5 Actions For Music Publicity You Must Take Today!

5 Actions For Music Publicity You Must Take Today!

Making a living at performing music for audiences is a challenging way to take care of yourself and / or your family, but it is not impossible with the right connections and a smart approach toward music publicity. Even though you may sometimes feel like giving up, you should never lose sight of your goals. Keep them within your reach, and take one action each day toward accomplishing them. If you can squeeze in more, then by all means do so. Just make sure that you are always working and not staying stagnant. Also, keep these options in mind:

Get listed on iTunes and other popular music distribution services. iTunes is the place where success happens. Most consumers go there to find all their favorite songs, and if you are not represented in some way, then you can not even expect to make a splash in the industry. Now getting the administrative end taken care of so that you can sell is somewhat challenging, but there are many providers out there, who can walk you through the process. Find someone with the proper credentials and know-how, and it can be much easier to get listed than you think.

Book shows. While much of the world is going online to meet their consumer needs these days, bands still make most of their money playing live shows. It is so important in your music publicity efforts that you do not let your direct link to the public expire. Make sure they know you're out there in the real world as well as the virtual one, so that you are accessible wherever they turn.

Create a website. Keeping track with your fans is as simple as creating a website, and then posting on a regular basis. Make sure that fans can find your most recent tour dates as well as access some of your music. Also, make sure that you make it easy for your fans to connect with you on social media sites and send you feedback on the work that you are doing.

Give away free stuff. Freebies are some of your most effective marketing tools. While it can be a little depressing to work all day recording a song not to see any direct profit from the effort, it almost always leads to higher album sales and greater exposure so long as you are doing your best work. It's important to keep the big picture in mind.

Focus on the creative side. Be creative with your marketing just like you would be with your music. It's important that you do not let your work suffer in an effort to reach more fans. If you can not be proud of the work you are doing, then how do you expect your fanbase to be?

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