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Learn the Attraction Marketing Definition

Learn the Attraction Marketing Definition

What is Attraction Marketing? The first thing you need to know is attraction marketing is not a new concept. It has been around for a long time but just recently got its name. It started long long ago when people started. Why is it some people become a famous actor or actress? Why is it some people rise to power and leadership?

The reason is because some people are better at attracting other people. Some people have perfected the skills needed to connect with the masses. Some people were gifted at birth with the ability to attract people. But don’t be too hard on yourself because the attraction skills you need can be taught and picked up with practice.

To put it plainly attraction marketing definition is the process of putting a desire or interest in a person by relating to them through written documents, through auditory voice and visually.

I often watch T.V. and observe the commercials to see the different ways they use attraction and marketing. I’m sure you have seen the ads with a famous celebrity. The advertisers use celebrities because they know there are tons of people who are attracted to the celebrity and if a celeb says a product is great then people will buy it. This is a perfect example of attraction and marketing.

Here is an example. Suppose I create a commercial showing a happy couple by a warm fireplace sipping out of a cup and a view of a window with snow outside. Each of them are holding a warm steaming cup of hot chocolate. Sitting next to them on the end table is a canister of the hot chocolate mix the advertiser is trying to sell. Is this making sense? They are painting a picture of a happy couple feeling warm and toasty while they drink hot chocolate. This is another form of attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is connecting with your audience. Individuals who become the most successful in sales or business are fantastic at attraction marketing. You are taught in sales to create a connection with your potential customer first This is an imperative role of the selling method because you need to develop a channel of connection first to gain the trust of the buyer.

Connecting with people and attracting people is crucial in our world and is a major part of growing a business. Every winning business has perfected their own style of attraction marketing. Another way to put it is attracting customers. Instead of beating the street and knocking on doors you are attracting prospects to you. They come calling at your door.

So what is meant by the term attraction marketing and how can you use it in your business?

Attraction marketing today has been springing up all over the internet. Entrepreneurs are using attraction marketing through the world wide web. You can see this all over the net through video, social networks, blogs and the like. The internet has created an even playing ground for lots of people because the price is so low. Before the internet it was very expensive to do attraction marketing. It took money and tons of it to create a video or a brochure and get it out to the masses. Today and with the internet you can have a personal webpage with your content and send it out to the masses at practically no cost. Lots of people are using attraction marketing to promote themselves. The people that do this correctly are creating fortunes online. What it comes down to is how good of a job you do promoting yourself. Lot’s of people who are trying to sell a product would go much further if they used attraction marketing. There is an easy solution. Market yourself and you will make it.

Here is a great thought. It’s important to be yourself. People are attracted to different people for different reasons. It’s amusing how often I am told that I remind people of an uncle or a brother or a friend. People are connecting to me on different levels.

My family and I never miss an episode of American Idol. Isn’t it amazing that someone you think stinks at singing stays on week after week. Now think about the show. What is the show really doing? Not only do the contestants sing but they give interviews, they show video and they tell a story about the contestant. This is exactly why some contestants stay on even when they can’t sing. There are people out there who love them and this is attraction marketing.

I hope this article help you rethink how you market online. Please visit my online resources for more information.

Source by Scott Marvin

Understanding Job Roles in the Travel Industry

Understanding Job Roles in the Travel Industry

The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest venues to seek employment. There are umpteen numbers of occupations within this sector, and depending upon your education level or preference you can find a rewarding job. Travel and tourism is for those who like to travel themselves a lot. If you are familiar with a particular region of the world or your country, you can aspire to become a visitor information official in a travel agency. Unlike other occupations, you can find a job anywhere around the world, and that is a major advantage to those who are planning to enter this industry.

A degree in geography will generally help you, but, it is not an absolute necessity. Within the visitor information section of travel profession there are many positions – Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Retail Travel Consultant, Reservation Sales Agent, Administrative Assistant and Receptionist, although this is not an exhaustive list. Depending on where you live, job titles may vary.

More about Product Managers job

  • They are primarily responsible for putting together a brochure for the travel agent to sell. He or sheathers the required data on destinations and other information.
  • They are responsible for negotiating rates with hotels and those who provide accommodation, transportation, cab services and other essentials services to travelers.
  • To become a successful Product Manager, you must hone your negotiation skills. The better you are at it, the better you get paid. If you are multi-lingual it can help you succeed beyond your expectations.

