How to Increase Your Email Conversion Rate by 125% Or More Using Listjoe

How to Increase Your Email Conversion Rate by 125% Or More Using Listjoe


Note: while this article is about Listjoe, it’s really about email marketing in general. The following secrets can be applied to any network marketing or home-based business opportunity marketing campaign.

So… something has been burning a hole in my head lately. I’m on a list called Listjoe – an email list wherein you click links in order to earn credits which in turn enable you to send out your own marketing message to other Listjoe members. It’s a pretty cool system.

Yet lots of folks haven’t finessed this great tool and used it to it’s maximum capacity.

The techniques I’m about to share with you have been responsible for increasing my conversion rates from emails by a whopping 125% – EASY steps you can use TODAY (not 6 months from now as it turns out with other marketing systems) to increase your conversions. This can happen overnight, I’m serious.

So without further delay, here are the tips:

1) When you craft your email, don’t make it too long. Keep it brief. You have to keep in mind that Listjoe members are receiving tons of emails per day, and who has time to read them all in depth? It is not necessary to write a thesis. Just tell them “here is what I have, this is how it will benefit you and here is where you go to get it” (Frank Kern taught me that nifty little marketing gem).

Also keep in mind that most Listjoe members are just going to click your credit link anyway, so why burden them with vast amounts of text? Keep it short and direct.

2) Don’t cram your email with tons of links to your various (or even ONE) site. In tandem with #1 above, nobody is going to click on dozens of links in your Listjoe email. Nobody has the time or interest. They’re here to earn credits and market their stuff. Why would they want to click on a virtual tome of links leading to a void in cyberspace?

The only exception to this would be if you want to split test something in your email. You could have a website link going to a specific article and track it (using other tracking features like Hypertracker) in conjunction with Listjoe’s automatic tracking. But by and large, avoid putting more than 2 links in your emails. The credit link is sufficient.

3) MAKE SURE YOUR WEBSITE IS WORKING. This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many times I’ve come across this. I’ve seen “Your cookies aren’t enabled” and “Server Is Busy” and “Internal Server Error” or the dreaded “404 Page Not Found” error on DOZENS of pages. It’s a waste of your money and time! Make sure the website is working BEFORE you send out your Listjoe email!

4) Related to #3 above is – if your website has been acting funny all week long or giving you errors recently, hold off on sending your email out. Wait until the issue is completely resolved and THEN click send.

5) Make sure you have typed the CORRECT LINK into your Listjoe campaign. Double-check it, triple-check it. If you don’t, you are prone to suffer the perils of #3 above.

6) Work on your headlines. This is a more advance method and is at the heart of how I increased my conversion by that whopping 125%, but essentially… most of the campaigns out there just seem to melt into one another, because everyone is taking the same approach. “NEW Launch! Jump Aboard!” and “Buy My Stuff!” and “This Is Your Chance!”


This is an entire topic unto itself (look around my blog here), but basically, you need to stand apart and be different from the rest of the screaming marketers out there. Sometimes screaming isn’t the answer. The answer is in providing quality and value to your readers in the form of “How to” or conveying an immediate benefit to them.

I will go much more into detail on this crucial point. Your headline is everything. Stick around and peruse this blog. I’ll update my next few blog posts on headlines and congruent subject matter.

7) Related to #6 – Be different in a way nobody else has been different. For example, myself. I don’t know of anyone else out there who has created a video and article on how to increase your listjoe conversion rate by 125%. This is especially unusual on a list of marketers (listjoe) where everyone is trying to cram their product down each other’s throats. Provide value FOR FREE (as I’m doing) in a powerfully unique way and you’ll stand out. It takes some forethought and brainstorming to do this but will be well worth the time invested.

8) Check your spelling. Sorry if that seems a bit elementary, but again, it’s a common trend in many of the websites I visit. Misspellings galore make you look unprofessional and undistinguished. ‘Nuff said.

BONUS tip: these tips all work on nearly EVERY email campaign you can imagine. Re-read them and see how it applies to your own email marketing efforts.

BONUS tip: Think of the mentality of your crowd. I, for example, sat for a few minutes and thought about the Listjoe member mentality before sending out my winning email (the 125% conversion increase one). Think about the psychological profile and craft your headlines and email message on that. Your results will be amazing.

There is actually more to what I’ve listed (and recorded) here. For further updates, look forward to my other emails in the series you subscribed to. If you haven’t subscribed, do so below.


Source by Wolf Benedict

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