Entertaining Talk Show Questions

Entertaining Talk Show Questions

With the wide variety of talk shows on the air, it would be nice to have questions outside the box. Here are some possible questions that fit this category:

1. When was the last time you were at a party, and decided to really pig out on the dip?

2. If you could choose a super power, would you choose the ability to read minds, or pour water really fast without spilling a drop?

3. What is the record amount of time you have gone without a shower?

4. What type of phone solicitation messages are you likely to listen to completely?

5. What kind of free gifts do you most crave?

6. What are some of the favorite names you call fellow drivers in a traffic jam?

7. What is your most memorable experience with cheese?

8. If you had a dime for every time someone called you a wart hog, would you be poor or rich?

9. Can you describe the smell of a really hot barn?

10. If you accidentally dropped the lid of the aspirin bottle into the toilet, would you fish it out or flush it down?

11. Are you satisfied with the shape of your tongue?

12. What is the purpose of the battery in a blade razor?

13. What is your favorite type of dried meat?

14. When you take photographs, do you make your subjects look at the camera?

15. Have you ever learned how to whittle?

16. Do you look for abandoned change in vending machines and pay phones?

17. What is the biggest gum wad you have ever chewed?

18. Where were you the last time you ripped your pants?

19. How many tissues can you fit in your mouth?

20. What kind of lessons are you willing to pay for?

21. How much would you bid for a Rembrandt painting?

22. Can you describe your most frustrating experience with plastic wrap?

23. What are your favorite types of hardware items?

24. Do you have a lucky shirt, and why is it lucky?

25. Where do you put your spare change?

26. How many times per week do you find yourself trying to identify certain odors?

27. What is the strangest thing you have ever done with a spoon?

28. How long would wicker furniture last in your house?

29. What are your favorite things to do with your fingers?

30. Have you ever written any graffiti, and if so, what was your favorite?

31. If you smell body odor, do you check to see if it is you?

There are a lot more, but I guess that is enough for now.

Source by John Dir

Public Relations for City Hall

Public Relations for City Hall

It sees these days that the local city government get blamed for everything and sometimes you have to ask yourself why? It appears that people want more and more these days and feel like complaining and participating in the Blame Game often and sometimes in consensences too.

It is impossible to keep everyone happy in a city, especially as they grow larger. Sometimes people do not realize all the things that cities do and the value of a local municipal government, suddenless it is up to the city officials to have a public relations officer who knows their stuff and to concentrate on communicating to the local community.

City governments should find out who all the movers and shakers are within the community. They need to have lists of all the members of service clubs, chambers of commerce and corporate boards of directors. City government public relations and community communications officers should have lists of all the directors of all nonprofit groups, political candidates over the last 10 years who ran in a local election and send out a newsletter of events, programs and projects that the city is doing .

City Governments need to use networking skills and accept feedback from the movers and shakers. In doing this it makes public relations for local municipal governments so much easier. Please consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

How to Seduce the Opposite Sex Using Psychic Seduction

How to Seduce the Opposite Sex Using Psychic Seduction

What is psychic seduction? You might have wondered what is this about and how it can help you in seducing the opposite sex. Every human being possesses the ability and the power to seduce anyone, it just depends on whether they believe in this ability and themselves in using out this power.

Here are the steps that are used in psychic seduction, what you need is your mind and concentration power.

1. Find a quiet place and visualize the person that you want to influence

2. Arouse the person by focusing on his/her sexual organs

3. Implant thoughts and feelings into the mind of your subject

4. Lead to your subject’s arousal by concentrating on the above steps

Most people who have tried psychic seduction in attracting and seducing the opposite sex have attained great results for themselves. One important factor that affects the effectiveness of this skill is the belief of the person using it.

If one tries to use this skill with a skeptical mind, then it will affect the delivery and transmission of telepathic messages to the receiving party. So if you feel that there is a need for you to use this kind of power to seduce someone, then you need to study and understand the whole concept of it. Doing so will help you to believe in its power and gain confidence for yourself when using it.

When you believe and convince yourself that you can use this skill to influence someone, then you will achieve the results that you intend to get.

Source by Mark Tay

How To Tell If An Advertisement Costs Too Much

How To Tell If An Advertisement Costs Too Much

People say it all the time: "This advertising costs too much!" They actually go into cardic arrest when they see how much the advertising for certain media in certain markets is going to cost them. It is pretty easy to get sticker shock when you see that a sixty-second radio commercial on a popular Los Angeles station could cost you a thousand bucks. Each. Or when you realize that all the "Dot.com" businesses in Silicon Valley have made radio spots on top stations in the San Francisco market cost as much as $ 2,500. A Minute. Or when you realize that a newspaper ad in your city barely bigger than a Hershey Bar will cost a couple thousand dollars. It's easy to automatically think that's a lot of money. Now here's the important question for you, the advertiser: Does the ad actually cost too much?

So what's the answer? The savvy advertiser will tell you that the cost of the ad is not the issue. What's important is the return that the ad will bring. if you were charged even as much as $ 40,000 for a sixty-second radio commercial that generated enough sales to make you a profit of $ 50,000, then would the $ 40,000 be A LOT? The answer is NO! Of course not! You'd be a fool not to beg, borrow, or steal the $ 40,000 so you could make the $ 50,000 profit! Try getting that kind of return in the stock market!

How do you think that these big companies can afford to spend a million and a half dollars for a thirty second TV commercial during the Super Bowl? The know that an intense amount of people will see it – enough to make the return on investment a good deal.

The point is simple; you've got to figure out how much money an ad will make you before you draw a conclusion of whether or not it costs too much. So how do you do that? It's actually pretty easy. Here's a simple process for determining the Return on Investment, or ROI, of an ad. First, you've got to know how much profit you make on each sale. For instance, if you buy it for $ 50 and sell it for $ 100, your gross profit is $ 50. Step two is to figure out what your closing ratio is. If, on average, you close one sale for every four people who inquire, that's a 25% closing ratio. If 9 out of 10 end up buying, then your closing ratio would be 90%. This is simple math.

Now, figure out what your break-even is. Do this by taking cost of the advertisement and divide it by the amount of gross profit per sale. Remember, we already figured out what your gross profit is a second ago. So how much do the ads costs? If the ads cost $ 1,000 and your average gross profit is $ 50, that means you've got to make 20 sales to make back the $ 1,000 – that's your break-even point – in this example, it's 20 sales. Fourth and last, figure out the number of leads you need to generate from the ad if you are to break even. To do this, you've got to know your closing ratio, which we just figured out also. Let's say it's 25%, or in other words, you close one out of four people who inquire. So if you close 25%, and you need 20 sales to break even, that indicates that your $ 1,000 worth of advertising needs to generate 80 leads to break even.

Now I know that all sounds kind of complicated, but it's actually pretty simple. We just calculated in the example that if the $ 1,000 ads can generate 80 leads, you would break even. That's a return on investment of 0. I'm not saying that your goal is to break even. I realize that you are in business to make a profit. But let's start with breaking even; that's the bare minimum you can accept when running an ad. At least you did not come up with a NEGATIVE return on investment!

So let's say your goal was to double your money? What would have to happen to your numbers? That's right, you've got to double your lead flow, or in this case, generate 160 leads instead of just 80. That means that if you generated 160 leads, you would generate a profit of $ 1,000 – again, on $ 1,000 spent. In other words, you've doubled your money. Your return on investment is 100%. That's pretty easy to follow, is not it? By way of review, what we're trying to do is calculate your return on investment for your advertising. Here are the …

How to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business

How to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Many businesses look for other sources outside themselves to find merchants who wish to market their products and / or software through affiliate marketing. Actually, it's a valued partnership that makes a lot of sense to move large volumes of product.

Most of us in business are limited in what we can accomplish alone but reaching out to the affiliate marketers and sharing income from sales made to their customer lists can explode the sales volume for an entrepreneur entrepreneur.

