Why Do Many Internet Marketers Fail?

Why Do Many Internet Marketers Fail?


Many people don’t know it but there are hundreds of people every day that try to succeed with internet marketing but don’t. There are several reasons why people fail at internet marketing; but we will only discuss three reasons why people fail online.

Not following up on your projects is one reason why many people fail at internet marketing. This is something even experienced internet marketers fail to do as well. You need to follow up your projects because you don’t want to put up a website and then forget about it. Let’s say you are making $500 per month from this website, you want to find out how you can double or even triple that income. You shouldn’t go out and build another business when you can improve the one you just made. Many people get involved in different projects and forget about all the websites they have built and you might even see your profits fall. This is why you spend only a few hours a week adding content to your sites or promoting them, whatever can double or triple your income you must do to your website.

Another important reason why people fail online is not treating it as a business. You need to treat this as a business because that is what you are trying to do by helping others and building up your reputation for your niche. Many people fail to do this and instead treat this as a way just to make some money. When you think of internet marketing like this you probably wont be giving value to your customers and you won’t be passionate about what you are trying to teach. I’m not saying you have to be an expert in your niche but having some knowledge does help. If you treat this process as a business I guarantee you will be in a position to make more money and explore more options.

The most important reason why people fail at internet marketing is not building a list. It’s great to get people to buy your products but what if you could continuously sell them your products and affiliate products. By having an email list you will be able to sell to your customers your products and even affiliate products related to your niche. Many people don’t like to buy anything at first but after sending them three or four emails on your product or affiliate product the conversion rate skyrockets. Many people will buy after the fourth and fifth email for that product. This is why making a list is so powerful because these people signed up to your website to get information on the niche you are targeting. These people want you to send them information and will be willing to pay for it. If you have an email list you can sell to them over and over and some people only use an email list to make their money. Every internet marketer should build an email list if they want to be successful at internet marketing.

As you can see these are some reasons why people fail at an online business. There are several other reasons why people fail but these are the most common reasons that I see with failed internet marketers. So if you do everything here you will be able to create a profitable internet marketing business. Good luck with your future business!


Source by Eric Fernandes

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