Alternative to Pay Per Click Marketing

Alternative to Pay Per Click Marketing

The truth of the matter is that very few people are actually successful at pay per click marketing. You do not hear that in the news, all we hear is how the top Pay per click companies like Google and yahoo are getting rich as well as the advertisers who subscribe to the program.

This is just not the case and if you do not believe me, sign up with a large Pay-per-click such as Google and try promoting a product. You will find that it can suck up your money faster than a vacuum cleaner! I am talking from experience.

Pay-per-click is one of those systems that has a real serious learning curve, the problem is that you are not just learning the technology side but you will also have to learn direct marketing principals at the same time. This is just not something you can rush or throw money at because you will go broke.

An alternative to pay-per-click advertising is content marketing via articles, if you decide to try out this method you will be doing yourself a big favor in the long run and avoid a lot of heart and wallet aches.

Content marketing with articles will allow you to reach the group of people most interested in the product or service you are marketing and I forgot to mention that is free. Its pretty hard to go wrong. The only downside is that you have to come up with some content for your articles but if you are selling a product or service, that should not be to hard.

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3 Steps to Internet Marketing – Free Internet Marketing Strategy

3 Steps to Internet Marketing – Free Internet Marketing Strategy

In this article we are going to cover three basic ideas on how to get your feet wet with internet marketing. I'm going to share some VERY powerful strategies that have worked for me, and the best part they are all free!

Finding A Product

1. Finding a product to sell as an affiliate marketer could not be easier! Starting out I would suggest getting accounts at clickbank and commission junction.

Get into a niche that you are familiar with. For example, if your passion or hobby is golf, start by selling
golf related items. Make sure the "sales" page of the product your going to be promoting looks professional.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

2. Setting a goal strategy is critical. Do not be jumping around all over the place buying guides on "how to make money online", you will end up broke and not making any money. Start with promoting your product for free, be patient, and stay focused on one strategy!

I'm sure most of you have heard of "make money with google" products, I would not even attempt getting into the right off the bat, it's way to risky as a new internet marketer.

Free Traffic

3. There are tons of ways you can promote the product that you have chosen! Here are some ideas that
you can try.

EzineArticles – A very good place to start writing articles on your favorite subject, and you can include links to your product.

Yahoo! Answers – You can get a free account, and start answering questions for people, its easy. All you have to do is look up the question their asking and provide it to them. Make sure to answer 5-6 questions before sharing your affiliate link.

Google Groups – Get a free account there, another easy method. Join a group that is relative to the product you have chosen. Again, make sure to participate in the groups discussion before putting your link out for your affiliate product.
Do Something

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Graphic Design Tips: Bang On Tips On Logo Design

Graphic Design Tips: Bang On Tips On Logo Design

1) Keep it simple .

The logo is not a brochure but just an emblem. Remember that when you design a logo. The design idea should be uncomplicated and catchy without being complex and should engage the customer. Most designs that have caught the public eye are those that are easy to remember yet aesthetically appealing.

2) Be versatile and dynamic in the design process .

Logos are no longer used just on print advertisements or TV commercials but will appear in phone Apps or even coffee mugs. For this the logo should be versatile so that it looks as brilliant in black and white as it does in color. Or it should look just as impressive when it is a few centimetres as it is when a few inches in size. When logos are designed to be dynamic then it can be easily adapted for display in any medium.

3) Keep in mind the brand's image .

Logos express a lot about the company they stand for. Technology companies that would like to signify market leadership and stress their strict business ideas might go in for a futuristic design that is serious yet smart. While corporations which prefer to put forth a friendly image might opt ​​for a vibrant logo. Therefore, the design of the logo is not just about creating a smart design but about displaying the ideas that the company stands for.

4) Add an edge to the design .

When a logo is designed for any company, the main goal is to create one that everyone finds easy to remember. Designing a logo that resembles everyday things or is usual will not help consumers recollect the design unless there is something unique or different about it that warrants its recognition.

5) Let the design be relevant to the company .

A random design will not be lapped up by the company or the consumers and for depth in designing, it is important to add meaning to the design. Designs that express unity or which signify the company's growth or its ideals will appeal better. Designs that include the company's name have also been found to be very effective. This will help the consumer identify the logo with the company a lot better.

6) Use a design font that you have created .

This is a tricky part but talented logo designers should not find it too hard. Instead of downloading fonts or using custom fonts, it is best to create new fonts so that the logo is not easily copied.

7) Break out of the ordinary .

The logo design has to be simple but it should not be something predictable. This is where a creative graphic design company scores over others. Logo designs that are easy to remember and catchy because they have something remarkable to offer will generate more interest when compared with other logo designs.

8) Carry out a feedback study .

Once a logo is designed it should be sent across to people for feedback and suggestions. Every logo might seem great in the eyes of the designer but might not be quite so. The best way to find out is by conducting a market survey to understand the reactions of a sample of the society.

All this will help create a truly winning logo.

Source by Max Chohan

Public Relations for General Aviation FBOs

Public Relations for General Aviation FBOs

They say general aviation is a really tough place to make money and a really easy place to spend all your money, as owners of fixed based operations or FBOs often joke. But it is possible to have a successful FBO at a small or regional Airport without breaking the bank on their marketing budget or advertising budget. Public relations and airport community goodwill are in a circle part of the success of an FBO.

What kinds of things can a fixed base operator at a small airport due to promote public-relations? Well, they can allow the Civil Air Patrol cadets to use their facilities for ground school. Perhaps they will volunteer a flight instructor to come teach the kids. The Boy Scouts also have; Boy Scout Aviation Explorers, which might need the same thing.

A Fixed Based Operation at a local airport can also help civic leaders and politicians by flying them over the city so they can get a better look at how the town is developing. By doing this they will make it easier for the leaders to do their job and to this promotes community goodwill and should also be part of the public relations program. Please consider all this in 2006.

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Why Do Ads Pop Up on My Computer?

Why Do Ads Pop Up on My Computer?

There are a number of reasons why ads might pop up on your computer, ranging from benign (overuse of advertising on a website) to malicious (adware infecting your computer). Learn how to differentiate between them and what to do about adware!

There are really two times when you’ll see ads appear on your computer. If you’re browsing the web and an ad pops up, it’s most likely from the website that you’re browsing. They’ll either show you a popup (which shows up right then) or a popunder (which shows up after you’ve closed your browser, since it’s hidden by your browser until you close it). While annoying, these ads don’t do anything other than want you to buy things.

On the other hand, if you’re doing something non-web related (such as word processing) or viewing a website which you know doesn’t have pop-up advertising (such as Google), then your computer is likely to be infected by adware. Adware is a type of malicious program that shows up on your computer to display advertising.

They sometimes try to masquerade as legitimate programs that warn you of your computer being infected, but generally all that means is that they’re trying to sell you some sort of hokey ad removal progarm (that will generally just install more ads on your system, not remove any of them).

Adware can be exceptionally tedious to remove. It’s designed from the ground up to be hard to remove just to thwart the efforts of the owners of the computers it has infected. The best thing to do here would be to grab an anti-adware program and let it take care of wiping away all the adware on your computer (and making sure that it doesn’t get infected again).

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Google AdSense Net Marketing Really Works

Google AdSense Net Marketing Really Works

How would you spend an extra £ 500 a week?

If you've been on the internet long enough to take a breath then you've probably already been bombarded by hundreds of the bold claims telling you how a single person has managed to start earning ridiculous amounts of money in 48 hours. Do you believe a word of it? How about if I told you that a business can be set up on the internet in 5 days and start earning reasonable money by the second week? Do you believe that? You should, because it is more than possible. Internet business really works.

I am one such internet business as I like to call myself. In reality I'm just a young adult trying to get by. Internet business has given me this opportunity. More specifically, internet marketing has given me this opportunity. Thousands of people are already learning their living on the internet alone. Clever, is not it?

Everyone seems to want more money because more money means more free time and better time spent. Unfortunately on the internet you really do have to watch carefully for the scams and overblown promises. On the internet, no-one is there to watch your back. Luckily you've found this article written by a real, honest internet business; me. Keep reading for a brief introduction to internet marketing and hopefully you'll decide to join me and many others in making money online.

Internet businesses usually do very well. Many times they perform better than normal businesses. It depends on what is being sold and how they're marketed. Millions of people do quite a bit of shopping online. In fact currents estimates are that £ 40 billion is traded via the internet every year, and a lot of this money goes to internet marketers such as me. Understanding what people want to buy online is vital to being successful on the internet.

Retail Type Internet Businesses.

