Advertising Balloons in the United Kingdom

Advertising Balloons in the United Kingdom


Getting the attention of the customer is the only way a company can survive. Since there are other brands competitive, it is important to advertise in order to gain leverage over the others.

A company can spend a lot of money on television, radio or the billboards but if there is not enough money in the budget it is best to use advertising balloons instead. The practice of using this in the United Kingdom is almost the same as in the United States.

The firm can choose to use inflatables or get those that are powered using helium. Most of the companies in the United Kingdom go to a firm that will make a design or use an existing one and get that ad in the air. An experienced pilot will fly one of these as well as take some riders who will like to come on board.

The standard shape of the balloon is always there. If people want a different touch, this can be shaped into a soda can, a strawberry or a famous cartoon character that can really make people look up and be sold on the ad.

The cost of an advertising balloon for really big ones is divided into three parts.

The first will be the construction costs that will come from the manufacturer. This will on the design and specifications given by the client.

The second is the operation of the balloon. Some people will just want to tie this on the roof of the office.

The third is called balloon public relations where someone experienced flies around the city.

If the company does not have the money for this, there are other options. These people can settle for the inflatables that are powered by large fans. Again a design has to be chosen before it can be delivered.

The difference between an inflatable and a balloon is that these can not float in the air. The fan is what keeps this on the ground and will just wave from one direction to the next depending on the direction of the wind.

Advertising is the only way to launch a product or create awareness in the market. If people do not have a lot of money but need to advertise, using a balloon is the best way to go. These are easy to make and maintain enabling the company to make a new one after a few months.


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