Talent Acquisition Via Recruitment Marketing

Talent Acquisition Via Recruitment Marketing

Present-day candidates are digitally connected and socially engaged. This enhances their job searches as well. If your company want to recruit the top talent, you need to hire recruitment marketing professionals.

Recruitment marketing is not a new thing. But, it is getting a lot of chatter these days. It is almost up there with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency as the most talked about business topics.

There are different skill sets in recruitment marketing that must be employed when attracting individuals to apply for open positions. Various strategies and tactics pave way for recruitment marketing professionals to spellbind good candidates for the company’s vacancies.

Recruitment inbound marketing is magic you can practice to zoom your recruitment marketing power and employer branding to another level. It is time for working smarter finding better ways to recruit top-notch candidates. Companies can start by exploring various strategies, tools, and technologies.

Content Marketing

The recruitment marketing team has to publish content regarding candidate personas. Savvy job seekers are expecting more than the old-fashioned and boring text-only job advertisements. To get targeted visibility and reach for your job openings, you use inbound marketing to share knowledge about your target audience in your recruitment copy. Inbound marketing can include promoting your company via writing engaging job descriptions and magnetic recruitment ads. It can also include, social media job postings, peppy employee video stories, stimulating career websites, and blogs.

Regardless of the channel, the forms of content need to keep a consistent theme all the way through. This way, it will stimulate interest in the top candidates.

Your digital presentation will aid in shaping your company’s brand perception. The images about the company’s culture, leadership and employee atmosphere will shine through. Unquestionably, potential candidates will see you as their new prospective employer and an ideal place to work.

Social Recruiting

The art of using social media for targeting top candidates, boosting employer worth and job opportunities is known as social recruiting. Directly or indirectly, the candidates can be contacted by researching their digital footprints and social profiles. You can invite the candidates to check out job opportunities just by using a natural social recruiting strategy. Sharing meaningful content allows candidates to follow and engage with the company on social media channels.

You can also check out the various forums where people are hanging out discussing their views about different companies. Do not overlook the places where people are also sharing their experiences regarding the work environment at different companies. They may be using these social channels to gain additional insight into the organizational culture and other aspects that impact the life of an employee.

Employer Branding

As an employer, the trustworthy marketing of the company’s value proposition is termed as employer branding. Overall, employer branding is a cool method for setting your business apart from the competition. Modern recruiting strategy demand that you, as the employer, actively influence and manage your reputation. This will give you an advantage in attracting and recruiting fresh and top talent to work in the company.

Let’s remember to promote word of mouth when implementing your branding strategy.


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How Market Research Is Conductive Through Online Survey

How Market Research Is Conductive Through Online Survey

Most major companies use online surveys to conduct market research. There are many advantages to conducting market research with online surveys. Not only are the surveys exposed to a very large audience, they are conducted for a very small fee which gives people a reason to take these surveys. Most people are eager to take surveys to generate additional income.

If you do decide to take a market research online survey you are going to be surprised by the number paid surveys that are out there. Of course, as I am sure you can guess, the payments will vary from company to company. Not every survey site rewards you with cash; some will provide you with services such as free email account or use of their web space in exchange for completing their surveys.

When you find a good market research survey company, you will have access to a number of different types of surveys. You will find it more interesting if you try to stick to subjects that you like and are interested in, this will also assist you in completing the surveys without losing interest in the subjects. If you do start a survey only to find yourself bored or losing interest in the subject very quickly, try to find something else to do for a little while that will take your mind off of that subject.

You need to know that there are a large number of suspect market survey sites on the Internet these days. If you get eaten by a fraudulent site, you have little or no chance of getting any money back for the surveys you have completed. Most importantly, they will be almost impossible to find, because these people work miracles when it comes to covering their tracks when they are building these web site.

A good survey site will be worth its weight in gold. Once you find a good survey site, stick with them! The good market research sites have a limited number of membership slots and if you decide to leave, you might not be able to get back in.

Not all online survey sites are bad, although some of them are definitely better than the others are. Do not worry – you will know a good survey site when you spot one. To maintain a steady income completing online surveys you will need to have more than one survey site under you belt if you intend to keep the money flowing in. Do your research to find the best sites, and remember to stay away form the ones that are scams.

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Affiliate Marketing Resources – What Is ClickBank and How Do You Promote ClickBank Products?

Affiliate Marketing Resources – What Is ClickBank and How Do You Promote ClickBank Products?

What ClickBank is not, is an online banking system. What is in reality is a database that actually contains thousands of thousands of different digital products that are then sold by what are called ClickBank publishers and their products are promoted ClickBank affiliate marketers. In return for the products being promoted the affiliates will receive some sort of commission for any sale of the products they were promoting and redirecting traffic for.

There are a variety of different ways in which ClickBanks can be promoted and one of those ways is to promote them via social networks, blogs and forums. Before a person begin to promote ClickBank products they should find a ClickBank marketplace and go through the different products offered and choose a product or product that they like and feel comfortable in promoting.

After the product or products have been decided upon then the person will need to create what are called affiliate hoplinks for all of the products they have chosen. These hoplinks can then be put on whatever social networks, blogs or forums that a person is associated with.

If Squidoo is a site you are using you will need to set up what is called a Squidoo Lens for each of the products that you want to promote. You can do this by adding any article you want or by writing up reviews of the products that are being promoted. When writing these articles or reviews you need to make sure that you include as many keywords that deal with the product as well as affiliate links spread through the entire article. These are best if they are the hoplinks which will allow the person to click on them and be transported where they can read more about the product.

If you are using a place like MySpace you just register as a member and then send out notices to all of your friends you may have on MySpace about these ClickBank products making sure that you have your affiliate link included in your short writing or notice. Only do this with people who are really your friends and not just anyone because this becomes spam.

You can also make up your own free blog and use it entirely to promote your ClickBank products and devote the blog to reviewing the different products. Your blog posts can be solely informational articles with affiliate links in them, or they can be reviews or testimonials of those who have used the products you are trying to promote.

Another thing you can do is search different forums that seem to promote similar ClickBank products. This way no one on the forum is going to be offended by you posting your own ClickBank products and affiliate links on the forum since this is something they are accredited to.

When you send out emails to family and friends or even to those you do not know all that well, make sure that you include your affiliate links in your email signature. This is not considered spam and a lot of times people will be curious about these links and click on them without you having to do or say anything that looks like you are promoting products.

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Importance of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing

In this article we will be discussing about the major Importance of Digital Marketing in today’s world:

1. Greater Opportunity: With the help of digital marketing a company or an organization can explore greater heights of popularity and targets. This is so because of the fact that digital marketing is not bounded to a particular region or a place like the traditional marketing. Online marketing on the other hand gives the organizations a wider scope to expand their market or customer base. Online Marketing is very important as in today’s time each and every person is connected to the internet. This could be made easy for the organizations to spread the awareness about their product to the masses. Hence giving them a greater opportunity to grow financially as well as in popularity.

2. Conversion Rate: On the Internet the Conversion ratio is better than the traditional marketing. This is so because if a person is wants shoes then he will type shoes in the search engine and then the search engine will show the related results only but on the other hand if a person is in the market and someone gives him the pamphlet of bags then that is useless for him as he was looking for shoes and not bags. So with the help of digital marketing the failures of conversion reduces and increases the chances of sales.

3. Cost Effective: Digital marketing is one of the most cost effective way to promote the products and reach out to the customers. Marketing online is not at all very expensive till a certain point as this can be done by a trained digital marketer with the help of organic SEO. Internet marketing includes on the cost of digital marketer unlike the traditional marketing which has printing cost, distribution cost, etc to make it expensive.

4. Easy to Communicate: With the help of digital marketing it becomes easy for the organizations to communicate with the potential buyers. This helps the organizations to increase the conversion ratio as they can directly communicate to the customers and solve all kinds of doubts which the customer has in his or her mind. Solving the queries is the best way to promote your product as if the product’s information, benefits, etc are clear in the minds of the customer then they can buy the product with an ease.

5. Higher Earnings: With the help of digital marketing the sales and the revenues both increases for an organizations. This is because of the fact that people are more interested in buying online rather than going out for each and every thing, this gives the companies a chance to sell their products more easily to the customers. As studied earlier that the promotion through this platform is much cheaper than that of the traditional form which makes it a higher earning platform for the organizations.

So I hope the above mentioned information was useful to enhance your knowledge and skills.

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4 Simple Ways to Make More Money Through Content Marketing

4 Simple Ways to Make More Money Through Content Marketing

Can you really make money by simply giving out information online? Hmmm.. interesting question. 5 years ago, I was one of the skeptics. I didn’t really believe that by sharing what I know to people online, I can make money more than what I made from my regular day job. Sounds impossible, right? But it’s one reality in the World Wide Web. One can easily expect huge paychecks by helping people increase their knowledge on their areas of expertise. Excited to get started? Then, make money now by simply knowing the following facts:

First, you can use content marketing to drive qualified prospects to your website. This is the most obvious way to make money using their strategy in the online arena. Hundreds and thousands of internet marketers are actually using this as their primary traffic-generating tool. The process is pretty simple; write articles with resource box where you can include your site’s URL and distribute them online. You can also build your own blog, create posts, and again, insert the link to your website. You can write newsletters or publish your own ezine as well to promote awareness. If your readers were extremely happy with the information you gave out and with the quality of your content, they’ll surely ask for more. That want will push them to your website.

Sell reports. You don’t have an idea as to how many people are more than happy to spend money to learn something. I have lots of friends who are shelling out $100 on eBooks about relationships and passive income. If you have certain knowledge on things that can bring huge difference to the lives of people from all points of the globe, I’d suggest that you share your expertise and make money from it. You’ll expect better income if you’re an expert in internet marketing, banking and finance, relationship, health and beauty, etc. as these are the most in-demand topics these days.

Write how-to guides or free courses. After getting your prospects to sign up to your email marketing list, you’ll need to send them something every now and then so they will not forget about you and so you can slowly build trust. Why not send them how-to guides or free courses that you can distribute through the use of your autoresponders? Again, the quality of your content will either make or break your campaign so ensure that everything is perfect before you hit that send button.

