Finding the Perfect First Car

Finding the Perfect First Car

Whether purchasing that first car after graduation, for a child going off to college, or just to have as a second car for the family, no one wants to spend a small fortune or get something that that will be expensive to insure and maintain. The goal is to find a well-built vehicle that will suit the needs, last a long time, and be reliable. A vehicle that is not expensive to purchase, is comfortable, and will keep driver and passengers safe.

Explore Unexpected Options

Small cars made for every day purposes have been manufactured across the pond for decades. They did not catch on in this country because people are used to excess. That is why the functional smart car is no longer manufactured for sale here. One cost-effective vehicle which has been re-designed for 2018 is the skoda fabia.

What this Hatchback Offers

The equipment that comes standard is better than other vehicles in the same class. The new design includes active safety technology which is excellent for a new driver. There will be no drag racing or excessive speed on the part of your teenage driver in this car. There are four different engines from which to choose with none over three-cylinders. There is no diesel option because very few were sold in previous models.

The interior is spacious and has enough head and leg room for two or three adults to fit comfortably in the back seat. Unique touches include an umbrella under the passenger seat, a 6.5-inch infotainment system screen and Bluetooth capability standard. A waste bin in the pocket of one door and mesh compartments on either side of the front seats helps to keep the interior organized and clean. Parking sensors are also standard.

The Look

The Czech manufacturer is owned by Volkswagen and has VW engines which run smoothly. The exterior is not sporty or flashy but is stylish and available in several colors. This is the type of model that is built and purchased for its low-cost, comfort, and reliability. Place it on the short list of vehicles to check out before making any decisions.

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