More about Marketing Managers job

  • Marketing managers must be strategic thinkers. They will be primarily responsible for creating awareness among travelers about the various products their company has to offer.
  • He will also be responsible for analyzing trends and customer preferences, their spending capacities and focusing the selling effort. They will be required to have an knowledge knowledge about what people from particular regions like and do not like.
  • He will be responsible for distributing brochures through a team of assistants. It helps to work as an assistant before aspiring to become a Marketing Manager. A degree of persuasive skill is a basic necessity.
  • He or she must be comfortable in speaking in more than one language. Taking a short course in some foreign language usually helps to accomplish the selling task.

More about Marketing Coordinator Job

  • Typically a Marketing Coordinator job is above that of a Marketing Manager, and their main function is to see that marketing is done seamlessly. They will usually have more than couple Marketing Managers under their control.
  • They will be required to train Marketing Managers and the team below in understanding the company's products. They will have to provide directions to the marketing team in finding customers.
  • He or she must be very creative and have a keen eye for details. They must be able to foresee changes in travelers' preferences and where they wish to travel. Usually they are also responsible for giving feedback to Product Managers for designing future travel products.

More about Retail Travel Consultants Job

  • They are responsible for dealing with customers face to face and in planning their itinerary.
  • They will also have to advice prospective traveler about the various options available to them to stay within a budget.
  • They should be fully conversant with hotel rates, availability of rooms and accommodations. They must also be able to advise travelers on the right time to travel to a particular destination.
  • They must be particularly persuasive in their approach and have good skills in managing customers. Some knowledge of travelers' psychology helps.

More about Reservation Sales Agents Job

  • The come in the scene very much after a deal is concluded by the selling team. They will be responsible for arranging and booking accommodation, rail, air and road travel tickets with the transport contractors.
  • Post booking, they will have to coordinate with tour guides to see that everything is moving seamlessly.
  • Reservation Sales Agents are also required to keep in direct touch with resort owners and hotel managements to see that everything is moving according to a plan.

A degree in tourism or geography can help to rise in the company's hierarchy. Tourism is not a 9 to 5 activity and therefore those who are planning to take their plunge into this industry must be prepared to toil it out day and night. Post retirement, workers can choose to become travel guides or choose to start a travel consultant agency.

Source by Shanmugam Ramalingam

What Is Text Message Marketing?

What Is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing, also known as SMS (for short messaging service), is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. Text messaging is not only one of the most popular forms of communication, with the number of text messages being sent and received far surpassing the number of cell phone calls placed, it is also one of the few forms of advertising that people are sure to actually look at. This is because people actually open and read the text messages they receive – usually within one hour of receiving them. A text message advertisement can offer a special price, a free item, or any other kind of attention-grabbing message that establishes a call to action for a potential client.

There are a few different ways that a business can reach cell phone numbers to which a text message advertisement can be sent. Target customers can be reached on a strictly outgoing basis based on when a cell phone owner is immediately in the area of ​​a business. Although this method is effective, it does not provide you with a list of cell phone numbers for the future – it is a one and done method. A more effective and long-lasting method, which establishes a relationship with the potential client, is to establish a specific code for your business, much like a vanity-tag on a car license plate that the customer registers with your site. By placing an ad in a place that can be seen, soliciting your audience to text to your code so that you can add their cell phone number to their database, you are able to capture that information long-term and send out ads to a growing number of clients.

A good example of how this can work is an ad flown behind a plane over a beach telling sunbathers to text a specific word into their phone in order to get a pizza delivered to the beach with no delivery charge. Not only has the pizza parlor reached customers with the original ad, driving up their delivery business for that day, but they have also collected a list of cell phone numbers of potential clients to whom they can text discount promotions all summer long. As long as you are offering something that is worth to the audience the first time around, it is likely that they will text their number willingly; from that point on you have a loyal, growing customer base.

Source by Josh Spaulding

Sometimes Direct Marketing Should Be Anything But Direct

Sometimes Direct Marketing Should Be Anything But Direct

Could it be that sometimes sometimes marketing should be anything but direct?

Direct marketing specialists are very quick to point out that one envelope color always 'pulls' better than another. That sans serif type the delivers the direct message is 22% stronger than serif. That multi-step marketing of three steps yields more back-end potential than a process involving four steps.

And they ALL have documentation to prove these findings. Like lawyers citing cases, DM gurus cite campaigns.

But sometimes direct marketing should be anything but direct because sometimes rules need to be broken in order for a whole new set of rules to become established.

