Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for NPDES Programs

Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for NPDES Programs


The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System provides that each large corporation, new development, city, county and state agency have a plan to prevent pollution into storm drains. But this is often not enough because private citizens at their homes also tend to allow debris and chemicals or soaps to flow into the storm drains.

It additionally, there are mobile businesses, which often also pollute and allow things to go into the storm drains; non-point source discharges. To help educate the citizen and businesses it makes sense to use direct mail and direct mail marketing to promote NPDES programs. This will reinforce people’s decision to do something about pollution, but if we do not educate people they will continue to pollute and think it is no big deal.

Consider if you will a person washing their car in their driveway allowing soapy suds to go into the gutter and down into the storm drain. They probably think this is no big deal and one or two people doing this really is not a big deal. But if 20,000 people in a city do this then it is a big deal for the local wildlife which rely on the rivers and streams where the water flows to.

By reminding citizens that is their responsibility to help clean the water and prevent pollution and let them understand the issues regarding The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System and what the EPA is doing to prevent pollution will help reinforce the need of each and every person in our society and civilization. Direct mail marketing works very good for this purpose. I hope you will consider this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow

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