If you're considering starting an online retail site, you first need to ask yourself what people would buy online. This is where choosing your niche comes in. basically you can do this by considering your own interests and using some common sense. For example, people would not usually buy a newspaper or groceries on the internet, but millions of other things are bought online. Perhaps the most lucrative area is the sale of information.

However I knew from the start that any actual retail would require too much time, effort, money and other people. This was not realistic for me so I turned to internet marketing and helping other people sell their things.

Doing this is called being an affiliate and has many benefits. First of all, there is no need for stock, storage, postage, sales or accounts. It is simply just the process of advertising other people's products through a site, paid advertising, articles, email and many more. Best of all you can often do it for free.


eBay is of course one of the most prominent of all the methods for successful internet businesses. People are finding that they can sell all sorts of items through an eBay store; Many do the same retail type store or drop shipping type of business through eBay. There are costs that you incur to run an eBay store but these are usually minimal. EBay is not just for sellers, it can be cleverly used to enhance your affiliate efforts as well. Find more information at my website.

Google AdSense and AdWords

These are two ingenious opportunities and very, very useful for internet marketers. Basically you create an advert and pay a minimal fee every time someone clicks on it. The adverts are displayed in many places including the search engines and on websites. This may not make you rich but it all helps.

If you would like plenty more up-to-date information on all aspects of internet marketing visit my website.

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Top Internet Marketing Strategies You Should Master

Top Internet Marketing Strategies You Should Master

If you want to gain success in cyberspace, you need to have a good knowledge of Internet marketing. Some of the strategies that you need to learn about this type of marketing include email list building, search engine optimization, and blogging.

The beauty of the World Wide Web is that it has mandated the playing field for both multinational companies and small start-up businesses. With the help of Internet marketing, even an utterly nobody can compete with the titans in the industries. So even if you are just new to the Internet, you really do not have to worry, especially if you have a good idea to sell. In order to make your product or service visible, however, you might need to know how to effectively use online marketing to ensure your Internet success. Here are some of the strategies you need to know if you want to make it big on the World Wide Web.

First, you have to plan ahead. On the Internet, you are competing with gazillions of websites so you need to make sure that you carefully plan to look like and appear. Apart from the structure and design, you also need to pay attention to the content of your website. The information that you provide in your site is a critical part of Internet marketing. Remember that one of the main reasons why people surf the Web is to get current, reliable and accurate information. And if your website can not provide just that, there is a big chance that the number of visitors to your site will just fizzle out in the coming weeks unless you do something about your content.

One important Internet marketing strategy you need to learn about is search engine optimization, or what is more commonly known as SEO. You need to know SEO techniques because this will help build your traffic and attract Net users that matter to your website. In line with SEO, you also need to have an idea about building your email list. Make sure that when you create your website, you have an opt-in box where visitors can put on their email address and name so that they would be able to receive newsletters or other information from your website on a regular basis.

Lastly, an Internet marketing platform that you also need to master is the blog. Before, people just used blogs as their online journal or diary. Nowadays, even big businesses tap blogs in order to market or promote their products and services.

Source by Frederic Blondeau

Product Positioning Strategies

Product Positioning Strategies

Positioning is what the customer believes about your product’s value, features, and benefits; it is a comparison to the other available alternatives offered by the competition. These beliefs tend to based on customer experiences and evidence, rather than awareness created by advertising or promotion.

Marketers manage product positioning by focusing their marketing activities on a positioning strategy. Pricing, promotion, channels of distribution, and advertising all are geared to maximize the chosen positioning strategy.

Generally, there are six basic strategies for product positioning:

1. By attribute or benefit- This is the most frequently used positioning strategy. For a light beer, it might be that it tastes great or that it is less filling. For toothpaste, it might be the mint taste or tartar control.

2. By use or application- The users of Apple computers can design and use graphics more easily than with Windows or UNIX. Apple positions its computers based on how the computer will be used.

3. By user- Facebook is a social networking site used exclusively by college students. Facebook is too cool for MySpace and serves a smaller, more sophisticated cohort. Only college students may participate with their campus e-mail IDs.

4. By product or service class- Margarine competes as an alternative to butter. Margarine is positioned as a lower cost and healthier alternative to butter, while butter provides better taste and wholesome ingredients.

5. By competitor- BMW and Mercedes often compare themselves to each other segmenting the market to just the crème de la crème of the automobile market. Ford and Chevy need not apply.

6. By price or quality- Tiffany and Costco both sell diamonds. Tiffany wants us to believe that their diamonds are of the highest quality, while Costco tells us that diamonds are diamonds and that only a chump will pay Tiffany prices.

Positioning is what the customer believes and not what the provider wants them to believe. Positioning can change due the counter measures taken at the competition. Managing your product positioning requires that you know your customer and that you understand your competition; generally, this is the job of market research not just what the enterpreneur thinks is true.

Source by John Bradley Jackson

7 Reasons Your Excuses For Not Marketing MLM Online Are Bogus

7 Reasons Your Excuses For Not Marketing MLM Online Are Bogus

Without a doubt diving into the deep end of online MLM marketing can be scary and confusing. Should you promote your business on Twitter and Facebook or through forums, blogs, and a website? One online MLM training system guides you toward a multi-pronged approach while another focuses on a single system. What should you do?

The first step you should take is this: stop making excuses.

There are millions of excuses not to promote your MLM business online, especially if you have not done it before. Sure, promoting online can seem confusing at first, but that does not mean you should not do it. Here are 7 reasons your excuses for not marketing online are bogus. These are also 7 reasons you really need to consider marketing MLM online.

1. Free Media
Unlike any other form of media, technically you could promote your MLM business online for $ 0. You could rely on elbow grease and effort alone. Consider all the online marketing methods that are free: blogs, websites, forums, social media (like Twitter, Facebook, Ryze). You could easily spend your entire allocated marketing schedule promoting your business for free on online. And it works for a lot of online MLM marketers.

2. Huge Value in Word-of-Mouth Marketing
What's incredible about the internet is that while it is a free media, you can still build assets of huge value online. Andy Sernovitz, author of "Word of Mouth Marketing," offers a great example. Suppose you pay $ 5 per lead through search marketing. You now install an "email a friend" button on your product page and 5,000 people click on that link. Your button is now worth $ 25,000-the amount you would have spent on search marketing.

3. It's OK to Be a Dork Online
It is OK to be a dork online so do not be afraid to start marketing online even if you're just learning. That's what David Meerman Scott, the author of "The New Rules of Marketing and PR," said in a recent interview. He's right. People online will jump in and correct you when you're wrong about something. So you screw up a fact in your blog post or you do not use a social media tool correctly. It's no big deal because you will hear about it quickly. But online audiences are quite tolerant and forgiving of novices so do not worry. The correction is usually painless.

4. Great Content Is Viral
Once you learn how to dig out really great nuggets of information to write about and share with others, you will not be the only one participating in promoting your business. You'll find that great content is viral, meaning that it will spread across online communities without you taking any direct action. And do not be mistaken: the majority of information on the web is the same information spun 1,000 different ways. Learning how to find great content and then spinning it "in your own voice" is the key. If you're not sure where to get great content, consider using Alltop to locate great sites and blogs and then subscribing to feeds using a feed aggregator like Google Reader. You'll have tons of great information at your fingertips in seconds, so you can focus on how to "spin" the data your way.

5. You Can Reuse Everything You Write and Find Online
Recycling is a huge key to successful online marketing. Take anything you write and use it all over the place. For example, if you write an eBook you can take the same content and break it down into a 3-part article series, reuse some of it in a guest blog post, point to it in a forum reply, and use it as material for a teleclass. The same goes with information you find online. If you read a great blog post, add it to your bookmarks, tweet about it, blog about it, and Digg it. It all adds to your credibility as a readable online source.

6. You Can Become an Expert in Little Steps
The journey from novice to expert may feel interminable but you can avoid that feeling by taking the little steps everyday. David Meerman Scott, who is an online expert, says you should ask yourself this question everyday: "What can I do today to get more people online to know who I am?" The answer can be as simple as posting a comment on a popular blog, offering a poll in an online forum, or writing and sharing your own blog post. Take a couple little steps everyday and, according to Scott, the effects of those steps will multiply until you're an expert in your industry.

7. Social Media Expands Your Customer Base
It's easy to get into conversation with your existing customers but social media lets you …

Forex Trading – When Do I Enter the Market?

Forex Trading – When Do I Enter the Market?

The most important question when trading in forex is when to actually enter the market? You will want to enter when there is an increase in demand for a certain currency. Easier said than done, when exactly is this and how do we keep track.