At my last job, I was brought in to work on a direct mail campaign for a gorgeous new hotel opening on the east coast of Florida. Very shee shee> Wildly pricy.

The assignment was decidedly simple … announce the new hotel.

Now, remember, I was new to this new agency, so I was prepared to fall in line. I sat ready to make very few waves. So when the edict came down that it would be a standard letter in a standard windowed envelope, I was ready to deliver.

But I was also ready to do more because the hotel itself 'felt' as if it deserved better. A hotel such as this one 'felt' as if it needed to be careced more to the new people who would stay within its luxurious walls. And sleep on its toxicating beds looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.

I wanted people to experience the mahogany through my sales pitch … and I was not convinced that standard letters in standard windowed enveloped was the way to do it.

So I did what I always suggest to others … I covered the assignment and then I did what I thought was best. (Covering the assignment is just another way of saying I followed directions perfectly.) I presented ideas with the envelope and the standard letter and the serif type … but then I went a step further.

I presented something that 'felt' worthy of the hotel. It was a multifold full bleed brochure that absolutely reicked of grandeur … because that was exactly what the hotel 'felt' like. Instead of being incredibly direct (with copy listings) I went less than direct (with the photos) and let people read into it.

Hardly genius on my part. But it worked.

The result of zigging instead of just zagging? I sold the piece and it has been valued 'book piece' of mine ever since. So in hind sight, YES. Sometimes direct marketing should be anything but direct.

The potential for learning because of this?

Continue to do EXACTLY what is required. Then ALWAYS do what your heart tells you is right.


Source by Kevin D Browne

How to Advertise on Facebook

How to Advertise on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook can be a great way to help promote your business. With modern advertising it's essential to communicate with consumers in personal ways. is obviously a wonderful way to penetrate consumer's personal networks.

During this article I will teach you what you need to know to successfully advertise on

First off, it's important to determine what sort of presence you want to have on Facebook. The goal is to open up a line of communication between your business and a target group of consumers. You want to attract consumers by having a presence on their Facebook account but, you do not want to annoy them. Figuring out that balance depends on your unique business but I strongly suggest you give it adequate thought.

Next, you need to decide if you want to pay for advertising or just set up a page on Facebook.

If you want to pay for advertising, first create a page and then follow the instructions on how to target the consumers you are looking for. You will need a valid email account to set up your fan page. Click "sign up for a business fan page" and then follow the instructions. Once your page is created make sure to upload photos of your business and fill out the appropriate information on your business. With a fan page you can not actively seek out users to be your friends. You have to wait for them to come to you and then hope that they will add you as a "fan page." You can however use your personal account to help launch your Facebook fan page. I would recommend you suggest your personal friends become fans of the page you just created. This will help get your fan page going!

As your fan page begins to develop you may want to begin communicating with your fans on a regular basis. Share personal and business information with them. This will help develop a relationship between both parties. Now your business is up and running on Facebook. If you need some help developing your presence please contact [].

Source by Mac Struthers

How to Speed ​​Up a Windows XP Computer Exception Disk Defragmenter or Disk Cleanup

How to Speed ​​Up a Windows XP Computer Exception Disk Defragmenter or Disk Cleanup

You may know some ways to speed up your PC such as Disk Defragmenter, disk cleanup and things like that. The following provides you more possible methods to speed up a windows XP computer.

(1) Shutdown Dr. Watson:

Dr. Watson is a Windows XP tool for analyzing computer crash. When windows application programs crash, Dr.Watson will pop up automatically and will save the relative wrong contents into dump files to programmers for a further analysis by default. However, recording dump files is useless for common users while the whole procedure will take you a long time and occupy mush disk space. To shutdown Dr. Watson, you can follow these steps:

Open registry editor -> find the key "Auto" under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionAeDebug" and then change the key value to 0 -> press F5 key to refresh your computer.

(2) Start up DMA mode of CD-ROM:

To achieve the goal, please follow the below steps:

Right-click My Computer -> Choose Properties -> Select Hardware -> Choose Device Manger -> unfold IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers -> Double-click Primary / Secondary IDE channel -> Select Advanced Settings and check whether DMA function has started up

(3) Close all unnecessary devices:

The system always tries its best to prepare drivers for all devices at the expense of slowing down the computer and much resource being employed. In such a case, you can stop some devices, which are not in use, such as PCMCIA card, infrared devices, printer port (LPT1) and things like that. To perform the action, you can follow these steps:

Right-click My Computer -> Choose Properties -> Select Hardware -> Choose Device Manger -> Double-click the devices that you want to stop -> Choose Device usage -> Select Do not use this device -> Restart the computer.

