destroy. Your brand shows you are an expert in your field. You also raise awareness to consumers about issues they may not have considered previously. Traditional marketing is only effective after the consumer has made the decision to buy. Content marketing moves them along the buying process.

Creating content is much more cost effective than traditional marketing, thus resulting in a greater ROI. What are some key characteristics of good content?

· It’s FREE: users don’t have to pay for it

· Attracts and retains audiences who will eventually become customers. Your typical :30 radio or TV add is forgotten almost immediately

· Contains backlinks to your website, thus creating a compound effect as your content is shared with your user’s users and their user’s users.

· Must be mobile friendly as many internet users browse on smartphones and tablets

· Must be keyword oriented for SEO algorithms used by Google and other search engines (a keyword is something you type in your browser when you want to look for something specific. I’m a writer so hopefully I’ll show up when someone types in “freelance writer, copywriter, or simply writer”

· Finally, it must contain a call-to-action (prompt the user to do something)

What are some examples of content marketing?

· Blogs

· Success Stories

· Podcasts

· YouTube videos

· Whitepapers

· Articles

· Social Media posts

· E-books

· Newsletters

I hope you found this information useful, as I expect content marketing to replace traditional marketing in the not-to-distant future. I’m sure all of you will now become expert marketers and see your visitors multiply exponentially, thus resulting in more conversions.


Source by David Bialecki

Advertising Tricks and Techniques

Advertising Tricks and Techniques


They Never Compensate For A Lack Of Confidence And Perceived Value In The Mind Of The Consumer

Most business owners and marketers – maybe even you – have been conditioned to try to learn little advertising tricks and technique … mostly because that's the only thing being taught in any school. I have heard many people mistakenly say "teach me the tricks of the trade. ' This is sad because in reality, they need to learn THE TRADE … in other words, the principles of successful advertising – instead of just learning the TRICKS. There's a good reason why all good teachers of marketing and advertising go through all the principle-based strategies before they move on to the techniques and tips.

Let me tell you that I have a big problem just teaching techniques. Let's look at a quick story to illustrate why. My oldest son's name is Joe and sometimes we go to the local fast food chain drive-in and get french fries. When Joe was really little, like 2 or 3, sometimes the french fries would come out too hot for him to eat, so he'd ask me to cool them down. Well, how do you cool down a hot french fry when you're in the car? You hold it up to the air conditioner vent and crank it up for a few seconds until it cools off!

We called this technique the "fast food cool down technique." I know you've done this! Well, my son, being smarter than most (at least that's what most parents always say, right?), He could do this technique all by himself, even at a very young age. Then I remember one time, I looked over there at Joe, and he was doing the fast food cool down technique and I had not told him to do it or reminded him to do it or anything. He was just doing it. And I was thinking, "Wow, he really is pretty smart." Then I looked closer, and actually had to do a double take. I realized that there were two problems – first, the french fry was not hot and second, the air conditioner was not even turned on. See, Joe was executing the technique to perfection – it's just that the situation was totally wrong; he could not understand what conditions had to exist before that technique would work. What I had was a small child executing a technique to its absolute perfection without any understanding of the principles that made that technique work in the first place. He did not understand the principals, just the technique.

And that's how it is with sales techniques and marketing techniques and advertising techniques. Let me give you an example, direct mail. Back in the 70s, guys started coming out of the woodwork teaching techniques for tricking people into reading their junk mail. They teach to send your sales letter in a plain white regular sized envelope with no return address with a first class stamp and handwritten address. People would get it and go, "Wow! A letter from someone who forgot to write their return address! I wonder who it is?" Then they'd open it. What do you do when you get a white hand written envelope with no return address on it? You pitch it without even opening it! You know it's junk. You know it's a waste of your time. But people are still using that technique, just like a 3 year old holding a cold french fry up to an a / c vent that's not even turned on!

Here's another advertising trick used by car dealers. They're notorious for using tricks because, they have not yet innovated their business adequately so as to be perceived as being different than their competitors. They do not have a good inside reality, so instead they try to trick you into believing they offer a better value. I will not even talk about the loss leader trick, where they put a stripped-down, low price model in their ad that lures you onto the lot only to find that model does not exist. No, that's too obvious. Everyone knows that trick. How about this one: I saw an ad that featured the headline, "Pay No Tax On All New Models." You look at that and instantly draw a conclusion that you will not have to pay the sales tax, which on a $ 25,000 vehicle could mean a savings of a couple of thousand bucks. I saw that and went "Wow, that's a great value … pay no tax." Then I saw the teeny, tiny type at the bottom of the page. It said, "Dealership will pay the INVENTORY tax on the vehicle, customer is liable for all state and local sales taxes." Now I …

Welding Jobs: Ideas You Can Use At Home To Make Money Welding (No Boss While You Make $100,000)

Welding Jobs: Ideas You Can Use At Home To Make Money Welding (No Boss While You Make $100,000)


What if you could make $100,000 a year welding from home?

What if you could make even an extra $500 a month from home, using your current skills? If you are a welder with basic welding skills and you are between jobs or you are being under paid in your current job, it might be worth your time to read this article – let’s think outside the box for just a minute on how you can make money welding from home.

From Home Welding # 1:

Teaching or tutoring any skill is a very profitable business. In any town of any size you’ll see at least one tutoring business in a strip mall brick and mortar location. In that same town will be at least a dozen other tutors working from home, making good money.

Yes, most of the time they are tutoring math and reading to students. Lean back and think about what skills you have that can also be used in a tutoring business you can set up and milk cash from, like milk from a cow.

Let’s say you are good enough with TIG to weld razor blades or pop can butts.

If you can teach a non welder to operate a TIG torch good enough to go on and practice on their own at their home in about 3 hours of your hands on theirs – they will pay up to $100 an hour for 3 hours of TIG instruction. Just 2 students a day would bring you $100,000 a year. If you think I’m kidding I’m NOT! There are many reasons why education is so valuable – and that includes intense, focused tutoring in welding.

