What would you do if you want to be expert in something? You may plan, you may have an idea to execute, or you may try hard to associate yourself with a particular field. Yes, there are ample of ideas and methods flowing in the market, but you just cannot go deep into anything else you just can’t do anything as a trail and version. Believe…Always in-depth analysis will assist you to reach your fixed destination. Being a SEO consultant in Singapore, you will definitely have a vision and mission with you. If you want to know the ins and outs of SEO component, this post will open up your horizons.

The most important components of SEO are as follows:

Text component: Text and Meta-data

Link component: Links and navigation


If you want to get good rankings, you should concentrate on contents. Remember “content is the king”. It is a common sense that audience will be attracted towards good contents. Who wants mediocre things? Nobody, right? So, concentrate and produce good contents. It is an obvious thing that audience like good contents. Imagine a scenario that you surf on the Internet and end up with two different contents. One gives you and fills you with the satisfied mindset and at the same time another one is weak content and you ignore that. The conclusion is everyone looks for better things, so provide your visitor with unique and quality content to serve him better. Search Engines will also “notice” this and rank you better. The more good content you have the more chances of being number one. Simultaneously, too much content also will be a constraint.                 On average a text content of 200 till 800 is okay. When you have more words on the page, most of your audience will not read it anyway. It will give them monotonous feeling. Be conscious.


On a website page, some content can be viewed as a major aspect of the visual introduction and some content is “covered up”, including META-tags, title-tags, remark tags and ALT-tags.

Web search tools have diminished the measure of significance they put on META-tags, except for the title-tag. More weight is set on the visual content – the content that clients will see when they touch base on the website page.

The title-tag is the most vital HTML tag on your site. The title-tag shows the site’s name, which will show up in the highest point of the program. All significant creepy crawly determined web search tools consider the catchphrases found in this tag in their importance estimations. You should give careful consideration to this tag, as it conveys significantly more weight than most different objects of a website page. You can read more about how to compose great title-labels in the following area.

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