Source by James L. Mosley

Instant High Paying Jobs For Teens

Instant High Paying Jobs For Teens

So you have a teen on the hunt for a half decent job but what are their options these days. Everyone is telling them to baby sit or get a paper delivery job but both are time consuming and pay third world country rates when it comes to money in their pocket. It is even harder trying to land a job position that has been advertised somewhere as employers receive hundreds and hundreds of applications when advertising in the current job market.

A recent study shown that it is now taking the average person 4 – 7 months to find new employment and they expect that period of time to lengthen substantively over the next few years.

So what can I do you say, well thanks to modern technology all this is about to change. The days of searching endlessly for employment are fast coming to an end as the internet slowly takes over and starts filling this increasing need in the teen job market. When it comes to jobs for teens it is now possible for them to land their dream job in under ten minutes no matter who they are. When they take a job online there are no lengthy, intimidating interviews to go through and their application is always accepted no matter where you live or what qualifications they may or may not have. When you compare this to the difficulty of applying for and getting a normal advertised job it is no wonder that thousands of teens are switching to paid online jobs.

Paid online work beats traditional jobs hands down every time. Online jobs these days mostly consist of completing online survey's as these are generally higher paying when it comes to the types of work you can do online and they make fantastic jobs for teens. Most of these places are free to join and once they have signed up they can then start taking surveys and get very well paid for it. Most teens that are doing these surveys are at least $ 10 for a twelve minute survey with the money getting transferred to their account on completion.

The surveys themselves are extremely easy to complete and there is an unlimited number of different types of surveys that can be taken. There are no set times that they have to work, teens can quickly and easily work at their own pace as often or as little as they like each week, it's up to them. By just taking 3 surveys per day, 5 days per week, a teen is capable of earning $ 150.00 per week. Just try finding a job anywhere else that pay's as well as this that will hire them instantly.

Which survey companies they end up joining makes a huge difference to how much money they make. Pick the wrong ones and they could end up working for $ 2 – $ 5 per hour and getting very frustrated. Out of all the "Free To Join" paid survey sites online today there are only a small list of survey companies that have the genuine higher paying surveys available on a daily basis. Joining all of these top 7 companies ensures that they have and endless supply of high paying surveys to take every day when they log in.

So the choice is up to them, with the state of the current job market are they going to keep blogging.

Source by William Knight

5 Tools for Marketing Research Companies

5 Tools for Marketing Research Companies

Marketing research is a diverse and growing industry, business of today realize that as technology evolves, the possibility of gathering data here and about becomes easier or at least more convenient. Gathering richer data makes a more compelling backbone for sound business decisions in the world of marketing.

Here are some must-have tools or software for marketing research

  1. Audio Conferencing Platform – any company or group serious about marketing research should have a reliable partner for their audio conferencing needs. Use this for connecting your moderators and responders, and allow your clients to listen in and observe. It is very important to get ideas across to and from all parties involved (your clients, your moderators, your responses) and having an audio conferencing partner in place is definitely a must.
  2. Web Meeting Software – when a more personal approach is required in your research design, web conferencing is an ideal tool for simulating in-person interviews and even face-to-face focus groups. A robust web meeting software accommodates multiple parties in a session, providing capabilities to share webcam and stimuli. Interviews, discussions and collaborative online meetings are seamless even as you go through different file sharing options (files, photos, and presentations). This can be very helpful depending on the nature of the meeting or your approach.
  3. Mobile Recording Software – marketing research also involves field work or in-the-moment experiences because the need for a mobile recording software or tool becomes a necessity. Anyone could bring a recorder anywhere but what is more interesting is to have your records sent back to your email or stored in a server. The best ones available automatically send transcripts of the recordings you made to your email.
  4. Bulletin Board System -Online board systems have been widely used since the late 1980's for conducting asynchronous online focus group discussions. With its many capabilities, researchers have learned its usefulness in various applications and study designs (eg online diaries, online communities, and knowledge base). There are online multimedia boards available from marketing research support companies. You can find vendors offering customization ideal for market research and design each board according to your project requirement.
  5. Survey Software – some companies prefer a more automated approach in generating data. They typically use survey software to reach out to a large number of respondent base (ranging from hundreds to even thousands of participants). With this type of tool, metrics are automatically computed, providing you with statistical data based on responsive demographic and their answer to a specific question.