6G pipe welding is the highest paid of all welding certifications – most 6G welders make $100k to $300k a year – and demand is crazy. However, if you are a 6G welder and you want to stay home, you can set up and teach 6G in your garage. Let’s say you do this with 7 students, each paying you $10,000 for a 3 month course. Yes, they will pay it – especially if you show them how they will have more time with your hand on theirs (the #1 secret to learning 6G fast).

From Home Welding # 2:

I was in Palm Springs the other day. I have been in and around the trades for 30 years… and when you see a tradesman’s truck and it is late model without dents or many scratches, clean, organized and well equipped, it means (99% of the time) that guy is making money.

I pulled up to a light behind just such a truck – “Joe’s BBQ Service and Repair.” That’s it – that is all Joe does. He will weld cast aluminum or steel. He’ll clean and polish. He’ll replace a burner or a control. OR he’ll buy your old unit and sell / or sell you a new one.

Yes, you need a town with a lot of high end BBQs. Other than that, go get it.

From Home Welding # 3:

Large steel cut outs. In art of all kinds, size matters. For example, 20 years ago we purchased two 4′ long coat racks – each is a piece of 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 1/8″ angle 4′ long with 6 horse shoes welded to the angle to hang the coats.

On the horizontal surface of the angle is welded a scene made of 7 horse and 7 tree cut-outs. We paid $185 for each of these 20 years ago… that would be about $300 a piece in today’s dollars.

The problem with you making these is that the 14 cut outs on each unit are too small too many to cut by hand – you need a computerized plasma table to make these.

Here is where the magic of size makes all the difference.

The artist who drew the cut outs on our coat rack was good. Each of the 7 horses is different and beautiful, as well as the trees. Any – or all of these – cut outs can be scaled up with chalk onto a sheet of say 4′ x 8′ x 3/16″ steel. Now, all you need is a plasma or an oxy torch to create the large version.

What would a horse cut from a 4′ x 8′ sheet sell for?

$300 to $700. It would depend on where you are and how you market it. Marketing is a large part of any business. Good marketing is not hard – you can do it.

You can see, if you could get a “business pipe” full of inventory and sales and you were delivering 2 horses a day, you could easily make $100k. The other major opportunity with big cut outs is gates. …

Earn From Company – Paid Market Research Survey

Earn From Company – Paid Market Research Survey


Yes, you can earn from company-paid market research survey . It is
really easy. But first you have to understand how this employment opportunity
came about, to better appreciate it. Big companies earn from selling their
products and services, and to better get "a fee" for what their customers want,
these big companies must use some strategy to accurately survey their target

Knowing what their target markets want means these companies can better "fine
tune "their services and products. This is where you come in
consumers that these companies value, they want your input, your opinions, and
collect these info as basis for their decisions to improve their products, or
improve how it is being marketed. This is how you can earn from company-paid
market research surveys.

In the old days, volunteers were taken out, but then market research has
evolved to a point where it has taken advantage of the rise of the Internet.
Nowadays, big companies offer to pay their people who participate in filling out
their surveys. They pay cash that comes as check in the mail once you complete
their online survey forms. Go online and visit these numerous companies, and
sign up. Soon, you can earn from company-paid market research surveys .

This temptation does not come without some possible setbacks. In most websites,
some side ads offer you payment for taking online surveys, but some of them only
end up trying to sell you products, instead of leading to a company's website
with the survey form. You will have to get used to this, and in time filter out
the fakes from the real ones.

But once you find the real ones, all you have to do is fill out a form, answer a
few questions, and that's it. Your investment will be your time, an Internet
connection, a PC, and some honest answers. Earning from company-paid market
research survey has never been this easy.


Source by Myra Green

What Are Affiliate Marketing Programs

What Are Affiliate Marketing Programs


Affiliate marketing programs are a great source of income, probably one of the top three sources of income for a great internet business and one not to be ignored, and it's one that you can get up and running very quickly with a limited budget.

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way of making money online especially when you utilize a blog. Your affiliate marketing blog has to accomplish two things, excellent content and establish credibility for your products. Your affiliate marketing blog has to be more than just a marketing channel but a place where people come to find information in the related industry. Therefore, you can not just talk about your product but you have to provide some value so the reader can be enriched by your information.

Picking great products is something that you will need to learn how to do. This will start by doing some research into what people want. You can do this by visiting forums and see what problems people are asking about. This will help you see what products will have a better chance of selling. Visit such sites as eBay as well to get a good idea what is hot right now. If you do good research you will be able to pick a few hot selling products to promote.

Choosing the right products and services to market on your website or blog is one thing. Implementing various steps of web promotion like providing back links on various other sites, article submission to directories online, commenting on blogs and writing informative blogs yourself are all part of the mechanism involved in successfully obtaining into affiliate marketing.

In business, you have to have a broad customer base and this comes with successful advertising and marketing. With partnerships with other businesses you can reach a wider audience resulting to more sales generating more profit. That is simple common knowledge. This is a win-win situation; two or more businesses trying to help each other will provide more sales and can benefit all of those involved with the website.


You've done your research, you've now got your products, you've got your affiliate links, banners, replicated web sites, blog is all set up. You can now start to drive traffic to these places and make sales. STOP

We have all heard the saying "The Money is in the List" your list is your financial security on the internet. So you drive the traffic to your pages and start making sales, the customer's details all go onto a list but it's not your list. The list belongs to the company or product you are promoting, that will be your one time only contact with that customer. You did all the work to get that customer but the details now belong to the company you are promoting; they will be selling them in the future not you.

You have to be building your own list if you want financial security for the future, along with researching your products you need to find companies that allow you to build your own list, which will allow you to market to them in the future.

