Article Marketing Golden Rule: How To Have An Attention-Grabbing Article

Article Marketing Golden Rule: How To Have An Attention-Grabbing Article


Article marketing is the favorite search engine optimization (SEO) method used by most online marketers. It is highly effective, easy-to-use, and doesn’t require any monetary investment, that is why this strategy is recommended among new players in the online marketing industry.

However, the more people using this method, the more intense the competition becomes. That is why online marketers are exploring tips and tactics to make their article marketing campaign stand out among the rest.

Since the thing that fuels the campaign is the article, one must effectively modify their materials to make it more appealing to the online users in order to gain more traffic as well as to optimize the website on top search engine services. Thus, here are the basic guidelines in creating your content article to make it attractive to readers:

  1. Title is the first thing that appears on the content; it gives the initial impression of what the readers’ might come across. So, your article must initially tell what the topic is about. Make it witty to automatically stir the curiosity of the online readers. And also, keep the length of your title to the 75-character limit.
  2. Lead is what appears right after the title, and both the title and the lead are what appear on search result pages. So, you must also make it short yet informative by providing a glimpse on what the article is all about.
  3. Maintain the creativity throughout the article body in order to keep the interest of your readers. Now is the time to pour all your creative juices and put your mind into work in coming up with witty phrases to produce interesting articles.
  4. Yet, it is important to maintain over-all quality of your article to make it look professional. Make sure that your write-up is well articulated and the valuable details are properly presented with correct grammar and sentence construction.
  5. Also maintain the consistency of your tone and avoid going to different topics without proper diversion as it will only confuse your readers. As much as possible, discuss about a particular topic on one article and talk about the others on your further write-ups, this will also help you in generating greater quantity of articles.
  6. To make it more appealing, provide useful details so people will find your material worth the read. Be playful and at the same time informative to make it stand among the rest of the competitors.
  7. And lastly, be succinct; provide the information needed yet be short and concise with your discussion. Be straightforward; avoid beating around the bush as it will only lose the focus of your readers that they may cut off the reading.


Source by Jason Nyback

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