As important as it is to gather information that will be used for generating insights, marketing research will always require recording mechanisms or protocols. It is best to have redundant data available that can be used as a back-up, as well as an avenue where information can be dissected to the detail making sure that you derive a sound research-based recommendation. Recordings and transcripts are examples of such. It is in good practice to always ensure that you are using the right platform for the purpose of your research. For some, it is best to have their research projects be facilitated by marketing research service providers to ensure the process runs smoothly and is committed to your project's success.

Source by Ron Jacobsen

There Are No Losers In Affiliate Marketing

There Are No Losers In Affiliate Marketing

Let’s be clear from the start, affiliate marketing is not a get rich overnight, easy money-making hobby as some would suggest. The fact of the matter is that affiliate marketing is a burgeoning industry for online profits and, when engaged properly, produces only winners for all involved. Below we’ll breakdown how all four affiliate marketing players profit when there is a commitment, knowledge and visibility.

The Merchant Wins

With traditional marketing such as television, radio and print advertising, businesses invest upfront with the hope of converting their marketing dollars into customers. Even with the best planning, there are no measures to ensure their campaigns will pay off. However, with affiliate marketing, that same business can engage the services of hundreds of affiliates and only pay a commission if the affiliate performs the pre-defined action of producing leads and/or sales for the business.

Like any good stock, the more affiliates the merchant attracts will increase its sales and leads-generation potential. With the ability to expand its brand that the internet offers, online businesses are able to garner business from customers they would not normally be able to tap.

The Affiliate Wins

The cost of entry to become an affiliate is relatively low, which eliminates the risk that can be posed when investing in other types of business ventures. With more and more people choosing to dump the daily grind office commute, affiliate marketing is an attractive option. Whether working from home or adding affiliate marketing to an existing online platform, affiliates can significantly increase their income.

Affiliates get to review and promote merchant programs that yield the highest return and bring the greatest value to their target market. Because of the low financial risk, an affiliate can test the waters to determine if affiliate marketing is a good fit. With any business, their commitment, experience and online traffic are key in determining their level of success.

The Customer Wins

Typically unbeknownst to them, customers complete the online affiliate transition with the merchant and affiliate by conveniently clicking on a banner ad or text link placed on the affiliate’s website, blog or email correspondence. At his fingertips, the customer gets to complete a questionnaire, survey, form, make a sale or phone call if the banner ad or text link is of interest to him.

The Network Wins

When a network figures into the equation, it provides the most critical role of bridging the gap between all of the other parties. For its part in building strong relationships with merchants, attracting successful affiliates, providing the platform technology and other resources, the network receives an access and small transaction fee from the merchant. Affiliates join the network at no charge.

As the network increases its number of partnerships with quality merchants and successful affiliates, the profit potential for each grows exponentially. As a consequence, the greater the shopping experience for customers.

That’s a win for all parties involved.

Source by Rebecca McClain

Video Marketing is Key to Your Digital Marketing Plans

Video Marketing is Key to Your Digital Marketing Plans

Over the last 6 months, we have designed, produced and delivered a variety of innovative and stunning marketing videos for our business clients to assist them in boosting their sales of products and services.

Video for Marketing is the fastest growing online advertising format. The pace of growth for online video is expected to continue to rise and reach around 40% for 2010. Video marketing has been gaining popularity in all aspects of marketing; almost all of the successful marketers online are using video in some form or another. So why are agencies moving so hard and fast to online video marketing? Well, why do ad agencies and Marketers keep doing anything? Because it's working very well!

Video Marketing is now used in many different ways and the possibilities are continuing to grow for any type of business. Whatever you are selling, be it a consumer product, dream holidays, a car or even professional services, videos are being used to market all of these products. As online consumers we are used to expecting to see something visual as an aid to the buying process. The concept of using videos in any type of marketing has become a necessity in order to sell goods or service.

Video Marketing is getting more popular as more and more new product walks and "how to guides" come out using video as their primary mode of selling and promoting new products and services. Video marketing can be used to build anticipation by showing a new video each day for two or even three weeks prior to a new product being introduced. Marketing Videos have now become an integral part of the new digital economy and digital marketing online.

