What is Pay Per Play?

What is Pay Per Play?


There are some questions and objections on what Pay Per Play is. This serves to give a simple explanation to define what Pay Per Play is and how it works.

– Pay Per Play (PPP) is a New Form of Advertisement in the form of a 5-second audio ad that plays when a visitor reaches a page of your site.

– You put the Pay Per Play Ad on your site by embedding a code, just as you would with Pay Per Click Ads such as Google AdSense.

– When a visitor reaches the site, they hear the ad. There is no visual ad and no link. The ad takes up no space on your site. Visitors are not led out of your site by a link.

– The minimum payment threshold is $ 25.00 which can be paid by PayPal, Check, etc.

– You are paid 25% of what the advertiser pays. This is higher than the percentage paid by Google AdSense.

– This is a new form of Advertisement. Advertiser bidding starts on 22 December. The ads will begin to play on 1 February.

– If your visitor has his sound off, you still get paid.

– If you sign up before a certain deadline, you can become a referrer. That means that you can sign other people up to run the ads on their sites and you will receive a 5% commission of what the advertisers pay them. If they sign someone up, you also get 5% of what is paid to that referral. (Two tier).

This means that you could have a lifetime residual income without doing anything after originally signing someone up. Sign up someone that has a website with a billion visitors a month and you could have hundreds of thousands in contracts per month, for life.

– You can choose what page (s) you put the ads on. I imagine it does not have to be the home page.

– You can optionally have a 30-second ad play on some pages of your site. This might be on a page where you offer a freebie such as a free E-Book or download. The visitor goes there to get the freebie and then puts up with the 30 second ad, and you get paid more for that ad.

Another idea is to put a 30-second ad on your contact form. Especially if you feel you are already getting too many emails!

Why all this? TV Advertising is not as effective as it was. People record TV Programs and fast-forward through the commercials. Or spend more time online than they do watching TV. Or watch videos online instead of watching TV.

So Pay Per Play is somewhat a replacement for TV Commercials. That's why it is worth it to the advertisers even though there is no link to their site and even though some people might have their sound off.

They paid for TV Commercials, and people sometimes go to the kitchen during commercials, do not they? So there's no greater loss in Pay Per Play. I hope this helps to answer some questions on this subject.


Source by Anaka Ray

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