Public Relations for General Aviation FBOs

Public Relations for General Aviation FBOs


They say general aviation is a really tough place to make money and a really easy place to spend all your money, as owners of fixed based operations or FBOs often joke. But it is possible to have a successful FBO at a small or regional Airport without breaking the bank on their marketing budget or advertising budget. Public relations and airport community goodwill are in a circle part of the success of an FBO.

What kinds of things can a fixed base operator at a small airport due to promote public-relations? Well, they can allow the Civil Air Patrol cadets to use their facilities for ground school. Perhaps they will volunteer a flight instructor to come teach the kids. The Boy Scouts also have; Boy Scout Aviation Explorers, which might need the same thing.

A Fixed Based Operation at a local airport can also help civic leaders and politicians by flying them over the city so they can get a better look at how the town is developing. By doing this they will make it easier for the leaders to do their job and to this promotes community goodwill and should also be part of the public relations program. Please consider all this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow

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