Pete Davies


Source by Pete Alan Davies

Why Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Is a Better Option

Why Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Is a Better Option


Digital marketing emphasizes on direct interaction with the user or customer rather than using just display ads. It is an engagement technique which is an effective way to develop customer loyalty. As we know, digital marketing is a very cost- efficient method of marketing. As compared to traditional methods, it is not only cheaper but also much more effective. But the dilemma is on whether it must be done in-house or outsourced. There are a number of digital agencies in the market today. Let us see why a digital agency must be rented rather than doing it in-house.

• Hiring a new employee could cost you anywhere around Rs. 20,000. And this is only for freshers. To add to this, there is the cost of training them and providing essential company benefits. On the other hand, if you get an experienced person, this sum is doubled and for a perfect professional it could be anywhere around a few lakhs. A digital agency on the other hand, would barely cost you half that price and also save you the efforts of finding the right fitting employee.

• Digital Marketing in itself is much cheaper than traditional forms of marketing. A time slot on TV, space on a little hoarding or even a little ad in the newspaper (or a front page ad) will cost you a bomb. Whereas digital simply creates brand awareness. Marketing as a whole works on two principles- Pull Approach and push approach. Push approach is mostly calling, e-mail marketing etc. But the pull approach is most effective. Digital marketing essentially follows this method. It advertizes your brand to the particular person only when he / she is actively searching for something related to your product or service. Thus, getting a higher rate of lead generation as well as conversion rate.

• Hiring an agency is not only cheaper but also gives you quality service. They come with the skills and expertise of a pro. They have years of experience on their hand and also have someone constantly working on your project. This can get your work done faster.

• Incase you are not satisfied with that agency; you could easily let them go. This is not the case with an employee. It is quite a difficult, expensive and a long procedure to remove an employee after investing much in his / her training. And after this, go through the same whole procedure of hiring someone new.
I think all of this is reason enough to out- source your digital marketing to an agency rather than doing it yourself.


Source by Seenath Kumar

Mobile Content Market Trends and Opportunities 2011 – 2017

Mobile Content Market Trends and Opportunities 2011 – 2017


The mobile content market covers many forms of media such as music, text, pictures, videos, etc. These media forms can be accessed using a mobile device which can be a smartphone or tablet handheld device. Devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android devices have transformed the way consumer access content.

Mobile Content Market Drivers and Opportunities

The demand for mobile content is growing rapidly. Various factors attribute to the growth of this market.

Market Drivers

Rapidly increasing disposable incomes, innovative products and technologies, and mobile devices with advanced features tend to boost the growth of this market. Decreasing prices with the competitor’s product with increasing mobile bandwidth and speed has also supported the growth of the mobile phone content industry.

A market intelligence firm has stated that the global and the U.S. mobile phone content market was worth $6.5 billion in 2011. It is anticipated to reach a total value of $18.6 billion in 2017, with a CAGR of 19% during the forecast period of 2011 to 2017.

Market Opportunities

On the other hand, factors such as decreasing market share of U.S. sales of ringtones along with distribution and marketing challenges hamper the growth of this market. However, the industry has many opportunities which will increase the revenue shares of the market.

Joint ventures between publishers and marketers and the role of devices and network in the mobile content industry will provide further opportunities for key players in this market. In addition, trends such as growth of social networking and availability of multiple options for substitute products in mobile content industry will support the growth of the market. Key players also have untapped opportunities in the sector of free and fee-based mobile phone content services.

Segmentation of the Mobile Content Industry

The global market for this report is segmented in two major parts which are the revenue-generated and user-type. These two segments are further divided into mobile games, mobile music, and mobile video.

Dominant Mobile Games Sector

The same market intelligence company has stated that the mobile games sector is expected to be the largest segment in the industry and reach a value of $11.4 billion by the end of 2017. Mobile games sector was the largest market sector in 2011 with a revenue share of 53.3%. It is predicted that this segment will further solidify its position in the overall market with a 61.7% market share by the end of 2017. The mobile games market worldwide was worth $3.5 billion in 2011 and will amount to $11.4 billion in 2017 with a 21.9% CAGR during the forecast period.

U.S., the Dominant Regional Sector

According to geography, the global mobile device market is segmented into U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. The U.S. market for mobile content stood out as the largest regional market with an impressive revenue share of 30.3% in 2011. Faster adoption of mobile content in U.S. will considerably increase the market share to 41% by the end of 2017.

Mobile Content Marketing Trends

It is predicted by market analysts, that in the coming few years the mobile market’s revenue will double than the current figures within a year.

Consumer Trends

Consumers while buying mobile device content tend to compare content features, smart devices, and innovative technologies in the market. This factor tends to impact the mobile content industry greatly. The demand for mobile content will continue to grow in future as more mobile devices arrive every month on the market.

Mobile Optimized Sites Vs. Apps

In addition, the competition is growing between mobile optimized sites versus mobile-native content. This trend is one of the biggest struggles for mobile content provides whether to invest in mobile optimized sites or to invest in mobile-native content like apps.

According to Forbes, one of the key components to monetizing the mobile content is by selling apps. However, selling apps for two dollars a piece is not the only way to make apps profitable. Selling ads is one of the way companies can make profit.

Browse the full report with TOC:


Source by Nitin R Sirsat

E-mail Marketing Software

E-mail Marketing Software


Several businesses have made huge profits just by relying on good e-mail marketing techniques. E-mail marketing software help run the marketing and advertising aspects of a business smoothly. E-mail marketing is popular because with permission based e-mail marketing, marketing is done at very low cost, measurable very easily and instantly trackable.

Features of E-mail Marketing Software:

1. Some e-mail marketing software collect target e-mail addresses of prospective clients by listing and documenting the visitors to your site. This is helped immensely if you start a newsletter, which is a convenient method of obtaining e-mail addresses as well as informing them about latest products very easily.

2. Some e-mail marketing software has auto responders that will send polite responses to e-mail queries that their request is being processed and that the company will soon send them details. This helps increase customer relationship and is a step towards customer retention.