There are a few different groups trading in forex. Commercial traders are interested in stability and do not speculate. These have such an influence they can create a trend within the market. Non-commercial traders however do speculate the outcome of the market in an attempt to make money.

So when is the right time to enter the market?

Let’s look at an example. If a large company was going to invest in something that needed U.S. dollars, there would usually be a bank that would make the purchase for them. The majority of non-commercial traders are blissfully unaware that this is occurring. There are some however who get this knowledge through their contacts and the demand for the dollar increases. When word gets out more non-commercial traders become aware and the demand for the dollar increases again.

By the end of the trading day, the initial momentum produced by the bank would have slowed. The bank tries to make the transaction as subtle as possible in order to avoid panic.

As more people find out about the investment they too are buying into dollars. This means more volatility. The greater demand lasts until the bank finishes the job. The trend created is directly related to size of the initial investment.

All of the best traders know not to follow prices but understand whole momentum changes. The first sign of the market moving is momentum changes married with the key trading times in the market.

Forex Automoney is a forex trading system that will tell you exactly when to buy and when to sell. There is no way that you could do the work of this piece of software on your own. Even complete beginners can use this system to make money with forex

Source by Mark K Andrews

Social Network Marketing Vs "Old School" Network Marketing Methods

Social Network Marketing Vs "Old School" Network Marketing Methods

Well, it seems that all over the "web" now days you hear, or see, WEB 2.0, or attraction marketing. It is not "new", yet it is in its infancy in terms of the web and network marketing. So, what are the real differences? Let's "delve" into it, shall we? In the "old school" model which started way back when, it was a common practice to "sign up" a "prospect" (by selling them a "kit") some of you will remember those! After teasing into the box and looking at the goodies inside, you were told to make a list of everyone you know. Your "upline" told you to call everyone because they all need what we have, they just do not know it yet.

So basically the old school method was to make a list and call everyone on it. Problem is, most everyone has been BOMBARDED with the "best" opportunity already and everyone's business is "The Best", just ask them. So after you call everyone on your list, then what? The three foot rule applications! What, that's just crazy. Not everyone is looking for something. Fact is some people are just happy being broke, or just getting by.

So any way, the old school methods have been tried and tested over time, and because of that fact alone, it's time for a change. Enter Attraction / Social Network Marketing! Now, there are a lot of "methods" out there, just Google it, everyone has a formula that will get you $ 10,000 a day, buy this and WHAM, you are being inundated with "prospects." So how do you know what's good and what's to be avoided? Good question, fact is, you probably can not get to $ 10,000 a day, without some effort.

So, do your due diligence and look into the program you seek. So, what am I saying? Find a program that TEACHES you HOW TO, with videos, and tutorials that are easy to follow, and that are actually working. Slick ads and magic formulas are a dime a dozen. I have found one that literally gives you STEP BY STEP directions, easy to follow formulas, and actually gets results. And it will not cost you a year's pay to do so. Due Diligence! It can and does work (attraction Marketing), so good luck, and we'll see you in the funny papers.

J Michael

Source by James Shaver

World-Wide-Web Marketing Consulting

World-Wide-Web Marketing Consulting

The popularity of the internet as well as the recent crash and economic depression is changing the face of marketing and advertising. People are no longer content to manage faceless businesses that hide behind big names and glass buildings. They want to deal with a firm which interactions along with customers, listen to them and is focused on a lot more than their own financial well-being. It's put huge corporations in a little bit of pickle, but has provided the small entrepreneur a chance.

Small businesses are now able to get in touch with customers around the world. By interacting and offering added value, small businesses is now able to relocate and take business from much larger companies. Nonetheless, even small establishments need skilled website marketing consulting to enable them to gain that coveted position in front of their clients.

Obviously, anyone can at some point acquire some traffic to their site, suddenheless the question for you is a small business can afford to take the risk that what they are doing or may not work? Website marketing can take time to present results, even though not as long as some other marketing methods, but still of sufficient length to warrant employing a specialist to deal with the job.

What you need to consider is whether you can afford to hang around? Essentially, a business without any internet profile might as well shut down and go home simply because it's as good as deceased. The internet has brought individuals closer together and it is changing business practices. Should you are not ready to conform you will undoubtedly be forced out of the market.

The advantage of acquiring professional online marketing consulting is that you will discover effects much faster as well as your return on investment is going to be greater than if you did it on your own. You will be able to make use of specialist knowledge and your campaigns will be a lot more efficient.

Even if you feel it can be done on your own, because after all exactly how hard all of this internet marketing stuff could be, you might have a huge surprise. There's a little difference between achievement and disappointment in website marketing and a business can turn out burning off much more cash by trying to nip pennies in the wrong places. You may save a few dollars now by trying to come up with your own online marketing campaign, but how much income are you going to drop because you believed it could be?

With website marketing consulting you will get specialist information on everything from deciding on the best mixture of communication programs for a cost-effective marketing campaign to calculating the effectiveness of each individual campaign. That is the beauty of the world-wide web that not one other advertising medium lasts to be in a position to offer before, quantifiable results. An online marketing strategy may be tracked right down to the last click and you can quickly see how efficient each channel is so that alterations can be done if you're dissatisfied with the final results.

Nonetheless, so that you can take full advantage of each of these advantages, you'll need good quality internet marketing consulting to put on the right course so you do not throw away your money on unproductive campaigns.

Source by Melanie Perkins

Best Business Ideas for 2016

Best Business Ideas for 2016

1. Social Media Consultant: If you have some time and a computer, becoming a social media consultant may be just right for you. The other prerequisites needed include being comfortable online and using social media platforms and a love for talking to people. To get started building your portfolio, work with a few nonprofits in your area or offer your services at a discounted rate to local business owners.

2. Cleaning Service: There are many directions you can take this business. If you want to work during hours when no one else does, you can focus on office clients. You can focus on retail businesses and keep your customers clumped into one or two blocks. Restaurants are in great need of daily thorough cleaning and can be a great source of steady clients.

3. Event Planning: One of the first things you need to know about this business is visit every potential event location with which you plan to work. Work with the marketing manager and tour each site and learn what is available at each location. Start a database that will allow you to sort venues by varying features-the number of people each site holds, if there is AV equipment available on site, will you need to arrange for rental chairs, etc.

4. Social Media Marketing: Build up a following on your social media account and you could quickly be approached by major brands, gear companies, and other relevant businesses that sell products or services related to the type of content you share on varied social media platforms. If you have hundreds of thousands of followers, you can easily charge anywhere between $500 to $5,000 per post or more.

5. Affiliate Marketing: If you already have a website that’s driving in targeted traffic, a great way to make passive income from the content you’re already creating, is through affiliate marketing,careers thanks to a combination of blog subscribers, affiliate marketing, sponsorship’s, and other revenue streams.

6. Contracting: This is a great option for skilled workers who are ready to take the leap from being an employee to owning their own company.

7. Blogging: If you enjoy writing, find a topic you’re passionate about and start a website dedicated to covering that topic and anything else interesting you want to talk about. All you need is a computer, some time, and some energy to consistently write. It can start as a hobby and turn into a business over time.

Source by Jordan Colby

Your Super Bowl of Network Marketing

Your Super Bowl of Network Marketing

I love the underdog! The New York Giants upset the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

The Super Bowl of Network Marketing is waiting for you.

There will be 4 opponents that will try to keep you out of the end zone of success. Self-doubt, Fear, Comparison, and Procrastination. What will it take to get to the top of your network marketing game? Is it your brute strength, stellar coaching, CIA internet intelligence, Iron Curtain podcasts, or overpowering blogs?

What does it take to get to the top?

The intensity of your desire and persistence will determine your level of success.
Close your eyes. Believe me, this is fun. We think in images. If I say frog, what do you see? You do not see the letters frog in your brain, you see a green, slimy, four legged amphibian.

Now, imagine yourself standing in the largest football stadium you have ever been in. You are on the newly chalked 50 yard line. Your muscles are flexing, your heart is pounding and your stomach is racing in your chest. Do you smell the popcorn? Hear the screaming raucous fans?
You need to see yourself in the Super Bowl Of Network Marketing.

Chris Widener stated – It does not matter what your IQ is.

It does not matter what your current resources are.

It does not matter what you currently earn.

It does not matter where your family came from. Nothing in your current circumstances matter in whether or not you can achieve your destiny!

You just started this incredible new business and after a week, or even a day you encounter a screaming linebacker ready to take you down- SELF DOUBT!

You begin to wonder what in the world you signed up for and how you are going to make it happen. Every negative statement comes back to you. "You can not sell!" "What are you doing? You should be finding another part time job!" "I told you so." You hear the laughter and see the sneers and you begin to wonder if you are right for this.

