How to Make Money Online Fast With Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money Online Fast With Affiliate Marketing


One of the main problems new affiliate marketers face is information overload. Because there is so much information coming at us every day through our inboxes, it is easy to become distracted and get swept up in the next big product launch.

(7) Affiliate Marketing Power Tips:

1. Determine your outcome before you begin. Know your outcome specifically and write it down. Map out your plan in detail.

2. Only promote hot products that are selling already. It is no use promoting products that no one is searching for. Promote products that are already in very high demand. Aim to take a slice of the pie that is really there for the taking. Don’t chase imaginary pies.

3. Know the numbers. Know how much affiliate commission you will receive for every sale. Write down how many sales you intend (or aim) to make and exactly how you intend getting the traffic to achieve those sales.

4. If you are buying traffic with AdWords or other PPC alternatives, determine the maximum you can afford to pay per click to be profitable and stay beneath that amount. Always test carefully first. You need to have at least 200 visitors to your page to get valid test data. Begin by working on getting one sale every 200 clicks.

5. Be different and creative in your reviews or presells. Aim to present a fresh angle of a product that other marketers don’t seem to be noticing. Your angle may be the angle that encourages the potential buyer to buy.

6. Don’t follow too many ‘gurus’. Model yourself on one or two successful people and do what they do. Adopt their drivers – remain focused and measure your results. Have one or two mentors at the very maximum.

7. Build your own email list. Always give yourself a chance to capture names and email addresses before you send a visitor to a merchant’s sales page – entice them with a valuable gift, perhaps a free exclusive 3 to 5 page report you have written. Give yourself a chance to be able to offer subscribers (your subscribers) great products again in the future.


Source by Dean Kendall

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