Offer paid webinars, teleclass, or teleseminars. If you have good presentation and oral communication skills, take your money-making quest to the next level by offering different type of seminars that you can conduct over the phone or through the internet. As these are more expensive compare to ebooks, ensure that they contain amazing, extremely valuable content. To increase your revenue, have your seminars recorded and sell them to your website. Depending on the subject that you’re discussing and the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, you can easily make thousands of dollars from this endeavor alone.

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Should You Boost A Facebook Post Or Run A Facebook Ad?

Should You Boost A Facebook Post Or Run A Facebook Ad?

Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world, with more than two billion monthly users. To reach more prospects and customers with your marketing messages you can get pay-per-click (PPC) traffic at an affordable rate from Facebook. This PPC advertising is much less expensive compared to Google AdWords. Even small businesses that have a limited budget can afford Facebook advertising.

One of the most important things to grasp is the difference between Facebook news feed advertising and Facebook boosted posts.

Facebook News Feed Advertising

The Facebook news feed is the backbone of Facebook, showing a wide variety of content from people with whom a person is connected. When someone likes your page, they will become a follower. This means they have to opportunity to see your content on their Facebook page..

Facebook news feed advertising are ads that show up in the news feed along with the rest of the content that is being delivered to your connections, and those you specify as your desired audience. You create an ad from scratch with an image, title, description, and URL.

Facebook Boosted Posts

Facebook boosted posts, or sponsored posts, also appear in the news feed, but with some key differences. If one of your posts proves to be very popular, you can pay for it to reach more people, turning it into a sponsored post.

There is a small shortcut of choosing a similar audience to the people who are already using your account, which can help you target people quickly. The sponsored posts will appear in those people’s news feeds.

Key Differences

The key difference is that the Facebook news feed ads offer you a lot more flexibility than the Facebook boosted posts with regards to appearance, description and providing a URL. The other main difference is that once you post the sponsored post, you can’t edit it. The language you used in the post might not be an effective marketing message.

If you have difficulty finding eye-catching images for your posts, the stock images in the Facebook Ad Center can help. You can choose different formats as well, and even add a call to action button.

Your call to action will depend on your goal for the ad, such as getting subscribers or trying to make sales. Determine your goal first, and then you can decide whether Facebook advertising or Facebook boosted posts are the best format to get your message across.

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Definition and Objectives of Bookkeeping and Accounting Systems

Definition and Objectives of Bookkeeping and Accounting Systems

Accounting is defined as “the art of recording, classifying and summarizing in terms of money transactions and events of financial character and interpreting the results thereof.” In simplest words, we can say:

(1) Accounting is an art

(2) of recording classifying and summarizing

(3) in terms of money

(4) transactions and events of financial nature and

(5) interpreting the results thereof

Accounting is an art of correctly recording the day to day business transactions: It is a science of keeping the business records in a regular and most systematic manner so as to know the business results with minimum trouble. Therefore, it is said to be a statistical procedure for the collection, classification and summarization of financial information.

Objectives of Accounting

The objectives of accounting are two-fold:

(1) To record permanently, all business transactions, and

(2) To show the effect of each transaction and also the combined effect of all such transactions for a given period so as to find out the profit the business has earned or loss incurred, and also to know the correct financial position on a particular date.

The necessity and importance of accounting can be understood by answering the following questions:

(1) How much we have earned this year ?

(2) How much was earned during the last year ?

(3) Is our business improving?

(4) How much cash do we have?

(5) How much money we owe?

(6) How much others owe to us ?

Accounting Systems

There are various systems of accounting for maintaining business records:

Cash system of accounting

This system records only cash receipts and payments on the assumption that there are no credit transactions. If at all there are any credit transactions, they are not at all recorded until the cash is actually paid or received. Receipts and payments account in case of clubs, societies, hospital, educational institutes, lawyers etc. is the best example of cash system.

Single Entry System

This system ignores the two fold aspect of each transaction as considered in double entry system. Under single entry system, merely personal aspects of transaction i.e. personal accounts are recorded. This method takes no note of the impersonal aspects of the transactions other than cash. It offers no check on the accuracy of the posting and no safeguard against fraud because it does not provide any check over the recording of cash transactions. Therefore, it is called as “imperfect accounting.”

Double Entry System

The double entry system was first evolved by Luca Pacioliin, who was a Franciscan Monk of Italy. With the passage of time, the system has gone through lot of developmental stages. It is the only method fulfilling all the objectives of systematic accounting. It recognizes the two fold aspect of every business transaction.

These questions are of decisive importance for a trader and the answers can only be derived from up to-date financial records. Only the system of keeping the perfect records of all business transactions will help the proprietor to know the amount he has gained or lost.

The main objective of any business is to earn maximum possible profits with minimum expense. In view of this, a commercial organization always tries to expand its business, increase its sales and reduce operating expenses. The progress made in this regard, is always indicated only by the properly maintained financial records.

Meaning of Accounting

In the beginning, the main objective of accounting was to ascertain the result of the business activities (whether profit has been earned or loss has been suffered) during a year and to show the financial position of the business as on a particular date. Accounting has to meet the requirements of taxation authorities; investors, government regulations; management and owners. This has resulted in widening the scope of accounting and may be defined as follows:

“Accounting is the art of recording, classifying and summarizing, in a significant manner and in terms of money transactions and events which are in part at least, of a financial character and interpreting the result thereof.”

Is Accounting a Science or an Art?

In simple words, science establishes relationship of cause and effect whereas the art is the application of knowledge comprising of some accepted theories, principles and rules. Since accounting docs not establish cause and effect relationship it only provides us with the procedure by which objectives of accounting can be achieved, therefore accounting is an art and not a science. Accounting is an art of recording financial transactions in a set of books; classifying in desired categories and summarizing the information for presentation in a suitable manner to the concerned persons for their benefit.

Scope of Accounting

The need of a system of accounting was felt by man early in the history of trade and commerce. The art of book-keeping is as old as the art of trading …

The e-Marketing Plan – Brief Overview and Working Scheme

The e-Marketing Plan – Brief Overview and Working Scheme

I. Summary of a marketing plan

The marketing planning (concretized in the marketing plan) is an essential organizational activity, considering the hostile and complex competitive business environment. Our ability and skills to perform profitable sales are affected by hundreds of internal and external factors that interact in a difficult way to evaluate. A marketing manager must understand and build an image upon these variables and their interactions, and must take rational decisions.

Let us see what do we call a “marketing plan”? It is the result of the planning activity, a document that includes a review of the organization’s place in the market, an analysis of the STEP factors as well as a SWOT analysis. A complete plan would also formulate some presumptions on why we think the past marketing strategy was successful or not. The next phase shall present the objectives we set, together with the strategies to achieve these objectives. In a logical sequence, we will further need to evaluate the results and formulate alternative plans of action. A plan would consist in details of responsibilities, costs, sales prognosis and budgeting issues.

In the end, we should not forget to specify how the plan (or plans) will be controlled, by what means we will measure its results.

We will see how to build the marketing plan, what is its structure: after we will see how to build the traditional marketing plan, we will take a look at the e-marketing plan and see how the unique features of the internet will require some changes in the approach of writing a marketing plan.

But, before we continue, we must understand and accept that steps of the marketing plan are universal. It is a logical approach of the planning activity, no matter where we apply it. The differences you meet from a plan to another consist in the degree of formality accorded to each phase, depending on the size and nature of the organization involved. For example, a small and not diversified company would adopt less formal procedures, because the managers in these cases have more experience and functional knowledge than the subordinates, and they are able to achieve direct control upon most factors. On the other hand, in a company with diversified activity, it is less likely that top managers have functional information in a higher degree than the subordinate managers. Therefore, the planning process must be formulated to ensure a strict discipline for everyone involved in the decisional chain.

II. The general marketing plan

The classical marketing plan would follow the following scheme of 8 stages:

1. Declaring the mission: this is the planning stage when we establish the organizational orientations and intentions, thus providing a sense of direction. In most cases, this is a general presentation of the company’s intentions and almost has a philosophic character.

2. Establishing current objectives: it is essential for the organization to try to determine with preciseness the objectives to be reached. These objectives, in order to be viable, must be SMART. SMART is an acronym and stands for “Specific”, “Measurable”, “Attainable”, “Realistic” and “Timed”. The objectives must also convey the general organizational mission.

3. Gathering information: this stage is based on the concept of marketing audit. After performing the audit of the macro-environment by analyzing the STEP factors (social, technologic, economic and politic), we should turn the focus upon the immediate extern environment (the micro-environment) and analyze the competitive environment, the costs and the market. Finally, we will conclude with the SWOT analysis, by this way we will have a general view upon the internal environment compared to the external one. The SWOT analysis combine the two perspectives, from the inside and from the outside, because the Strengths and the Weaknesses are internal issues of an organization, while the Opportunities and Threads come from the outside.

4. Re-formulating objectives: after the close examination of data gathered in the previous stage, sometimes it is needed to re-formulate the initial objectives, in order to address all the issues that might have come up from the previous stage. The distance between the initial objective and the re-formulated objective will be covered by appropriate strategies. We must ensure the re-formulated objective is SMART as well.

5. Establishing strategies: several strategies are to be formulated, in order to cover the distance between what we want to achieve and what is possible to achieve, with the resources at our disposal. As we would usually have several options, we should analyze them and chose the one with more chances to achieve the marketing objectives.

6. Plan of actions: consists in a very detailed description of the procedures and means to implement the actions we want to take. For example, if the strategy implies a raise in advertising volume, the plan of actions should establish where the advertisements will be …

Understanding Internet Radio

Understanding Internet Radio

Internet radio is an audio broadcasting medium that is similar to traditional radio. The only difference is that online radio is usually transmitted directly to computers or other similar devices via the internet.

There are a number of advantages that come with internet radio. The first advantage is that online radio comes with greater choices and varieties where the choices extend beyond basic genres such as pop and classic rock.

For example, if you like electronic music, you can choose ambient, trance, video game soundtracks and many more. In short, streaming radio is usually available for almost every taste.

