Internet Marketers – Review of Mike Filsaime

Internet Marketers – Review of Mike Filsaime


Where is Mike Filsaime from?

Mike was born and raised on Long Island which is in the state New York. He loves Long Island because there are four distinct seasons. Summer to winter and they have the beach and are able to go far north and see the mountains. He invites summer time because he can drive out to the Hampton's and Montauk Point, or shoot the other way and see a Broadway play in Manhattan. He loves sports to include golf, racquetball, floor ball, and Rock Band which is on Xbox 360. He has married with no children, but has 5 cats.

What is Mike Filsaims background?

Mike worked in the retail business for several years (14) trying to make other people money. Once he decided that he would pursue online marketing fulltime he had achieved greater wealth online than was ever dreamed possible. Online marketing has made him an internet Millionaire in just 3 short years. His business has grown from a spare bedroom to a 2nd new office and a staff of 36 people that help me run over 50 websites. The most important thing at this point is his quality of life. A nice income makes it easier to have a great quality of life, but if you leave no time to enjoy it then you could be worse off than when you started.

What are Mike's plans?

Mike Filsaime has retired from public speaking at this present time to focus more on his business while in the office rather than on the road, but credits much of his success to speaking to so many over 2 years. Mike did over $ 10 Million is sales in 2005 – 2007 and will do over $ 10 Million Dollars in sales in 2008 alone. He envisions growing a $ 100 million dollar company in the years to come and is hoping to bring people along with him as he mentors people and show them what he has done so they can do the same on their journeys to financial success.

In conclusion Mike Filsaime is a great internet marketer mentor that wants and desires to help others achieve what he has achieved over the last few years. Look around the internet to find what works for you and do that until you succeed then try something else that working.


Source by John Fagan Jr.

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