Revenue sharing between the merchant and affiliate marketers is an exceptional way to grow your business and make extra income with minimal extra work. Everyone wins when both the product owner and the affiliate marketer join forces in reaching needed buyers, new customers.

When you have not made the needed product in your own factory or shop then it makes sense to seek other merchants with products or software that will appeal to your customers or previous buyers. When you can grow your business selling the products of other merchants, the money earned will spend just as easy and help build your profits with minimum risk.

Affiliate marketing is a broad and profitable activity for the enterprising business executive. When all you have to do is recommend another software to your customers, maybe a product that's new to your buyers, ask yourself "why not?" or recognize that easy money is about to cross your path as the business owners do a joint venture.

If you're an affiliate marketer, you'll probably want to find extra profits through related merchants in order to increase your income and add new contracts. To turn your business into a huge success story is our main goal seeking out partners. Good management will make your business grow and nothing looks more important than giving it your best effort, it will prove that exceptional effort gets rewarded with high profits.

To grow your affiliate marketing business, it takes advertising to open new doors of opportunity. You can use banners and links, too. A well connected website makes sense and the most successful websites are built on a relationship level with subscribers.

Another way to make your business grow is by going to chat rooms and message boards if you can find them. Get recognized for the contribution you make, learn what others are doing in their business, too. Get yourself known as someone well versed in using, selling and maintaining your products.

Boost your income, meet other marketers, share your expertise, offer to help. Building relationships with different people as affiliate marketers will open new doors of opportunity for you. Nothing is more powerful than getting connected with a reputation of like, know and trust, a person of integrity.

Source by Don Monteith

Mastering Your Future, Or a Brief Introduction to Internet Marketing – Part I

Mastering Your Future, Or a Brief Introduction to Internet Marketing – Part I

If you're like most of the billions of people in the world, you think of "work" as the place you go five days a week, 8.5 hours a day. There's a commute, traffic, a boss you do not like, coworkers that are unhelpful, and a MOUNTAIN of stress. I'm sure you've thought "Work is lousy. The next day you get back up and go back to work.

Let's say that work becomes so much, and you decide that you're going to fire your boss, get a new job, and grow rich … the only problem is, you do not have any idea what job market you're headed for, or what kind of job you're going to try to get. Using your handy internet connection, fueled by coffee, you head to on over to Google, and start a late night of investigating jobs. By the end of the night, you've found THOUSANDS of work opportunities, but most of them are "Work from Home" opportunities. You're skeptical about the claims made on these pages about the fantastic incomes their members are seeing working only an hour a day.

That's fair. You're right to be skeptical. You'd be crazy to believe it all. But somewhere in you, this essential truth begins to arise: Some people really ARE making a living online. Not nearly everyone that tries, but some people are living out their dreams, working only when they want. When you realize that you were almost considering it, you probably figure that it's definitely time for bed. You can not sleep. You're too busy wondering if it really could work.

Here's a fantastic starting point:

If you've got a few of the programs that sounded good to you written down, great. If not, that's okay. Find a site offering reviews of programs from people that have paid for them. It's the best way to find out what is, or is not, a scam. Check out the programs you looked at, or find a few to be interested in. I used to recommend WorkAtHomeWatchdog, but it sees the site is not still running. I'm sure a quick search [http://www.google.com/webhp#hl=en&q=affiliate+marketing+site+reviews&aq=f&oq=&aqi=&fp=KxYPMM6r3XA] for "affiliate marketing site reviews" will get you something similar.

Find one thing to try. Go for something well-liked. Any program * can * work, some are just easier than others for the average person to succeed at. When you're looking at the programs, consider these things:

Are there startup costs or recurring fees? Will you need a website of your own? How much time does it require you to put in? Is there a trial period, a money-back guarantee, or both? How much are you willing to invest in your business to get started? How realistically can this program get you to your goal income? Does it let you use any special skills you may already have?

Pick a program that meets your criteria and is well rated, and plunge in. Soon, you could be leaving the boss behind.

Watch for I thought "Work From Home" mean I'm never griping about traffic again! (A Brief Introduction to Internet Marketing, Part II), coming soon.

** This article may be distributed and reprinted freely so long as it is reprinted in full, and all "About the Author" information is preserved with the article in its original state, including leaving all hyperlinks active. **

Source by William Hoyle

Are You the Leader Others Follow? Online Marketing

Are You the Leader Others Follow? Online Marketing

Or do they follow you because they have to? The eternal question is, "Are Leaders born or made?"

We will be developing this interesting topic and offer you online business ideas and personal growth and development information that can help with your personal development.

The best estimates offered by research is that leadership is about one-third born and two-thirds made. The fact that leadership is mostly made is great news for those of us involved in leadership development. Leaders can be developed. I make the point in many of my articles that all of us were born naked to the world and basically a blank slate that accumulates information as the body's system experiences everything taken in as information during our life path.

With this simple start to life and all things being equal, which we know are not, there are many leaders in every field that worked their way through the educational and work life process on their way to becoming the leaders that they are.

So the question begs an answer and the article will be sharing critical points that define good quality leaders and why they are held in this esteem. Coming out of the military, where I spent ten years, we all learned the way the system's leadership works which is basically the Chain of Command . This explicitly defined system has everyone in the system responsible to the rank above them, with no questions asked. It works great overall, but we both know that not all leaders are considered to be good. There are many situations where because of the Chain of Command, that the person above you is missing in the finer points of leadership and leaves you questioning them. This situation already negates the principle of good leadership and leaves holes in the armor, allowing the people being led to seek other counsel and even question their assumed leader. In the military it is critical to trust and respect your superior as there can be situations where lives are at stake and the guidance and direction of the leader can have implications that can lead to disaster.

So what are we looking for in our "leaders" ? Let us develop a list of criteria that affect our perception of who the leader is and what defines them as such. Since we look for leaders that have greater poise, agility and patience to minimize the impact of uncertainty of the situation, here are some hits that are critical for good leaders to exhibit. Our initial perception of the composition of a good leader is reflected in their attitude, body language and overall presentation, but let us go further.

Maintains honesty and is Un-Emotional. Stick with proven behavior and use common sense to make justification calls when needed. You can not be perceived as wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Emotions are controlled by your sub-conscious mind and will show themselves when least expected if not controlled. Emotions are deep anchors created by what we learned early on in life and build on as we go through life. When unchecked, the people being led will walk away with the thought that you are not objective enough and come across as too passionate for the situation at hand.

Good leaders do maintain their composition and can express concern and care.
Is able to delegate. It is critical that leaders understand this basic principle. One alone can not take the responsibility to do all things as well as utilizing others to be involved in the process. By assigning parts of the overall task to specific people, it rewards them with the responsibility of being part of the team and their fit in the process. A good leader understands this and gets the team involved in all aspects of the objective. This gives everyone involved with the assignment a feeling of ownership in the final analysis and drives them further and harder towards the finish line. Like many of you, I have used the TEAM analogy many times in presentations over the years and finally realized that what we say, "There is no I in TEAM" while true, does not bring into play that there is an M in the same word. The M stands for me, which is another person that can disrupt the flow of the team's project and could possibly sabotage the project. Delegation gets everyone involved and vests them in the purpose and scope of the team's objective with personal responsibility for their part.

Is a Great communicator. Good leaders understand that their choice of words, the tone and clarity of their voice and the body communication signals given in the presentation will all add up to how well the group understands the given assignment and where they fit in the larger picture. If …

How To Get An Avalanche Of Free Publicity For Your Home Business!

How To Get An Avalanche Of Free Publicity For Your Home Business!

There are many ways you can get tons of free publicity in the form of write-ups in magazines, newspapers, and even radio and TV. And sometimes you can turn family events into human-interest stories that editors like and will publish in their magazine and newspapers

One way is to compose a printed news release on your product or service, but include a story involving your family into the release. Write the release like a news article in a newspaper. Tell who, what, when, why, and how interested people can benefit from your product. Avoid hard selling copy — just give the facts, and if you can weave in an interesting story in the process, all the better.