To make the most of this, you must say these words, out loud …

I am A Champion! I am confident. I am creating my own footprints in the sand! I am filled with JOY!

FEAR is bearing down hard and is ready to knock you down where FEAR believes you deserve to be. Stand mountain strong.

Do you have a game plan? What action steps have you taken in the first 90 days? Have you studied your company training? Are you attending training calls or weekly meetings? Have you booked your first home party or signed up your first distributor? Action, Action, Action!

FEAR will attack your blind spot, the worst place to get hit. You can not see it coming.
I encourage you to take responsibility for your fear and your life. No one is responsible for you except YOU! Many of us have a fear of success. We feel overwhelmed because we are afraid to take that step which will move our business forward.

Fear will paralyze you. You'll find yourself flat on your back, blaming the trash talking defensive end (your sponsor, the company, the product) for your failure. All Network Marketers at some point have been there. There will be dips in the road. Count on it! Make a decision to stop whining, only then can you take responsibility for your decisions, your mistakes, your success. It belongs to you and NOT a matter of circumstances, environment, or people around you

Yell these words-

I am a Champion! I am CONFIDENT! I am creating my own footprints in the sand! I am filled with JOY!

You are one step closer to the goal line and SUCCESS!

COMPARISON is breathing down your neck.

Who do you think you are rushing so quickly down the Network Marketing field?

He wants to smash you into the ground. You just read that someone made an advancement in the company and you're struggling to get your first team member. How did they do that when you have been in the company for as long as they have and you have worked just as hard as they did?

That just is not fair! You're right. Life is not fair.

What are you going to do to change it? Sound familiar? Comparing yourself to someone else will set you up for failure every time. Jealousy is a deadly poison.

Jim Rohn states that the 2 murderers of success are impatience and greed. We want it right now and it had better be bigger than any one else's! Dave Ramsey, financial guru states that we buy things we do not need with money we do not have to impress people we do not like.

Measure Social Media Marketing: Learn the Best Way to Track Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics

Measure Social Media Marketing: Learn the Best Way to Track Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics

A growing number of savvy marketers are dabbling in social media and gaining followers by connecting with customers and creating conversations. But tracking social media, and quantifying its value can be tricky. How you measure success really depends on your own goals. Companies like Cymfony, Radian6, and Nielsen have social media monitoring tools to help you get the most out of your social media programs. But these tools cost money – sometimes a lot of it.

Did you know a free tool you’re probably already using can do the trick?

Google Analytics is an excellent tool to monitor your web traffic. It’s easy to set-up and you’ll get valuable information. You’ll get insightful information on where your traffic is coming from, what people are doing when they get to your site, what keeps people there and what makes people leave. Best of all? It’s free. If you’re not using this tool, we suggest you start right away.

If you have general knowledge of Google Analytics, you likely already know how to pull reports showing how much traffic Facebook is driving to your website. This is basic. But what if you wanted an executive-level view of how your social media efforts collectively are moving your business forward? What if you wanted to know whether the time and resources you’re allocating to managing social campaigns is having a positive effect not only on helping you get noticed, but in driving revenue?

The best way to track social media traffic in Google Analytics is by creating a custom segment. This view provides a comprehensive dashboard of all traffic across all your social media channels. Google calls this an Advanced Segment. It’s an advanced feature but we’ll make it simple by outlining the steps below.

  1. First, drop the pull-down menu titled “All Visits”.
  2. Click “Create a new advanced segment” link.
  3. Click “Traffic Sources” under the “Dimensions” tab. Drag the “Source” bar over. Set the condition to “Contains”. And in the “Value” field type “facebook”.
  4. Repeat this third step for “Twitter”, “LinkedIn”, “YouTube”, “Flickr”, and other social sites. You’ll want to add social networks, URL shorteners (,,, social media dashboards (HootSuite, twitterfeed, etc), and bookmarking and sharing services (Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Digg, etc). Also include iterations such as “”, “tweet”, and “”. At this stage, it is helpful to run a report showing your top 500 or so traffic sources and look for any social sites you may have missed. If you’re not sure if a site is a social network, take a look at Wikipedia’s gigantic list of two-hundred plus social sites.
  5. The last step is to name your custom segment and save it. Call is something like “Social Media Sites”.

To run your report, go to the Advanced Segments drop-down menu and select “Social Media Sites”. Now, run your reports like you ordinarily would, this time choosing your new segment. You’ll now be able to run custom reports.

A few questions to examine:

  • Which social networks generate the most conversions? If you have goals and funnels set up in Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see conversion rates and monetary value of the traffic you’re receiving.
  • Which social networks are bringing in people who stay the longest and view the most pages? These may be some of your best prospects. Consider putting more of your time and energy in using this network.
  • To what extent does your social traffic correlate with your search traffic? An increase in search traffic can be a result of more social activity – the more people are hearing about you on the social web, they get to know you, and then do a search to find out even more about you. A strong social media presence can build a company’s influence and reach.

Are you effectively converting your social media marketing efforts into tangible results? If not, an expert can help align your social media with the rest of your marketing effectively. Talk to one to uncover ways social media can help you gain followers and grow your business.

Source by Chad Wiebesick

What Not to Put in Your Advertising

What Not to Put in Your Advertising

The old ‘SEX – Now that I have your attention…’ headline/statement is a stinker. While it often gets people’s attention, the person/reader is let down big time right after that. Other examples are good looking models in bikinis promoting products. Sure it does get the persons attention, but their attention is normally focused on the model, not on the product.

One famous television advertisement that promoted a new beer showed a busty blonde model, wearing a white tight t-shirt. Surveys were then conducted, by the agency that created the advertisement. The question was asked, “Who watched the ad?” Huge amounts of people in the target market stated they watched the ad. It was talked about everywhere. The agency thought they were on a winning commercial, until they asked the next question. “What was the name of the beer?” “Um, um, I don’t know, I was too busy looking at the model.” Was the typical response.

So does sex sell? Well if you are selling products that you want people to associate the image of being sexy with a particular product, then yes it does sell. Think of some of the jean or deodorant commercials. Customers do associate that “If I wear this aftershave, ladies will be attracted to me.” Or “These clothes make me feel sexy and help me get a boyfriend.” This association of products and sex does work, however it is a fine line.

The other type of ad like the busty blonde model doesn’t sell products well. It certainly captures people’s attention, but that is all it does. It doesn’t continue on with the sales message. The whole ad is concentrating on the model, and not the benefits of the product. The point of difference is that one helps sell the product, the other hinders the product by overshadowing it.

One simple and easy way to help people create an effective advertisement is to use the A.I.D.A. principle. This is a tried and tested formula that has been around for years in advertising and marketing. Salespeople also use it as a good guide to follow. So what is A.I.D.A.?

A.I.D.A. stands for:

A – Attention. First thing, get their attention. It’s said we see something like 3,000 plus marketing messages every day, so you’ve got to break through the clutter. Keep this hard hitting and short, once you have their attention move on to the next step. While the busty blonde model ad got people’s attention it didn’t proceed to the next steps.

I – Interest. Get them interested. Get their attention and go on further about how it’s going to be dead easy and super fast to get whatever got their attention. Follow on from the first step and make them take notice.

D – Desire. Stimulate their desire. Really go into depth about what’s in it for them. We buy on emotion, and justify later on with logic. Buying is an emotional decision, so get them stirred up about the benefits of buying from you and you’re almost there.

A – Action. Get the customer to take action. ‘Brand’ or ‘image’ advertising, such as talking about how good your company is, falls down completely here. It relies on the initiative of the person to find out how to take action and then do it. Trouble is, your prospect is like a sleepy sloth in a tree. To get him to wake up, get off his warm, comfy branch, climb slowly down to the cold hard ground, grab his credit card and buy something takes good marketing. You have to demand that they take action before you stop the offer.

To sum up the formula, (and nothing to do with sex) A.I.D.A., is a lot like fishing. You cast out the bait and get the fish’s attention by the bait hitting the water. Splash! The fish sees the delicious bait sinking to the bottom, now you have their interest. The next step is to wiggle and move the bait in front of the fish, so it looks desirable. Now the final part is that you wind the bait in and make the fish take action before the bait is gone. Make the fish think he will starve if he doesn’t take action now. Bingo, you have hooked the fish!

Source by Craig Howlett

4 Minute Money Review – How to Make Quick Money System

4 Minute Money Review – How to Make Quick Money System

Are you looking to read a 4 Minute Money review? This system promises to teach users how to make quick money online, but I am sure that you will be very skeptical about this website after reading through it.