3. Verifies with the prospects if they agree to receive e-mails from your sites and helps to make a list of those who agreed to receive e-mails.

4. Have features that help to identify and delete dead e-mail links.

5. Helps to organize e-mail addresses, classify prospects, and analyze the status of your marketing strategy.

6. Helps run more than one campaign and send e-mails to different groups of prospects about different campaigns, helping send each prospect the correct e-mail.

7. You can schedule e-mail marketing software to send e-mails to clients after elapsed time, marketing your products or inquiring if they liked your services.

Advantages of E-mail Marketing Software:

1. User-friendly interfaces.

2. Automatically adds new addresses of visitors to your site.

3. Automatically sends welcome messages to new subscribers no matter how huge the number.

4. Some of them offer attractive newsletter templates that can be used to lure new clients.

5. Keep your e-mails safe from spam filters making sure they reach the target customers?

Over 70 percent of people have purchased new products based on permission-based e-mails sent to them. You should not understimate the power of e-mail marketing techniques.

To take advantage of these benefits, you have to find out about e-mail marketing software, determine the costs and features offered by different vendors and choose the software that best suits your needs, taking into consideration the cost as well as features suitable for your business. You have to remember that permission-based e-mail marketing is the best technique to avoid being tagged as spam.

Designing attractive e-mails, keeping the message short and to the point, replying to inquiries, and asking visitors to sign up for free newsletters ensures you a a constant supply of prospective customers. When used the right way, e-mail marketing software can benefit the business immensely.

There are firms that offer services as well as products to help run a business successfully.


Source by Alexander Gordon

Target Marketing and Market Segmentation

Target Marketing and Market Segmentation


Definition of Target Market

To ensure that marketing efforts fulfill customers’ needs and wants as well as bring profits, the business should identify and focus its efforts on a selected group of customers. This is to ensure that the marketing efforts taken are within the scope and capabilities of the business. The target market is therefore defined as a group of customers with specific needs and wants that can be satisfied by the business through supply of specific goods and/or services.

Importance of Identifying the Target Market

There are several reasons why a business decides on a specific target market. The first reason is that it is impractical and almost impossible for a business to offer a product that can satisfy the needs and wants for the entire population. The second reason is that most business has limited resources in terms of time, money and manpower. This limitation means that the business must focus its activities on attracting a core group of customers that has the highest potential to purchase goods or services offered.

The existence of a target market does not mean that a business should ignore the other groups of customers that exist in the same market. These other groups may be the secondary market and may bring income to the business. However, the main income is derived from the primary target market. As circumstances change, a business may also change its target market.

Steps in Identifying the Target Market

1. Identify the product or service to be offered

A business needs to first identify a viable product or service based on the needs and wants of the market. This is often done through a survey that can give vital information and ideas about products that the business can offer. As an example, a general survey of the Malaysian public revealed that a large and growing percentage of the population prefers chicken meat and chicken based products. The survey also indicated that the main consumers for these products are town and city dwellers within the age of five to 25 years.

Possible businesses or products that can be developed from the survey include chicken rearing, processed chicken, chicken meat supply, processing of chicken meat based food products, manufacturing of chicken feed and fast food catering service based on chicken meat. While each idea fulfills a basic need for chicken based food in different ways, each idea or product may require different business set-ups and marketing efforts.

2. Second: Focus the marketing effort

After identifying products or services that can satisfy the needs and wants of the market” the business should focus its marketing efforts as follows:

Identify the market area and business location

A market area can be segmented by certain geographic factors, such as region, states, cities, towns or districts. The key factor to consider is the physical distance between the business location and the target market. In small and medium-sized businesses a suitable physical distance depends on the nature of the business and the relative importance of being physically close to the target market. Business that manufactures its product in one place and sells them at various locations will enjoy better market coverage compared with a business that depends on customers to frequent their premises. Other factors that may influence the geographic consideration include access to the business premises, customer mobility, additional horne delivery services as well as the availability of public transport system in that area.

Collect information and data of customers

The business has to compile as much information and data as possible of ‘ the customers in the market area selected. Information can be based on personal details and attributes of the population in that area, their lifestyles and any psychological factors that may influence buying habits.

Segmenting the market

By compiling the geographic, demographic and psycho-graphic factors of the market can now divide the total market into smaller groups or market segments based on identifiable common traits and buying preferences Thus, within the same geographic area. It is possible to have several market segments. Mistakes in market cause businesses to lose sales.

Market segmentation has been widely used by marketers. The shampoo market, for instance, has been segmented by different variables such as gender, hair conditions, hairstyles, hair care, usage pattern, usage frequency and even lifestyle. Through segmentation, a business can identify an overlooked market and develop a product to exploit that market.

3. Third: Determine the target market

Once the market segmentation has been identified, select a target market for your business niche. In general, a target market is selected by a high potential of profit compared to other market segmentation.


Source by Salehudin Sawiran

What the Newspaper Ad Person Will not Tell You

What the Newspaper Ad Person Will not Tell You


Newspapers are considered the PRIMARY advertising
medium by 99.4% of all retailers. Newspapers have
was there in every step of the typical store
owner's life from the very beginning. Newspapers
covered his birth, his high school graduation, his
engagement, his marriage, the death of his parents
and everything else.

Permanent declination circulation figures and
increasing ad rates, newspapers still reach large
audiences, daily.

Many, if not most, retailers, lay out their own
ads. It is said that over the years, merchants
have come to believe the only way to get it right
is to do it themselves. This thinking has given
rise to the new breed of newspaper salesperson. No
training, just a list of customers and the daily
question "Gotchyur ad ready yet?"

You should understand the newspaper's weaknesses
and learn to avoid them whenever possible.
The Skinny for and against newspapers.

