What's More Important Than Link Building?

What's More Important Than Link Building?


There probably is not anything more important and effective for your internet marketing efforts than link building. It's not the only thing you should be doing, and it's certainly not the only thing that you can be doing to help make more money online, but nothing is going to build more income and more success for you faster than link building. So what is this strategy, and why is it so important in building online marketing success?

Essentially, link building is a strategy that you employ that passively and actively brings you targeted traffic to your website. There are a couple of ways that this works.

First, there is the active traffic that you receive from people following links to your website. The more links there are out there pointing to your website, the more opportunities there will be to find you. If you have links pointing to your site and your content on a lot of different blogs, link directories, static authority sites and article directories, then there are a lot of places where people can be reading other content and then find your information. If your links are attached to content relevant to what you are promoting or working with, then you are even more likely to get click-throughs to your site.

Link building also raises your rank in the search engines. A big way that search engines gauge whether or not you are a legitimate website that other people online considering to be important and relevant to its keywords is whether or not you are linked to by other sites working with the same niches and keywords. For example, if you are selling portable dog houses then your website will look a lot more legitimate if there are lots of other quality websites about portable dog houses pointing at your site and content. By building links, you are increasing the amount of relevant websites that are pointing to yours, which gives the search engines the impression that you are an important part of that niches community and that you should be ranked appropriately.

There are a number of different ways to go about link building. You can launch an article marketing campaign, where you write a lot of articles relevant to your niche that you post to high ranking directories, and that include links back to your website. You can do the same with videos. You can become a respected member of forums and include your link at the end of all your posts, and you can do the same with blog commenting. You can exchange links with other high profile websites working in your niche, and you can even submit your link to directories specifically filled with links to websites according to niche. Keep in mind that it is almost always better to work a number of different strategies to build links, and not to put all your hopes in one link building campaign. Not only will this keep you from failing if your one effort fails, but it looks more natural to the search engines if you have links coming in from a wide variety of sources.


Source by Gail Bottomley

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