10 Errors That Will Kill Your Email Marketing Campaign

10 Errors That Will Kill Your Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is an essential component of any internet business. Provided you avoid some of the mistakes many internet marketers fall prey to, you can earn a basic income online. If you're ready to take your internet business to the next level and make money online, you've got to learn money-making strategies that convert into sales.

Here are 10 critical mistakes that will crush your internet business:

1. Writing average subject lines. The sole purpose of your subject line is to get the reader to open the email and that's it. If the email is not opened it does not matter how good your actual email content is, because it will not be read. You need your subject lines to contain a reader benefit without giving away what's actually inside the email.

2. Misleading the reader. Your subject line must flow into the first few lines of your email. If your message fails to match the subject line, you'll find most people will not read past the first few lines of your email.

3. Buying email lists. The key to a long engaging Internet marketing campaign is to send emails to targeted prospects. If you buy a list, chances are your prospects have seen it all before and will not be willing to even open your email. Stay away from this idea wherever possible.

4. Being too formal. You need to speak to the reader as if you were sitting across from them. Talk to them directly as if you were talking to a friend. Try and avoid business like emails. To ensure a successful email marketing campaign, provide an entertaining story at every opportunity.

5. Forgetting the call to action. At the end of every email you write, do not forget to tell your readers what you want them to do next. If you forget to include this step you'll lose the sale straight away. If a reader has taken the time to get to the end of your email, they're obviously interested in what you have to offer.

6. Adding too much hype. Be careful not to yell at your reader but rather speak to them directly as if you were talking to a friend. List the benefits of what the reader will receive from the product your promoting. If you want your internet business to prosper, focus on providing good quality content that readers will respond to.

7. Sending spam. Spamming is now illegal with harsh penalies attached for those who break the law. Spam is basically an email that is send to a large list of recipients without their consent or prior knowledge. Many people do not understand the difference to what is legally considered as spam and what is not, so it's best to only mail the people on your list.

8. Injecting the "Me" Factor. Your readers do not care about you! As harsh as this may sound, it's true. Do not bore your readers by speaking about yourself all the time. Your readers are only interested in what you can do for them. Focus on reader benefits when preparing your email marketing campaign and explain what your product will do for them.

9. Sending emails for the sake of sending emails. You must provide quality content to your readers. Offer them free tips, send them to online video tutorials you've created or provided a solution to their problem. You need to make an impression quickly. If they think your email is wasting their time, they will not hang around on your list for long.

10. Including too many links or images. It's important to only ask your readers to perform one action. If you put numerous links through your email, your readers will get confused and will not know what to do. The end result – they will close the email straight away.

Email marketing is an amazing way to skyrocket your internet marketing campaign. If you provide quality content, maintain readers interest and avoid the appearance of spam, you can earn extra money online that will provide you with an income for years to come. And that wraps up my article about running a successful email marketing campaign.


Source by Daniel C Smith

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