The viral impact of video marketing can have a phenomenal effect in creating new customers. Basically, if you are not using some form of video marketing in your marketing strategies and plans you are leaving money on the table. With YouTube, Google Video, Viddler, Vimeo and all the other video submission sites, the possibilities of reaching out to your prospects and customers are endless. Millions of visitors are accessing these sites every day and these marketing video have produced the "Video Marketing Age".

A recent report from ComScore has outlined that 80% of all net users worldwide watch video online.

Source by Anthony Burke

Social Media in Online Content Marketing – High Usage Doesn’t Turn Out Effective

Social Media in Online Content Marketing – High Usage Doesn’t Turn Out Effective

Content marketing is very popular strategy among many marketers and is also having enough potential to find prospects for businesses. There is so much information online competing to get noticed, so marketers require a new and latent platform to get attention of the buyer. This is where many of them are using Social media. Though many people, particularly marketing professionals are using this platform, most of them are not getting any positive results.

High social media usage for content marketing

The usage of this media has increased a lot, especially during past 2 years, among businesses and online users. It enables content marketing with features like sharing, re-publishing, etc. Its usage is high among businesses as they believe in content sharing by the Internet users. Sharing is a common feature in this media. People are likely to share the ‘content they like’ online with friends, co-workers or family.

Today, a significant number of marketers are using social media as part of their marketing strategy. According to B2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends by MarketingProfs and Junta42, the most popular content marketing tactics used by B2B marketers is social media (excluding blogs) with 79% of them using it. Even smaller companies have adapted faster to it including blogs, and eBooks. The most notable difference is with blogs, which are used by many of the smallest companies in their content marketing strategy.

High usage doesn’t turn out to be effective for marketers

Though markers are highly adopting it in their content marketing strategy and people sharing the content is high, many did not find it to be effective for their businesses. Of the 79% B2B marketers who have adopted Social media for content marketing tactics, only 31% rate it as effective in their marketing (MarketingProfs and Junta42 research). The greatest challenge for a majority of them using this media for content marketing was “producing the kind of content that engages prospects and customers”

A majority of marketing professionals today do not believe that their company has profited or increased revenues from social media. So, Internet marketers should be aware of the situation and take right decisions.

Source by Nate Rodnay

Boost Your Sales! Choose The Best Email Marketing Companies

Boost Your Sales! Choose The Best Email Marketing Companies

Businesses at present can not settle on the traditional marketing of their products or services. Such methods such as print and media advertisements are not practical in the modern world we are in today. More and more businessmen result in marketing via emails.

There are numerous advantages of email marketing. If handled correctly, it can help a business owner to continue deliver the correct content to the perfect clients to achieve high response from them. You can reach clients globally and border will not be an obstacle on your transaction. Faster responses from your clients are also possible because the system is interactive. The clients can also enjoy your website and campaigns with your music, videos or other interactive games. This can further their interest in any of your products or services.

Since the email marketing is round the clock and limitless, you are assured that your brands are advertised without the need of monitoring it. You are not only having less work but you are also lowering the operational expenses as well. It should be noted that the costs incurred in testing, designing, receiving and sending of an email ad is 78% less costly compared to paper based marketing.

Look for the best email marketing company that can help you with your success. Here are just some of the options:

1. mUrgent Unlimited. The company claims that it is the most profitable yet the most affordable email program which does email marketing. It clearly increases customer communication, announcements and promotions. As the name implies, it offers unlimited, full-service and unique marketing program.

mUrgent Unlimited takes pride of taking care of your company 100%. The company is in charge of every workload from printing of enrollment cards, to the inflow of data of the clients and custom designing of monthly sends and email library. This process increases the frequency of purchase since customers will have repeat orders.

2. EmailLabs is a subsidiary of Lyris Incorporated which claims to be the leading company with regards to email marketing solutions. They have easy to use technology. Its hallmarks are the unrivaled tracking and segmentation secures and filters together with continuous product development.

The company also provides the service and expertise needed to make the email marketing efforts successful. It provides a web-based interface which allows an easy integration to customer data thus eliminating the hassles of installing or managing in-house email software.

3. Yesmail is another email marketing provider which provides flexible solutions to any business size. It operates around their goals of offering strategic services and innovative technology. The company has marketing solution portfolio including lead generation, data management, interactive applications, best practices consulting and direct marketing applications. With all these at hand, they promise any company a proven return on investment capabilities.