There is no proof full page or double-truck ads
are more effective than half page ads. The savings
can be spent on a concurrent radio campaign or

The same with color. It looks great, but the
increased cost many times does not justify the
small increase in readership. Forget the color and
go with more frequency.

The paper is delivered daily, but there is no need
for an ad every day as the paper reaches the same
readers. 3 times a week works just fine. Spend the
difference in the shopper or on a supporting radio

Newspaper coupons will have a better rate of
redemption with a radio chaser. Especially if the
coupons are NOT in a Sunday paper competing with
85% of all coupons weekly. Think about a coupons
on Tuesday with siupportiung radio to drive them
to it.

What the newspaper ad person will not tell you:
Less than half of newspaper readers read the
entire paper. Most are skimmers. How many times
through the paper does it take for you to find
your own ad?

Over half of every paper is ads. Almost as bad as
TV. More than two-thirds of the Sunday brick is

Newspaper rates are climbing faster than the space
shuttle. The smallest of ads in the smallest
papers can cost over $ 100. One time, one shot and
POW !, its at the bottom of the bird cage.

Newsstand and subscriptions prices are rising,
too. 75 cents an issue is rapidly losing to 4

Most papers offer no competitive protection. Your
ad can be placed side-by-side with the
competition. Get the salesperson to guarantee you

Daily newspaper numbers are dwindling. There are
only a few more than 1000 daily papers. Smaller
communities must rely on weeklies or papers from
another area with a "local" section.

Newspapers are still a formidable advertising
force. Find ways to continue to use the paper to
increase store traffic, but do it with other
advertising so the media mix is ​​efficient. Do not
let anyone tell you NOT to advertise in the paper.


Source by Mike McDaniel

Turn Each Car to Be Repaired Into an Advertisement For Your Business

Turn Each Car to Be Repaired Into an Advertisement For Your Business


If you run a car repair business you have a duty to your customers to take good care of their cars while you are repairing them. That does not just apply to the inner workings either – it applies just as much to what you see on the outside.

So just imagine how impressed your customers will be if you use a wide range of top quality items such as car seat covers and floor mats to ensure their car comes back to them in great condition. What's more, these items are not just your everyday cheap plastic covers; they're made of the same recyclable material as your reusable bags are!

You may be surprised to learn that the hard wearing material used to make those bags can also be put to good use to protect your customers' cars while you are repairing them. Made of non woven polypropylene (or NWPP for short) the covers and floor mats are not only hard wearing and non-porous, they are also recyclable.

This is a great advert for your business, since it marks you out as someone who cares for the environment. Just think, you'll be buying far less protective covers and floor mats and spending less money in the process. And you'll also be reducing the amount of cheap plastic covers you send to the landfills!

When your tough and long lasting protective items do ever wear out (which takes quite some time!) There are recycling facilities that will collect them, melt them down and turn them into something else. So their life still goes on even when you are finished with them.

But as the case with eco friendly bags made from NWPP, you can also promote your business on every car seat cover, floor mat and guard cover you use. Cheap plastic mats and covers not only clog up landfills after just one use, they also do not give you the option to promote your business.

So just imagine the impact a brightly colored and eye catching seat cover and matching floor mat, printed with your business logo and details for everyone to see, will have!

It's not hard to see why so many car repair businesses are going green and refusing to buy any more of those plastic covers. The top quality recyclable covers may be more expensive initially but they last far longer and reduce the amount of waste you will send to the landfills to zero! Now that's an impressive reduction.

Do not forget you could even add a slogan to your covers and floor mats if you wish. If you want to promote the fact that you are going green with this product, why not say so on the item itself?

In short, no matter how long you have been in business you will always benefit from promoting yourself. And what better way to do it than with a stunning promotional set of matching protective seat covers and floor mats? Your customers are bound to be impressed!


Source by Chris Ballenden

Expert Tips for Success in Digital Marketing

Expert Tips for Success in Digital Marketing


Here are a few expert tips for successful digital marketing:

1. Adopt a Data-Driven Strategy:

In recent times, there has been an increasing trend of organizations working consciously with data-driven business strategies. These strategies can be considered as one of the evolutionary steps in the history of marketing. The data collected can be utilized to organize and achieve business objectives. Likewise, to build considerable ROI, Digital Marketing promotes data-driven strategies.

Every organization can have a different strategy as there are various types of data and also the channels through which they can be collected. To collect first-hand data, organizations can conduct internal market research through mobile survey, email campaigns, open survey etc. and learn about the current marketing trends. Organizations can strategize to decide the kind of data required and the most suitable way to acquire it.

2. Create Engaging Content, not just Quality Content:

Content rules the world of Digital Marketing like a King. Search engines like Google reward only those content pieces, blogs or images which do not compromise on quality and have greater engagement. However, along with the quality of content, the quantity of content must also be focused upon for engagement. In other words, for engagement, short blogs, images gif and relevant articles must be shared. The content posted on all the mediums must be such that the audience would share across their social networks.

The premium content styles like e-books, e-guides and presentations are measured slightly differently, through the number of downloads and link clicks. Hence, it is necessary to develop engaging content to improvise and learn from user feedback.

3. Introducing Visuals to Strengthen Storytelling:

Videos are found to be more engaging and digital marketing revolves around creating engagement. According to a report by Ascend on Video Marketing Strategy Survey, organizations are now working closely with moving pictures to create excitement among the audience.

Regardless of the motive to develop graphics or videos for the website, blog or social media, they are essential marketing tools which can attract engagement and help in the achievement of business goals. The key to Digital Marketing is effective storytelling and projecting the product or service to the prospects using attractive communication across all channels.

Since videos and images have their own search index in Google and YouTube, which can be given a helping hand in term digital marketing and business development. So it is necessary to work on visual storytelling, infographics, and unique video content to create more audience engagement onto your website or other channels and networks.

