5 Fundamental Reasons Internet Marketers Fail

5 Fundamental Reasons Internet Marketers Fail


So many people get into Internet Marketing believing it’s an easy way to make money. If you have done any research on the subject, you may have been convinced by all the ‘hype’ out there about making thousands of dollars in a matter of days, weeks or months. In reality, very few are succeeding. Some estimate that 95% of new internet marketing businesses fail within the first 3 months.

WOW! That’s huge. Why? Isn’t it supposed to be easy? Well, it can be – IF you know how. There are any number of reasons people fail in this business, but what are the main things that contribute to the high failure rate? Maybe they don’t have the RECIPE needed to bake the successful Internet Business cake?


Have you seen all those sales pages like ‘How I made $7,698.00 in 3 hours’ etc etc …??? Have you then rushed in and bought the product being promoted, that supposedly ‘tells all’ and will show you exactly how to do it yourself? I would estimate at least 75% of you have done that at least once. Am I right? You bet! Otherwise, the marketers selling those products wouldn’t have made those huge dollars in the first place!

Think about it. If you have bought just one of those products, then YOU are the reason they made that money, along with others just like you. Sadly, in a desperate effort to learn HOW to make money online, you are making other marketers rich!


Another reason people fail to make any money or very little, is simply a lack of REAL knowledge. When we buy the ‘How I did it’ products, we may learn a couple of things about how others have done it, but what you don’t learn, are the FUNDAMENTAL things that get the dollars rolling in. There are things that other marketers just don’t teach you. They are selling you a product about ONE TECHNIQUE they are using, not the WHOLE PROCESS.


Choosing the RIGHT way to begin the journey with internet marketing can be a huge hurdle for a lot of people. The Internet reaches people world-wide, right? So why, with all those potential customers out there, can’t you just put up a website, add lots of valuable content, and get sale after sale? It’s probably because there are literally MILLIONS of other people doing exactly the same thing. Your competition is HUGE. If you want to succeed in this type of market, you NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO START! You need to know HOW to market to such a massive audience. It’s an entirely different mind-set to what you are probably using.


New internet marketers tend to fall into what I would call ‘Technique Overload’. This is such an easy trap to fall into. With all the information gathering, ebooks and other product purchases, getting overloaded with different techniques that ‘might be’ the next best thing to making millions online, is almost inevitable. When you don’t understand the basic principles to establishing an online business, nothing works like you were told it should. Self doubt begins to creep in, and after spending all your cash on other people’s products, you find that you are getting nowhere. Some will continue to go out and look for the next biggest method to get the dollars rolling in, or become so discouraged that they just give up.


Internet Marketing is usually done from home. The promise being that you can work from home part time or full time and stay close to your family, ditch your job and be your own boss. Have the lifestyle you always wanted etc. All this is true, but…. when you are just starting out, you are on your own! You have to find information that is reliable, find out how others are doing it, get the technical know how to do it, buy the tools and learn the techniques. All by yourself! You don’t learn any of this in school. It’s all totally new and foreign. Other internet marketers could help, but in reality, aren’t they your competition? So, to learn how to do this business is a pretty hit-and-miss affair. Some people are naturals, but most will need help and guidance. Finding a mentor that has your interests at heart and is prepared to help you become successful, needs to be a top priority before anything else happens.


It can be a very rewarding, enjoyable and profitable way to make a living. All we really need is the RIGHT advice, a wholistic approach (not just techniques), a mentor to keep us headed in the RIGHT direction, motivation and a mental attitude that supports success.

Get rich quick is a myth. If you are just starting out, be prepared to take it ONE STEP AT A TIME! Learn the basics, avoid the hype, implement the steps you learn – and go BAKE THAT CAKE!


Source by Sharon Fleming

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