I knew I was really skeptical when I read about it, but I had also found many positive testimonials about it too. Eventually, I decided to try this 4 Minute Money system by Harris Fellman and Brian Kosobucki out of curiosity, and I have not looked back ever since.

1. Will You Make Big Money With 4 Minute Money?

This system requires some time to get going, so you need to keep your expectations in check and not expect to see the kind of results you see on its website so soon. With every 4 Minute Money system that you setup, there is a 90% chance that it will continue to keep bringing you income for months to come so long as the visitors remain members for whichever service you promote.

When repeated enough times, the amount of residual income that you can earn will keep increasing every day. It is entirely possible that this passive income stream will replace and become much bigger than your day job income.

2. What Is Included In The 4 Minute Money Package?

This package contains 5 PDF guides that list the strategies of this system in a step-by-step fashion. There is also a software suite called 4 Minute Automation Software that contains a bunch of powerful programs. They have made my life a lot easier by automating many of the monotonous processes that need to be done to keep the system going.

For example, there is the Blogger SEO Tool that helps me optimize the sites that I create automatically, something which I would otherwise have to waste around 15 minutes to do for every small system that I setup.

Source by Martin Garner

What Do You Need For Successful Affiliate Marketing?

What Do You Need For Successful Affiliate Marketing?

When you are looking to buy or research an item before you buy, what do you do? Well you will probably use the internet and will type something into the search engines for instance, "home theater systems" and then from the results you will probably choose the product you prefer.

We all have purchased items online and many of use will prefer to seek the recommendations / reviews from others who have bought any similar product. Well you know what may surprise you is that many of those web sites that are reviewing that home theater system are most likely affiliates who provide you with the information and recommendations, in the form of reviews or giving you links to sites that sell the item for a good price, and in turn, they will make decisions from the websites if you choose to buy.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money at home, as you can see ,!

A huge amount of commerce online is generated and driven by affiliate marketers and it is true that most people are not aware of it.

Even though the Internet can offer more or less an opportunity to make money with an on line business for all never the less, the number of successful affiliate marketers anticipating those five or six figures in a monthly basis is probably pretty small.

So then what is needed to be able to succeed in affiliate marketing? Well because there is a lot of competition involved in affiliate marketing, to be able to succeed, you must be equipped with the right qualities, the right information and a guide that is necessary to help you move forward.

Learning the tricks of the trade is an important aspect of any business, and a willingness to learn will giveyou a far better advantage in the business of affiliate marketing. A willingness to invest time and effort is most important too even if initially direct results do not seem at all appropriate.

Although there may be times when it seems that it is a hopeless case it is important to keep the faith and to hold on and wait.

Such a quality will save you from giving up after investing a lot of time and yourself in the business. Self-determination is necessary if you are to conquer the affiliate marketing world, an ability to push ahead and never say die is a quality each and every affiliate marketer should possess.

The ability to motivate oneself into reaching goals is a quality which will almost certainly determine success. Discipline, another quality one must possess, work each day with an energy that will set you close to achieving what your heart desires, true for any goals that you might set for yourself.

Disregard negative attitudes and hearsay, these should not discourage you from pursuing your goals. One goal is to treat affiliate marketing as a complete business, to have a complete and concise program that includes both product and the means of getting your message successfully across to the customer. Make sure that you know the business of affiliate marketing both inside and out and make sure that your marketing campaign is always up and running.

To capitalize on this type of opportunity you can experiment on your own or you can find a way to learn from those that have already been successful.Then once you see success no matter how small, seize that moment to take what is working and expand on it.

You may be surprised how many have quit their jobs and work full time in affiliate marketing and numbers are only going to grow with all of the built-in advantages offered by becoming an affiliate but you have to believe in yourself, you have to persevere and never give up on it, it will not ever be easy but you know what? it'll always be simple !.

Source by Brian Potter

The Marketing Rule From World’s Most Famous Author

The Marketing Rule From World’s Most Famous Author

Marketing is the art of informing people about products or services or even about companies, although in that case the activity is closer to branding.

Writing articles is a marketing activity where you inform potential buyers about certain offerings. The acronym – AIDA (attention, interest, desire and action) is often uttered in this context showing the four steps of a successful marketing (and sales) approach.

The interest for writing articles is a very fundamental one, because you are able to reach many readers at the same time and any such a reader could be a consumer, a professional, a business representative, etc.

Yet there is an even more successful way of marketing that doesn’t involve article writing. But probably the oldest marketing rule is invented by indeed … an author.

This is about a marketing rule that proved itself for more than four hundred years and was introduced by Miguel de Cervantes himself, one of the greatest authors of our times and the first to hit the world with a novel.

Even if you are not familiar with Cervantes, you must have heard from the novel he had written in de beginning of the seventeenth century;

“The History of Don Quixote de la Mancha.”

The book is till today very popular and continues to be analyzed. And one of the details of analysis is just about the marketing of the story. We all know that literature should be credible and everything in a story must fit and contribute to the overall credibility. Otherwise the reader will not “BUY” it.

In order to increase the credibility of the novel, Cervantes added a literate vehicle. Instead of pretending that the adventures of Don Quixote were written by Cervantes himself, he introduced an new character. In the book known as: Cide Hamete Benengeli. And this Cide, this very mysterious character is the one who originally ought to have written down the wanderings of Don Quixote. The reader is overwhelmed by this mystery and all his attention is drawn to the next steps of the tale. Not in the last place because the story had to be translated first.

A marketing trick that has survived four hundred years of history.

Because still today, the best attention your product can receive is that of someone else. If you write your own story, it’s fine. But if someone else — especially a satisfied client — tells about the success of your product and the interesting features, you have got the best marketing agent working for you.

Writing articles is one way to fulfill your marketing activity. Having others tell your success story is even more promising.

© 2006 Hans Bool

Source by Hans Bool

How Can Retargeting Drive Brand Awareness and Convert at the Same Time

How Can Retargeting Drive Brand Awareness and Convert at the Same Time

It might seem like a very easy question at first sight, because we all want to connect with as many potential clients as possible at the upper funnel sale process, but also we do not want to sacrifice performance in the lower-funnel. The only way we can settle this dilemma is by building very smart upper-funnel marketing campaigns that rely on your lower-funnel conversion strategy.

To do this, you have to follow several steps:

Step 1: Set your performance objectives

First of all you have to decide what's imperative for your business and how retargeting cope with the sales objectives. Retailers always face a hard question: how can I grow my business and at the same time convince website users to convert with low costs? Can I do both of them? If not, which one is more important? The answer is consistently correlated to your sales objectives, but you have to keep in mind that there's a big chance that the initial higher costs per sale by bringing new customers can be covered by their lifetime value. First, you have to resolve for high ROI campaigns and aftermath use effective marketing automation at a larger scale.

Step 2. Use retargeting for performance goals

Retargeting is most efficient when you use it on people who have high intentions of purchasing. They are in the lower-funnel stage so you have to start building campaigns at this level. Use live triggers, email triggers or SMS triggers for visitors who indicate a big interest in your products or services and just need a small encouragement (special offers, discounts or free shipping) or a reminder to close the deal, like for those who abandon them carts or visit specific product pages.

Step 3. Use retargeting for business growth

The people who are less engaged in what you have to offer are those who visit multiple products and those who only browse your website. They are in the mid-funnel and upper-funnel sale process. After they leave your site, they could go to other websites to search a lower price, so it's recommended that you do not lose connection with them and drive brand awareness by recommending best sellers and also offering them a very good reason to come back and place an order. This kind of marketing automation campaign may not have a high conversion rate, but retargeting at this stage will keep your business growing.

Retargeting helps you focus on intention signals of your website visitors and recognize who is most likely to convert. This way you can increase reach and drive scale in a very smart way. Segment your audience in a proper manner, apply a smart creative strategy and optimize landing pages to scale retargeting campaigns.

Source by Ramona Joita

Public Relations Now and Then – An Overview

Public Relations Now and Then – An Overview

Since change is regarded as the flavour of life, like every form of Marketing, PR has seen a drastic change over the years. From being restricted to the print media, and working with journalists, modern PR practices have evolved to being entirely different to what they used to be a couple of decades ago. With every company having an online presence and with customer engagement growing with every passing day, new forms of community outreach programs have started to come in vogue. Bloggers, Influencers and Social Media Managers have taken the role of Journalists in the modern area of Public Relations.

Traditional PR people who have only worked with press departments find the new concept of new age Digital PR done over the internet and social media to be funny. Blogging and contacting influencers seems odd to them. Some do not even recognise this as PR. However, the tech-savvy PR professional or ones who know about the internet industry recognise the importance attached to both word of mouth publicity and social media marketing. The digital-savvy journalists today know very well about the art and importance of sending out real-time information via Tweets live from an important Press Conference.