For example, I am a musician with a line of products in the music educational field. Years ago I created a giant musical staff out of plastic and turned it into a game that kids could play on the floor. In the news release about it, I told how my own kids used it, and included some dialog between them:

"That's a whole note!" exclaimed my daughter Kendra.

"Is not! It's got a stem, and whole notes do not have stems" my son Kurt corrected her.

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Oh … what's a stem, Kurt?"

"It's the line coming down from the note head, stupid."

"I am not stupid!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

Finally Mom intervened before an all-out war broke out.

But sinceforth and evermore both of my kids knew the difference between a whole note and a half note.

For some reason, editors found that little story amusing, and wrote up the story pretty much as I sent it in. They also included information on how interested parents could have gotten a "Giant Staff Game" for their own kids, and as a result we got orders from all over the states and some foreign countries from both parents and schools. It was written up in House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, plus many music magazines and teachers' journals.

This was not just a one-time fluke, either – over the years we received news write-ups galore in everything from the Wall Street Journal to Popular Mechanics – all related to our product, but written in a way to make editors smile and then decide to publish the release in their publications.

Can you do the same? Think about the funny little incidents in your family life, and then think of ways you can work that into a news release about your product or service.

Source by Duane Shinn

Smartphone Marketing

Smartphone Marketing

Smartphones are taking over from standard mobile phones and the ability to access the web so quickly and easily through these devices has responded in a growing number of businesses investing in Smartphone marketing. There are a number of different ways that you can capitalize on this growing trend including SMS marketing, mobile website marketing and App marketing.

While SMS marketing is effective both on our old mobile devices as well as on the new smartphones, it is mobile website marketing and App marketing that are the big winners. Mobile website marketing makes use of an easy to read template of your website to be hosted along your normal website. Making use of re-directs, you can ensure that people visiting your site from a mobile device will automatically be directed to your easy to read mobile site. Although mobile websites do make use of some of the interactive features of your smartphone, they are not always as interactive as they can be.

Why Apps are So Popular for Smartphone Marketing?

Mobile Applications for small business take your mobile website that much further with interactive features which can be used to create content to use for your marketing as well as to reward your customers. Making use of the GPS feature to offer turn by turn directions to your business as well as offering GPS discount vouchers to anyone who visits your store at pre-designated times make use of the phones built in features to enhance your customers experience.

What makes Apps stand out from mobile websites the most is the convenience for the end user as well as for your business. Customers can achieve far more with the touch of a single button and as we are now becoming more prone to instant gratification and prefer to complete tasks that are easy to perform, Apps make things like telling a friend about a special discount they have just received as easy as touching a button. This one touch word of mouth promotion tool makes App marketing so popular with many companies experiencing a massive growth in their downloads through this single tool.

Mobile marketing is here to stay and there are numerous companies that can offer you quality apps for the same price as converting your website into a mobile site. The additional features that can be included such as shopping cart, loyalty programs, survey forms and free push notifications ensure that smartphone marketing can be both cost effective and will add huge value to your customers experience with your brand.

Source by Jeanne Michelle Smith

What Makes Up Effective Marketing for Business Owners?

What Makes Up Effective Marketing for Business Owners?

It appears as if everyone accepts another resolution, but once it boils down to it, it's YOUR response that's most significant. That's because you're the one who accepts to decide whether or not your marketing is cultivating; whether it's growing a favorable give back on an investment.

As a business proprietor, you may also be functioning with a business sector or marketing coach who's helping you on preparing your marketing program, formulating marketing campaigns and then realizing what opportunities you are acquiring and what they are to your business.

You could attend a marketing seminar or study a business article. You may even speak to your cousin's wife's sister's dad who upright happens to be a flourishing chief executive officer. Regardless of who you address for skillful counseling about marketing and additional views of structuring your business, it is authoritative to realize how you define marketing and how they view marketing so that you are forever comparing apples to apples.

What Marketing is not ….

Before we get into what marketing representatives, allow me to lecture a little about what it is not. Marketing is not your internet site; although your site is a component of your marketing. It is not promoting, although promoting happens to be a component of the marketing formula for numerous companies.

Furthermore, marketing is not straight mail, advertisements, fliers, pamphlets, yellow pages, seminars, or your company logo. These tokens are all things you might (or might not) apply during the method of marketing, but they are all definitely not marketing by themselves.

What Marketing presents ….

Marketing represents the action from which you adopt and keep clients. It calls for the method of extending to your objective audience to acquaint them to your business and make them well aware that you exist.

It calls for the technique of informing those potential clients that you recognize and understand their concerns, frustrations and wants; that you have formulated a result that they can trust on and that your answer constituents more beneficial than the other available alternatives for a mixture of rationalities.

Marketing represents the know-how by which candidates are incorporated into your business and become buyers for the 1st time; and it's the technique by which preexisting purchasers are conveyed with, backed and, finally, sold to on a current basis.

Marketing, equally it turns out, is another phrase for sales.
Yeah, you really need marketing to survive even if your business relationships are entirely on buzz referrals to adopt fresh business and if buyers come back to do business with you over and over.

Marketing is about how you communicate with your candidates and buyers. It's about how you speak to them (rather than "at" them) before, during and after the action of dealing with them.

Finally, marketing is about you. It's about establishing the technique of researching and buying a product or service and making it pleasurable. Execute it substantively and people will be beating down your door. Execute it badly and your business will, in all likelihood fall apart.

Source by Garrett M Burke

10 Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success

10 Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success

Network marketing is probably the easiest and most popular way in which to start a home based business. It requires considerably less initial outlay than a traditional bricks and mortar type business and has traditionally created many millionaires in the past, present and future.

Although it is very easy to see the income potential in these types of home based businesses, somehow when people actually realise what is involved in building a downline and creating a team the initial enthusiasm dwindles away and they get overwhelmed by the task in hand.

Although your success is 100% reliant on you, here are some vital tips to help you guarantee that you at least give it your best shot and are prepared to make the commitment required to make sure your network marketing business is a huge success.

1. You are going to need desire. If you believe that you are destined to work for a boss you usually hate, work longer and longer hours behind a desk or on the factory floor being paid considerably less than your worth then go ahead and wait for the golden handshake and hope your pension fund makes it through the next stock market crash. Desire is fuel for never giving up on the freedom to choose the entrepreneurial path and taking the road less travelled.

2. The right business model and a true understanding of how your dream income is going to appear in your bank account. Know your numbers, understand your marketing statistics, and learn the life time value of a customer in your business. No other business model pays you a residual income every month, that is where the freedom lies.

3. Unique products or services that are in demand right now. There are a lot of great compensation plans, innovative health products, miracle skin solutions, juices and pills, but your product has to have something that will keep people coming back for more month on month for your business to be successful. Find out from your company what the average amount of time people stay in your business before jumping in.

4. Learn a valuable skill that will help others build their business. The trend in online marketing is here to stay, in fact it is still in its infancy, if you are prepared to learn new skills that will bring value to your marketplace you will get paid for life for having a valuable skill that is in demand. This is far more important to your success than your product line.

5. Network marketing is about leadership, it is a recommended business model by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump because of its emphasis on personal development. You will have to spend at least 30 minutes per day on developing your character, honing your attitude and becoming a better communicator in addition to building your business. All leaders are readers.

6. You will get a lot further in your business if you plan on being in the same business in 5-10 years time. The Internet has presented the greatest opportunity of all time for a solo entrepreneur to create success in themselves and in their business. Building your own brand has never been easier than it is with online lead generation and tools like video, pay per click and banner ads to name a few.

7. Success in network marketing is a lot easier when you have the right tools to do the job. To find greater success in network marketing you should think past the initial sales process and plug into a system that is designed to not only train you, but also train your downline.

8. You will find the biggest battle you have is the one with yourself. Self belief, confidence, fears and mindset are the hardest hurdles to overcome bar none. The only way you will ever overcome your own paradigms is to spend more time around successful people and find out what they do differently. In these digital times, this can mean listening to training calls and MP3 recordings that will make you think differently. Understand that this process does not happen overnight and that there are no short cuts.

