Advantages of Internet Advertising

Advantages of Internet Advertising


As an SME looking to gather more awareness for your business, advertising and branding is important. The advantages of internet advertising is extremely high. When people are searching for a service to benefit their lives, the 1st thing they would do is to use a search engine and look for the service closest to them. Its common to be earning 40,000% profit just by using online advertising for an offline business. Before we go into that, lets take a look at other forms of advertising.

1) Word of mouth

Free and Viral, when people start spreading the news of your service, you get free publicity.

2) News Editors

Contributing articles to your local news editor on topics which are hot. Editors are constantly looking for good articles or news for their readers. So if you can offer a product of service, something of value to the masses that is current and will garner readership, they will do a story on you.

3) Participating in groups and marketing your service to that particular group

Google Groups, Theme based forums such as golf. So if you're a golf coach, head for the golf forums.

4) Traditional TV and Radio advertising

This is mainly for the larger companies dealing in mass consumer products. Insurance, Food, Health products, Cosmetics.

5) Buying Ads in Magazines with tight themes

Examples include Fashion magazines, Body building magazines, car magazines.

6) Newspaper advertisements

Classified Ads are a common place to advertise. Other areas to advertise in are the money section where there are reports on how to make money through investing, insurance, money management etc. Many investors turned traineders like to advertise in these areas to a tight targeted audience.

7) Internet Advertising

Very simple and affordable for SMEs. 1st you'll need to have a website that's able to gather leads and even better be able to process sales. Just hire a web designer at A good website would be able to convert customers or simply let them know how to find you. Instant traffic can then be generated simply by placing Ads on Search Engines such as Google. Many times for my own business, I like to generate instant traffic for quick returns, then followed by long term traffic generation strategies. Why? Simple, with Adwords, I can understand which keywords are converting and further SEO my site for these Buyer keywords.

Some specialists actually advertise their services using Adwords. I remember clicking on an ad which i know cost only $ 0.10 because it was extremely targeted and focused. The clinic charged me $ 400 for service. Best of all, the advertiser does not pay any advertising cost, until someone clicks on the Ad. which is why Search engine advertising is so profitable. Its costs pennies as compared to Magazine, Newspaper, TV advertising and yet the ROI is so incredibly high.

The advantages of internet advertising will greatly benefit your bottom line.


Source by Sherman Choo

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