In the past press, radio, and TV were the main sources of information dissemination. These were the only mediums that could deliver a message and left the PR guys unaware of the results of these messages unless the campaign was highly successful. Today, digital PR not only helps in creating a two-way communication flow where the marketers get to determine the aspirations of the audiences and shape their messages and products accordingly. Also, modern day PR channels like blogs, social media, and general online promotional campaigns give the PR professionals an exact picture of the effect of their PR activities. They can add spice to the flavour as and when required. Even, the content of the messages in today’s PR campaigns has changed. It no more focuses on the brand and its spokesperson, but rather is determined to be giving something of value to the customer. Brands have stopped talking about themselves and how they are the “best” as there are 100s other saying the same thing. Content is the King in this age of information, whosoever has the best content will attract a greater number of audiences. Content endorsement by social media influencers is pivotal in gearing you up for success against your competitors in modern day digital PR. When others talk about you regularly, you reap the benefits of such positive mentions. This has made influencers very powerful in determining the growth of brands.

Depending on a Press Note for PR is not longer the only PR strategy, brands are writing blogs and encouraging other influential bloggers to review their products. Using a more visually interactive and attractive message helps the cause of the brands better and the more liked content, the more viral is the PR campaign. With Social Media being a very influential means of communication today, a brand cannot just shy away from these platforms. Brands continuously need to create engaging content that starts conversations between them and the audience.

Source by Mir Saeid

Internet Marketing Media Madness

Internet Marketing Media Madness

Why is internet marketing so great? What makes the internet unique from all the other technologies that came before it, like the Printing Press (Newspapers / Books), Radio, TV or Telephone?

The Internet literally combines almost all the great communications technologies of the past! And does it cheaper, and with a wider reach. It connects the world at a low cost that everyone can afford. And with new web technologies makes it easy!

Take for instance the Printing Press, after it's invention by Gutenberg in 1439, it taught books and information to people's doorsteps at an affordable price. These days people can go online for free and have almost all the knowledge and information of the world at their fingertips.

Radiorought music and news and bought information delivery to new dimension. People for the first time heard what's updated and know in real-time the important issues of the day. The internet is brought the music of the world to anyone who can find it online or willing to pay for it. At a push of a few mouse buttons anyone can listen to anything.

TV like the radio bought information delivery or media to even greater heights. People get to see what's going on with the world. Most people believed that we could not get to a higher realm of media then television. The internet has put video delivery to a new plateau. Now people can have access on demand almost all the great video works in the world. They also get to interact with the video and other viewers as well.

The telephone let people communicate, but the internet has open this up to world. It's never been so cheap to talk to someone half way around the world. You can communicate through text, voice or video.

If marketing is about controlling media delivery, the internet is the ultimate transporter of media. It can take any shape form or size, and can be as interactive as you want it to be. We are still in the beginning of this golden age where the internet will rule all media.

Source by Quang Van

Internet Marketing Tips – How to Increase Site Traffic

Internet Marketing Tips – How to Increase Site Traffic

Below are some internet marketing tips which you can use to increase web traffic

It is not too hard to create and design a website. The most difficult part is to increase web traffic so that your site is able to generate a satisfying passive income for you. However the job seems to be difficult to handle, but understanding some basic concepts of search engine optimization and applying them can work magically. During the early days of my online money making endeavor, I faced with this problem of generate web traffic and almost save my internet marketing business. Luckily, I came across some useful online SEO tutorials that had clarified the whole thing and helped me to the present state. Most of the successful internet marketers prefer to remain tight-lipped about these internet marketing tips, but as I have learned through bitter experience, I decide to reveal these online marketing tips so that everyone can generate traffic to make money online.

Set Up A Website

The first thing that you need to do is to create a website through which you will start your online business. It is not too difficult to develop an attractive website by using some web designing softwares. Another way to get the job done is to hire a web designer who can do a good job for you. Numerous website designing services are also available on the internet today. Make sure that you are using unique titles for pages of your website and these titles should contain keywords related to your site. Meta tags for any of the pages should not be ignored as this will help to rank your site.

Link Building

Next use link building strategies. You can create some hyperlinks or anchor text of your site and post them at different webpages. You also can join forums by providing useful and informative content with links to your site. Link sharing with popular websites is another way to increase web traffic. Using article marketing is also effective to generate quick and long-term traffic. However, all these internet marketing plans require patience and hard work to make it a success, but you will be motivated when your webpage is frequented by lots of visitors.

Advertising and Networking

The next stage is advertising and networking. This plays a critical role behind generating targeted web traffic. You can place advertisements at some free classified sites, this helps to increase web traffic as well. Blogging will also help to add value to your business, and in many cases blogging alone will attract large number of visitors especially if your blog posts are unique and informative. Beside this, you can create pages in popular web directories on similar topics and advertise your website at social networking sites to get some targeted visitors.

Update Your Blog Regularly

It is important to update your website with fresh and unique content regularly. Regular updating with useful keywords will help you to improve your website's page rank by search engines. On the other hand it will attract visitors of your website to make a revisit.

The above marketing methods have been used by many internet marketers, so if you want to generate web traffic to your newly created website, start applying them and you will get result very soon.

CLICK HERE if you are still struggling to increase site traffic. This site will give you the simple facts on how to increase YOUR website targeted traffic.

Source by Chris Teng

50 Marketing and Sales Promotional Plans – Next Set of 15

50 Marketing and Sales Promotional Plans – Next Set of 15

Hi, we are back again with more promotional plans. Our ’50 Promotional Plans’ have been compiled to help retail businesses reach out to their target market more effectively. Since there are so many creative promotional models out already, retailers can use the best fit to get the maximum visibility, better cost-effectiveness, improve branding and achieve greater sales.

We had previously discussed promotional ideas such as Happy hours, Free trials, Customer care, Complimentary products, Group discounts, Cross promotion, Motivational offers, Fun offers, Group offers, Free service, Spares with product, Selling attractive packages, Freebies, Free shipping, Referral schemes and Block renewals. These promotional ideas were well received by our readers and now we are back again with the next 15 schemes for you.

1) Senior Citizen Discounts: Special discounts for senior citizens, a gradually increasing segment with specific needs, is a great idea. In fact, there is a site entirely dedicated to this segment – Through senior citizen specific schemes you can promote any product or service that senior citizens may need and build a whole new market segment. For example Super Religare Wellness had a scheme where it gave 10% off to all senior citizens. Even Ayurcare offered special discounts to senior citizens for its therapies and detoxification programs.

2) Discounts to Niche Customers: Select the target segment you wish to focus on – say, a particular membership card holder that suits your profile – and offer them a discount. For example, a top end restaurant providing discounts to Club Mahindra holders would bring exclusive focus to an attractive, new segment.

3) Tie-ups with Banks: A tie-up with banks to provide special discounts for customers who use their bank cards at your retail outlet provides access to many potential customers at negligible cost. Several banks are ready to do this.

4) Early bird customers: How about early bird schemes where customers get special discounts for buying early? Such schemes prod customers into buying early to avail the discount. From travels to wellness centres and even corporate training programs, early bird incentives are always a great way to promote your products and services. Wild Frontiers, an adventure travel site offered a 5% discount for early bird registrations while VITS Wellness Centre, Andheri offered a limited period special discount for early bird couples.

5) Reward the customer for his efforts: Reward your customer for the efforts they put in for their own good. ‘Fitness First’, a fitness centre, rewarded its customers for losing each kilogram, with a Rs. 500 discount for each kilogram lost.

6) Use short codes effectively: Let your customers participate in an on-the-spot contest, and in the process get their mobile numbers too. Give a freebie or a discount to whoever participates in the contest. Subway used this scheme by asking customers to enter a contest: Subway gets the customers contact details such as mobile number and email id while customer gets discounts or freebies.

7) Special Event promotion: A special event such as an anniversary, festival or a special day like Valentine’s Day is a great time to offer a promotion scheme. Give a special discount to anyone who registers or buys on occasions such as Children’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Teacher’s day etc. For example Gold’s gym offered a special discount for couples who joined the gym on Valentine’s day and Big Cinema gave away free tickets for women patrons on Woman’s Day.

8) Price guarantee: When real estate prices are falling and people do not buy because of uncertainty, a promotional scheme that offers to pass on the price benefit in case of lower prices in the future, drives sales. A limited period offer for those who book during the period, protects those from future price fluctuations. Aparna Constructions in Hyderabad has offered such a promotional scheme in view of the uncertainty in the real estate market to assuage fears of the customers and provide them with a window of opportunity to invest.