4. Build personalize marketing:

Personalized marketing helps in the success of the marketing through effective targeting. The key to content’s success is determined by the preferences and needs of the targeted audience. The audience gets a personalized experience where the product and service are based on their requirements.To get a better ROI, marketing must be targeted appropriately.


Source by Antarip Saikia

Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips for Beginners

Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips for Beginners


In this article I’m going to give you 10 simple but effective internet marketing tips and also some useful resources to go along with these.

1. Make a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel is not only very easy to make but also easy to manage. According to most internet marketers, video is the future of traffic as it continues to grow at a rapid pace year after year. So if you are not into blogging yet, you may begin your internet marketing journey by opening a YouTube channel. Additionally, you can repurpose things to your blog from your YouTube channel when your blog is up and running.

2. Build social media presence

Facebook alone has over one billion active monthly users and other social media such as Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest have hundreds of millions of users as well. Social media allow you to connect with your target audience on a whole new level.

3. Create your personal blog/website

As an internet marketer, you should have a blog or website of your own. You need it because it gets you targeted traffic and allows you to build your brand. Above all, it helps people find you in search engines.

4. Keep track of your numbers

Setup Google Analytics for your blog. It will allow you to know which contents are doing well and which ones are doing poorly.

5. Email marketing

Setup email marketing campaign right before your site goes live. Start collecting emails right away. You can offer some freebies so that people are encouraged to sign up to your newsletter. There are a number of companies available on the web that offer both free and paid email marketing services to website owners. Some popular email marketing service providers are Aweber, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Constant Contact etc.

6. Start podcasting

A podcast show is just like your own little radio show. You can use various platforms to host and stream your podcast files. Sites like Apple iTunes, Libsyn, Podbean, SoundCloud etc. offer podcast hosting services. You can also use that offers podcast hosting for free (unlimited disk space and bandwidth).

7. Content redistribution

Learn how you can repurpose your existing contents and redistribute them on sites like LinkedIn Pulse, Ezine Articles, Hub Pages, Medium and other authority sites. Also post alternative versions of your YouTube videos to other streaming sites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. Turn your videos into slideshow using MS PowerPoint and then share them on SlideShare.

8. Help people solve their problems

Create accounts on Quora and Yahoo Answers. Find out questions that are related to your niche. Try to answer questions and mention your website/brand name in your answers if relevant.

9. Advertise on Facebook and Google AdWords

In most cases, Facebook advertising is cheaper than Google AdWords. Facebook also provides more in-depth ad targeting options. So try to make the most out of Facebook ad by targeting user group more precisely and effectively.

10. Outsource some of your workload

Internet marketing job actually involves various types of tasks e.g. writing, video making, website and content management, reputation management, link building etc. You may hire freelancers from sites like Upwork, Freelancer or PeoplePerHour to do some of these tasks for you. It will help you grow and expand your business more quickly.


Source by Saidur Rahman

Your Book Marketing Plan

Your Book Marketing Plan


Writing is an art, one that brings joy to its creator. There is a definite yearning to get the words on paper and lastly have it printed on a book. For those looking to have their books published by a big publishing house there is much more required before they offer anyone a publishing contract; book proposal. The book proposal is for the publisher, a book marketing plan for you. It is a roadmap for your book marketing efforts. Both plans are integral for your book success.

Think about your book as a product, and that's exactly what it is. As any other product that you might consider to market to make a profit you must think of:

  • Its value compared to similar products and how yours is better.
  • You should also know who your customers would be and where to find them.
  • Avenues to advertise and promote your book off and online.
  • Possible sponsors for your book.
  • Stores, organizations or business who can offer your book in a gift with purchase offer
  • Where to get reviews to include on your book, your website and any other promotional material. Try to get reviews from people who are experts in your book topic; your readers will know them and their review will heavily influence their buying decision.
  • Analyze the content of your book and devise a way to develop a talk, workshop, or community based on one or more of the topics discussed in it.
  • Write a few articles related to your book to use as a traffic building tool to your website, web log or forum. There are many places where you can submit articles for others to use in their websites or electronic magazines as long as they keep it intact with all your information and links.
  • Think about other type of media you can include with the book like CD version, calendars, software, workbook, etc.
  • Develop a special report to be downloaded from your website as a thank you for their purchase. You can print the information within your book. If you have them register at your site before downloading the report you will be building your own fan mailing list.

There is so much you can do with a book if you only take time to think it over and plan for the marketing strategy before you write the first word.

According to a survey performed by Guerrilla Marketers' Cafe with over a hundred book lovers, one of the most important parts of a book who influenced their decision to buy was the back cover. Dan Poynter explains it in detail in his book The Self-Publishing Guide and Is There a Book Inside You? On it he explains step-by-step how to divide the back cover section and what items to include in it to make it more attractive and to impress the reader with your book's value. The book cover in general is a very important to the book, it's what the readers see first and it should attract them in just a few seconds. And excellent written book with a poor cover will not reach its audience. Go to the store and look at books in your genre and see what attachments you enough to pick up, notice its layout, colors, typeset graphics, etc. Make notes of the elements and then take that information to develop your own book cover design. When it comes to cover design a professional is your best choice, but if you can not afford one think about college students which you can hire for half the price or interest a graphic art class to take on your book cover as a project. You can contact college professors and propose the project for one of their classes. You can also request to have them make posters, cards, business cards or any other promotional material from it. Banners and logos will come in handy for when you develop your website or web log. There is a lot of software available you can also use to customize your own promotional material and then take it to your nearest printer or upload it online.

I hope you understand the importance of building a marketing plan for your book before you write your book. It is the key to make it a success and to be considered in the future for future ones. It does not matter if you submit your book to a publisher or self-publish your book, the process should be the same and you should have a clear vision of how the book will find its way into the readers' hands.


Source by Clary Lopez

Internet Marketing Using The Social Media Strategy

Internet Marketing Using The Social Media Strategy


Social media implies that you facilitate a two-way discussion, rather than a one-way bombardment of marketing messages. In short, this means that you stay engaged and in a discussion with visitors.