Another advantage is that online radio has fewer advertisements. Unlike terrestrial radio stations that have higher costs of running, internet radio stations require lower costs of running thus they have fewer commercials.

In addition to having lower costs of running, the radio stations are usually supported by donations or subscriptions and as result they have fewer advertisements. The end result is that you enjoy your music without any interruption.

Another advantage is that you require minimal systems for you to listen to the radio stations. For example, all you need is a computer that can run any version of Mac Os, Linux, or windows and you will be able to listen to all of your favorite stations.

The final advantage of listening to online radio is that you tend to receive better sound quality. The reason for this is because internet radio is usually less compressed thus is has better sound quality.

To listen to internet radio you need to choose an internet radio website. If you want to listen to a specific channel you should select Live365. On the other hand if you want to create your own radio channel and playlist you should select Jango.

Once you have done this you should go ahead and search for channels by genre or name. You can sort the channels by genre on live365 or use the search boxes on the website to find a particular artist.

After finding your preferred channel you should click on it. Clicking on the channel starts the station automatically and you can listen to it for as long as you want.

When listening, you should note the details of the channel. For example you should note the name of the disc jockey, the location of the station and the connection speed that can support the station.

To stop the online radio streaming you should click on the “stop” button. You should note that there is no “pause” option because the radio is a live broadcast.

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Getting Your Job Posts Online

Getting Your Job Posts Online

Never spend your money before you have earned it. Everybody wants to have a good job and earn a decent amount of money. The world has been hit by economic crisis and recession and has made life a little difficult for all of us. But the online world has opened up a whole range of avenues and job opportunities for people with different skill sets. Online jobs and internet marketing have taken the world by rage. Whether you are looking for an employer or an employee, chances are your search will end on the internet. Job posting is the in thing and millions of people have benefited by this.

Like most online activities, it has become increasing easy for everyday users to post a job online. Employers post listings for numerous openings and opportunities in many websites, portals and forums which act as a platform to connect them with people looking for jobs. Most of these websites let employees post their resume and also create an online profile after they sign up. This online profile will contain complete information about the educational qualification, additional skills and also the prior work experience of the candidate. Many recruiting agencies will keep a keen eye for those with a specific skill set, and match them up with job opening posted by an employer.

Online job posting is mostly done through blogs and websites.These sites offer jobs in almost every imaginable category. Employers are constantly looking for people with different qualifications and skills. These job posting and staffing platforms benefit many people, including students, mothers, retirees and people looking for part time work or a second job. It is not totally true that only graduates or candidates with proper schooling can find a decent job. Online jobs and internet business has helped thousands of students to successfully complete their studies and also pursue their higher education dreams.

Potential employers can post jobs and find employees by placing links on their company’s or organization’s website. This gives those looking for employment in that particular field a simplified way of getting in touch with you. Online job banks have become a rage nowadays. These well managed and maintained joints allow thousands of employers to post jobs online for very reasonable rates. Candidates constantly browse through these online job banks to find a better paying suitable job. It is also a good idea to post jobs on websites related to the industry of the job, as these sites are regularly visited by people looking for employment in those areas.

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Market Research – Why It Should Be Considered Before/During Prior Art Search

Market Research – Why It Should Be Considered Before/During Prior Art Search

An invention is a set of ideas and thoughts to ease the way people perform their daily tasks. An Inventor can be a business or an individual who has an objective behind the invention. A lot of money is required to present the invention to the world, thus, investors who find it interesting fund the R & D operations.

The invention process is very wide. There is no fix time when an invention is converted into useful products. It can take 5, 10 years or even more. The R & D department performs a series of operations one after another – describing the business vision, creating strategies, describing the R & D processes, identifying resources, and drafting designs. The R & D teams comprehensively study all areas of the invention, collect different ideas, which are then combined to build products and services. Thus, the research to development of invention comprises a wide range of processes, which need thousands or millions of dollars.

Patenting an invention

An invention is patented to prevent it from being theft by others. The inventor can restrict individuals and companies from using his/her invention for making or selling products during its life. When filing a patent application, the inventor needs to mention a set of claims, which he/she should choose carefully. So, it is recommended to know the market trends, new technologies, applications, etc. at the time of performing the R & D operations, which will help in getting great claims.

An invention can only be patented if it doesn’t contain any part of the previously patented technology and meet certain uniqueness standards. To find if your invention is already known or not, prior art search is conducted. The innovator can do prior art search on his/her own, or hire an expert for this purpose.

What is prior art search?

Prior art search can be defined as collecting information about the technologies associated with the invention. It’s main objective is to know whether the invention is patentable or not. Sources of prior art search include previous patents, filed patents, scientific reports, research papers, textbooks, newspapers, journals, and internet publications. There are many inventions that are never used in products and services, and these should also be considered during the patent filing process. On the internet, a wide range of tools are available that can help you conduct an efficient prior art search.

Prior art search can provide details about previous inventions in the field, new products and services, etc. It prevents reinventing the already existing inventions. With this, the R & D department can know the already existing technologies, and focus the activities, processes, and tasks to innovate them or research the new ones.

Know the market well before conducting prior art search

The main objective is to get the invention patented with broadest possible claims. Prior art search collects existing knowledge in the fields that belong to the invention. But, this is not enough. One should know the market and companies that are already working on the technologies the invention is based, which will help in choosing the right areas for R & D.

Patent filing is a broad process, and a little wrong move can convert into a big mistake. Thus, from planning to execution, every step should be put wisely. Before going for prior art search, it is important to know the markets in which the invention can bring revolution in, current market trends to focus on, activities of competitors, etc. All these details can be obtained through market research. Thus, it is recommended to conduct a market research first to know the technologies trending in the market.

Why market research?

Market research can help in proper utilization of all the elements of an invention. It provides comprehensive analysis of different markets associated with the invention, patent environment, and existing and future products. Thus, market research can add value to the research and development operations, making them more advanced.

There are many reasons why the inventor should consider market research before starting R & D operations and prior art search. Please have a look at them –

Detailed information about the markets:

Market research reports not only provide information about different markets that belong to the area of invention, but also tell the top active markets. Suppose, an invention can be used in manufacturing products in 10 different industries, out of which 7 are in the growing phase. Thus, there is need to spend extra time and money to obtain patents in these 7 industries to get maximum ROI. Thus, market research reports can suggest you the right industries to continue research and build products.

Competitor analysis:

To emerge as a leading player in the market, it is necessary to know the activities of competitors. With market research reports, the inventor can …

Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips

Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips

Many people today are looking for extra ways to make money and one of the ways to do that is with the Internet. One of the ways to use the Internet in which to make extra income each month is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people's products and receive a commission from the sale of the product you are promoting. It sounds simple but there are many specific points that you must touch upon in order to make sure that your affiliate marketing campaign is successful.

Make sure that you pick the right niche because it's very important that you will be able to follow through on what you start. So choose a niche that you either know something about or that you would not mind learning about. Because you'll be spending your time learning and writing about the topic that you choose. You have to be able to promote your product that you choose intelligently and that requires you to know about the product are promoting.

Learn how to write sales copy. This is one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing that most people do not focus on because it's simply not that easy. Learning copywriting is not the same as learning how to write with sales language. Copywriting is a very difficult process that involves many different aspects that most affiliate marketers do not possess. There are certain aspects of copywriting that you can learn however, that can make article writing and website page writing much more effective when selling a product. Learn certain buzzwords and emotional hot buttons that you can push in your writing that can greatly increase your chance of making a sale.

So when learning affiliate marketing make sure you learn all of the finer points. It's not easy and it will take time but if you focus and try your hardest and never give up you'll find yourself successful before you know it.

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Hiring a Marketing Expert Vs Doing It Yourself

Hiring a Marketing Expert Vs Doing It Yourself

Marketing is a complex field that includes different strategies designed to improve visibility, establish a brand presence, engage prospective customers, and earn more revenue as a result. Business owners need to invest time and money into marketing if they want to stay ahead of the game and stand apart from the competition. A good marketing strategy can help businesses grow and enjoy more success.

However, many small business owners hesitate to hire professional marketers to handle their marketing campaign. It could be lack of trust, no budgetary means for it, or that they feel it’s a manageable task. In the end, they struggle to share responsibilities and delegate tasks while they run a business; which means they don’t outsource marketing and rely on inexperienced in-house employees to plan and implement the strategies that they end up overseeing.

Why Hiring a Marketing Expert can Help

Modern marketing is an expansive field, and it includes everything from digital marketing online to traditional offline marketing. Business owners rarely have enough time to learn different marketing techniques and understand how to implement them well on their platforms. All kinds of businesses, especially small companies, can benefit from professional assistance. Here are some reasons why hiring a professional is a good idea:

1. To Navigate the Complexities of Modern Marketing Strategies

Modern marketing strategies involve a wide range of techniques, tools, skills, and platforms, which is why people work in teams to implement it. The digital marketing team includes professionals with different skills and qualifications who handle different tasks. These strategies are just too complex for a single person to manage, even if they’re qualified in the field. Even the simplest marketing strategy requires steps like:

  • Establishing Your Audience
  • Branding the Service for the Audience
  • Graphic Design & Collateral Creation
  • Creating a Website that Sells
  • Making the Website SEO Friendly
  • Promoting the Website
  • Creating Social Media Profiles
  • Establishing Brand Presence
  • Generating Content
  • Creating Ads for Paid Platforms
  • Managing Ad Spend
  • Managing Authoritative Links to the Website

All of these things require different skills and most business owners have to invest time to learn these skills if they want to handle marketing without professional assistance.

2. To Create Content that Establishes Industry Authority

Content is an important aspect of modern marketing strategies because it helps establish authority in the industry, engages with customers, distributes information regarding products and services, and include keywords to catch the attention of search engines. The Internet is saturated with content, so users are very selective about what they read. It’s not enough to just create generic content and include relevant keywords in the text. The content should provide the target audience with significant value.

  • Content should be well-written with sound grammar and spelling.
  • All the information should be current and relevant to the keywords included in the text.
  • The content should be in long-form and range from 1,000 to 2,000 words. The average word count of the web pages search on the first search engine results page is 1,890.
  • The keywords used should be specific, and the content should include long-tail phrases.
  • All information should be well-researched and as accurate as possible.