9) Surprise gift: Offer a surprise gift along with a service. Getting something free in the most unexpected of times always remains etched as one of the most memorable experiences for customers. It does not matter whether it is a small gift or a big one, what matters is that you have made the customer feel like the lucky one. For example Jaipan sells a combo package of home appliances such as a vacuum cleaner, toaster, blender and roti maker and throws in a a surprise gift!

10) Social causes: If your service has a social element to it, offer a promotional pricing with it. For example, Times Matrimonials, offers a discount for those who wish to advertise in their matrimonial column without a dowry requirement (or without a caste and religion bar). Similarly they offer discounts for senior citizens and widow/widowers …

Internet Marketing Strategy – Insiders Secrets to Making Money Online

Internet Marketing Strategy – Insiders Secrets to Making Money Online

Internet Marketing Strategy was Corey Rudl's genius. Insider Secrets for Marketing Your Business on the Internet was a labor of love developed by Corey. And it did not happen easily for him. Hours of learning and research went into gaining this knowledge and completing this internet marketing strategy system for making money online.

In June 2005, tragedy stuck when Derek Gehl lost his good friend, colleague, and mentor, Corey Rudl, to the sport Corey was most passionate about – car racing. Corey's passing stunned the entire internet marketing community. But One thing became very clear, very quickly: everyone was adamant that Corey's Internet Marketing Strategy must continue, no matter what.

And so, while Derek had always been content to work "behind the scenes," he suddenly found himself thrust into a very public role. With the blessing of Corey's family, and the support of all of Corey's customers, Derek began running the company. Corey might be gone but his internet marketing strategy system is still very viable for making money online, and I would suggest you take a serious look at it.

Frankly when I finished studying Corey's internet marketing strategy, The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet, – I was overwhelmed by the huge amount of information he managed to pack into this tutorial. The package included two hefty binders with over 1,300 pages, 4 guidebooks and 3 resource CDs. But I guess I should not have been surprised; after all, when the box containing these materials showed up at my door, it weighed in at over 10 pounds!

That's 10 pounds of the most comprehensive internet marketing strategies, test results, case studies, tools, and ideas for making money online that I have ever read. In fact, the only negative here is the time I needed to study all the information packed into Insider Secrets.

If you're unsure who Corey Rudl was, you should know that he was a recognized expert in online marketing strategy for the last 10 years. Not only did his Insider Secrets generate millions for him in online sales, his sites sites still attract thousands of visitors a day.

His package includes step-by-step advice for starting your own internet business. It covers how to build a website for under $ 100.00 and where to find those hot niche products that everyone talks about. It showed me many free and cheap online tools, resources and software that I found invaluable.

Of course, getting visitors to your website is always the first priority and Corey's system showed me how to get new qualified visitors for free. He went into detail on how to get high rankings in the search engines, even Google. He also shared his secrets on writing sales copy that helped increase my sales substantially. Derek Gehl has denied this information up to date, changing the techniques as the Internet grows and changes.

What's really great about Corey's Insider Secrets is that it can show anyone how to build a profitable internet business even if you're completely technically challenged like me.

And if you already have an internet business making money online, as I do, this excellent information will take you to the next level. The advanced sections of his system show you how Corey increased his profits dramatically.

It will take time to go through this package and really get a total grass of all his techniques and strategies. After all, it contains two binders of lessons plus the three CD's and the four guidebooks. You may be a little confused at first but reread it again because it will all make sense.

This review is meant to be a useful, educational and an instructional resource for anyone interested in making money online with proven internet marketing strategies.

This package is not a quick fix as I said. It will take time and patience, but it was worthwhile for me.

I feel completely comfortable giving the Insider Secrets system a 9 out of a possible 10! It is 1,300+ pages of step-by-step lessons containing the exact internet marketing strategies Corey personally used to build a highly successful internet business. If you follow this plan like I did, you too will build a business on the internet, in a reasonable period of time.

Copyright © 2006 Mary Hanna All Rights Reserved.

This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as this article article, copyright notice, links and the resource box are unchanged.

Source by Mary Hanna

Best Smartphone on The Market – Mobile Device Comparison and Review

Best Smartphone on The Market – Mobile Device Comparison and Review

When it comes to the best Smartphone on the market based on the number of users and market share, Android based Smartphones and the iOS platform of iPhones are among the leading contenders. However, Android based Smartphones are typically catching pace with iPhones and there are even Android models that offer more advanced features in other areas where the iOS platform has been the leading pace setter. This growing trend is significant for the long-term liability of new application firms and freelance app developers, whether to go for Android app development or ride the iPhones bandwagon. However, everything will remain monopolized by this company and Android app development will not cut a sizeable chunk off the iPhones app development share.

Growing Market Share

Even if Android phones begin to get a firm foothold in the market one year after the release of iPhones, the Google powered phone actually experienced a significant acceleration in sales which eventually expanded the market for Smartphones. Smartphones using the Android platform offer a brand new market regardless of the continuing increasing network restrictions. At least fifty percent of Android users have their present Android phone as their first experience of using a Smartphone and becoming part of the Smartphone market. Since majority of Android phone users is young (60% are under 34 years old while 30% are between 35 and 49 years old), there will be a significant change on how Smartphone's will be marketed in the next few years.

Android did a good job of integrating its entire web – based applications including maps, docs, Google+, and Gmail among others. However, with the introduction of the new iOS 5 in the market, Android needs to step up its operating system in order for it to keep up its competitiveness among smartphone users and mobile phone technology in general. In line with the growing development in the Android apps industry, the much-anticipated release of Android's Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of this month or early in November is believed to give a new edge for Google powered phones in this ever continuing war on who is the best Smartphone on the market. Even with the iOS 5 out on the market, Google will not sit in the sidelines and watch iPhone take over the market of Smartphone's once again.

With Android based Smartphones pushing forward supported by an all in one operating system, this is definitely a shoo-in among smartphone users who may want to have the portability of mobile phones with the fantastic features and applications of an Android tablet. And while the iPhone may have the lead advantage when it comes to the number of apps in the market compared to Android apps, still the market is now positioned to experience significant growth within the next few years.

This is Google's attempt to standardize the distribution of an operating system which in turn will also reduce fragmentation. The new OS will certainly boost the app development for Android with its new app launcher and exclusive panel for multitasking. This is a big turnaround evolution for Android because this means it is already possible for handsets and tablets to share the same application and interface. What you see with Android handsets will be almost like android tablets giving consumers the significant advantage of choosing what is the best Smartphone on the market for them.

Source by Alfred Clark

Internet Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing – Can I Abandon Traditional Marketing?

Internet Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing – Can I Abandon Traditional Marketing?

This is a common question raised by novices in Internet marketing. Actually, it reflects a misunderstanding of the whole concept of Internet marketing. Because of its reliably novel stage, there is a mystique attached to the concept by newcomers and so the question: If I go for Internet marketing, should I abandon traditional marketing (as if one should now exclude the other)?

My simple answer is – why would you? Internet marketing and traditional marketing should complement each other. The Internet simply allows you to extend your reach beyond the current confines of your traditional marketing system such that areas in the world that were previously beyond your reach can now be accessed through the Internet.

To better appreciate that, it would be helpful to know what Internet marketing actually is. In a nutshell, it means putting up a website where you can display the product or service you are selling, and then encouraging people to drop by your site so that you can have buyers or customers. Everything else you will encounter in Internet marketing, including what may initially appear to you as highfalutin terms – like search engine optimization, search engine submission, reciprocal linking, keyword research – are nothing more than part of Internet marketing strategies to bring people to your website so that you will have the chance of making a sale. Without people finding out your website, you will never succeed in Internet marketing.

To better visualize this, consider the example of putting up a store in the physical world. Your store is located in a vast empty prairie. How are you ever make any sale if there are no people around? No matter how good your products or services are, if you have no passers by, if people can not locate you, you're finished. You have a choice of absolutely shutting down the store – or start an aggressive marketing campaign so that people will get to know about the existence of your store. And if you are successful in enticing them, people may start flocking to you to patronize your merchandise. Your strategies may occasionally include distributing leaflets announcing your store, putting up giant air balloons where from a distance, people will spot you, advertising on mass media, an so on.

