How To Get FREE Publicity For Your Drop Ship Products

How To Get FREE Publicity For Your Drop Ship Products


For many online business owners getting customers can be a daunting task. This is a real problem that has plagued the online business world for years. After all, if you are in business you will need to invest in paying for ads in magazines and online if you want to get any customers, right? Wrong!

I am going to show you how you can get your drop ship products featured in countless national magazines for free.

Have you ever heard of new product announcements? A new product announcement is where an editor of a magazine will feature your drop ship product for free in their publication. In this new products section the editors will include a brief description about the product, the picture of the product, and your contact information (usually your website and phone number). With a free ad in a national magazine you can easily explode your sales quickly.

But keep in mind that you cannot just submit any product to any magazine and get great results. This is where some savvy marketing comes into play.

First of all you must target the right magazines for the product you are promoting. Let’s just say for example you are selling a novelty motorcycle lamp and you know that if you could get the word out about this item it would be a huge hit. Well what do you do? You are going to contact the editors of motorcycle magazines about your product. It is important to understand that you must find the right target markets for your products. If you sell an item for brides you will want to target bridal magazines, if you have an item for pets such as a pet bed you will want to contact pet magazines. You do not want to do a shot gun approach where you submit your release to every possible magazine category and hope something will stick. Keep focused on a specific target market and you will be very successful.

Next be sure to get your drop ship supplier’s permission to send out a new product announcement. Why do you need your supplier’s permission? Because not every supplier is willing to let you promote their products for them through the use of publicity and if the product is brand name specific you will not be able to promote the item at all. The problem with name brand products is that you do not have nor will ever receive permission to promote the products through the use of free publicity, only the owner of the product can do that, which puts you at a huge disadvantage for making any money selling these types of products on the web.

You want to stick with items that are non-branded. Also keep in mind that the supplier may decide to do the publicity themselves especially if they are also retailing their own products.

It is best to find suppliers who DO NOT sell to the public, but only to their distributors for this very reason. After all it is pretty hard to compete against your own supplier and if the supplier is not willing to allow you to do publicity you may want to think about moving on to a supplier who is easier to work with and won’t try to be your competition.

Now most suppliers only deal directly with their distributors and do not sell to the public. Because they don’t sell to the public they encourage their distributors to promote through advertising and through the use of powerful marketing techniques such as publicity. Now most suppliers will jump at the opportunity for you to use publicity to drum up sales. But first you must get your supplier’s permission before you go forward. Here is what you do.

All you will need to do is send an email to your supplier and ask them if you can have their permission to promote their products through the use of free publicity. It is important to point out the win-win situation, that when you get orders they get orders. It is simply a no-brainer. Most will not have a problem with this and in fact they will encourage it.

Using this powerful marketing technique can catapult your business from a lack of customers to an explosion of customers almost over night. Remember it is important to target the best magazines for your drop ship product and be sure to get your supplier’s permission before you submit the new product announcement to the magazines.


Source by D. Maculan

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