The primary purpose of content marketing is to attract organic traffic to the website and to ensure that users stay long enough to become interested in the products and services offered. The secondary purpose of content marketing is to establish authority and win the trust of the visitors.

Skilled and experienced content marketing experts know just how to generate the right kind of content for their target audience. This job requires skills, training and deep knowledge on the nitty-gritty of writing for online audiences. It’s something most individual business owners aren’t able to manage.

3. To Develop Creative and Interactive Resources

Content marketing doesn’t just involve text though it is one of the most commonly used formats in modern marketing. Text content is easy to create, and business owners can develop good articles and blog posts if they put in some time and effort. However, experienced marketers know content marketing must be diverse and approach the target audience from different directions. A sound content marketing strategy will include:

  • Videos and tutorials
  • Podcasts and live streams
  • Infographics and animations
  • White papers and research papers relevant to the industry

These types of content require different skills and software, and a business owner doesn’t usually have access to them. In comparison, professional marketers have all the tools and knowledge required to create visual and text content and can handle it with a marketing strategy in mind.

4. To Deliver your Brand Socially

Social media is a great platform for small businesses because it allows them to reach out and connect with their target audience. They can engage with their audience regularly, establish a personal relationship, hear customer concerns, complaints, and provide resolutions …

SEO And PPC: A Powerful Combination

SEO And PPC: A Powerful Combination

A decent marketing technique can take a business higher than ever of success. On account of current marketing procedures, regularly utilised as a part of a blend with standard methods, there are always new techniques for looking for upper hand regardless of expanding immersion in various ventures.

What we know as advertising today is unique about the past. The fast improvement in this specific industry is the aftershock of how rapidly the opposition is getting to be harder both in nearby and worldwide markets.

Showcasing is a mix of various procedures, which rely on your particular business objectives and targets. All were developing, and settler organisations are utilising a couple of strategies. For instance, content advertising, which is not any more restricted merely to articles and web journals. Organizations are currently centred on offering fascinating substance as recordings, instructional exercises, infographics, and handouts.

Aside from making a drawing in content, organisations do depend on specific details to pull in consideration of the real market. This incorporates both site design improvement and pay-per-click, otherwise called SEO and PPC separately.

Understanding The Variance Between SEO And PPC

SEO is directly related to content. These are particular words or phrases that are more than once added to the substance to influence a web to page rank among the prominently looked outcomes in web indexes. PPC is a piece of the promotions that fast moving towards the content and produces leads. In any case, the principal distinction is that SEO produces natural activity while PPC, as the name proposes, requires a specific measure of instalment each time a potential lead clicks.

You may have gone over natural inquiry postings and paid pursuit postings. This is a result of the distinction clarified previously. Altogether, the two terms are a piece of the web index showcasing or SEM. SEM is regularly part of an association’s entire internet marketing strategy. The more successful the technique is, the better the outcomes will be. For this reason, associations employ experienced experts to make the best promoting methodology.


Google led more than 400 investigations in 2011 on whether the search and ripped apart their natural traffic, if search advertisements were stopped, would clicks on organic search results boost, and compensate for the misfortune in paid traffic?

As uncovered in the gathering of the considerable number of information,

“The level of paid clicks that are not compensated for by natural clicks when look promotions are stopped. The outcomes were amazing. The incremental advertisement clicks rate crosswise over verticals is 89%. This implies an entire 89% of the movement created via look promotions isn’t supplanted by organic clicks when advertisements are delayed. This number was reliably high crosswise over verticals.”

This demonstrates utilising both PPC and SEO has enormous effects the outcomes created. Convincingly, it is just when they cooperate in a settlement that they give the results you are searching for in these campaigns.

Advantages Of Using SEO And PPC Together

One can’t deny the fact that PPC and SEO are both different strategies. Each has various benefits when used individually. But, some experts do say that using both together can enhance specific effects. There are some particular situations where the two diverse strategies complement each other and form a sturdier SEM strategy.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using PPC and SEO together.

Improved Visibility

Both SEO and PPC are utilised to target search engine result pages or SERPs. The issue is that specific search terms can end up ordinary, which occupies advertisers concentrate far from PPC endeavours. In any case, bear in mind that the best 2 to 3 comes about on most SERPs are PPC promotions.

Joining SEO and PPC gives you a superior opportunity to rule both the natural and paid outcomes. This will likewise offer a shot at building up a definitive position in your specific industry.

Gaining From PPC

Information demonstrates that specific PPC components work for SEO too. If a particular advertisement of PPC is helping you with lead age and deals transformation, you can add similar ingredients to your content strategy. You can enhance the meta descriptions, title labels, and page content to impact the same successful outcomes. This is a fast method for figuring out what parts of the procedure are working. When you attempt an organic search strategy, it can set aside the opportunity to decide these properties. Paid content will tell you far prior, and you can rapidly apply the same for SEO to double the impact.

Social Media Optimisation

PPC and SMO joined have the ability to be to a high degree compelling. Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube permit open doors for an impressive advertisement campaign. These promotions can likewise be focused towards a particular section of your …

The KWP2000 Protocol in Automotive Diagnostic Applications

The KWP2000 Protocol in Automotive Diagnostic Applications

The KWP2000 protocol has become a de facto standard in automotive diagnostic applications. It is standardized as ISO 14230-3. KWP2000 describes the implementation of various diagnostic services you can accethrough the protocol. You can run KWP2000 on several transport layers such as K-line (serial) or CAN.

Transport Protocol

As KWP2000 uses messages of variable byte lengths, a transport protocol is necessary on layers with only a well defined (short) message length, such as CAN. The transport protocol splits a long KWP2000 message into pieces that can be transferred over the network and reassembles those pieces to recover the original message.

KWP2000 runs on CAN on various transport protocols such as ISO TP (ISO 15765-2), TP 1.6, TP 2. 0 (Volkswagen), and SAE J1939-21. For KWP2000, the Automotive Diagnostic Command Set supports only the ISO TP (standardized in ISO 15765-2) and manufacturer-specific VW TP 2.0 transport protocols.

Diagnostic Services

The diagnostic services available in KWP2000 are grouped in functional units and identified by a one-byte code (ServiceId). The standard does not define all codes; for some codes, the standard refers to other SAE or ISO standards, and some are reserved for manufacturer-specific extensions. The Automotive Diagnostic Command Set supports the following services:

• Diagnostic Management

• Data Transmission

• Stored Data Transmission (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

• Input/Output Control

• Remote Activation of Routine

Upload/Download and Extended services are not part of the Automotive Diagnostic Command Set.

Diagnostic Service Format

Diagnostic services have a common message format. Each service defines a Request Message, Positive Response Message, and Negative Response Message. The Request Message has the ServiceId as first byte, plus additional service-defined parameters. The Positive Response Message has an echo of the ServiceId with bit 6 set as first byte, plus the service-defined response parameters.

The Negative Response Message is usually a three-byte message: it has the Negative Response ServiceId as first byte, an echo of the original ServiceId as second byte, and a ResponseCode as third byte. The only exception to this format is the negative response to an EscapeCode service; here, the third byte is an echo of the user-defined service code, and the fourth byte is the ResponseCode. The KWP2000 standard partly defines the ResponseCodes, but there is room left for manufacturer-specific extensions. For some of the ResponseCodes, KWP2000 defines an error handling procedure. Because both positive and negative responses have an echo of the requested service, you can always assign the responses to their corresponding request.


KWP2000 expects a diagnostic session to be started with StartDiagnosticSession and terminated with StopDiagnosticSession. However, StartDiagnosticSession has a DiagnosticMode parameter that determines the diagnostic session type. Depending on this type, the ECU may or may not support other diagnostic services, or operate in a restricted mode where not all ECU functions are available. The DiagnosticMode parameter values are manufacturer specific and not defined in the standard. For a diagnostic session to remain active, it must execute the TesterPresent service periodically if no other service is executed. If the TesterPresent service is missing for a certain period of time, the diagnostic session is terminated, and the ECU returns to normal operation mode.


A GetSeed/Unlock mechanism may protect some diagnostic services. However, the applicable services are left to the manufacturer and not defined by the standard.You can execute the GetSeed/Unlock mechanism through the SecurityAccess service. This defines several levels of security, but the manufacturer assigns these levels to certain services.

Read/Write Memory

Use the Read/WriteMemoryByAddress services to upload/download data to certain memory addresses on an ECU. The address is a three-byte quantity in KWP2000 and a five-byte quantity (four-byte address and one-byte extension) in the calibration protocols. The Upload/Download functional unit services are highly manufacturer specific and not well defined in the standard, so they are not a good way to provide a general upload/download mechanism.


Use the ReadDataByLocal/CommonIdentifier services to access ECU data in a way similar to a DAQ list. A Local/CommonIdentifier describes a list of ECU quantities that are then transferred from the ECU to the tester. The transfer can be either single value or periodic, with a slow, medium, or fast transfer rate. The transfer rates are manufacturer specific; you can use the SetDataRates service to set them, but this setting is manufacturer specific. The Automotive Diagnostic Command Set supports single-point measurements.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

A major diagnostic feature is the readout of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). KWP2000 defines several services that access DTCs based on their group or status.

Input/Output Control

KWP2000 defines services to modify internal or external ECU signals. One example is redirecting ECU sensor inputs to stimulated signals. The control parameters of these commands are manufacturer specific and not defined in the standard.

Remote Activation of a Routine

These services are similar to the ActionService and DiagService functions of CCP. You can invoke …

Challenges and Advantages of Marketing Research

Challenges and Advantages of Marketing Research

Marketing research is a systematic and objective collection, analysis, interpretation of data and communication of marketing information relevant to a particular marketing problem. A company or organization can research about the market before initiating any marketing activity like sales and production to identify niche markets.