The same thing happens to a business website – your virtual store in the Internet. Much like that solitary store in the prairie, all business websites initially exist in a much much vaster cyberspace prairie where no one will find you unless you now adopt and implement the well known Internet marketing strategies. But here's the exciting part – the analogy between the physical store and the business website (your Internet store) ends when it comes to their probable reach for potential customers. In that example of a physical store, how far can you reach out physically to attract customers? Realistically, even with a massive advertising campaign, you will most likely attract only people who are living within your immediate locality. Maybe a radius of fifty kilometers is good enough. Beyond that distance, people will find it impractical to still go to your store to buy anything. But not so in the Internet marketing model. You can be in the middle of the Sahara but your website can be found and access by anyone all over the world where you have Internet connection and where people will need your product or service! That's how massive you can get in Internet marketing!

Now, going back to the question – should you then abandon traditional marketing? That question sounds to me like coming from someone who's using a cellphone for the first time and who, in excitement about the power of the new gadget requests – will I now abandon face to face encounters and just talk with everyone through my cellphone? Of course not! Use your cellphone to get in touch with people who are not physically in your vicinity. But for people who are around you, there is nothing wrong with talking with them directly in person. In fact, that might even be preferred.

Instead of abandoning one system in favor of another, I suggest you combine Internet marketing with your traditional marketing skills. You could build an awesome marketing network that way!

Source by Jimmy Labrador

A Successful Network Marketing Business Relies On Customer Relationship Management

A Successful Network Marketing Business Relies On Customer Relationship Management

The connection that exists between closed sales and a profitable quarter is equal to the connection that may have between customer relationship management and a successful network marketing business. As a matter of fact, a successful network marketing business relationships on customer relationship management as its one stock in trade that will promise to yield results no matter what the market does! Customer relationship marketing is somewhat complicated by the fact that although it is a broadly applicable concept that applies across the board to all forms of commerce, it also varies greatly from one merchant to the next.

In spite of these differences, there are also some similarities which are a good starting point for your business, especially if you are uncertain if you are really making the most of your network marketing business with respect to building, maintaining, and deepening relationships with your customers.

* Perhaps the most important aspect that will help you to get a good idea as to how to treat your customers and manage the relationships they have with you will have date back to the point of first contact. When, where, and why did the customer – or potential customer – contact you in the first place?

* What made your product or network marketing business attractive enough to the individual to send you an email or call you? Find out what the words and phrases were that you used and the idea you were trying to get through, and in so doing you will discover that need of your customer you addressed on that day.

* Once you have identified the need that the customer believed your product or network marketing business could fulfill, it is essential that you become familiar with your customer's time schedule. For example, if staying home with the kids during the summer vacation is of importance to the consumer, and you know that you have three months left until the first day of summer vacation, you will have just formulated your actual window of opportunity for closing the deal and introducing another candidate to your down line! Work with the time frame provided and help your customer understand how she or he can put this time frame to work in order to achieve their stated goal!

* Do not be bashful but ask! While this may sound like the proverbial car salesman question of "what's it going to take for you to buy this car today," this kind of question is not without merit, and while it is advisable to stay away as far as possible from sales related clichés, there are times when they do come in handy. Find out which objections, if any, the customer has, what constants them, what concerns them, and what is that little push that you could provide in order to make the customer close the deal.

A successful network marketing business relations on customer relationship management more heavier than is often given it credit for and while the hunt for lead will almost certainly continue to take over the lions' share of the average network marketer's attention, while it is the relationship savvy marketer who will become successful.

Source by Tom Neville

What is the Difference Between Direct Sales & Multi-Level Marketing

What is the Difference Between Direct Sales & Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing is one of the most popular ways in which anyone can start their own home based global business. It is a dynamic business model that has created many millionaires in the past, present and will no doubt continue to do so in the future. Just a small percentage of the world wide market spend every day would give anyone the opportunity to transform their lives.

The business model typically has unique products or services, complete with a ready made website on offer, allowing each distributor an independent opportunity to build their own six figure income business at an incredibly low start up cost. Naturally that is an attractive business model to most people new to the world of business ownership and is a fast, usually low cost way in which to start working part-time on a business that can replace your working income in a short to medium term timescale .

As the saying goes, if if it was easy, everyone would be successful and a common misconception seems to be if one person thinks it is a great idea very likely thousands of others will too. Whether or not you believe the internet has changed the way in which business will be carried out in the future or not, when broadband started to deliver information in seconds all over the world the way in which people can become well informed about the unknown changed everything .

The multi-level marketing business model changed when the unique products and services became available from almost everywhere online. This creates several problems that can be difficult to overcome. Distributors struggle to be able to get customers in sufficient numbers but even more importantly the business model relating to leveraging the efforts of many levels of distributors in order to create the residual income element most people spend years trying to achieve.

Direct sales has been around for a very long time and is the based around selling high ticket products, services and experiences which command higher margins and upfront responsibilities and are increasingly becoming a viable alternative to multi-level marketing.

In the offline marketplace Direct Sales business models are commonplace, ranging from mortgages and other financial products, through cars and designer clothing all the way down to log cabins and fitted kitchens. The equivalent online usually offers unique information that has to be of extra value value for it to survive and compete with the more popular multi-level marketing industry. The most successful are linked to building wealth and being able to create an alternative lifestyle.

For most people looking to create a residual income online or offline in the network marketing world there is now even more choice with a much higher chance of early profitability than ever before.

Source by Diane Cossie

Network Marketing – What’s Your Magic Wand Wish?

Network Marketing – What’s Your Magic Wand Wish?

If you could wave a magic wand and effect one single change within your existing organization, what would it be? Would they spend more time on their business, attend more meetings, invite more prospects to listen in on conference calls or conduct more opportunity interviews?

If you are like the hundreds of direct sellers who have participated in recent DSWA surveys, you would very likely list these among your top five wishes for your team. However, in analyzing the responses and conducting further interviews with a select group of leaders – all of which lead organizations with thousands of distributors – we noticed an important distinction.

The “Magic Wand Wish” of top leaders with teams in the thousands, differed slightly from those with teams in the teens and hundreds. Higher self-esteem, greater confidence, or, as they say in some circles, stronger positioning was a common response from the leaders who have already made it to the top.

Why is this? Because self-esteem is the quality upon which all other skills and behaviors are founded, making us stronger, more confident and better able to take on the daily challenges that are inevitable in this business. Self-esteem is, in essence, how we see ourselves in relation to the world around us and is a major factor for success in direct selling and in life.

Assuming these top producers know a little something about building successful teams, we thought we would explore some ways that you, as the leader of your organization, can raise the level of self-esteem within your organization. Think you have this covered, do you? Well, before you pat yourself on the back and move on to the next article, we suggest you take this opportunity to check and see whether you have mastered the art of building self-esteem or are just giving it lip service.

Heart-Centered Listening

This is a phrase coined by Jennie England, Director of the Coaching Center at the DSWA, which describes what happens when we give an individual our full and present attention. Heart-centered listening takes place when you listen without distraction or judgment;, making sure that you hear not only the words they are saying, but also the meaning behind them. When a person is the recipient of heart-centered listening, she feels valued and respected, which in turn, builds strong self-esteem. Because listening is not a skill traditionally taught, it requires that you seek out a greater understanding of this skill and then practice it whenever you have the opportunity.

ICU Acknowledgment (As in “I see you”)

Do you know the difference between a compliment and an acknowledgment? While many people feel they are similar, the two are as different as night and day. While a compliment makes people feel good about what they have done, an acknowledgment, when done properly, makes people feel good about who they are. Acknowledgment lets your team members know that you see their unique gifts, what it took to accomplish a goal and it is perhaps one of the fastest and easiest ways to build self-esteem in others. As a leader, it’s important not only to understand the difference between giving compliments and acknowledgment but also to practice this skill with your team at every opportunity.

Small Successes

Building self-esteem through small success requires patience and empathy on the part of a leader. This dictates how your team members will grow – at their own speed – not yours. Do you remember how it felt when you gave your first sales presentation or offered the business opportunity for the first time? Once we overcome the butterflies and nausea we once felt early on in our careers, it can be difficult to relate to our new team member’s troublesome feelings with the simplest of tasks. Recognize that breaking big goals into small steps allows your team to feel the exhilaration of success, which builds their self-confidence.

Shifting Their Perspective

As mentioned earlier, self-esteem is greatly determined by the way we view ourselves. People who have a tendency to focus on their shortcomings, wallow in their failures or obsess about their mistakes often have low self-esteem. Help your future leaders move away from these self-defeating patterns toward a more empowering, gentler view of who they are. Do this by refocusing their attention when they are beating themselves down instead of raising themselves up. Help them recognize the power of their personal perception and understand that others can more easily see the greatness within them – when they recognize it within themselves. Because awareness is the first step to creating meaningful change, helping your team members shift their perspective in how they see themselves is perhaps the most important step you can take in building their confidence and enriching their lives.

By incorporating these four elements into your leadership style; Heart-centered …