Email Marketing – More Exposure, More Customers

Email Marketing – More Exposure, More Customers


The biggest battle everyone faces in the email marketing game is getting the readers attention. While this is the biggest battle, it is almost the most important and one that need to be won in order to succeed. If you are not able to get your company to be considered when a buying decision is being made, you will be left out. The internet has changed many things in marketing, but the principal of repeated exposure is still what it takes to get a customer to say "yes" and purchase your product.

The use of autoresponders has increased to get multiple exposures to your company or product prior to a sale. These autoresponders generate emails to your customers to keep you in their mind. This is a powerful way to keep your company out in front when a buying decision is ready to be made. Regular use of this method has shown good successes.

A major consideration when using autoresponders is to make sure you have the correct targeted contact list. While it is not important how many emails messages are sent out, it is more important how many were actually read. If they are all discard and unread, your marketing will be a failure. Opt-in for a free gift is different that opt-in for a quality newsletter and the expectation of frequent contact from you. The more contact you make the better a chance for more sales.

You should always look towards managing your customer's expectations and ensuring you can fulfill your part. You could benefit from multiple contact lists for different autoresponder messages. You can also build different campaigns to the different needs of your customer base. Content of your marketing needs to match the interest of your customers. This might sound obvious, but too often marketers try the one size fits all approach, which can loose as many customers and they bring in.

You must keep in mind that your customers only need one click to move away from your site. If they do not understand or like what or the way you are presenting your information they can be gone, possibly forever. You need to do whatever you can to keep them interested and coming back from more. You need your web site to meet there needs and to be thought of whenever a question about your area of ​​expertise comes to mind. If you are ready to fill their needs, you will get the return visitor.

The subject of your opening emails need to be interesting and takes on a special role. Your subject is what will get your email opened and read. If your subject does not catch the reader's attention, the email will be put as or sent to the trash can unread. You need to move away from what worked in the past, such as limited time offer, time sensitive material and other titles like these. They are worked and now often ignored. Try something different and catchy.

Finally, make sure you test your emails with different variations. A new title or content is a good start. Send out different version to a limited number of people and see which works better. Continue to test and make improvements. Those that do not adapt and change will most likely not see improvement in sale, which is the goal of any marketing campaign.


Source by George Franklin

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