9. Create a plan, based on your numbers and then take the approach of what I lack in skill I make up for in number. Traffic is king on the Internet and there are no shortages of leads online every day. To be really successful in this business talk to lots of people.

10. Separate yourself from the crowd of XYZ distributors for XYZ companies. Your business should be exactly that, your business and your network marketing business should just be an element of your business. By investing in yourself, developing your skill set and your mindset and committing to the long term …

4 Reasons Why Managers Don’t Delegate

4 Reasons Why Managers Don’t Delegate

Every successful manager knows that to deliver their best results they need to do what they do best. Despite knowing this, many managers never delegate or they delegate badly.

So what are 4 reasons why managers don’t delegate?

Reason 1: Fear

You might not be expecting this to be top of the list but, surprisingly, fear is a big factor. Those who are afraid to delegate worry that others will do a poor job or even do a better job than the manager, who will in turn look bad. If this is you, ask yourself if your fear is real or made up. If your own personal reputation is more important than results, your fear is ego driven.

Reason 2: Lack of know how

Surprisingly, many managers don’t seem to know how to delegate. Maybe it is because they have never seen delegation done effectively. More likely is that they are so submerged in the fine detail that they cannot see the opportunity right in front of their nose.

Reason 3: Playing it safe

You might have heard the phrase, “If you want a job done properly, do it yourself”. Sometimes that might be right and sometimes it might be completely wrong. We are all better at some things than others. Managers who try to be masters of everything think they are playing it safe. The truth is they are probably de-motivating their team, suffering from high levels of turnover and huge amounts of personal stress.

Reason 4: It takes too much time

Okay, let’s be honest, delegating takes time. However, it is a one-off time investment that pays back time and time again. Next time you notice yourself saying that passing something to someone else takes too much time, do the maths and see how long it will take to pay back the one off investment of time.

The Bottom Line

If you are serious about being a successful leader or manager, you need to delegate or learn how to delegate.

Source by Duncan Brodie

What Makes Up Effective Marketing for Business Owners?

What Makes Up Effective Marketing for Business Owners?

It appears as if everyone accepts another resolution, but once it boils down to it, it's YOUR response that's most significant. That's because you're the one who accepts to decide whether or not your marketing is cultivating; whether it's growing a favorable give back on an investment.

As a business proprietor, you may also be functioning with a business sector or marketing coach who's helping you on preparing your marketing program, formulating marketing campaigns and then realizing what opportunities you are acquiring and what they are to your business.

You could attend a marketing seminar or study a business article. You may even speak to your cousin's wife's sister's dad who upright happens to be a flourishing chief executive officer. Regardless of who you address for skillful counseling about marketing and additional views of structuring your business, it is authoritative to realize how you define marketing and how they view marketing so that you are forever comparing apples to apples.

What Marketing is not ….

Before we get into what marketing representatives, allow me to lecture a little about what it is not. Marketing is not your internet site; although your site is a component of your marketing. It is not promoting, although promoting happens to be a component of the marketing formula for numerous companies.

Furthermore, marketing is not straight mail, advertisements, fliers, pamphlets, yellow pages, seminars, or your company logo. These tokens are all things you might (or might not) apply during the method of marketing, but they are all definitely not marketing by themselves.

What Marketing presents ….

Marketing represents the action from which you adopt and keep clients. It calls for the method of extending to your objective audience to acquaint them to your business and make them well aware that you exist.

It calls for the technique of informing those potential clients that you recognize and understand their concerns, frustrations and wants; that you have formulated a result that they can trust on and that your answer constituents more beneficial than the other available alternatives for a mixture of rationalities.

Marketing represents the know-how by which candidates are incorporated into your business and become buyers for the 1st time; and it's the technique by which preexisting purchasers are conveyed with, backed and, finally, sold to on a current basis.

Marketing, equally it turns out, is another phrase for sales.
Yeah, you really need marketing to survive even if your business relationships are entirely on buzz referrals to adopt fresh business and if buyers come back to do business with you over and over.

Marketing is about how you communicate with your candidates and buyers. It's about how you speak to them (rather than "at" them) before, during and after the action of dealing with them.

Finally, marketing is about you. It's about establishing the technique of researching and buying a product or service and making it pleasurable. Execute it substantively and people will be beating down your door. Execute it badly and your business will, in all likelihood fall apart.

Source by Garrett M Burke

Benefits of Direct Marketing: The Personal Touch!

Benefits of Direct Marketing: The Personal Touch!

Direct marketing connects you directly with your customers. When customers receive a piece of mail addressed to them, take a phone call, get an email from you or see you or your sales representative in person, they connect with you and your business on a personal level.

Let's look at three aspects of the benefits of direct marketing.

Building Relationships

When you market directly, you build relationships. No matter what day or age, or how much technology we have, the core of all successful business strategies is building on a rock-solid foundation of interpersonal connection. Customers like to deal with a familiar face, a trusted brand, a known quantity. Contacting customers repeatedly reminds customers of your quality and lets them know you care.

Keeping Track of the Metrics

Direct marketing allows you to track your numbers easily. When you use different types of direct marketing, you can efficiently compile statistics and measure several different parameters, including response percentage rates, geography, demographics, psychographics, and timing. With this kind of specific information, you can reap the benefits of direct marketing more fully in the future by having a scientific, mathematically based way of selecting targets and gauging your timing more specifically.

Minimizing Competition

By marketing directly, you avoid immediate competitor response or counter-offers. Competitors may, of course, get wind of your materials, but they can not respond as quickly or effectively as they can to online campaigns, for example. Thus, your deals are likely to be the best ones around. When your customers are accredited to hearing from you directly, they are less likely to shop around and more likely to keep coming back.

These are three major benefits of marketing directly, but there are many more. To find out for yourself how beneficial it can be, set up your marketing campaign today!

Source by Stephen Gill

Advertising and Debt

Advertising and Debt

Being aware of advertising is essential in the battle against debt. We live in a world were commercialism reigns. "Look at how beautiful you will be in this" and "You will not be happy unless you have that". It is really a poison that many people fall sick to. (It being a poison if you really can not afford it) It is funny how so many people do not like being told what to do, teenagers especially, yet in reality its what advertising really does and all fall victim to it to some degree. To be a good advertiser, you have to make people think they need something but not that your telling them they need it. However the point of this article is not on how to become a good advertiser but rather to be aware of what advertising's affect on your wallet.

I find the people who find themselves in a debt trap have often gotten themselves into it by obviously spending more than they can afford. But why would someone cognitively go and do this? True could be it was a careless misunderstanding of what your bank account was looking like, or that you forgot there were other payments out there for the month. But for many, it was that they figured they could not live without a product or that it just tempted them to such a degree that they just "Needed to have it" or they "Owed themselves it" Yet what tempted them in the first place , advertising anyway?

Good advertising has a multiple effect, let me explain. If a company makes a product and it sells well from their initial advertising campaign, well suddenly everyone who has that product now is indirectly advertising for that product. A company loves this because of their ROI (Return on Investment) just increased without further help on their part. So if your neighbors have the fancy new garden accessory, or newly finished driveway, tile roof and you like neighbors, then your neighbors are indirectly advertising the product to you. So it is just good to be aware of the messages that the world can through at you. It is important to interpret each financial pull and put them in order of importance in your head. Sometimes just understanding why you might be desiring something can help you see it in a different light.

Source by Kevin Dunham

Agoraphobia Is Not the Opposite of Claustrophobia

Agoraphobia Is Not the Opposite of Claustrophobia

Agoraphobia isn’t the opposite of claustrophobia – but a lot of people think it is. In fact I used to think exactly that. I used to think exactly that even when I was suffering from agoraphobia. I was even offered the opportunity to join an agoraphobics group, but I said no because I wasn’t afraid of open spaces. I quite liked open spaces as long as no one else was anywhere near me. In fact if there was no other human being in sight, then that was OK as far as I was concerned. But that was all a very long time ago.

