The Best Advice About Lighters I’ve Ever Written

The Best Advice About Lighters I’ve Ever Written

How Electric Lighters Work

Electric lighters are composed of 3 main parts and this includes the gas valve and supply, igniter and lastly, the clicking mechanism. The igniter is basically a piezoelectric igniter and consists of piezoelectric material and 2 metal bases. Piezoelectric material produces the spike of voltage whenever it is deformed, pressed or bent while the two other metals are used to collect the voltage.

The clicking mechanism is designed to let you press the piezoelectric material so fast and hard which then creates huge amount of voltage with small electrical current. The voltage is around 10,000 volts and the metal collects it and use the wire that is carried on top of the lighter where there is a spring that’s apart for at least 1cm from the wire. The voltage is so high, a spark jumps from the wire to spring. The moment you click the mechanism on the other hand, it also opens the gas opening right at the exact time which makes the spark from wire to spring turns into fire and stays lit as long as you are pressing it.

But if you are about to compare them on traditional lighters, they get hot. Due to the reason that it is an electric lighter, there’s no flame and it can stay cooler for longer, making it easier to be used in any direction. As a result, this makes such device perfect for small birthday candles without melting them before they’re even lit.
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Combustible fuel is used in regular lighters while electric lighters are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can just be recharged like your smart phones. So if you run out of power, all you need to do is to just plug it in and you are good to go.
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With regards to candle lighters, there’s no other lighter that can match USB lighters. These devices are made to be seen and be within reach all the time, making it ideal for any decoration too. Also, electric lighters focus its heat at the tip to create high precision lighting, eliminating gas buildup where the flame fires up and even burn marks left from top of the flame.

The electric lighter works in a very simple concept, when the electricity jumps between 2 conducting electrodes at the lighter’s tip, it is producing what’s known as electric arc. The air that’s between the electrodes are then ionized which creates brilliant visual arc that is producing high heat that then allows users to light up something without rushing up thinking that the body may get hot if they press it for quite some time.

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