Short Course on Articles – Getting to Square 1

Short Course on Articles – Getting to Square 1

A Guide For People That Are Planning To Be A Professional Blogger/ Vlogger

You have two options when it comes to creating an online presence for yourself: blogging and vlogging. If you have the passion for writing, then blogging will be perfect for you. But if you love technology and gadgets, why not try vlogging?

It is the objective of this article to educate people on the differences between blogging and vlogging.

1. The many benefits of blogging

Starting is easy

To be a blogger, you just need to get your pen and paper and start writing. It does not get any easier than that. Anyone who writes well can easily start their own blog without any difficulties. Although generating traffic is difficult, starting is never a problem.

You will love your job.

Work is never stressful if you love what you are doing. If you are gifted with the talent of writing, share it to the whole world and be a professional blogger. There is no better feeling in this world than being paid for something that you enjoy doing. If you love writing, this is your dream job.

Try to experiment

You will have plenty of options when you decide to become a professional blogger. It is recommendable that you try each one of them to determine which one suits you best.

2. The many benefits of vlogging

You will enjoy having gadgets.

One of the main requirements of being a professional vlogger is investing on high quality equipment. If you want to become a vlogger you will need a good camera, audio equipment, and a laptop or desktop for your editing software. If collecting gadgets and browsing the internet is fun for you, you will definitely love this job.

The returns are high

Your hard earned money is never wasted when you invest on high quality gadgets and equipment. Once you are able to establish you name on the internet, you can easily attract potential subscribers. Once you become popular and people start to appreciate the videos you are sharing, you will have the opportunity to earn serious money. Becoming a professional vlogger is truly a rewarding career.

You can interact with your subscribers.

If you want to be a professional vlogger, you have to be open and willing to share your experiences and knowledge in life with your subscribers. It is also important that you communicate with your loyal subscribers every now and then.

If you want to be successful in your chosen career, you have to be open, unique, and honest. For as long as you are willing to follow this simple recipe, you will be able to reach your goals easily. Don’t forget that the public prefers honest and open vloggers.

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