Advantages of marketing research

· It indicates opportunities for products and market development, a company can then decide on the production, sales and production plans after identifying the opportunities.
· It provides a basis for sound, market led decision making by providing information to reduce uncertainty.
· Marketing research enables an organist ion to match their products or services to the requirements of the consumers or market.
· Research enables advertising to be tested during a campaigns development or prior to launch to ensure its effectiveness, and after launch to measure the success of the media used.
· It also enables product ideas to be tested without expenditures of lunching to the market; this can be a change in service, product or design.
· It also provides objective explanation for success and failure in the market.
· Marketing research also helps to evaluate the strength and weakness of rivals plus the threats that they may cause to the company.

Problems associated with marketing research
Although marketing research is a good practice for all firms to embark on and indeed many put in a lot of effort, many times things go wrong in the process. Below are some of the reasons why marketing research can fail.

Lack of cash
Financial constants may limit the amount of research activity, leading to erroneous conclusion. Some times research activities are put on hold before they are completed due to lack of funds.

Many companies and firms attempt to do too much in such a little time, they end up taking shortcuts and some times use out of date secondary data which produces wrong results.

Inappropriate methodology
Research methods can be detected by errors in project design, sampling techniques, lack of understanding by subject and interview bias.

Inexperience in data analysis
Some mangers that are not experienced in analyzing and interpreting research data may only look for the information they want to see from the research data and hence neglect a whole lot of important data.

Wrong information
Some times, some people due to different reasons can give wrong information to the interviewer which will produce wrong results.

There are some products which are only consumed by seasons, making a research about such products in a different season will produce wrong results.

Source by Andrew Segawa

AdWords Answers

AdWords Answers

You've got your products, either ones you've created or someone else's that you're going to promote. You've got a killer Web site all set up to make sales and bring in money while you sleep. You're all set to become the next internet millionaire.

There's only one problem: No one is actually visiting your site. Now what?

There are several effective ways to drive traffic to your site, ranging from the "brute force" method of article writing and bum marketing to the arcane arts of search engine optimization.

One of the easiest (and potentially most expensive) is pay-per-click advertising with Google AdWords.

What are "AdWords"?

"AdWords" are those little text ads or "sponsored links" you see at the top and along the right-hand side of the search results page when you Google something. Here's the way it works:

The AdWords program essentially allows you to "rent" certain keywords of your choice on Google. You choose the keywords you want to rent, you create a simple text ad, and that ad appears whenever someone searches one of your keywords. If that someone clicks on the link in your ad, Google charges you for that click.

How Much Does it Cost?

That depends. The price, or "cost per click," is not fixed. Advertisers bid on individual keywords, so the more popular your keywords the more expensive it will be. When you create an AdWords campaign, you'll set the maximum price per click you're willing to bid. Google will try to optimize your ad placement based on your bid amount.

You'll want to bid high enough for your ad to show in the top three positions on the first page of search results. The aspiring internet marketer should focus on keywords with an average cost per click of between $ 0.10 and $ 0.20. Note that this figure is for the average cost per click – the maximum bid you set will typically be higher.

Does It Work?

And then some. Google has become a business phenomenon by doing one simple thing and doing it very well: It helps people looking for information on the internet find what they're looking for. As an internet marketer, you're in the business of selling specific information to a specific customer. You want Google pointing your potential customers to your information.

The key to the effectiveness of AdWords is that your ads are extremely targeted. If Google just showed your ad randomly to anyone using the search engine, regardless of what they were searching for, it would be next to useless.

Instead, Google shows your ad only to people searching for exactly the information you're selling. If you're selling information about "how to make fish tacos," your ad will only show people who search for information on "how to make fish tacos."

Your ad will not only show to exactly those people who are most likely to be interested in your product, it will appear exactly when they're most interested in it – ie, when they're running a search for that information.

Advertising just does not get any more targeted than this.

What Are the Drawbacks?

It works so well that everyone uses it. As a result, bid prices continuously increase. It can get expensive.

In addition, it's pay-per-click advertising, not pay-per-sale advertising. If someone clicks on your ad, you pay Google. You pay even if that click came from someone looking for free stuff who had absolutely no chance of buying your product (you can use negative keywords, such as "-free," to more narrowly target your audience).

This also means that if your product page (or your product!) Is lousy, Google can not save you. You'll get lots of traffic, but you will not convert any of that traffic into sales. Instead, you'll just have to pay Google for all of that traffic and you'll lose money.

So the first thing you have to do to execute a successful AdWords campaign is to make sure your web site and product are of sufficient quality to convert as many of those click-throughs as possible into paying customers.

How Do You Get Clicks?

The best ways to get a high click-through rate are to optimize your keywords, "prime" your campaign, and write a great ad. We'll tackle keyword optimization first.

To continue our example above, let's say you're selling fish taco recipes. You do not want to rent the keywords or. You're better off not even renting. Your best option is to focus on very specific, optimized keywords. These are specific phrases that users enter in "quotes" when running a search. For example, you might rent.

When you choose very narrow, optimized keywords, you insure that everyone who sees your ad is looking for exactly what you're selling. This way, you do not pay for clicks from people …

Key Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Key Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Since I decided to take the plunge 5 years ago and start working for myself as an online marketer, affiliate marketing has been the best thing I ever got involved in and is now part of my daily schedule.

It is without doubt something that all people who are interested in starting an online business or those who already have an online business, should investigate and take up.

If you are undecided or have little knowledge about affiliate marketing then I hope that you find the below information helpful and that it will clear up any doubts that you have over what the key benefits of affiliate marketing are.

1. Commission basis

For the affiliate marketer this is a key advantage as every time that somebody makes a purchase, the affiliate receives a set commission of the profit.

For the affiliate merchant this is an advantage as they only pay the marketer when they make a sale, so no money is wasted on marketing spend.

2. Huge audience

For the affiliate marketer – having built up various marketing lists or websites, they can make use of their huge audience base and ensure that the traffic they send over to the merchant is qualified and that sales are made, making the affiliate more money.

For the affiliate merchant – they receive access to a wider audience base than they may have had before, creating more interest in their products, resulting in more sales and all without investing any more money or time.

3. Ease

For the affiliate marketer – once they have set up their additional sites and links across to the merchant, it is very simple to manage and often affiliates will continue to make money from sales without having done anything for months.

For the affiliate merchant – they do not have to invest time and money writing content or creating expensive images in order to promote their services / products. Instead affiliates will apply to be a part of their program and all the merchant need do is have many affiliates all working towards promoting their products / services and wait for the sales to flood in.

4. Steady cost

For the affiliate marketer – building on the last point, an affiliate can keep receiving commission from sales of a product or service for years, despite not doing a lot of work to promote it. You do need to invest time at the start but then you have a regular source of income coming in for the market life of the service / product.

For the affiliate merchant – they set up all the costs so the chance to make a huge profit on sales without having spending much on marketing, is very likely. They do not have to pay their affiliates much per sale to make the business relationship worthwhile, as it tends to work best on a quantity basis so everyone is happy with the set amounts.

5. Brand Visibility

For the affiliate – there is a lot to be earned reputation wise from working with a range of brands and you will find that you get a lot more work should you be able to prove that you have succeeded with others in the past.

For the affiliate merchant – they receive free brand exposure on a continuous basis, which is never a bad thing. If you have many affiliates working on promoting your brand, you'll soon see a boost in search engine rankings and online sales; Amazon.com is an excellent example of where this has worked in the past.

6. Outsourced expertise

For the affiliate marketer – they get the continued experience to improve and work on their methods of online marketing, investing only their time, not money.

For the affiliate merchant – they will be able to utilize all kinds of affiliates who are experts in SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) without investing a lot of money, yet still managing to get to the top of Google rankings .

7. Transparency

For the affiliate marketer – through the various affiliate programs, it is possible to see exactly when sales are made and payment is automatic, so you do not have to worry about chasing merchants for payments.

For the affiliate merchant – they can see and manage their ROI (return on investment) extremely easily and do not have to worry about tracking the origin of each sale.

8. Online market

For the affiliate marketer – there are an endless number of affiliate programs out there and the demand for online shopping is not going to decrease, so the alert potential for affiliates is huge. You can access any number of markets with your affiliate work, whether you choose jewelery, hygiene, pet insurance or food.

Use long tail pro to …

Mobile Marketing Trends – What Is Working Now

Mobile Marketing Trends – What Is Working Now

Mobile marketing is the fastest growing marketing industry of the decade and many believe it is the most effective marketing strategy ever invented including the New York Times, but understanding mobile marketing trends will ensure that you stay on track and get the most for your investment.

67% of Americans Have Used an App – Our Mobile World

Recently, there has been a massive move towards mobile message marketing and while it is still something expensive to make use of sms marketing, there are still many companies that are selling this service and making an excellent income from it. The disadvantage of many of these services is that the sms lists are not geographically targeted and so are not considered to be the ideal solution for local business owners.

An Average of 24 Apps are installed by American SmartPhones users on their phones – Our Mobile World

In order to take advantage of permission based advertising that is geographically targeted, you have to think a little outside of the box and Apps are often the best solution. Apps make use of their integrated messaging facility through the operating system to send totally free of charge messages to each of those people who have downloaded the App. Although this is completely free of charge, the hidden cost is in getting your app downloaded and installed. Americans are increasingly embrocing Apps and their functionality and if you can offer value to their lives, they are likely to install your App.

Over 1/3 of American between the Age of 18-29 have made a purchase through their SmartPhone. – Our Mobile World

The advantage of Apps is that many of the included features of Apps can perform some of that marketing for you. Features such as tell a friend and content creation features such as email photo and fan wall ensuring that your interactive app is easily sent from one person to another and creates content that you can use to market your app through social media sites.

In addition to passing your information onto other customers, you can also include e-commerce in your app making it easy for customers to buy on the run. While it is pre-dominantly the younger generation that is comfortable with mobile purchasing, this trend is growing fast and is an excellent service to offer your clients.

43% of Americans have noticed Ads located in an App on their Smartphones – Our Mobile World

While the advantage for customers to download an app from your business should be about getting quality products at the best possible price and being rewarded for their active participation in populating fields within your app, it is the convenience of one touch computing that is really the reason that many choose to download Apps. One touch call, instant updates, targeted products that are geographically important to them and the limited number of external adverts makes this an excellent tool for both the supplier and the consumer.