4. Optimum Response is a company which offers a quick way of promoting your product or service. It's a fast and effective means of reaching millions of online customers. The company work closely with the client; teaching them how to develop perfect messages to bring about their content based on their strategic goals. The campaign is cost effective since it can be purchased on a cost per thousand impressions, cost per action or cost per click bases.

5. Delivra is another email marketing company which helps companies communicating by offering email marketing services and software. It empowers marketers by providing them a user friendly tool that they need to send, create and track email programs. It also provides additional services needed to make the email campaigns a success.

Email marketing is an opportunistic and a good method of communicating with the present and future customers. If this process is executed perfectly, it can bring countless benefits to any company. So choose among the numerous email marketing companies and wait for your profits to increase!

Source by Daegan Smith

Influencers Vs Brand Ambassadors Vs Brand Advocates

Influencers Vs Brand Ambassadors Vs Brand Advocates

Brand Advocates, Brand Ambassadors, and Influencers are popular these days. These words are conversely used but you must know that aside from their spellings, they have a lot of differences in the influence and industry they are in. What are their cons and pros if they are being used what can they do for a brand in order for them to get paid? These are the insights you will find in this article. Let’s break them down more further:


Influencers? Simple! They are those people who have influence. They have their own different standards, own diameter of influence and own topics of interest. Their reach can be vast or compact but 100% sure you get your investments returned more than 100%, that is just because of their “influence.” They might work with you or not, but still, they can have the ability to influence their audience about your brand, why? Because they are one of your customers! Celebrities like the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, etc. are one of those historically most visible and powerful influencers, specifically in the fashion industry. But today, bloggers are some of the most influential people. Their status celebrity from web-only status.

Brand Ambassadors

They are also like influencers, but they were hired by brands for a long-term relationship, they are the face of the company or organization they are in. Influencers are only capable for short-term campaigns. Unlike influencers, brand ambassadors were given the deep knowledge about the brand and they are proud and loud with their ambassadorship across their channels. They are the experts that relate to the brand, its product, and services. Those spokespeople who are working outside the organization are also considered as Brand Ambassadors and any celebrities or influencers under contract with a brand is a Brand Ambassador.

Brand Advocates

They are your most faithful and intense customer. They can be your partners, shareholders, and your employees. They are those people who talk about their experiences and satisfaction with your brand or products and of course, it is always free, Those customers who are leaving and posting feedback on your comment sections or review section are the Brand Advocates, They can also be influencers, by influencing their co-consumers regarding your product.

Still, the ways in which all of those different categories are tracked and managed, are congruent. This is precisely why people are much convinced that the future of marketing is a flexible and effective platform that could deliver all the tools that companies need to manage and optimize varieties of campaigns.

Source by Chen Wang

9 Rules of Media Relations Crisis Management

9 Rules of Media Relations Crisis Management

As the tragedy at the Sago mine in West Virginia unfolded on our televisions and front pages in January of 2006, I'm certain we all surprised how the story could have become such a terrific example of corporate media-relations bungling.

Perhaps I was in the minority thinking the bungling was terrific, but I'm in the media relations business – this mess was going to be a terrific teaching tool.

How did such utterly wrong "facts" get released? And why did International Coal Group, the company that owns the Sago mine, let the wrong story spread for three hours before admitting to the real facts – twelve miners were dead. There was only one survivor. Not twelve, as had been joyfully reported by broadcasters and news around the world.

There is one primary rule in media relationships – never let the story get away from you. International Coal Group violated that rule, and wounded up the poster child for corporate blundering. ICG will have "Sago mine disaster" inserted in every story about their company for years to come. The coal industry is not known for its safety record – now ICG has the dubious distinction of joining the "worst mining disasters" list.

Most business owners, large and small, will never face a media disaster of these epic proportions. They can, however, learn some valuable lessons by being aware of what can happen if you violate that one primary media relations rule – never let the story get away from you.

Every company should have a media plan – even if you will only end up talking to a community newspaper. Plans for any size company should follow these guidelines:

Be prepared

Tell the truth

Establish one point of contact

Tell the truth

Maintain your message – know what to say, and say only that

Tell the truth

Know what is, and is not, newsworthy

Tell the truth

Be aware of deadlines

One rule is so important, it's in there four times – no matter what you have to say, if it is not true, you'll be found out. It might be within three hours, like it was for ICG. It might be three weeks, three months – but you will be found out, and you'll have an accelerating disaster on your hands. Your business may not survive.

Tell the truth.