These marketing Media sites come and go like the wind. It looks like every 5 seconds some entrepreneur is just around the corner with another Digg or knockoff.

Hoping that whatever maneuver they bring to the table will make them this week's hot topic or at least clever enough to catch the eye of whomever might have some money and want to absorb some wicked bit of code or an anit community.

Social media (or new media) involves a LOT of things, a lot of tech, and could need a lot of resources (not necessarily money). When you say you use this type of marketing, and you want to launch a network of some sort, does that mean the entire process is done in-house?

Using these marketing strategies can bring traffic and links to any website. Too often, marketers overlook the value of marketing this way and tend to stick with traditional methods, while the younger generation of webpreneurs has employed social sites as an every-day strategy.

This type of internet marketing is growing at a such rate that domains, websites and blogsites will increase in value due to the increased demand for webspace. The social aspect is driving the net into new territory and expends exponentially because of its viral nature.

Social marketing – as understood in a Web 2.0 context and has enabled us to play more effectively than was previously previously, on a global field.

Applying these Social Marketing strategies has released us, freed us: and we will not go back. Using this form of marketing has been a great resource for both ideas and traffic for my blog. If you work and get noticed in social media and it gets passed around that's a great way to promote your work.

This form of media marketing seek's (in theory and in word, at least) is a different kind of influence: peer review and approval. The medium and the form of discourse that it supports are wide open.

Using these forms of marketing are considered a Branding Exercise – while these sites can send you a lot of traffic very very quickly they can also be excellent places to do branding. Every time a reader or potential reader comes across you on one of these site's the more you reinforce your brand.

Internet marketers have found that using this form medium is actually becoming necessary but it has to be done right. It is about the weight of numbers and it will bring some honesty, ethics and accountability back to doing business.

Social Media is conversational media in all its interactive formats including text, video and spoken words -when face to face, over the Internet, over the airwaves or via mobile technologies such as iPods and cell phones.

A Social Marketing Network Club is intended to be a place where amateurs and professionals can come together to learn from one another, to understand each other and to work together on the things that make meaning in their lives – their personal passions, their professional endeavors and their noble pursuits.

Everything is social now, we just expect it. Social marketing companies will race to provide metrics that show impressive results, but that's not necessarily a good thing, especially given the ways measurement may shape investment and in turn shape the evolution of social mediums.

These media campaign's go far beyond the traditional agency model of media planning and buying. So do advertisers they actually get into the game and get their campaign's out there.

Using this types of media for marketing is changing the way online businesses advertise because control of the message is shifting to the consumer.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a new term that was recently coined by Rohit Bhargava and has since been taking on life of its own. SMO tactics can drive huge amounts of people to a website and can also determine whether a startup, website or idea will make it or not.

Social marketing networks will be the optimal place to market especially with a recession. Social networks are a rich source of HIGHLY niche audiences and therefore are highly target-capable.


Source by William Potts

Online Marketing Takes Your Business to the Next Step

Online Marketing Takes Your Business to the Next Step


Online marketing is a rapidly growing and ever changing world. It is the process of promoting and advertising of your product or service. It has become a critical part of any good business's marketing plan. What was taboo years ago, has become a staple in the sales realm.

The magic of marketing online is the ability to reach literally thousands of potential clients. With one click of a button your can spread your product or service to the masses in very little time. Not only can you reach anyone and everyone, but you have the ability to find a target audience that is specifically looking for what you may be selling.

Although many use the internet to promote their business, it is not as easy as some would like to think. In order to achieve success with online marketing a solid promotion plan should be thought out before jumping into marketing. There are many marketing options available, take time to find the best fit for your business.

Success depends on finding your target audience. By creating a specific product or service, you will want to promote it to a specific kind of consumer. Instead of trying to market it to a broad spectrum of people, find those that are looking for what you are selling. For example if you have created the perfect dog leash, you will want to research and find canine owners looking for new ways to leash their furry friends. Feline lovers however, may not be interested in what you are peddling, and would be a waste of your time and effort.

Online marketing can catapult your business to the next step by bringing new customers to your business that would not have known you initiated before. You will see growth in your client base, profit increase, and your business will become a booming success.


Source by Jason Pearson

9 Handy Dandy Tricks to Score More Publicity

9 Handy Dandy Tricks to Score More Publicity


Maybe you are at the top of your game and wonder why the media isn’t ringing your phone off the hook – dying to cover your story or hear your words of wisdom.

Or maybe you’re an entrepreneurial newbie who wants to use the media to gain competitive advantage.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between.

No matter where you are, you are probably reading this blog because you desire more media coverage.

So, here are my handy dandy tricks to getting more media coverage for your business.

Do your homework

Want a specific outlet or reporter to cover your business? Know that outlet inside and out. Know exactly what that reporter covers and how they cover it. Set Google Alerts on the journalist’s name and devour all of their stories. Follow them on Twitter.

If you’re slacking off on your media homework, get back in gear.

Relationship first

Do you ever feel “icky” when someone constantly asks for favors?

Pitching the media can quickly adopt that “ick” factor if your communication sounds like:

“Write about me! Write about me! My business is awesome! Are you serious that you don’t want to cover my business? It’s so much better than the competition!”

Bulldoze this lame strategy and start building relationships with the media that matter. Remember, you aren’t trying to get ONE placement – your goal is to get ongoing coverage with your target media outlets.

If you are pitching someone that you’ve never connected with before, start out with a personal introduction rather than launching right into your pitch. Then….

Offer your expertise

The media are always looking for great sources to round out stories. Introduce yourself, share your credentials, and let them know you’re available ’round the clock for quotes and insight.

Adopt the “voice” of the media outlet

No two media outlets are alike. If you read two fashion magazines cover-to-cover, you’ll notice the difference. Same goes for TV, radio, blogs, and other media outlets. When writing your media pitch, try to adopt the tone and voice of the outlet.

