Niche Marketing – The Cornerstone and Key Ingredient For a Successful Marketing Plan

Niche Marketing – The Cornerstone and Key Ingredient For a Successful Marketing Plan


There's a lot of talk about niche marketing, and how it can create an effective method for driving traffic and business to one's web site. It is, in fact, one of the main cornerstones for internet marketing that every online guru knows, and utilizes for successful and highly profitable results.

Niche marketing is NOT the practice of finding some obscure topic or area, and trying to promote it. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Niche marketing can address a very popular topic or need. The stress and keynote to niche marketing is in its focus. Exactly what it is that you, the marketer, are pinpointing on and focusing your attentions on. It is answering a specific need, want or desire that the specific public you wish to attract, wants to address.

Niche marketing does involve focusing on a more exact topic, rather than a more expansive or generalized genre. Rather than choosing the topic of baseball, go for a more exact focus, and zero in on Yankee memorabilia. You may even want to take it a step further and niche market down to Yankee pitchers memorabilia. Do not think that by narrowing the topic, you are eliminating traffic. In fact, the exact opposite happens. When combined with powerful keywords, that highlight your specific niche, you are actually eliminating a lot of your competition, and your Google or yahoo search results can make you one of a few thousand or, if you have the right keywords, even a few dozen , choices.

Niche marketing is the practice of separating yourself from the mob. You are actually looking to attract and speak to those people who are SPECIFICALLY looking for YOU, and what you have to offer and / or say. To go back to that Yankee example, you may have great Yankee memorabilia products, that a real Yankee fan would die for, but if a Red Sox fan is looking at your site, you're more than likely going to strike out.

Niche marketing does cater to large audiences. The reality is, these audiences are people who are interested in exactly what you are offering, and is not that the perfect customer and prospect you want to talk to?

Focus your website and find your special niche.

See you at the top!


Source by Jerry Robkoff

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