The translation of agoraphobia is ‘fear of the market place’, not, as many people think, fear of open spaces. The essence of the market place is people and human interaction. This is what is fearful. Places that agoraphobes typically avoid, or have problems with, are supermarkets, theatres, cinemas, crowds, parties. Places where a rapid exit might be difficult.

The fear is usually of showing oneself up in some way in the eyes of others. Typically agoraphobes worry about things like: vomiting (usually as a result of severe anxiety); fainting; having a panic attack; or suffering from a genuine health emergency like a heart attack. The concern is usually one of embarrassment – perhaps fainting and finding oneself on a supermarket floor gazing up into a circle of concerned faces who will insist on making a fuss and calling an ambulance.

Many agoraphobes manage to get by with a trusted helper who accompanies them when they need to go shopping or out socialising. This person is there to rescue them and take them home should anything bad, like a panic attack occur. But when that helper is not available life is very restricted.

If medical help is obtained the most likely result is medication with tranquillisers and anti-depressants. Neither of which actually solve the problem, they just enable a minimum level of functionality. The problem remains, like a monster in the wardrobe, waiting to show its scary face as soon as you turn off the lights,  or look the other way. So you are trapped. The medication keeps the monster locked in the wardrobe, but doesn’t get rid of it. Stop the medication and the monster is free once more.

Life as an agoraphobe is no fun at all.

So if you are agoraphobic and reading this I want to reassure you about a few things:

  • This is not a disease, but you can ‘heal’ it.
  • There is nothing physically wrong with you.
  • Your brain is as normal as anyone else’s.
  • The cause is the way you think.
  • The cure is changing the way you think.

Changing the way you think is not easy, but it is a lot easier than living the isolated, fearful, life of an agoraphobe.

When you think about the totality of the change you need to make, it seems an insurmountable task.

When you think about the single next step you need to take – it becomes not only possible, but relatively easy.

The first steps are the most difficult. Every step after those first few become easier. They become easier because you have the memory of success and knowledge that what you are doing is already making a positive difference to your life.

Source by Michael Hadfield

How To Do Affiliate Marketing: A Beginners Guide

How To Do Affiliate Marketing: A Beginners Guide

The majority of people these days have access to a computer on a daily basis. Anyone using the internet will soon realize that there are many ways of making money from web traffic. Most people tend to start with auction sites and sell items that they no longer want. But some people start to hear about affiliate marketing.

The opportunity to earn money from referring traffic to products. The compensation is usually contingent on the traffic being converted into buyers of the product or service. For sending the traffic, the affiliate receives either a flat fee, commission or even residual payment in some cases. Whatever the case, the question at hand is, "How can I learn how to do affiliate marketing?" The basics of affiliate marketing are as follows.

Page Rank.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a niche that you are interested in and are able to write useful information or honest reviews about. You should then consider if you are going to cover the broad aspect of the niche or if you are going to focus on one aspect or even just one product. For example, lets say you were interested in computers.

You could decide to cover the topic as broadly a possible, software, hardware, internet, etc. If you wanted to go into just one aspect you could consider doing just hardware. If you wanted to focus on just one product you could write about just one item such as the latest 27 "monitor from a certain company.


As mentioned above, you can focus on just one product from the start and write content that is purely about that item or service. You could also decide to write about a broad niche but heavily promote just one product or service. Your choice of product is going to affect what kind of commission you are going to earn. A low priced product may convert easily and quickly, but provide low affiliate payment amounts per sale. In this case you will need to make a lot of sales to make it worthwhile.

Some products will be high priced but low converting due to the price. The affiliate compensation will of course be higher and so therefore more lucrative if promoted to the correct target audience.


Your next choice is the location of your content. Some people will create a website from scratch to promote their chosen products. Other people will create a blog or even combine a blog with a static website. Some may choose to use free pages to write reviews or articles. Each one has plus points and minus points, but all can be effective.


Once your basic choices have been made, you will then need to create your content. Content can range from simple reviews to fully detailed articles about the product and company you are going to associate for. It can also be videos and pictures showcasing the product. Content is information that will be picked up in search engine results and showcased to your web traffic. Great content is the key to people trusting your site enough to follow the back-links. If your content looks like it is purely a sales pitch, then any reader who is looking for useful information will simply exit your site without clicking on your product affiliate links.

Create good content and you stand a better chance of earning money from affiliate marketing.


Once your content is created you will then be able to place your affiliate back-links in your content. These may be banners or simple text hyperlinks. The affiliate program you join will provide these and it usually just a case of cut and pasting the code into your content. The other area of ​​back-links you will need to learn about is back-links to your pages from other sites. For people to find your site in the first place you will need to place back-links, usually text links, back to your page.

For example.
You are writing about computers and have a back-link to your site in your signature on a forum. People on the forum enjoy your posts and click the link in your signature. This leads them to your site that has information and reviews that are linked to the product site. People read your content and then decide to click the link to a product. The product site has content that converts the reader into a buyer. You receive commission. That is one way of how to do affiliate marketing.

Page Rank

The more great content you have on your site that has back-links on other sites linking to it, the more likely you are to attain a high page rank from search engine results.

If you rank high in …

Learn Internet Marketing – Unleash the Power of Technology!

Learn Internet Marketing – Unleash the Power of Technology!

If you are interested in starting a home business or already have a business in place the benefits to you to learn internet marketing are explosive. We now have the ability to reach potential business partners and prospects anywhere in the world. A well developed understanding of the tools and strategies available to grow your business are increasing everyday.

The advertising costs of old school marketing via newspapers, magazines, radio and tv can be very expensive and are time sensitive. The information and advertising we place on the internet in the form of blogs, video’s, podcasts, social media, classifieds, and many other are very flexible and are not limited to a specific location or specific length of time.

The effectiveness of our advertising can be tracked and edited at any time according to how well the current campaign is performing. Where else can you reach someone half way around the world in a matter of seconds. Customer service is a very important aspect of any online business. Be sure you have a toll free number and other contact information easily available to your customers. Personal contact will create a lasting impression and produce a long term word of mouth affiliate. It is also advisable to learn the proper etiquette and tactics available to attract customers to you and your business.

If you are interested in learning more about internet marketing it is imperative for you to find a good program and mentor to help you grasp the basics. If you are new and flying solo you will easily become frustrated with all the different aspects of online marketing. There are many free E-books available and many free sites that allow you to get up and running almost immediately.

I would recommend signing up for the different social networking sites and start building relationships and adding friends. Do not shove your business in their face as most people do, it is advised to start slow, look at their profile and comment on something more personal. This will show them you actually took the time to research their profile. Some of the best relationships for your business will be casual conversations that start on a personal level and eventually develop into a possible business relationship down the road.

The key to success in any online marketing business is building relationships. Build relationships with like minded people. Become a person of interest and value to your friends. As you learn internet marketing you will be able to offer important information that will benefit your relationships and at the same time build yourself up as someone who is reaching out to be helpful to others. It’s not about the sale, it’s about being a valuable asset to someone elses success. The sale’s will soon follow.

There is so to much to learn, start out slow and thoroughly understand a particular aspect before moving on to the next. Information overload is the main reason people become discouraged and throw in the towel before they even give themselves a chance to succeed. There is no better feeling in the world than achieving personal success and then guiding someone else to achieve the same end result. The internet is taking over the world, it is time to start learning and earning your share! Everyone deserves the life of their dreams!

Source by Mike Elliott

Internet Marketing Help – How To Get Maximum Internet Marketing Help For Success

Internet Marketing Help – How To Get Maximum Internet Marketing Help For Success

Getting the best help possible for your internet marketing
is crucial to your success.

Without the correct guidance, you might end up wasting
precious time and money.

That is just something you can not afford.

There are a few ways that you can get what you need
in order to succeed.

Some are free and others may require an investment.