Check Media Kits

A media kit is a package of promotional material typically shared with advertisers that provides insight into the audience demographics, readership stats, and sometimes an editorial calendar. Many national magazines have media kits online that are available to the public. This provides valuable insight for you to see what the target age, income, etc of the outlet is and the editorial calendars provide insight on future issues and topics.

Reporter Lead Services

Reporters use services like HARO ( ) and Profnet to search for experts, products, etc for upcoming stories. HARO is free and is conveniently delivered to your inbox daily. Profnet is a paid service, but the quality of outlets that post there is often worth the price for serious entrepreneurs looking for press coverage.

Tip Sheets

Create a list of tips based on your expertise (example: 10 Ways to Lose Weight at Work) and send to appropriate media outlets. These “lists” are often used in magazine sidebars, on blogs, and can combine nicely with visuals for TV segments.


Survey your customers and report the findings to the media. For example: 70% of clients stated that they lost more weight during the holidays than any other time of year. Why? Because they were more conscious about gaining holiday weight. A study like this could be a great lead-in to a story on continuing your weight-loss dedication post-holiday.

Tap Freelance Writers

Freelance writers develop stories for all kinds of media outlets. When you see an article that makes you think “I should have been a part of that,” Google the writer’s name and reach out with a brief introduction and offer yourself as a future source.

Have clients ready to go

If you’re a service professional, author, or expert and the media agrees to a story, they may ask to interview some of your clients to round out the piece. Set this in motion now by getting permission and testimonials from 2-3 clients that are willing to talk to the media. These folks will need to be OK with their full name, location, and other information being made public as well as be OK with being photographed or appearing live on television.


Source by Melissa Cassera

Top 5 Ways to Market a Pressure Washing Business

Top 5 Ways to Market a Pressure Washing Business


The marketing aspect of the pressure washing business or any business for that matter should be the most important part of your business. You can have the most expensive equipment and know exactly how to do the work, but without any customers your business will fail.

The marketing aspect of many small businesses is often put last on the priority list. In the initial stages of the pressure washing business just as much time and effort should be put into marketing as doing the jobs. Later, as you build a client base less emphasis can be placed on marketing, but the first year in business is where marketing your business is crucial.

Here are 5 top ways you can use to market your power washing business:

1. Make sure your customers become repeat customers.

It’s easier to make the sale the second time around because you’ve built trust and credibility into your clients mind. If you do quality work they will most likely need your services again in the near future. Document the clients name on a spreadsheet and make follow-up calls every few months.

Even if they don’t need the work right then, many times you will land a job because they will recommend your company to their next door neighbor or someone else they know. Just by calling you’re establishing a relationship, and people will keep you in mind when someone they know needs work done. Also make sure you leave them your business card or some other way they will remember your company information.

2. Advertise online

The internet is quickly replacing the phone book as a medium to advertise in. Make sure you get your website or company information in online directories. It’s important to have a website for your business to give you an advantage when marketing online, and it’s a credibility factor for your potential clients.

3. Use flyers in strategically placed areas

Instead of scattering your flyers all over the parking lot, try placing them in the waiting rooms or in small business waiting rooms. Post them on church bulletins so many different people will see your flyer instead of one person. It’s also a good idea to go to your local real estate offices and hand the agents your flyers.

4. Calling and faxing

Call a list of apartment complexes in your area and fax the property managers your company information. Usually if they need a bid for pressure washing they will tell you or call you later on.

5. Network with contractors and property managers

Spend some time getting to know property managers and contractors in your area. There is solid potential for repeat business if you find the right people to work with.


Source by Daniel Wessony

Is Your Marketing Working For You?

Is Your Marketing Working For You?


Marketing, done well, is a vital cog in many companies' strategies. Marketing performances many functions which are some of the keys to success over time. Good marketing helps pave the way for good sales. Effective marketing can be one of the leading factors in successful innovations and product or service enhancements.

Marketing can also be one of the first expenditures cut when times get tough. But the real question is: Is that the right strategy for your company? Let's look at the benefits of keeping and even improving your marketing efforts versus the long term effects of lowering or even eliminating your marketing investments for a period of time.

The word investments is used delicately, because there can be many long term benefits to properly funding and staffing an effective marketing department. First let's define how we see marketing. Marketing has a long lead time view, not the short term approach of sales. Sales is concerned with this week's or this month's or this quarter's orders. Marketing is concerned with building the company's reputation in the market place. Marketing is usually tasked with building up the image and increasing the value and the recognition of the company and the brand, over time.

Marketing can be tasked with identifying and clearing new products or services that fit the strategic competencies of the company. Marketing can also be charged with developing new markets for existing products or services. These new markets can be new territories, new channels or outlets, new industries which can use existing products or services, or even new applications for these same existing products or services.

All of the items listed above are consistent with, and integral to, the usual definition of marketing, marketing departments or staffs and the normal marketing function we have all seen as a part of many companies for years.

In the past, many considered marketing a necessary evil, or at least very superfluous to the actual running of the company. Today, however, marketing is often being challenged to go further, to contribute more directly to the company's actual results. Well run marketing departments are more directly involved in the operation and in setting the direction of the company than ever before.

Marketing can contribute directly to the course and direction of the company, as a part of the strategic planning team. Marketing can assess where markets, customers and competitors may be heading in the future. Their input can have a major influence on strategies selected by the strategic planning team.

Marketing should be a part of any innovation efforts a company may have. The guidance of effective marketing should help the company minimizeize unproductive efforts in deciding what new products or services to pursue, and to help focus the limited resources, time, people and money, toward those innovations which will likely bring sales and profits to the company.

The analysis of the worth of an effective marketing group within a company should be based on all the factors above, culminating in an assessment of how profitable the company is based on how much marketing has contributed to the success of the company.


Source by Dana Baldwin