Having the tools to take advantage of this exploding industry will ensure that your business is in the forefront of this mobile marketing trend.

Source by Jeanne Michelle Smith

The Burstiness Of Terrorist Chatter When Data Mining Terrorist Communications Considered

The Burstiness Of Terrorist Chatter When Data Mining Terrorist Communications Considered

Does increased "chatter" amongst evil doer bad guy terrorist really indicate an eminent attack of some kind? We hear a lot about this in the global media and from national security consultants and surveillance professionals, but is it really true? Well, it turns out it is, and we know this from hindsight. We also have a pretty good idea when such events will take place based on believe it or not religious holidays, weather, solar storms, economic issues, food shortages, and events made into big deals by the media. All this promises to increase communication and "chatter" and that's part of it.

Still, how do you distinguish from natural spikes of communication, and terrorist "chatter" is the million dollar question. Well, they've figured that out as well. Okay so, let's talk about this shall we?

An interesting paper to read is; "Bursty and Hierarchical Structure in Streams," by Jon Kleinberg and how data mining of emails, research papers in a particular domain or news articles can lead us to find significant "bursts of activity" or a flurry of information or activity on a certain topic in a short period of time. Such tools can signal a population's change in attitude towards a candidate, war effort, or political question of the day. In industry it can also signal upheaval from the norm, or in markets a signal that it's going to be a good day for high frequency trading machines as the VIX or volatility index is ready to come alive.

In many regards these tools and related algorithms can also help us sift through the noise and find an increase in chatter from terrorist elements. Such a flurry of activity pre-leads large scale events, or a barrage of little ones. It also works well for automated systems reading emails coming into a doctors office and catching the intensity, negativity, or pro-status on an issue. Which means it also works pretty damn good on social networks for gauging the minds of the masses.

When a ton of red flags go up in a short proxime of time or there is an unusual uptick in activity between questionable global terrorist network characters, the data mining can alert us to upscale our defenses. If there is activity "across time" from stored data of such characters this too can then be looked at more closely for more clues and a deer dig.

If we look at the bursting activity of news types articles we can easily gauge public perception because people tend to carry opinions of their most read news outlets, thus, if I as a writer was preparing a teleprompter speech for a politician, I'd know exactly where to focus and understanding that "he or they" who control the media, or social network viral topics control the minds of the people. See that point? Data mining thus, in this regard is a no-brainer as well.

Corporations often use such system to data mine text in sentences to help cut down on the large pile of applicants, freeing up time for the Human Resource staff, while ensuring that the most qualified mandates are called in for a second review, the first just being a fancy data mining text algorithm.

Using natural language processing software it turns out we can find out all sorts of things, and when we have flurries of inter-terrorist communication of a specific type, well, we know an attack is eminent, then the question is how to get the pertinent information to preempt. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

Effective Advertising Strategies for Bed and Breakfast Ventures

Effective Advertising Strategies for Bed and Breakfast Ventures

Running a bed and breakfast is a competitive business. You have to stand out to win your crowd. Sticking up a shiny sign by your lot is not going to do it for your venture. You have to take marketing up the notch. Budgeting is always a thing to consider though. You need to place your investments on avenues that are sure to work its magic for you.

Here are a few practical ways in marketing your business.

One custom way to market your bed and breakfast is to get your business signed up for a directory. Your target market would usually refer to these directories when looking for accommodation for their travels. Make sure to feature important aspects of your business like photos of your place, contact information as well as a map or directions. Getting your business on the listing for Google maps works best as well, especially in this technologically dependent generation.

Bring out your creative juices and put a unique charm to your advertising. Sending out simple fliers will not make the cut. You brochures should advertise your business differently from the others. Highlight every feature in your home that you find attractive. Likewise, include them if you have tourist attractions near your location. Consider where you can place them and how far your advertising can reach. Partner up with other business establishments around you. With modern digital printing methods, you can generate several promotional materials in a lower price.

Another strategy to promote your bed and breakfast is through the power of social media and the internet. Social networking has a massive impact in the online market today. Get your advertising up online through setting up a website. You internet presence can pretty much predict how people will respond to your business strategies. Establish a strong and enticing charisma virtually to your viewers online in the same way that you would demonstrate to your paying guests.

You can also set up an online blog that can increase your reach even to the global market. Use clever marketing strategies to attract your target audience to your site.

In general, the answer to better and effective business marketing of your venture is resource management and conscious market target. Before you spend a dollar on printing efforts or registering for a search engine, get to know which works for what and which does not. Learn from the experience of established ventures similar but make sure to add your own unique charm on top of it.

Source by Dexter D. Bradley

Market Research Companies – An Overview

Market Research Companies – An Overview

Most large to big businesses have their own market research teams. These teams not only conduct research themselves, but most often outsource the requests to specialised companies. In the UK alone there are well over 250 market research companies, some operating in small niche markets. This article focusses on some of the most well known market research companies that operate across the globe.


is a global marketing research firm and part of The Nielsen Company. One of ACNielsen’s best known creations is the Nielsen ratings, which measure television, radio and newspaper audiences in their respective media markets. Another market research tool is Homescan where sample members track and report all grocery and retail purchases, allowing purchasing patterns to be related to household demographics.

One of the most common used products is Retail Measurement, a tool that provides continuous tracking of product sales to consumers, based on information gathered at the retail point-of-sale (EPOS data)

Other well known ACN Businesses are BASES, Nielsen Consumer, Nielsen Business Media and Nielsen Online.

Forrester Research is an independent technology and market research company that provides its clients with advice about technology’s impact on business and consumers. It offers a variety of services including syndicated research on technology, quantitative market research on consumer technology adoption and business IT spending, research-based consulting and advisory services. On its website you can find a wide range of free research, options to be alerted on new conducted research as well as of the shelf surveys.

GfK SE is a worldwide market research organisation providing services in five business divisions: Custom Research, Retail and Technology, Consumer Tracking, Media and Healthcare. The Custom Research sector supplies information and consulting services for operational and strategic marketing decisions. Retailer POS data is the source for the Retail and Technology sector. The sector supplies clients with information and consulting services based on retail data from continuous surveys and analyses of sales of technical consumer goods and services in the retail sector. The Media Sector delivers information services on range, intensity and nature of media usage and acceptance. The data source for the Media sector stems from the media (point of media).

Ipsos MORI is the second largest survey research organisation in the UK. The organisation has a freely available archive of opinion polls and public attitude research from 1970 onwards, including trends on its UK website. Ipsos MORI’s Social Research Institute works extensively for UK government and public services, looking at public attitudes to key public services which formed a key part of the UK Government’s domestic agenda in 1997-2005. Social policy, and issues such as identity, social cohesion, physical capital and the impact of place on attitudes are all key themes of the Institute’s work. The company also specialises in Media, Loyalty and Marketing and Advertising Research.

Mintel International Group Ltd is a privately owned, London-based market research firm. Mintel databases, analysis, and forecasts are accessible only to subscribing clients and to students in participating university libraries. Some of its products are: Mintel Beauty Innovation (monitors mass media beauty introductions), Mintel Comperemedia (tracks direct mail and print advertising), Mintel Food & Drink (combines 5 products to deliver actionable market intelligence) and Mintel Menu Insights (tracks items on US restaurant menus). Mintel is mostly known for its reports, which are published online and contain consumer research and analysis.

SymphonyIRI Group (formerly Information Resources, Inc.) is a market research company which provides clients with consumer, shopper, and retail market intelligence and analysis focused on the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. They offer services in the following areas: Market Content (Retail tracking data, convenience store tracking data and consumer panel-based data), Predictive Analytics (Decomposition of the drivers of current business trends and simulation of the effects of changes on future brand plans), Enterprise Performance Management Software (Tools to support faster analysis of market content) and Professional Services / Consulting.

WPP is is the world’s largest communications services group in terms of revenue. Kantar, based in London, was founded in 1993 as the Market Research, Information and Consultancy Division of WPP. It is a network of 13 specialist companies, including:

Research International specialises in qualitative and quantitative custom market research. It has experience in most major sectors, particularly consumer packaged goods, retail, new media, financial services, energy and utilities, technology, the postal sector and telecommunications.

Millward Brown provides qualitative, quantitative and consulting services with respect to brands, marketing communications, media and marketing effectiveness. Millward Brown works across a range of industries and categories, including brand strategy and experience, creative development and campaign evaluation, consumer needs and values, media planning and strategy, return on investment (ROI) and forecasting, and investment management, brand valuation and analytics through its MB Optimor unit. In the UK, Millward Brown currently compiles the Music and Video Charts on behalf of The …

What You Need to Know About B2B Versus B2C Marketing

What You Need to Know About B2B Versus B2C Marketing

When it comes to strategies for your brand/business, content marketing is extremely effective and extremely necessary. The fact is that you won’t get very far without a content marketing strategy. That applies to all businesses, including business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) businesses, although your approach to content marketing will be different between the two. It is essential that you understand the differences so that you can market effectively

Embracing your target audience

When it comes to a content marketing strategy (any content marketing strategy), you need to identify and embrace your target audience before you can put any strategy in place and before you can create goals and milestones for your business. There is actually a preliminary step that you should take before you do anything else, which is that you need to determine and create the persona for your ideal target audience member.

It is important to understand exactly what a B2B and B2C business are all about and what they need.

B2B: The B2B customer is interested in acquiring a product and/or service that will enhance what that particular business is already offering. It is critical that the choice of product and/or service is an appropriate one. After all, the reputation of that business rests on that particular decision (and similar decisions like that one).

B2C: The B2C customer is looking for products and/or services that will affect that individual positively. The potential consequences of a bad choice are not far-reaching in that case. The only person who will be affected by the choice will be the person who has bought the product and/or service.

What results are you hoping to achieve from your content marketing?

Before you develop any content marketing strategy, you should define exactly what you hope to get from your efforts. You may be hoping to get more leads based on your content marketing. If you have a B2C business, you will need to make sure that everyone is aware of your brand.

You will need to make your best effort to engage those people (or, at least, a large percentage of them). After all, you not only want those people to understand how amazing and valuable your offerings are but you also want them to tell other people about your brand so that they can also become loyal to your brand as well.