However, if the investment is your time, or your money
it is still important that you get the help you need.

One way is to subscribe to ezines. Ezines offer great
advice and tips and are also free.

Try and subscribe to about ten good ezines that offer
tips and help on internet marketing.

You are bound to come across some great information.

Another great way gain help is to search for blogs.

Use your favorite search engine and look for blogs that
offer helpful information.

There are literally thousands of blogs offering tips,
help, reviews and free reports.

Yet another way to get help is to seek out a professional

A good internet marketing coach can and will help you
get the maximum results by offering you their years of
successful experience.

Now a set back to having a coach is the cost involved
in securing his or her services.

Most good internet marketing coaches normally charge a
decent fee for their help but in the long run, it is a
great investment on your part.

Getting help from a good coach will definitely increase
your profits and make your business a success.

Source by Gary Baker

Marketing – Please Do not Confuse Your Email Readers

Marketing – Please Do not Confuse Your Email Readers

Confusion is an uncomfortable state of mind, so why would a marketer inflate it upon a would-be customer? To make them run away, perhaps? That's kinda dumb.

Most "old pros" in copywriting have a lot to say about using language that fits the audience – and remembering that your audience is not necessarily composed of professionals who know all the industry jargon. They point out that if you write so a 7th grader can understand it, the guy with a Master's Degree will also understand, but if you write so only the guy with the Master's can understand, you'll lose everyone else!

And some writers object – believing that writing with short, concise, clearly understood words "dumbs-down" their message. That's fine – they can keep right on writing with "$ 40 words." If they want to pass up new customers, it's their business. But that's not what you want to do! You want to be understood by absolutely everyone who comes across your message.

So be careful what you say in your subject line. You know what you mean, but will all of your prospects?

Sometimes an email holds good information – information your prospects could use – but many will delete it because the subject line is written to a professional – someone well-versed in their industry jargon.

Here's one I received recently from a well-known source – a source that should know better!

"Data Visualization for Nonquantitative Marketers"

Now, being just an ordinary person, how would I know if I'm a nonquantitave marketer? And why do I want to visualize my data? Which data?

This is jargon – and since since I'm a busy person, I'm not going to take the time to learn the meaning behind the subject line. Would you?

The only reason I did not delete it was I thought it was a good example of bad marketing, and I wanted to bring it to your attention.

To make it more confusing, that particular article is listed down at the end of the ezine, so when you open the email the first thing you see (about a half dozen ads) is about green marketing. Huh? If your subject line causes someone to open your mail, then you should absolutely begin talking about that subject in the first sentence. If you make your reader hunt for the connection, it's very likely he or she will not bother.

If your particular enterprise has the potential to confuse, please double-check your subject lines before you hit send. Otherwise, new customers may never find out what you have to offer.

Source by Marte Cliff

Advantages of a Public Relations Online Portal

Advantages of a Public Relations Online Portal

If you are running a business, then you must keep up your pace with the increasing technological advancement around the globe. The foremost step is to create a public relations online portal. You are not limited to online communication and relationships only, but this concept also includes maintaining and developing company's websites, blogging strategies, e-newsletter, social media relationship, interactive media releases and more. There are many benefits offered by public relations online portal:

If your website has an option for online assistance, then there will surely be an increased number of people coming across your website.

This also helps your SEO department, which is, search engine optimization. This helps in generating links back to the website thereby increasing website authority and your company's popularity.

The business has enhanced brand awareness. It puts the company as an authoritative voice in their industry. It provides a platform for the company to interact with their customers. Customer also finds it easier to go for online discussions and suggestions rather than going places to do so.

The platform also helps the company to launch their product and communicate information to target audiences.

However, the basic principles of the public relations remain same, even if the technology continues to speed up. The best example of the benefit of online PR is the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Online PR helped the current president to reach up to every single citizen and convey his thoughts and ideas.

But the issue is how to achieve the best? Well, the first opinion that general people form whenever the word PR comes is of pitching stories and media relationships. However online PR is quite different from it. It emphasizes more on SEO. There are three basic things that should be done in order to achieve the best:

1.INVEST IN RIGHT PLACES: Manual research is to be done before going for a website to publish your news. Choose wisely the best one for you. Look for the website that is most widely used and you should make sure that these websites allows links back to your website. Also see, if that website offers you to have the number of hits on your links. This gives you an idea of ​​how successful your campaign is going on.

2.DON'T SHOW TOO MUCH: even you are having lots of things to share, keep them for the next release. Do not go for a press release every day. Never have too many links on your website that may confuse the customers. Always make it search and user friendly keeping in mind what a customer wants.
3.ALWAYS BE STRATEGIC: Never go for continuous press releases. Always decide and measure the amount of news you want to release.
Building a public relationships online portal is quite simple, but it takes thoughts, ideas and wisely implemented strategies to have a well executed platform.

Source by Rachel E Fleming

The Advantages of Animated Banner Ads

The Advantages of Animated Banner Ads

In banner advertising there are static banner ads and then there are animated banners. Today, we will talk about animated advertising banners. We’ve all seen them and there are some that can be, well I’ll just say it, annoying. But there are those that aren’t annoying and really do provide valuable information. With a good animated banner, you can have quite a few advantages over a static advertisement. Let’s look at some of the advantages that an animated custom banner can give you:

Grab Attention

Animated web banner designs can grab a reader’s attention just simply by providing movement on a static page. When a potential customer begins to read a web page and something is moving in their peripheral vision, they are going to notice. This will cause them to either stop reading and look, or to continue reading and look before they click off of the page.

Get More Than One Message Across

Animated custom banners as opposed to static banners have the ability to get across more than one message at a time. For example, maybe you want to prompt a customer to order now, but you also want them to know about a special discount and a new product, you can tell them all of that in one animated advertising banner due to the use of different frames.

Make an Impression

Even if your potential customer doesn’t click through on your animated advertisement, they will remember it longer and in more detail than that of a static advertising banner. Maybe the next time they need a product like yours, they will remember you because of your animated banner design.

Increased CTR

Animated banners make readers curious. Whether you are making a sale or not, you will still have a higher CTR with an animated banner than with a static banner. In this sense, an animated banner ad is already more successful because just by increasing your CTR, you are generating more branding for your business.

Source by Jane Stone

How Text Message Marketing & TMM Advertisement Builds Opt-In Traffic

How Text Message Marketing & TMM Advertisement Builds Opt-In Traffic

We live in a crazy world, don’t we? Everyone races around day-to-day, each with their own agenda, and everyone’s day is packed with persuasive advertisements, junk mail, email spam, TV commercials, and sales pitches. Wouldn’t it be nice to just get the information you want, rather than to have a bunch of useless propaganda forced upon you?

Welcome to the world of Text Message Marketing. It’s “advertisement on demand.” The best part about it: it’s not on the demand of the vendor; it’s on the demand of the CUSTOMER.

As you probably are aware, there are businesses and agencies whose whole purpose in life is to collect information on consumers and then sell it to advertisers for very targeted promotions. That’s NOT what we’re talking about here. (Personally, I find that kind of advertisement invasive and offensive.)

Instead, Text Message Marketing is a systemized way of inviting customers (and potential customers) to request information from you, and you can create a mailing list of people who remain interested in what you offer once they’ve received the information you deliver. They can opt-out at any time. You don’t have to pay high prices to advertise. You can reward your customers with discounts and coupons for their loyalty. Also, YOU own the information and your customers will be thankful that you keep their data private, without exploiting them by embracing mailing list suppliers, telemarketers, etc. Text Message Marketing is the perfect win-win. It’s big, and it’s getting bigger!

If the scenario were something as trendy and quick as casting your vote for a contestant in a singing competition, you probably felt empowered by sending your text message vote to the show to be tallied. There were actually a few more things that went on (behind the scenes) that were invisible to you when you hit the “send” button. By sending your text message, you participated in an “incoming ad” campaign for whatever company sponsored (or paid for) the text message vote/call. You see, text message marketing is not about the simple sharing of information. It is about adding to customer mailing lists and expanding your distribution. It’s done through technology that collects and “warehouses” data for future advertisement.