You should have a media plan in place before you speak to a community calendar newsletter, your local paper's business editor, a local radio or television reporter, or launch a product or service at a trade show. Having a plan in place gives you the confidence to speak your message, stay on track, and stay in control of your company's news.

In the fast-moving, 24-hour spin cycle that is today's news business, you do not want to get sucked down the drain – getting caught off guard if your company suddenly becomes newsworthy. If you're lucky enough to come up with that fresh take on the mousetrap that has the world, and the media, beating a path to your door, you do not want to answer the door in your underwear.

By being prepared with a media plan, developed by using the guidelines I've given you, you'll answer your door looking (and sounding) sharp, successful and newsworthy. And you'll enjoy your ride on the media train, instead of finding yourself ground under its wheels!

Source by Casey Quinlan

Top Internet Marketing Strategies You Should Master

Top Internet Marketing Strategies You Should Master

If you want to gain success in cyberspace, you need to have a good knowledge of Internet marketing. Some of the strategies that you need to learn about this type of marketing include email list building, search engine optimization, and blogging.

The beauty of the World Wide Web is that it has mandated the playing field for both multinational companies and small start-up businesses. With the help of Internet marketing, even an utterly nobody can compete with the titans in the industries. So even if you are just new to the Internet, you really do not have to worry, especially if you have a good idea to sell. In order to make your product or service visible, however, you might need to know how to effectively use online marketing to ensure your Internet success. Here are some of the strategies you need to know if you want to make it big on the World Wide Web.

First, you have to plan ahead. On the Internet, you are competing with gazillions of websites so you need to make sure that you carefully plan to look like and appear. Apart from the structure and design, you also need to pay attention to the content of your website. The information that you provide in your site is a critical part of Internet marketing. Remember that one of the main reasons why people surf the Web is to get current, reliable and accurate information. And if your website can not provide just that, there is a big chance that the number of visitors to your site will just fizzle out in the coming weeks unless you do something about your content.

One important Internet marketing strategy you need to learn about is search engine optimization, or what is more commonly known as SEO. You need to know SEO techniques because this will help build your traffic and attract Net users that matter to your website. In line with SEO, you also need to have an idea about building your email list. Make sure that when you create your website, you have an opt-in box where visitors can put on their email address and name so that they would be able to receive newsletters or other information from your website on a regular basis.

Lastly, an Internet marketing platform that you also need to master is the blog. Before, people just used blogs as their online journal or diary. Nowadays, even big businesses tap blogs in order to market or promote their products and services.

Source by Frederic Blondeau

Skills Needed For Marketing on the Internet

Skills Needed For Marketing on the Internet

Learning and mastering the right skills for Internet Marketing is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. Developing these skills will not only bring fulfillment and growth, but mostly, the opportunity for you to assist others in this area. So, what are these skills? Although there are many skills to learn, here are a few, that if mastered, will provide you with a great overall strategy as well as the best opportunity to achieve your goals and / or desired results.

Skill One: Google AdWords. Even though Google has recently come out with some compliance and / or requirement changes, it still remains the one of the most effective ways to market your product or service. Learning how to use Google will be well worth your time and investment. There are a number of resources that are available that can assist you in developing the knowledge required to drive traffic to your website. One such resource is, Perry Marshall's "The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords." It still remains the best resource for those desiring to become proficient at AdWords. If you have more money than time, AdWords should have the number one skill mastered in your arsenal of strategies for marketing on internet.

Skill Two: Video Marketing. Video Marketing is a marketing skill that many seem to overlook for one reason or another. First of all, it is a very effective way to market on internet because it allows you to connect with your potential prospect by sight. Secondly, its free and that is the ultimate return on investment. With an inexpensive Flip Camera (approx. $ 150.00) or WebCam (on your computer), you can begin to generate traffic to your website in a matter of minutes by uploading the videos to YouTube, Social Media sites, Blogs, and other sites as you see fit. There are those who say that they get nervous in front of the camera, do not allow fear to prevent you from marketing on internet in an effective, cost efficient way.

Skill Three: Copywriting. Learning the skill of Copywriting, or Direct Response Marketing, can be a very powerful and effective way to gather potential customers and build a list of potential prospects. Utilizing the written word to present your information and / or product to millions of people via the internet can produce a tremendous amount of targeted traffic to your website. By connecting to the reader emotionally and psychologically, you give yourself an opportunity to develop a relationship that could last for many years. Copywriting can be a game changer in marketing on internet.

Source by Jesse Walton