Getting into the head of your customer

If you are able to figure out not that the other person wants to buy your products and/or services but also why that person wants to buy your products and/or services, you will be one step ahead. One really effective way to achieve this is with the right keywords and key phrases. If you aren’t sure what those are, you can pinpoint them (or at least get a better sense of them) by looking at what your competitors are writing.

If you have a B2B business, identifying issues that are plaguing your target audience is critical to your success. In fact, not only is identifying the issues important but coming up with a solution to the problems is even more critical to your relationship with the other person. In a B2C situation, you will need to figure out exactly what invokes an emotional reaction in the other person (or business owner).

Identifying your unique selling proposition (USP)

Every business must have a USP. It is what makes other people choose to engage with you and to eventually do business with you and to buy what you are selling. It makes other people understand clearly why they should buy from you instead of other business people. After you have identified your USP, you will want to engage people with it.

If you have a B2B business, you will need to present your solution to the problem to demonstrate to the other person why you are who he or she should buy from. If you have a B2C business, it is important for you to keep in mind that that the other person is not merely interested in valuable, educational information. He or she is also (and probably most) interested in getting something from you that will change his or her life for the better in some way.

Figuring out exactly where you are going to share your content marketing materials

Determining exactly where you are going to post your content marketing materials is as important as the quality of your content. If you have a B2B business, your content will be most effective in the form of blogs on your website, as well as syndicating the content to social media channels such as LinkedIn, SlideShare, and YouTube. If you have a B2C business, the popular social networks will probably work most effectively.


There many different types of businesses, some …

How Can Digital Marketing Work for Your Business?

How Can Digital Marketing Work for Your Business?

There is no question that we live in the digital world and from this perspective; it is significant that your business has magnificent presence in the digital space. Internet marketing or digital marketing is the marketing future across the world with full of advantages as compared to traditional marketing. Here are the few reasons why digital marketing is important for every business:

  1. Provides equal opportunity to all kinds of businesses.
  2. More cost effective as compared to traditional Marketing.
  3. Delivers more conversions.
  4. Helps in generating more Revenues.
  5. Facilitates interaction with targeted audience.
  6. Also caters to mobile customers.
  7. It helps in earning people trusts

All these reasons show that digital marketing or digital modes of communication are quicker, result driven and more adaptable. To optimize your business and drive conversions, it is essential to know about all the digital marketing elements, which are as follows:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In the layman’s terms, SEO is a marketing discipline, which focuses on organic (non-paid) visibility on search engines. SEO is not only related to making your website or online presence better for search engines but also about making it better for people. To provide relevant results to its audience, Google regularly updates its algorithms. Because of this regular updates by Google, many experts say that their effort is futile but their results or SEO is dead. However the truth is that Google tries to filter the websites that don’t deserve to be on the top of search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s).

SEO is one of the most cost-effective strategies that will bring organic traffic to your website. So, there is no doubt in investing in SEO work.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

It is the most effective and comprehensive strategy to grow your business and drive more traffic to your website in an increasingly competitive market. With lots of business presence on digital platform and all of them keeping their eyes on the same, it is significant to advertise online, and SEM is one of the best ways to promote or advertise your business. It is done primarily through paid effort, which is why it is also called as Paid Search Marketing.

The SEM domain is diverse and complicated, so on the basis of the structure of your business, you may choose PPC (Pay per Click) or CPM (Cost Per-Thousand Impressions) or CPC (Cost per Click). Google Adwords (Google) and Bing ads (Yahoo) are the most popular platforms for SEM.

Content Creation

Content creation is an effective marketing method and even after the changes in Google’s algorithms like Penguin, Panda or Humming bird update, content is still the most significant metric while measuring the search results. Content can be presented in many ways, such as blogs, e-books, case studies, how to guides, question & answer articles, banners, infographics, images, news updates, videos or content for social media sites.

You can create content on any topic related to your business (if you are creative), and then skillfully link it to your business indirectly. The content should be professional and search engine optimized. It is always better to leave certain things in hands of professionals to achieve success in your business. There are many Content Writing as well as Content Marketing agencies which not only write the content in the professional way but also promote it on digital media to create brand awareness and bring traffic, which in turn convert to your customers.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing uses social networking sites (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) as a tool of promoting websites and bringing traffic towards your business.

The basic goal of SMM is to engage or communicate with the users, increase brand visibility and reach more customers. Having an active Social Media Presence (engage on daily basis) has become an invaluable part to expand your reach, which as a result will build your own reputation and brand.

Mobile Marketing

The consistent use of smartphones in daily life has brought this technique of marketing. This technique would definitely give more exposure to your business as mobile has become an integral part of our life. Mobile marketing can be done in various ways. Some of them are as:

  • App-Based marketing
  • In-Game Mobile Marketing
  • SMS
  • Mobile Search Ads
  • Mobile Image ads

Email Marketing

Emailing is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to advertise your business and products or services as compared to all other digital marketing strategies. Below are some of the reasons how email marketing can help in growth of your business:

  • Email has wider reach
  • Email delivers your communication
  • Email drives conversions
  • Email results in higher ROI(Return on Investment)
  • It is an open platform and will remain there forever

All the above reasons, shows that email marketing is the most effective marketing channel that can help you to connect with …

Maximizing Your Marketing With Data Mining & Retargeting

Maximizing Your Marketing With Data Mining & Retargeting

3 Steps to Not Fear These Marketing Techniques; Embrace Them Instead

From increasing conversations to enhancing the customer experience, all types of companies use data mining and retargeting.

They're very effective marketing techniques, but many consumers view them as creepy rather than creative.

Remember when Facebook was in the news for data mining? Cambridge Analytica created a quiz app to gain access to millions of Facebook user accounts. While both companies claim users technically grie consent by agreeing to the terms, it's accidents like these that make people afraid of data collection.

As a marketer of your own business, you need to be careful not to let data mining and retargeting scare off your target audience … let alone be afraid to use it yourself.

First Things First … What is Data Mining?

Data mining is extracting and analyzing data from a larger set of raw data.

For example, retail stores look at items a customer browsed in order to suggest related products. Mobile providers use data such as customer service interactions to predict who is likely to leave the company (known as 'churn') then target them with incentives to stay.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting, or remarketing, is a technique to bring people who have left your website or mobile app back to it.

This is done by putting a simple Javascript code on your site and when a new visitor arrives, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie. The cookie is stored on the user's computer while they browse, allowing you to 'follow' them online and show them your ads.

Retargeting Examples:

• A tech website displays and ad for the laptop you looked at when on their site, as you move on to read your favorite blog.

• A travel site shows you limited-time discounted flights after you've left their site and moved on to shop for shoes.

By using data mining to retarget interested consumers, businesses can be ultra focused when it comes to serving their target market the most relevant ads.

Retargeted users outperform new users when it comes to engagement and likelihood of buying with the logic being if they were on the website looking at that item, they are more likely to go back and purchase if reminded of it later.

3 Steps for Successful Data Mining & Retargeting

If done correctly these marketing techniques can reduce customer acquisition costs and improve conversions and sales. You should:

1. Be targeted. You can not message everyone in the same way. If someone abandons their cart, they need different messaging than a visitor who landed on the homepage.

2. Build confidence. Whether it's making return policies clear or assuring customers you'll never share their data, generate trust.

3. Go pro. There's much more to data mining and retargeting than I can cover here. Our team can help you build an effective retargeting campaign that gets results!

Source by Susan Friesen

Ezine Advertizing: A Good Alternative When Buying Online Ads

Ezine Advertizing: A Good Alternative When Buying Online Ads

To make money – online or offline – you have to get the word out about your business opportunity. To succeed online you have to do some form of advertising, and a very cost-effective way to reach potential customers, is ezine advertizing. If you didn’t know, ezines are online newsletters, used by website owners to announce updates, share news, and generally to keep in touch and build a relationship with their visitors.

Many ezine owners let other people place ads on their newsletters that they email to their subscribers. Some of them have thousands of subscribers, so these ads have huge exposure potential and can be a good alternative to PPC ads and other forms of buying traffic.

Targeted ezine advertizing is still one of the most effective ways of online marketing. Done correctly lots of people will see your ad, and many of them will click on the link to your site. Ezines that are closest to your business will provide the best result, so obviously you should aim at placing your ads in ezines that are narrowly targeted toward your specific niche.

Ezine ads can have different placement in the newsletter, like

  • Top
  • Middle, or
  • Bottom

They often have different pricing according to the placement. They can also be of different sizes (counted by number of lines), and the price varies accordingly. Then there are Solo Ads, which is the most expensive type of ezine advertizing. As the name implies, this is an ad that is sent out “all alone” to the subscribers of the ezine. It’s a stand-alone ad, with no other content, so it’s like a special issue of an ezine highlighting your offer or promotion.

Before placing your ad in a specific ezine, it’s a good idea to subscribe to that ezine to see how it looks like. Read through a few issues to get the feel of its style to make sure it is targeted to your audience, and see how other people’s ads look like. To find ezines in your niche in which to advertise, do a Google search for your ‘keyword + ezine’, or ‘keyword + ezine advertising’ or something like that. There are lots of ezine owners selling ad space, so you shouldn’t have problems finding some.

Also, there are several ezine advertizing directories, which makes it easy for anybody to use this advertising strategy. Here are a few other points to consider when buying ezine ads:

  • The topic of the ezine must be closely related to your business
  • Use strong ad copy with a catchy headline; avoid hype
  • Weigh cost against exposure
  • Take advice from the ezine owner (who knows the audience)
  • Subscribe to the ezine to see your ad “live”
  • Shop around (or use ezine directories) to find good, relevant ezines
  • Test ads if possible (send to only a small part of the subscribers)
  • Send several ads with same offer to the same audience (follow-up ads)

It’s a well-known fact that most people need to be exposed several times to a message before they take action. An alternative to sending follow-up ezine ads to the same audience, is to create your own email list. Many readers of your ezine ad will click through to your website without buying anything. If you can get these on your email list, you can follow them up later.