When your text message was received by the TMM service, your cell phone number was saved in a database while the automatic reply (confirming your message) was sent to you. Pretty sneaky, don’t you think?

With the “incoming ad” campaign completed, a Text Message Marketing service can then use the collection of everyone’s cell phone numbers to send “outgoing ad” campaigns. What’s that? Well, by texting the database of people who have sent messages and votes, the TMM service can keep people updated with new product information, new book releases, links to newsletters, or anything else under the sun. By sending your original text message, you became a “subscriber” to the TMM service for future textings. You can opt-out at any time, but the messages you receive in return are not officially categorized as “spam” (unsolicited correspondence from parties with whom you have no relationship) because you initiated the relationship (based on their invitation) by sending your original message.

A few points to ponder as we continue:

  • If you have ever used your cell phone to vote on a contestant in a televised singing contest, dance contest, talent show, or reality TV game, your cell phone information was “harvested” and added to someone’s database.
  • If you have ever responded to an add that says “text the word (whatever) to (phone number)”, then you were added to a text message mailing list as you received the information you requested.
  • Text messaging (and its associated abbreviated language) has become a BILLION dollar industry. It is effective enough that TV commercials now joke about it by having actors speak in the cryptic abbreviations while the translations appear as subtitles on the bottom of the screen. Why? Because millions of people do it nowadays (which sadly explains why kids can’t spell correctly anymore.) LOL (“laugh out loud”… see what I mean?)

Usually this technology is insanely expensive for the small- to medium-sized business to use, but some companies that provide the TMM services have become wise to the untapped small business market, and now offer “shared” access to TMM advertisement at less than the cost of a small newspaper ad! And the monthly expenses? About the cost of a decent meal these days! If you take advantage of this technology (which is INCREDIBLY simple to use) while it is still relatively young, you can conceivably increase your customer base without invading their privacy, becoming a nuisance, or offending them. Most companies are still waking up to the idea, while the few that are acting upon it find themselves ahead of the pack.

Right now, you’re probably either thinking, …

Innovative Internet Marketing Resources You May Find Useful

Innovative Internet Marketing Resources You May Find Useful

When it comes to finding innovative Internet marketing ideas, one of the first places that you should look is online. Online, you will find a number of resources; resources that can provide you with updated information on innovative Internet marketing.

You can often find these resources, which tend to be online websites or online business journals, by performing a standard Internet search. What is nice about the Internet is that it is quick and easy to use. This means that you could, literally, search through hundreds of Internet marketing ideas, all in a few hours!

In addition to using the Internet, you may also want to search for innovative Internet marketing ideas in print. One of the best ways to do this is to examine printed business journals or printed business magazines. These are similar to the above mentioned online business journals, just they are in printed form. If you are interested in receiving the latest information on Internet marketing, it may be a good idea to buy a subscription to a number of business magazines or business journals. Most of these magazines and journals come out on a monthly basis, although some will come out on a weekly basis. For a reasonable fee, you can have innovative Internet marketing ideas and strategies delivered directly to your door!

You are also prompted to check out your local book stores. Book stores are home to millions of different books, many of which are business books that have a focus on marketing. The only downside to using your local book store, to search for innovative Internet marketing ideas, is that that some of the books that you may find may be considered old or outdated. That is why, when buying an Internet marketing book, you should pay close attention to the publishing date. In fact, it may even be a good idea to keep an eye out for newly released books. These books are the best way to find the best & most up-to-date Internet marketing ideas for you and your business. It is also important to note that you may also be able to find printed business journals and magazines for sale at your local book store.

It may also be a good idea to examine the selection of books that can be found in your local library. As with your local book store, it is important that you keep an eye on book publishing dates, especially if you are only looking for new, innovative Internet marketing ideas. In most cases, you will find that the books found inside your library are a little bit outdated, but, depending on your library, it may also be possible to find newly released books. Since most libraries are free to use, it would not hurt to give your local library a try. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can also try the Internet or one of your local book stores.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can go about familiarizing yourself with innovative Internet marketing strategies. With most options being reliably easy and low-cost, you are advised to start searching. In all honesty, what do you have to lose?

This article was authored by Ryan Bessling. This 32 year old, Internet marketer was able to quit his 9-5 "job" because of his Innovative Internet Marketing Strategies [http://innovativeinternetmarketingstrategies.com]. He now wants to help others and show you how he made it in Internet Marketing!

Source by Ryan Bessling

Press Release and Internet Marketing

Press Release and Internet Marketing

Press release is slowly and gradually becoming one of the most thought after medium for effectively marketing your products and services online. Online press release is a very different medium as compared to traditional print based press release. The scope of online press release is far more when compared.The 2 points that i wish to put forth when it comes to online press release:

  • Scope of press release on internet
  • How to do online press release effectively.

Scope of Press release online:

  • There is various reasons one can opt for online press release varying from pure authentic press release to broadcast a news to using press release as a tool for search engine marketing .
  • The audience for online press release is global and the reach is immune, you can reach people you have never even imagined reaching that the power of internet.

How to create an effective online press release?

  • It may sound as simple as creating an article or write news. but when it comes to the internet various factors come to play when you talk about creating an effective press release. The press release has to be optimized for the internet so that it is effective.
  • Press release can be of various type, it could be written, attached with images creative, video clips etc for the extra pinch of salt.
  • SO far so good, but press releases needs to be distributed as well, over the internet to reach the audience, which is a full time game in itself. Professionalism and service providers come to play. You will have to opt for companies who do this effectively, distributing you news over the internet effectively.

So are you looking for effective online press release for your business .

Source by Tarun Gupta

Measuring a Website’s Success

Measuring a Website’s Success

Just like running any other business, measuring a website’s success is a priority that all online marketers and webmasters should look into. However, understanding and measuring the success of a certain website is not as simple as it seems, especially when the online marketing plan has a number of flaws in it right from the start.

If you think that website traffic is the most important thing to aim for in the online marketing field, then perhaps you really need to check on your tools. While getting a steady stream of traffic is essential, traffic alone rarely makes a website successful.

One way to find out if your website is really giving you the results that you need is to check if your online marketing programs meet your end results and what happens in between. The success of your website depends on how well your website performs as far as your established goals are concerned, which means that measuring actual results with respect to those goals will tell you if your website is doing well or not.

There are number of things to keep in mind when trying to assess the performance of your website. Although it will not be as easy as it seems, going through each step one by one will eventually lead you to finding out how your website is doing amid the competition.

When measuring your website’s success, remember these reminders:

  • Have a plan and set your goals clearly.

Setting clear goals for your website will not be enough; you also need to have an overall plan for your website so that you can better meet your goals in time. When you set your goals, it is often more effective if you also list down one or two strategies that you think will help you achieve that goal more easily.

Having set your goals and laid out a plan for your website will help you hold a more detailed evaluation in the near future, which will also eventually help you.

  • improve your performance in the long run.
  • Evaluate your marketing strategies and campaigns.

Evaluating your marketing strategies can be quite confusing if you are not sure of your website’s objectives. Your objectives will serve as your guide, so when you evaluate your online marketing strategies you will know if what you applied were able to meet your objectives or not.

  • Check if you were able to make ROI (return on investment).

Perhaps one of the easiest and most logical ways to assess a website’s success in the past year or in the last couple of months is to find out if it has returns on investment, or ROI. At first glance, if you see that your website has provided you significant profit then most likely you are in a good position.

Source by Jason Nyback

Basic Strategy For Article Marketing – Do What Your Teacher Taught You

Basic Strategy For Article Marketing – Do What Your Teacher Taught You

Article marketing is an extremely popular way for affiliate marketers to gain, free organic traffic to their website (s). But it also entitles writing, which can scare many budding affiliate marketers. Remember what your teach you about writing five paragraph essays? Well, that is also a great basic strategy for article marketing. If you can write an introductory paragraph, explaining about what you will write, three paragraphs highlighting the meat of the article, and an article concluding what you wrote, you will be on your way to writing great affiliate articles!