To succeed in business you have to get your message out, and ezine advertizing is definitely a good alternative to other forms of advertising.

Source by Kanute Fleming

What Every Business Owner Must Know About Digital Marketing

What Every Business Owner Must Know About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing / Online Marketing are one of the most used terms of the industry today. However, it is sadly just a bunch of jargon for most of the people who hear it and use it to convey their mind. What exactly is digital marketing and what part of it is essential for today’s business person? We’re here to break it down for you in the simplest words possible.

Online Marketing is simply marketing of your product or service onto digital platforms so as to hold onto your loyal consumers as well as increase your reach to new potential target audience swiftly.

That is it. That is what Online marketing is. There are some further questions that need attention to solve your confusion; such as:

Is digital marketing the same as social media marketing?

The answer is yes. Digital / Internet marketing is a wider concept as compared to social media marketing in the sense that, all social media platforms are available digitally i.e. via the internet. However, there are other platforms that come under digital marketing other than social media marketing.

What are the concepts and platforms of digital marketing?

The search engines that we use to search our queries and requirements are in themselves a humongous platform for online marketing. This concept is called “Search Engine Marketing” or SEM.

Search Engine Marketing is marketing of your product on search engines such as Google and Bing by Yahoo. This platform is of utmost importance for businesses that are into a B2B industry.

Another concept that comes under the wing of digital marketing is “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a way of developing your website’s content in a way that allows the search engine’s algorithm to crawl and test your website efficiently. It is a way to get higher rankings in the search results on the search engine; helping us to have a better hand at SEM.

SEO is a primary necessity of any and every website owner as it helps you stand out among the sea of websites we see today.

Social Media Marketing is a concept that comprises of campaigns designed to market your product or service on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. SMM is a great tool when it comes to products that have a B2C segment.

There is an interesting concept called Re-marketing in Internet marketing which enables us to reach out to the potential consumer base multiple times. It can be seen as following your consumer on various platforms, websites and showing your personalized ad copy to them so as to keep reminding them about their visit to your website.

This also enables us to work on another factor called Consumer Lifetime Value wherein we can increase our reach to existing customers and improve our ROI from these consumers through various practices such as Email Marketing, Re-marketing, Paid Ad campaigns, RSS Feeds etc.

However, for a great digital / Internet marketing experience, a campaign needs to be developed using all the above mentioned platforms.

How is digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing is cost effective in terms of better reach and results.

Internet Marketing lets you target specific audience based upon demographics, interest and devices.

Internet Marketing gives us factual data that can be statistically analysed. For instance, if a hoarding is marketing your product, you have no clue how many people saw the hoarding, read the content and actually became customers because of that hoarding. However, in Digital marketing, say we run a campaign marketing the same product, we can analyse the data produced by different marketing platforms that can show us how many people saw the product, how many actually became consumers and which consumers came via which of the used platforms. This allows us to find glitches in our campaign and work on it to make it even more action driven.

But then should traditional marketing be stopped completely?

Of course not! Traditional marketing, in fact, paired with digital marketing can give results superior than just traditional or digital marketing.

However, one thing that people mistake about digital marketing is that it can be done for free. It is true to an extent; however, to get the best results, digital marketing needs to have an independent budget. Money must be set aside to be able to exploit all the opportunities that digital marketing has to offer to your business and its glorious future.

Source by Vinod Mohite

Advantages of Healthcare IT Solutions

Advantages of Healthcare IT Solutions

The healthcare industry has grown massively in the last decade. This sector continues to be dynamic in both policies and data. Therefore traditional means of managing this massive data is simply impossible.

Today, it is mandatory for all healthcare institutions to partner with Healthcare IT Solution providers to create a transparent and reliable platform that is patient-centric. IT companies provide solutions that are easy to implement. These solutions are also compatible with the changing nature of the policies in the healthcare sector.

The benefits of a good healthcare system are many. These solutions are beneficial to the payers, providers, care management organizations, pharmas and also government health organizations.

The advantages of Healthcare IT solutions include:

· An interactive platform for payers and providers: The interactions between the healthcare providers and the payers are transparent and simplified. Benefits coordination, alerts, notifications, appointment scheduling, digitization of medical records and other features allow a better relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient.

· Easy integration with Third Party Data Management Systems: Information exchange becomes simple with solutions that allow integration with Third Party Health Care record systems and also Health Exchanges. With this facility, support is provided for Remote Health Monitoring as well as Home Based Care.

· Mobility: With the digitization of data, mobility is extremely important. Healthcare IT solutions allow easy integration with m-health and health devices.

· Easy access to data: A dedicated Health Cloud provides a secure system for data and content management. Enrollees gain access to several health care services across the globe while complete security of all data is ensured. The built-in Health Risk Assessment and Diagnosis Decision Support system along with several other Health tools makes healthcare more effective and reliable.

· Faster processes: Exchange of data is much faster. In addition to that, processes like claims management and payments become sooner with the digitization of all the data and third-party integration.

· Fraud management: By easing the processes of payments and claims management, frauds are averted. Real-time transactions also allow detection of any real-time fraud immediately.

· Patient Centric Platforms: These IT healthcare solutions are patient-centric. This means that the data is provided by the patient to ensure better community presence and engagement.

There is an option of several novel technologies such as video conferencing and telemedicine services. With this, the vast healthcare industry becomes better connected. The result of this is better communication between several health care providers, accurate healthcare solutions based on the reports of each individual and also a more open relationship between the payer and the provider.

Source by Carlodanie Jenne

Track Your Advertising With Call Tracking

Track Your Advertising With Call Tracking

Advertising is one of the most important tools in business these days. With the help of advertising you can reach out to your prospective customers. One of the benefits of advertising is that you can reach out to a lot of customers at the same time. When you decide to advertise about your company you should consider certain things.

Advertising tracking is one of the most important ways to monitor the performance of your company. You can take the decisions regarding your advertisement only if you track them properly.

Without you find out the results you would not be able to take proper decisions to promote your product service. If you do not track your advertisements properly then you are simply wasting your money as well as time.

There are various tools available these days which can be used for the tracking. You may be aware of call tracking which is one of the most popular tools available these days. You can track your advertising with the help of this tool.

This software has been doing the round since the nineties and has been gaining popularity quite quickly due to the wonderful service it offers. If you own a business then it's quite important to advertise for it. You should also find out ways to track your ROI so that it helps you company to make more profit.

The call tracking software can provide a company with necessary statistics so that they can invest properly and wisely and the end of the day it can increase their profit. With the help of this tool you can retrieve lots of information with just a single click.

You can redeem the customer's name, advertising source and phone number. You will also have access to the pre recorded calls. Once you create an account you are provided with a toll free number for all the advertising campaigns. This tool will track as well as record each and every call made from the website.

To track your advertisement you can track the calls through various companies which offer these services. Ad tracking will help you monitor the performance of your brand in the current market conditions.

Ad tracking is one of the best ways to make sure that your works are being rewarded. There are lots of people who have different kinds of questions in their mind regarding the tracking of calls. They are interested to know whether this tool can help the company make lots of money.

The answer is actually yes. A company which has more than one advertising campaigns must always use this tool to find out the return on investment. With the help of the internet, tracking has become easy these days.

To track your advertising you need to make sure that the calls are answered correctly and also make sure that the system does not miss any kind of emails. If you choose the best company for tracking your ads then you will also get analytics and reports about the advertising campaign of your company.

Source by Silas Reed

Global Market Research

Global Market Research

Global marketing has become a fact of life. Local companies are affected by global ones, understanding the global market is a must. Firms are going beyond geographical geographical boundaries to take advantage of resources they do not have in their countries. Understanding these diverse markets is a must and it is done through global market analysis. Conducting research in these countries is hard, so it is better to get research done by a local firm. Marketing and research go hand in hand now, previously the market analysis department did not have a say in decision making but now, and they play a major role. They help in predicting trends in the market.

Importance of Market Research

Market research is very important; it helps companies to tailor their messages to their targeted audience and helps the organization to perform better. Research can measure the reputation of a company among consumers, governmental officials and the academic community. Mathematical models are used to estimate the failure or success of a product. Research helps in getting consumer reaction to products that are already being sold by the company or even a product that is at a conceptual stage. Research can tell a marketing company what flavor or color the appearances most to the consumer. Target audiences can be set accurately and positioned in the right market. Research can prove whether your advertisement communicates what it was intended to be.

The major steps involved in market research are:

• Defining the market research problem
• Formulation of Research design
• Analysis of secondary data
• Development of a questionnaire
• Collection of primary data
• Data Analysis
• Preparation and Presentation of report

Phases of Global Market Research

These is in general for global market analysis with more steps. International Marketing Research design has 5 major phases

• Phase 1: Deciding whether to internationalise- Assessing the demand for the company's products or services
• Phase 2: Deciding on markets to enter- Understanding their local competition and the potential of the product
• Phase 3: Market entry strategies- Understanding the competitors strategy
• Phase 4: Designing the international marketing mix, the 7 Ps- Understanding the behavior of the consumer, SWOT analysis, and deciding on the media mix
• Phase 5: Implementation of plan in international market- Final implementation and analysis of performance.

Acquiring secondary data is a must; this gives a clear background as to how the process of research takes place. Other companies would have also done market research in these global markets. By reading these works of market researchers can design their analysis work. At the end of the research work, companies usually list out the drawbacks of the research or the challenges that are faced during the implementation phase.

Primary research must be done when the agency is not able to acquire enough or reliable information. Collecting primary data takes more time and money consuming. Designing a primary data collection is a must and the right collection technique to collect data. Some of the popular methods of data collection for global market analysis include:

• Observational and Tracking Methods
• Focus Group Interviews
• In-depth interviews
• Action Research
• Survey and Questionnaires
• Experiment
• Psychological or Psychographic approach 2

Global market analysis is very important and companies that have knowledge about global markets must be selected, so that data obtained is accurate. Market research allows marketing agencies to tailor their message or product accurately in the right country at the right time. Geographic boundaries have more differences, in terms of weather, culture, religion and language. The product or service should be positioned in a market where it is profitable.

Source by Rodney Smith Wincaster