It is a great basic strategy for article marketing because it is simple. You want to be able to write about a topic, and give at least three sub-topics about which to write. You do not always have to write very long and verbose articles, but it is nice to have a few thoughts to really give your audience something to crew and digest.

You also want three body articles to give you article content. You, of course, do not want to write articles so long that they are hard to follow – break them up in that case. But you also do not want a few sentence-long articles. In that case, try to combine a couple sentence-long paragraphs into one paragraph. It will look like better writing practice. Take your time while thinking about what to write, so you can create smooth transitioning sentences and paragraphs. No, you will not be graduated by your least favorite English teacher, but it will look better if you write an article online, you use proper English. Do you look for proper English when reading articles online?

Try to keep from writing too many articles that include too many bullet point paragraphs. At times, they are appropriate, but they should not substitute for actual paragraphs. If you are able to write about articles correctly, you should be able to construct paragraphs without having to resort to create excess bullet points.

This article exemplified why writing five paragraph articles can be easy to create. Without spending too much time, I was able to create an article of five paragraphs, covering several different topic about which I wanted to discuss. With practice, this method will become easy. If you have a formula you use, it will become more easy for your when you sit down and write an article. Practice makes perfect. I have written more during the past month than anytime in college. And I graduate with two liberal arts majors (OK, I wrote longer papers in college, but that was once or twice per quarter – nothing of the frequency with which I write today). Try this technique for your next few articles and see if this basic strategy for article marketing works as well now as it did your teachers taught it to you.

Source by Christian Lautenschleger

Internet Marketing Basics

Internet Marketing Basics

Almost all of the articles on Internet marketing lacks coverage on all the basics and all the avenues of Internet marketing because there is just too much information to cover in a few words. Here I am going for an attempt which will be an overview, not an in depth affair.

Here I would cover four basic marketing subjects:

  • Market Research
  • Search Engines
  • E-zine Advertising
  • Email Marketing

Market Research This is the most basic part of any marketing campaign. This involves how much you are going to invest in the campaigns and where you are going to invest. Investing the right money at right place is the key. If you do not know your target market and how to reach them; if you do not know the value of the message you're trying to convey; if you do not know the answer to all the pertinent questions … your advertising and the whole project will fail.

The most basic step in researching your market is to first have a "target." There should be a clear picture in your mind about the target audience and you should treat them as your potential customers. This means you know who you're aiming for (their likes, dislikes, general age group, income, business type, etc.) and have a general idea how to "hit" them. Sample target markets would include:

This includes the segregation based on

  • Age group
  • Qualification
  • Per capacity income
  • Spending capacity
  • Geographical location
  • Business class
  • Technocrats

Once you know who your target is – the more information the better – you're ready to get into the nitty-gritty of market research. There are five basic ideas in market research: Primary, Secondary, Combined (all types of research) and Qualitative and Quantitative A quick definition of each:

Primary research is research conducted by the primary user of the information. Secondary research is collected elsewhere and used by you (purchased, leased, etc.). Most small businesses conduct both of these types of market research – customer surveys for primary information and by researching free or paying fees for secondary information. This is called "Combined" research.

Qualitative research is typically exploratory and has a direction or goal. It generally aims at specific issues in the subject matter and gives you a better idea in which direction you should proceed. This type of research is "loose" and is geared more towards finding a market or narrowing your market than it is about getting specific information on that market and where your product fits within it.

Quantitative is much more rigid than qualitative marketing. This research gets much more accurate statistical results and information and is best used when your target market is already narrowed and you wish to find ways to reach or explore that market as well as find specific information on your product as it relates to that market.

Generally businesses conduct quantitative research during the exploratory research and development phase of their product to see if it is viable on the market and what they need in order to reach their market more fully with the product (colors, shapes, uses, etc.). Once the item is ready to hit the streets, qualitative research is used to fine-tune the market niche and begin offering the product for sale.

Conducting your own market research is time-consuming, but is very well worth it if you have a need for information or if you are spending any considering amount of money on your marketing for specific products or services.

Search Engine Marketing

This has, for a long time now, been a "hot phrase" in online marketing circles. I'm not sure why, since while it is generally an important part of a presence online, it is not the end-all-be-all of marketing on the Internet. Search engines have become one of the most expensive forms of advertising on the Web, but have also become one of the most effective. Great search engine marketing (read: placement, strategy, etc.) is done by professionals and takes a lot of time to do correctly. There are two types of search engines to market towards: search engines / directories and pay-per-click (PPC) engines.

Search directories (Yahoo!) and engines (Google) require a lot of patience to market effectively. Even if you are paying for your listing, it can take weeks to appear on their site. Further, your positioning on their site can change regularly as their indexes change or they change the rules of "ranking" on searches. On top of all of that you have paid advertisements and paid listings (see PPC below) that can usurp your position or push you further down in the results.

Pay-per-click (PPC) engines are much easier to use, but also more expensive. A campaign on Overture, for example, can total hundreds of dollars in a single day. These engines, however, can usually get you …

Publicity Electricity – How to Plug Your Business Into the Media

Publicity Electricity – How to Plug Your Business Into the Media

We all know what an electric generator is and does, but when it comes to getting media exposure for your business, how good is your "publicity generator?" If you think about it, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Whether it is your business's electricity generator or its publicity generator that fails, either way you will be left in the dark. The key to seeing the light is knowing how to generate your own "publicity electricity" and plugging yourself into multiple outlets – media outlets that is.

Whether it is magazines, newspapers, TV, radio or the increasingly popular online news outlets, media sources all over the nation are constantly in search of stories from small and large businesses. EVERY business in the world has at least some element of it that is newsworthy. It just requires you to fire up that publicity generator and shine some light on it for the media to see.

There are a number of public angles, but the most well received publicity campaigns I have ever managed involved problem / solution businesses or products. Media outlets, especially trade specific ones, will often profile businesses or products that are exceptionally solving a problem in a relative industry. It helps to present the editor with the problem, then provide some brief research or statistics – not sales or ad text, just facts – and show how your business / product can help solve the problem. Case studies work great. Show an editor or reporter how your business positively affected one of your clients and how it can provide similar benefits to others. This may also help get some free publicity for your client as well.

Other great newspegs are novel or human-interest elements. If your business has a product or service that is really unique, unpretented or cutting-edge, that lends itself very strongly to an effective publicity campaign. A newspeg gives the editor / reporter / producer the reason to run your story as opposed to the hundreds, if not thousands of other story ideas that he / she sees every week. To say that you have a new widget is not enough. What is different about this widget? What implications does the business / product have and how would it affect the industry or consumer market? And finally, and most times overlooked, is there an intriguing human-interest story involved? Where did the idea come from? Did anything interesting happen during the business / product development stage? Or do the people behind the scenes of the business have interesting story to tell? All of these newspages are potential public generators for you and your business.

Now that you have your viable publicity generating prongs, how do you find the media outlets in which to plug them? Conduct meticulous media market research to find those outlets applicable to your campaign. In my extensive research for my clients, I find media outlets which editorial profiles match the client's business / product profile and pitch accordingly. You or your staff can do the media research at a local library or you can find a PR specialist or agency that can help you. Another great way is to use editorial calendars of media outlets and plug yourself into those opportunities. If you find that a magazine or newspaper is planning an upcoming feature on Innovative New Office Products, prepare your media kit for your new widget and pitch the appropriate editor.

One bit of advice – do not expect exclusive and extensive. Very few businesses or products (with the exception of publicly traded ones) get multi-page stories written exclusively about them. Although that can certainly happen, most mentions are in the context of a themed story or article, but can generate very strong responses.

I'm sure you'll find that once you generate your best "publicity electricity" – you will be shocked at the interest you can generate.

Source by Todd Brabender